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Pete Sheppard wants to know where John Henry has been during this Red Sox debacle!

Aug 4, 2012|

Pete opens the show calling out Red Sox management, particularly John Henry, demanding answers on where this ownership plans on going forward with this struggling Red Sox team. Was Bobby Valentine in a lose-lose situation when he first got here? Pete certainly thinks so.

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Well good afternoon everybody mad three agents today -- hazy hot and humid out there wow. That's all that stuff. -- Bicycle a year ago I don't paycheck or Buick -- let's six point tonight and the WEEI sports Saturday. Line 61777. -- jury -- 03888525. -- trip that you're in the tweet me as well -- 32 steps. You can and Verizon sell me pound WEEI you can text -- 5050. Well well well well well. More things change the more things stay the same every week I seem to sit this year around this time in every week. This team just becomes. Just and another step closer to the Mount Vesuvius eruption that -- -- No was coming habit talking about it for a long time now lot of other people come in jumping on the bandwagon with me that's fine. Even the most optimistic of Red Sox brand. Even right now after last night you cannot possibly think. That this team is going to take as don't have. But this is a series that they really needed to win three out of four and really needed to sweep. To get back investment and it just it didn't happen it's just it's been disastrous -- -- today. I've got to find a way to -- keep doing what he's going to pitch him very well against who called the rise. But. Before -- get to the John Henry before into the Bobby Valentine. The block gold before against all the chaos that is the Red Sox clubhouse. -- go through some certain numbers. For him Red Sox if you know that lost the last three last night horrible with runners in scoring position three for fourteen. Now the good news -- buckled to one point 57 ERA in his last three starts he's 61 at Fenway this year -- are 212 and sixteen when he pitches which is good thing. And -- -- drug called apprised he's Willis -- last five his last three starts is that no decisions at all three. With a three point 180 are racist not to bed. Red Sox to a six extra inning games or five at home. As you know the 53 and 54 lieutenant back in the yankees'. Which is we don't know is it is a joke that the human average -- no chance to catch them -- -- Bobby -- -- last week which is absolutely prosperous. And the sixth place in the wild card race to four games out and as usual half games behind Baltimore for the fifth spot. So again. Not optimistic at all nothing has changed their game or five under 500 last week her game under 500. Right now. That being said. Wasn't real sure but you listen to all which the station you know opposed only said you know what -- Bobby Valentine how we respond to replied and that's Callahan. On many times as you heard Bobby -- started this week with. You know with many -- holly a big show. Basically breaking the story himself. About the will -- Brooks. Comments that he made little snide remark. By syndicated. By the we will go Brooks never made two errors and an inning yet this year yet bad inning. -- about -- here there but he never technically made two errors in one inning to celebrity's clear on that. But my main concern. It is rarely. You know -- -- the question why wise Bobby be still here -- -- -- -- Larry Lucchino would have to swallow so much pride. Get -- him right now it's just not gonna happen. It's just not gonna have what I what I just cannot understand is this is Larry Lucchino manager he picked them now. And Bobby V has been completely -- I I -- I don't understand it. And the only explanation is is that going to be if it because if if Larry Lucchino is one that picked this guy you would think you'd have a lot of power here. Really want to change it wanted to change the the culture and the club also -- stop nothing has changed. It could actually make a case I think you can dappled -- UK it's it's gotten worse. And is only one that really you wanna talk about blank pie wanna talk about. Probably Biden who you know fit to get the biggest -- the blame pie I still think forest and for Washington to stop the players -- -- in question about it. What a bigger shot a big chalk in my opinion. I'm sorry. Again on a professional level not personal but John Henry my friend. -- the Red Sox. Where are you. Where the hell are you. The entire. I mean this whole organization is being laughed that around Major League Baseball. They are laughing at each year. Because it gets worse and worse every day. Gordon needs a great piece today came out early this morning. And I missed just nine days ago in the soccer teams play -- live report plaintiff friendly Mitt and maybe John Henry said the -- and I missed I don't know but Gordon brought it up again today. On this -- and espn.com. Just just listen just listen to this for a second. Tell me if you -- and report telling you this doesn't anger you now got that pissed me off even more Redick. I'd seen it earlier this because I refuse to read. Articles about Liverpool care there's no crying in these really. So basic ones pieces that you know nine days -- Sox owner John Henry explained. Why he fired famous head coach. Kenny a dog shall delegates from Liverpool while he pronounces name -- -- it was like five people on the planet that you know we years. Every so apparently some famous coach right. This quote from John Henry. About that okay why he particle Pope John Hendrick. I think it was obvious to every Liverpool -- and that's something was wrong. And something needed to be done and we said that -- that the telegraph. Our paper and an in England. I think it was obvious to every liberal Kool -- that something was wrong that something needed to be done. It was on Tuesday and he says. I think you could say the response to caddie was lacking the play was lacking. So that entered into our considerations. Okay here's -- thought John. Gordon brought it up but I -- to -- picked up up telling us that and your pop up one. Say that it to people. About the Red Sox. About substituting Red Sox but Liverpool. In that conversation. Can hear. How can you be that passionate about soccer team. Which is fine. And not say anything about what is going I'm with -- a baseball team. I'm not -- Paris. Aren't you embarrassed John Henry can yeah. I can't hear you not and he thing. It's a soccer coach is being fired. I -- honest to god. That player when he was so Michael so it's -- on Friday we talked about -- at the NC yesterday more talked about all day. That piece on Friday. Michael Silver and obviously you know -- it is that isn't very good reporter. And -- and I believe me you know that there's some video player that got. War of Bobby Valentine's little snide remark to two and some and it went up the back stairs is everybody's been saying got -- someone and ownership. And then that person. Went down the spoke Bobby Valentine but nobody about -- broke that story on the picture or Newsweek as most of you know. There respond to that in Boston all million. Nice inning via -- to grow the up and and basements that it was ownership that it was admitted it was ownership. So yeah it but if I'm John Henry. That player who came up to me. To -- -- whatever word you wanna years. That would have been the last -- from a fight on this team that would but the last straw for me John Henry my friend. Nice man that you -- Need to go Steinbrenner on some of these people. I mean your whole organization you need at that happened you should've taken that player. To drag them down but about it like like it -- year. Know what we are you -- child and mother to these guys that like child like children to I would grab him by easier. It just right and block the dollar rampant the clubhouse awaited the next day we got them. And in that hold the horse that everybody. Everybody from all -- the players to the clubhouse right now right now. Policy audio and just really am new bloc holds up and down. Let them have. Enough is enough already when all this stuff. It's not helping you're not getting anywhere you're embarrassed major 53 and ship before your game -- -- 500. -- -- -- -- -- break point today the best know the worst thing that's happened this year for the Red Sox of the for Red Sox second wildcard this year you can't tell me that things might have been different on Tuesday. We tried harder to get rid of some of these. People that should be your local that a cause of some of the chaos is going on Dick -- of everybody kept blow it up we know we can't blow it up. Well least they could have made it better rapper Q at least try to change some of that their culture and a clubhouse. You know exactly. By instead he got the stupid second wildcard which their two and a half games behind Baltimore for the fifth spot. Spot here that stayed in Fall River for the fifth spot to what do half games behind. Get the four games out in the second the -- that they brought five team's not gonna happen we know that. Would somebody please W wanna start playing of people I mean the players deserve a whole hell of a lot of neighborly DO. But Bobby Valentine is in a lose lose situation he's got no chance. It's got no chance I agree with everything he does everything he says that he's got a -- in. And also has some loopy things at times. Why can't it cannot what you that the people are calling -- its iPod and it's just a vast minority. That are blaming Bobby Valentine I think it's knots. Because this guy's been doing it from spring training. Nothing no how's he supposed to run a team management team the way he would like whatever tries to assert some cut type of authority. He's told to lay off. I I just I am just. Beside myself -- John Henry can let this go one. When he reads comes out as passionate. About a soccer team. You know -- -- quotes like I think it was obvious to every little pool -- that something was wrong it's up the need to be done. That's about this is this famous coach nick -- a dog is -- Liverpool. -- there's a big -- in response to Kenny was lacking the play was lacking so that -- to our considerations. Of what value considering with a baseball team. Audience somebody please that's what I haven't answered that and anybody get into the psyche of John Henry please tell me how the hell he feels about this baseball team or not we know the -- you kept a good about it. But where's the passion. You have more passion for your soccer team in the baseball team. You won't I don't get it. I don't get it I really don't. -- -- If you click the soccer team that had a -- season 44 years -- not mistaken. What do you think you've got problems with this legendary coach Kenny doubts. Got up -- major major issue here I want to know what you intend to do to try to change the culture. And that club also around this team and what do you do about it John Henry. What are you don't. And and not and not yes about everything's going to be all right that's still -- if more games dot you're not in it. A laughingstock a Major League Baseball right now. -- this was happening another market we have Red Sox red Red Sox Nation Red Sox meet all of us we would be sitting here laughing our collective asses off. At this type of stuff especially with that I mean. Like but that's -- the jets probably ridiculed the jets you know all the all the dissension in the -- at the end. What's happened with the jets Rex Ryan last year is nothing compared to this. Nothing out of it close to me it's it was amusing rough for a while it's great the jets but if 500 and they were losing games and I always blaming drug into the season and all that stuff. That was announced what future -- about during the season. But my goodness. -- doubt you -- back you just go back all the all the incidents and -- brought it up and aerial on Friday. Not just -- -- -- just the latest the last two incidents tactical major. Which was cup proper and that the buckle I'm not going to he's gonna play four days in row five days general rule it out where it's gonna play when he's gonna play. Don't know what you know you need surgery and you you feel retarded throw the ball he's wincing in pain blowers are out. But yup that you have Ronald that you know the training to get you got miscommunication between the manager the training staff. The upper management. The the GM ownership. John Henry you need to take control -- you've got to do something. You have got to change the culture and our club policy whipping up the door a little by little like I said I noticed they advocate not blown up not denying guys. What you gotta do something you have got to stop -- got to speak up. Gonna say something you can't keep letting this. Sharaud Dejuan. Fashion -- soccer team why catchy -- that passion about two baseball team why haven't you said anything. I mean. Yup no one has heard a -- out of this man about this baseball team. I don't I don't get it I don't get it. What you got to start it starts with him he has got to do something yes the players deserve much of the blame absolutely no doubt about it. But this ownership I mean judge did you ownership given John Henry Tom Warner the book review and web routes is up there. You have got to do something. And try. To get your team back as you lost them. 61777. -- Great -- to 038885250. Cryptic text get a grip the eight Britney. You can we get shipped three to six with a back right to applaud you guys all lined up. I can't wait to talk to all you guys enough I'm here to 620 minutes are Red Sox baseball threats out so well try to salvage a split over the next a couple of days a split. With a freight in Minnesota Twins -- team has won only eleven of 34 series all year absolutely pathetic.

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