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Mut and Merloni's Over/Unders: Aug 3rd

Aug 3, 2012|

Mut and Merloni give their over/unders for the upcoming weekend.

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The game -- maybe the nation over under spot and -- got beat three point seven WEEI Peter -- to at a spot on the hour. We gotta talk about these all runners you have been on a ridiculous winning streak you want four weeks in a row. Continuing -- our final set this up and kind of a wack ass way but he put together this set like we've played seven games series. Or he's calling it pace at which the best of seven I was up three games to none in the first set. You apparently want Ford are a lot like detective. Officiating on those for you once -- up. They should want nothing okay Leo one series arrives here is that makes sense to anybody. Anyway -- that makes sense to make sure on the same page that he doesn't makes it won't go that he has that that's. Wanna talk about tonight a double these weekend of -- -- -- are the Red Sox always kept me up that's what you guys do this stupid. Friday baseball trivia. Trips up yet that would get sucked it will make a bit. Red Sox win by one and a half but that -- I was loads. One app runs over under Red Sox went by tonight woody gone over the -- old when this game they went by more than 11. -- -- I'm going under I hear our our odds are producer Doug -- and -- greatest thing stinks you -- -- head. A rock and head down this thing -- and at Alec got rich. Give me out and it might lose tell him that went by Iran still covered that way give you Red -- under won an app runs your -- illegal Franklin Rollins yes. Five innings pitched all under. -- innings. Our troops who we get pitched for Beckett. The goal over I think you -- six -- this as a free swinging Minnesota team if one guy can throw some fastballs. By -- Minnesota Twins get beat the to a game. You guys that started awhile paralysis over five and have even though he hasn't done in awhile exactly. I've -- -- third is circled five and two thirds by edit their former -- political under our our last Red Sox won here that I see. There'll be want a half. -- drama stories surrounding the Red Sox over the weekend. Underwood good for the week. Outline a good for the week you kidding me they gonna clam up that this Wednesday not hear any word of anything over the weekend Baghdad's ridiculous now I say it's over Adobe maybe today -- -- -- -- but I'll take the half. What do we mean we say transfer it over to look at -- on baseball. -- not -- an -- that team nothing to promote. Communication some drama about it like one of the players vandalized body these -- Pissed about that and -- on it ride bikes around some anyway if it's at. What -- there's another player. That goes back to owners what it's like it that we find out now player -- another guy with honestly answer that question itself over -- -- after after some. What if another player complained publicly about Bobby. Do you think the answer I just wanna -- -- you got a -- in this that'd -- Semantic summit on Monday right now the fraud. -- boats don't via Olympic basketball sure that it Lithuania. -- at the old rendered -- it. And after the cover much of my rules anytime team USA is coming off like -- sixty or 71 when whatever was again we'll back you play with -- idea. You take the dog giving the forty and a half give me Lithuania. -- -- that -- the it would tie dye shirts. There are good team back in Olympic play Baltic -- the waiting at forty out points so every time and -- story it's a train yet go back the pressure and yet the first step in history yes the tricky role -- -- -- a little. Now you wanna get real lot degenerate gambler here I'll give you one and also our listeners that there. Sunday night the hall of fame game over on the NFL network kick off the NFL pre season. We found a line for the over under at cardinals saints -- seven total points and because we are degenerates. Over under in the hall of fame game Sunday night 37 -- -- bull. -- over first game. It's dealt like it out it is out there and hers policy might it be so well starting quarterback whichever is a little bit more than usual. I think you'll breeze like Google in -- in this field with 37. I get these games and especially the first preceding game. And someone that maybe an occasional pre season game after the first quarter you'd get. Gym teachers. UPS truck drivers. You know radio future radio guys and the football not very good and I could see this thing you know. -- 1:14 am still one under -- under on total points on Sunday night those guys and defense -- you know. With that the guys -- That's her office through that just offense but that that leads to that football in general policy got these guys out there we go and it's ever -- in each and every one of okay. And it's not written thank you there you go on -- runners heading into the weekend after a -- that this might be. Like the turnaround week it's the beginning of a new set -- series there and look -- It's been -- it -- we missed a couple do that it has been about six weeks that one around little. Because we had -- it was stating you were often I was often. I'm not gonna like the Red Sox right now back -- -- could use the win and and you know you're not back and forth just gets smoked for six weeks. It's it's -- just go back and or well Russell Mark Grace slope Boston -- right -- in the midst of a September collapse right now as we speak. You're up three nothing see you later you say chicken and beer rule is the problem right now. Let's do this let's take a break -- to go back productive Peter King indicate works -- Sports Illustrated that hang out there at Jacksonville camp all morning. A bunch of and a filly she's right what's alliger briefing his comments. A couple of days to go to Peter -- Monday Morning Quarterback. NFL replacement -- the pressure on this patriots team at port Gillette we gonna talk to Peter King will Dudek went out.

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