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NFL Network's Brian Baldinger: No one in the AFC East will challenge the Patriots

Aug 3, 2012|

We check in with superb NFL Analyst and film buff Brian Baldinger for a pre-season look at the Patriots, the AFC East and the NFL in general.

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He's from the NFL network does a great job we watch him all the time glad to have moment -- right now Brian involving your Brian it's Michael Ali and Turkmen and here in Boston how you doing man. In my control I'm doing great midsize Buick it. As good to have you on you know we just had a caller. -- before we get into all that the league stuff and pastries stuffed. Patriots offense which everybody wants to talk about this and what the Patriots defense we just had a caller who asked. Do the patriots need to get Andre Carter back. To get some pressure on the perimeter they've lost 20210. Sack guys Mark Anderson one of buffalo and Carter out. With the injury. What do you think they need to do or if any thing on the defensive line to get some pressure. Well yeah actually it is time they were really transition to a 3443. And they thought the numbers on the properties were. Along with those wars fought beside the -- blocked you know it was hard to find guys like to markets where. You know reclaim that seems to be able -- the outside the way that it one time what was the -- -- guys they had built so people don't waltrip thought that you know why not. Just get something he missed that won't just collapse the pocket from the inside. So quarterback couldn't step -- in the -- pressure measures question right the boycott of -- Defect or just eat valuable tax. The local art Berman just felt miserable last year -- so. -- to get your point about guys to -- outside look like Ricardo was as well usually start of last year. I would say by all means give the shot she couldn't come back I don't help -- -- hurt anybody about. He gave you a great you know -- the Washington Post and gain levels as. Before it got over it and you know I I think it's still a position of need because we're -- deepens the -- right now. On the other side of the ball prions that Tommy your every wants to believe best case scenario which you're hearing now are -- trying to compare this office with Lloyd -- -- just played a a snappy but this team could be better than the 07 offenses or any chance that that's possible. I don't know that Randy Moss you know slow. -- you already in the army just gave this team will be to walk. And I don't think anybody should try harder than the brand reward for any second he was a revitalized Brady moss. Between two touchdowns like it -- you're talking about -- com. I don't think there's there's any way that you're gonna get anything like what Randy was on me I'm memorex elite beaten against the dolphins I mean there was jumped all the the dolphins out of practice double duty -- out jump them. I'm just been amongst boys now you know who's we don't see bought it back kind of athletic build -- not true -- right. It was like which are getting a lot since Saint Louis you know and we really. No prosecutions are productive not of course. Five were secure easily did very little. Ball like he just knows what he can do arms will be heavy play action pass. They do you guys that balloon that was killed not by the numbers and other people that do that last year. It's so no question out. Know what kind of look I've got to do to get out but I don't believe four seconds can be anything you remorseful. You watch as much film as anybody more film than the most people out there Brian I'm wondering in your film study the last couple years of Tom Brady you know since 2007. If you seen. Any thing any any kind of physical drop off any kind of throws he can't make -- we all understand that. He reads defenses. He know he anticipates very well as a very good report this offensive line. But if you look at Tom Brady. In 2011. Do you see throw that he can't make now that he couldn't say 20042005. Now I don't see any -- mean. There's been so good that. Really closely does make you almost wonder why he get away from total -- -- debacle well you know whether it's you know. Under the you know throughout the -- Walker's lobbying work. Seam -- to gronkowski. You're real routes so it is our the other -- a lot down the field. But I don't think that's the only sort of recited how we can make got -- well I mean they're dosages lower percentage throws downfield outside the numbers. The numbers of -- appeal and so they don't it is very big places they once had. But I also think you know on first down. I'm scheduled to take the 35 yard shot down appeal. For you could get picked it up nine inches. And you -- -- -- the -- and -- elected I'd do we can with the after the catch well. I don't see I don't see any you did your question no I don't see any difference in palms against organs or short. Do you think the Buffalo Bills for the second best team in the AFC east. -- He's I I don't for a second. I didn't know what that flow is trying to become I mean I know it is signed a lot of guys. But the matter I mean. Are you are they going to be difficult to move against I don't think so. I don't know what he's achieved that fear that strike fear me up as we know. I mean that you actually play the Buffalo Bills are you gotta man up these guys to get in her face and -- the quick strike back. The -- other papers and what Ryan Fitzpatrick does that work. I think there's a big drop off between pictures whoever the second best team. And let's talk about the second best team may -- years the jets. Do you I know when the -- -- for Tim Tebow there was some criticism in New York that it was just a back page move this is all for the tabloids. Publicity stunt. How did you see them move then and do you think there's any chance now all of Tim Tebow supplanting Mark Sanchez is the quarterback. Well I think a couple good that we would try and I think both Belichick and patriots probably would like to the world golf clap when he -- could people. And we aren't -- -- I mean I don't know -- offense Tony Sparano. Is -- -- -- -- sort -- what he -- in Miami it was a -- Are you I'm not really. They started like every year it basically won't. Stop the race means. The rooms are keeping gained eighteen year whether it's giving a million dollars to -- Williamson patient's going to be just. Probably don't know just ensures aluminum division title are you attribute it would compete well let me what to achieve gave unless it becomes. So -- cornerback but he didn't -- over. Partly -- to -- New York. We've got to change your entire scheme to accommodate that guy because you got to practice still play. We don't work well otherwise if you think industry approach and -- -- feel. And you're gonna surprise people and actress prize in -- What -- that could give you know what I was surprised when he was there. Brad -- could light up a wide receiver Eddie was a legitimate threat you may actually see right through to a lot of popular this year. We get Russia because of the -- So what would be legitimate supplies in and maybe catch people -- I don't think anybody. It -- good -- -- of people coming on the field like -- -- we don't short yardage out to people we know you're gonna do. Our -- -- he could throw out these ever going to be good -- at these -- or sixty pounds now I mean. We corporate sector -- the accused after all they can't. They've become bad throws we Daunte Culpepper became 260 could throw when Donovan McNabb became -- sixty could well. You know we'll do this sort mechanic that you got out and beat the throw honestly and how blacks aren't good serves and that's what -- -- Having said that though and understanding it sometimes franchises do dopey things did you envision a scenario where Sanchez struggles early in the year in Tebow starts week for something like that. I absolutely nothing I can certainly see them I'm not would be actually appropriately. It yet. Probably should play football he'll probably should just take the -- -- -- it you know it just -- you mean what it would they're trying to do defensively. I would -- what they say we wanna be sensibly and if you look at the weapons that they figure out. That's probably the best way you -- it wouldn't change right now. They're probably make our -- direction. Thomas well I know probably the obvious that they play football like -- -- they try to win games 701416. Working that's probably. What they should do to try to win the division. And I don't know how your predictions usually work there may indeed come into a season thinking or come into training camp thinking. I know which team I'm gonna pick to win the Super Bowl or world which team I think is the best one of football or do you usually. Well wait a few weeks before you that you go all that and say this is the best team out there. -- I'm pretty good idea what you're about what I think is gonna. I release myself let me just look at the offseason and looking at sort of training camp and all the changes -- -- made I have an idea right now I mean look -- If you don't have to be very Smart in this world. Well hard to really know much about football you have my -- could got to the Green Bay Packers last year so they're going to be good -- You are probably jumped off the Portugal started when it. And you know maybe consider OK you know pat -- played Iraq this week -- try to stay sharper the enemy act that debate wolves brought in Green -- probably slightly shell. What -- I won't speak the political football -- know they will probably need to be better you essentially but obviously there were a juggernaut you on the pagelets. We're very good team here last year. Do they -- -- people are people actually yeah they'd need to be better safety and they got to get more pressure the quarterback is in -- -- got a series. But he talked actually. He didn't just let it be awarded that we a year ago that -- try to copy some of them. We'll put that they do it but you know he's sort of surprised she's not there right now. I don't I don't think there's spark with the agencies to -- football team I don't know what that would surprise a lot of people have been stockpiling talent pool time. So I hear you basically think we can be looked at a repeat blood patriots giants. Got a Super Bowl. Broadening the giant you know really. Mean it really struggled on the football all year last year they can get out of the right time and no they stopped turning it over to know that you could change. Don't watch -- recent seasons in the postseason and arguably the other fortunate they were the real bad division of the FC east. You know indicted seven was able to win it in so they were able to get a cup playoffs with that record I don't think 97. It's gonna win their division the FC this year. So you know I was fortunate that back however record could get him into the postseason. No then they play you know just a great game against San Francisco defense. It's so you know they were an -- was able to get knocked off the giants had to go to the wall plastered boycott movement smoke I think. So we -- sometimes. Circumstance -- -- these and then what -- all right now much -- what that he needs the at all they they -- those weapons. But to be hard to be depicted giant balloons to global initiative. Our Brian we always appreciate the time there will be watching you during the season thank you. Thank god that perhaps you appreciate it. Are no problem is Brian -- leader of the NFL network and as I told you the -- before. You know bold leader is not afraid to throw his opinion out there. And he'll say some things that you weren't expecting like this promised to show us now -- stuff if it is pretty funny and by the way. We're done here Gillette Stadium we're not outside. Looking high above the field like we were yesterday in the new with the wind tunnel. So we're looking at some reports from practice in the every. Everybody's trading. Tommy currents reading this character -- -- -- this some fights and practice. Belichick wasn't happy about it so. The team had to run three penalty -- The fans to hear the guys were in the labs yes you know audiences and yes it's stupid there wave in the shirts that screaming cry yes that's what. They're like I don't know how many people here today -- 151040000. You basically have 20000. Versions of the good job good effort kid probably out there today I mean absolutely. -- -- down here to. -- they're here it's Tom Brady's birthday -- It's the -- they're just happy this is just nobody down here is did there there are no. Patriot. Contrary is down here this is all. Patriot. Red blooded patriot go go people closest to sixty you know crowd they're packed in here.

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