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Curt Schilling, former Red Sox SP, on his Hall of Fame chances, Bobby V, and Josh Beckett’s struggles

Aug 3, 2012|

Curt joins D&C to discuss his Hall of Fame chances and what uniform he would wear if elected. Curt also talks about the Bobby V / Will Middlebrooks drama along with Josh Beckett’s and Jon Lester’s struggles this season.

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Red Sox were -- by the Minnesota Twins last night five nothing in the opener of their four game set the loss of the Red Sox back to 500. So well did the junior and two relievers combined them accurate shut out 800 solace had both its for the Red Sox Jon Lester struck out seven allowed three runs. In eight innings he falls to five and nine Red Sox remain four games back in the wild card race series continues tonight at Fenway coverage on WEEI begins at 625. The -- reports a Red Sox may be interested in adding pitcher Derek Lowe he was designated for assignment recently. Lowly ten on the year to five point 52 ERA Josh Beckett likely to miss his start on Sunday left Tuesday night's game -- back spasms Sox slugger David Ortiz still nursing a strained right Achilles tendon and also is not expected back this weekend. Other scores less like American legal can be Toronto 41 Texas to on the angels 59 kids visiting the Cleveland 76. Pages -- if you roster moves yesterday the -- plays guard Jamey Richard on injured reserve played tackle does some ball drop waivers from the dolphins and signed offensive lineman Derrick Dennis. At the Olympics the US men's basketball team improved to three -- with -- historic 15673. Win over Nigeria. The American set a new record for most points scored and an Olympic basketball game to -- -- they knocked down 103 pointers. Our road to a US Olympic single game record 37 points US plays next tomorrow. Vs Lithuania also Michael Phelps -- right -- their final a divisional showdown Phelps -- lucky to win the gold in the men's 200 meter individual medley. -- Douglas Wood the gold medal women's gymnastics for best all around the Adams on LE race and finished tied for third. Russian -- must've been -- but lost out on the bronze medal -- tiebreaker. The United States has its first ever Olympic gold medal in judo wake feels Kayla Harrison defeated -- Gibbons -- Great Britain in the gold medal match. Of the women's 172 pound weight class. Kirk chilly up next year the Dennis Kelly a joke I paid shepherd and that is a sports flash. Welcome back our number three Dennis and Callahan. Tonight for game 645. On field ceremonies the 2012. Red Sox hall of fame class will be formally inducted. Up at 645 tonight Marty bear it goes in Ellis Burks Joseph Dobson Dutch Leonard. Joining us on the AT&T hotline Curt Schilling congratulations -- -- India. Thank you know me a lot of -- They just another from. Another way to recognized see the incredible group of players that I have a chance and there was -- When you said and and dare I say boasted. -- go to Boston to win a World Series do you think you would written a check the you know all the the your mouth and written a check he couldn't you couldn't cash. Now and I've never believe unfortunately. -- You know I always believed that. That I had. But I had. Well no I don't know what it was a -- that I can back it up I always believe and I went there was part of I guess what made Mimi. A Ullah a a -- of Philly the diamond Becker red sock if you were to get in the real wall of fame and they weren't given a choice. I you know I don't know I really the only way I look back on on I had. But you have to you know there were blessed and then an incredibly unique. Career from that perspective I I -- I have him enjoy -- moments in three point. You know I'm. In Philadelphia. Was -- became a big league ballplayer and nearly had a 93 team in the a lot of bad teams but it that they were always. Very very good to me on that I would arizonans. Had a chance to do the same thing -- it's real special team. And and didn't get into a very special situation in 2000 more and you know 9/11 and everything that happened and I think -- what I thought was one of the greatest about -- -- ever played. Event here and so I don't know each one of these -- is -- got so much. For me and meant so much to may have been just think. Yeah but I ended here and this was they're probably relative. That there's a little shorter but it bit bit. But it's it's if this was where I ended in and now like -- the other places like played -- you know. And by the public but don't have to you know. What's -- which your thoughts on the on the hall of fame I think your chances get better. In this post their everytime you see you again like McGwire ago like. And Palmeiro and soon to be Clemens and and and bonds. Bonds and others. Come up well short you know steroids is in the mines. It's part of the criteria for the voters. And and it helped Jim Rice it got image and I thank. It's gonna help you do you think it'll help -- enough. I don't know -- and in all right I I. As opposed in the past -- an -- and given a minute but I have obviously had some time to think about it and I don't know I really don't pay a it'll be interesting I guess in the sense that. Most of the guys that are up there and in in great commissioner or achievement. That I'm on the belt obviously cheated. And I didn't medal know what that's gonna mean that are what it means. I guess of some sort surprise in the sense for me though with a look. Tibetans and understand it and -- look at my boys and -- -- in my -- And it demolished and that. You know I got kicked a little bit but but I played the game clean and and now the terrorism on this -- concern. Does it matter to you will you be sorely disappointed if you don't -- of all of. No no no no no not at all eight eight my god to yeah I mean and I parking general society what I was allowed to be a part of an experience. So beyond blessed. 222 of its experts who wants I mean you know 2001 to come and gone in. I'd kinda wondered maker down I would have been satisfied I had no idea the best part was the -- -- to -- and then to come here and it'll be a part of what what. Mike Stanley was allowed to be a part of was. I can't imagine the experience of playing in the big leagues -- dealt to Boston -- that would have been I think that would have been an enormous cheap but not be public spirit. Its its next year correct you Clemens bonds -- the next hour via on the ballot together. That is going to be fascinating. Well it's that great I mean if you look at it the best I would tell you Maddux. -- my generation was the number one bit. But Clemens and and bonds are gonna be recognized as the two players of my generation and and if you look at the top ten and you know on a lot of categories in the a lot of things that build one over fifteen to twenty -- -- played. There's a lot of clean players and that's the important thing is that might my generation the time I've played it's going to be known as the starter. And guys like and I'm Bagwell are kept out. Just don't suspicion that he never does you never got busted he'd ever get any any now direct association. You think that's unfair adamant that the -- Well I think it's that it looked and as much as players -- -- Friday is the detail today it's our fault we could -- something about and we didn't. We have the ability to do something about it and we didn't and and we knew. You know -- and if we have an inkling or we do and we simply feel that and then it cost us. I wonder why you know pitchers are people who were cheating let the other ones cheat. And and injure their careers and and it was that the union do you this -- on -- -- -- probably don't. Players I mean we you know we have players like Rick -- and others who stood up very early in the process and that you know what this is gonna stop. And I do I think a lot of PPI think they were there like me like on your -- a much bigger deal out of that really is. Or you were cheating and you wanted him to sit down -- yeah. And and you know that was -- there's -- buried her head in the sand mentality. I think amongst the players that they didn't have a clue. And then there was the owners who just wanted nobody to talk about it because people were computer files and -- Heard the next question will help us -- way to some current events what's the most dysfunctional team. You ever played on. -- While there's a lot of candidates. -- gotta be the Phillies -- we knew. You are we had some bad team and a team in the end you know Brenner but it really played on dysfunctional teams. I guess in the sense I was. Loud enough denied it in Hollywood couldn't it couldn't and wouldn't let it out mean that was one of the guys that made sure -- or try to anyway. That. No matter how bad it got it didn't get to the point where is it -- in this forty is because of the ballpark so it just birds concede that that there's. It should be an option. -- -- -- -- March 27 of this year on this radio station -- -- Curt Schilling had to say and a lot of people including the manager said he doesn't know what he's talking. Frozen up. This is when you said the players are already ruled in their -- And it hurt I don't know if you paid attention to every detail here but an hour or listen analyst but here's the situation just lay it out. Bobby Valentine went public with this story and Mike's album kind of advance that today after a a bad ending a tough inning when middle Brooks made an -- Bobby Valentine said. Nice ending well some other player in the -- thought that was egregious enough that he went to. Ownership. Not the general manager or coach in the media went to ownership to complain and ownership. Went to Bobby and said. We don't do that here we don't trio of players that way. I think is that about right that's about right yeah. I need your reaction to that Kurt is artist. Muslim I can tell you a bit of a player. That's what's going. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That I you know. Bobby is just unique he's different and he'd be run and beat -- to a different drummer and all in all honesty would make -- -- sympathy -- -- the for the Macy's and about the mixture with that. A lot of people stood up I mean that I do like Bobby your device Bobby had flaws I didn't think the match of the players and a couple of and him was gonna say it was gonna work and and I I don't think he ever covets. Com. From a lot of the guys and whether that's right or wrong it's it's not really relevant factor matters. The front page in the headlines every they have nothing to do with point in the game. And I can tell you. President experienced person in that category that's -- the second week of spring training much less Augustin. And they and it just seems like every day of the stories. Come -- and we just got beat by up and -- -- and you wanna talk to me about. A comment made in the dugout it'll last week that's -- its -- the end. You know again I I. What I talked about -- as a manager and then I'm not bringing it up to compare and contrast -- it's hard document that sent. -- I thought that the things that happened here he did the reason he has so much success was because he ever loved this stuff to play itself well. You know he if you think about the things that happened here in the end and I can tell you this. The personalities that he manage your worth in excess of anything good -- diplomacy right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And huge advance because we have to worry about ought not to panic and in the end if it's good that the bears -- to body image to the club. That the -- itself every single day. So -- if you were will Miller Brooks who have been offended by what Bobby -- that even Democrats -- Jessica lighthearted way. But it's not every here's the thing I wasn't there I don't know what the home was -- I don't know any of that but I I'd I'd never came up the field. After giving up five runs and had one of my magistrate wells spoke -- -- -- it beat it just. No that's the I'd I'd never heard anybody approached it like. You are you would qualify that is disrespectful and and and not helping the cause career. I. I would want. All hell yeah that's good because they don't let them. I am getting paid an enormous amount of money to win ball games. -- -- to -- for hours at night there's nothing more important in the world to me don't what is that game. And -- but again part of being number agree big league managers knowing your player. And I -- may -- well Mel Brooks as a guy that that's how you communicate with them. I don't know. It began in intake active players to play the template management -- for -- could see. The only player I can ever imagine being sarcastic like I wish I would have that would have been -- And and I trouble Steve Perry saying something like that about them. In the clubhouse during the during a card game the day after. Our do you think it rises to the level of egregious missed that somebody other -- will -- Brooks -- ownership and says hey. Bobby's being mean to the players are. The whole different conversation all right let's have that because you don't what that tells me -- you clearly have a player or players. Or -- coach. Who wants this guy have no partisan organization. And -- you know the bigger issue for me is that that you know. In fact I have a -- that not not like that but it I have to have a conversation like go with a belt my marriage. And indicate that that person or that coach. Think so little of him. To go to the front office. But that's a whole different set of issues that that that exist. And then and then there's issue number three the owner. Then went to Bobby yeah ownership -- -- Another cover it. It we would and we talked about this -- octopus -- around the situation and turn it up you can't fire the scene. You can't do it in and be. On this club and with fiscal -- the club you're gonna happen next year. -- you know you are wedged into a place where. You don't have our Gary I hear everybody talking about trading Johnson -- -- -- off to get here we're gonna move German diplomat. It doesn't work that way. Somebody's got to take on. 10121518. Million bucks. And our. Is he does is it a disappointment to you does he let you down. Why I am disappointed at what's happened to them and and not being around it you know IRA. I can't tell you what the database is righteous. I'm disappointed that it hasn't been better for -- that the out of made it better for him. Or easier. Just seems like there's a person. Cut off their nose to spite your -- stuff that's happened and that's that's unfortunate that. Yeah I just thought that he become an awful lot here and everything that happened I just assumed it. He would show up in the in the best position to succeed of his career -- -- have been given given -- from -- given what it was like to play here. You know have I can't figure what better place to redeem yourself sin and they've been about not happen in -- -- has been an unfortunate. Are -- it's on the field problems as simple as losing two and a half miles an hour off of his. Fastball. My -- never really that simple you know it's not it's it's. It's a combination -- he clearly physically out of their right. But it I think. The comment the most telling thing he said in the investor for your support been gone was was the fact that the game is not a priority anymore. That's that's a booming and resounding thing just today. Because. I always believed. That the priority was. You know when you left the house to go to ball part of your job right most of being -- it. I don't know that was that was spell that would calm you way way off arc. Can mentality behind that -- is just. Very different. What do they put a deal in place any chance that he vetoes it. -- thanks so I don't know again I don't know what is home and barely situations almost sort of like what we're hearing. And at all that it I can't Arnold well I had that -- imagine. That this is very fun for him right now. You have any theories on Jon Lester struggles hurt. But it's the same thing we talked about and I've talked about and talked over and over and over him. The fastball command has never ever taken the next and some sense of it's covered Russell but I never expected that I. It is expected that the more you work on it the better it gets. I I think that there's probably not. A lot of advantage having multiple voices in your head at this point either. I think I think. And end and I don't wanna sound like he was on a crutch with this guy everything jumped early it was the most. Impact for -- the job -- progression. The end and there -- I think that I don't stop they have a -- relationship. But I watch him pets and as soon as the tinkering starts. You're talking about all the sort of issues and in the because then you've got the player believing. But there's a long and winding road to being good again and a lot of times it's a super guy that -- terrorism. There's a victory in the event that can be a time and you know I I can't. Imagine how old works with with you pitching coaches and all the things that the problem with. Well you were right about how this mount that thing was gonna begin and everybody was all -- -- including -- time when you sit there role there. Tell us how you think it's gonna end. Hello Mel Brooks dubious substance I guess I I I don't I can't imagine. Given the personalities and -- ball flights with distinctive style. You know. Wanders away in the evening. Especially with the fans here I mean ended -- that part the important part is that Bobby is terrific product. And and are indicative of the day. You know one play one of a unique lots of them perspectives I've been able to get over the last summer's go to my daughter's. Trouble softball team is that the managers calendars directly proportional to the ability to starting pitching. And just figure that out now -- Well I cannot have an idea but never realized the extent I know about. It's and and he's gonna get a lot of a lot of capable lot of lot of bloody shoes when he when he goes away when he we've equipped to meet its fire order when he -- whenever. And and and and it it's gonna. David goes back to the -- -- players are playing and I I I heard unique perspective and I think rob Bradford made this point right I never thought about like this but when you look at it it's. Just think credibly glaring if you look at the top campaign players on this -- And their numbers and performance and probably argue that David's the only guy. That's putting up numbers anywhere near what would be you know he's been really really good you look at the Yankees. And most of the guys are performing. Its -- he -- perform the contracts of -- I guess easily take forever Mariano. And and and the other yet yes they have had injuries and that that's a part of every team in the fact that third. At 500 through all the injuries is is there's not a bad thing and I think they've battle that. I don't look at the group put guys that that I you know the one thing I remember Bob Hope for. I couldn't wait to get to the clubhouse. -- couldn't wait to be around reported for the -- Every every day would consult them on and unbelievable. Pete do you feel that way about it. There are -- to get the club and so it and you concede that I mean I don't I don't know. How to describe it but it's. It's tangible in the way the players look in the way they talk in the witty bait bait they play. And I don't I don't believe that communicate kernel mode these guys are -- some sort -- get thereabouts. -- -- -- It elected it might get worse before it gets better it well you know. Yeah. And would you still. Put the moral -- the top the list and you'll like him if if there's a change here at the top. -- supplies are tight in big guy as it is an absolutely impact or bit of future manager and John -- Guys in in in Toronto that's from Boston -- broader field. There's a lot of great coaching candidate out there but again it's it's. It's not gonna matter if you don't have point five guys that that want this more than anything of -- have talent. He need to bring Casey Stengel back important in the clubhouse and it's not gonna matter and and if that's the that's the first big sites big -- that directly places you're gonna figuring out some guys. Who have made -- the way it is. Or you're gonna have to bring somebody and they can change the victim but they're because this between you have. And when you look at that rotates a mixture of what to duplicate the Beckett it would give it Lester Daisuke. Where are known and unknown unknown unknown no no. Daisuke he's these are -- look at your outlook -- Actually not but the let me let me another year last year Beckett Lester -- calls absolutely. No -- you just put the fear god you know doesn't watched as far as I get what you pay you. Back on ESPN. Not sure yet were were we have a -- stole covered tranda. Medicare by day and when when that struggle -- of people well. You hit the worse and tighten. I do yeah. You know we're -- -- -- Berkshire now. It's -- we weren't sure what wasserman. But be aware of -- that's what you have to make a speech. I don't know. I I just know that -- -- what's funny is. An ironic and going in with a guy who I gave up the first -- ever give up to the bit in the big leagues. Burks and no market in America the guy with the first home run ever give up the big week. Ellis park yup yup and it wasn't Joseph Maloney a but Kurt congratulations on the Red Sox hall of fame induction pregame tonight insure your evening. I appreciate it thank you well -- Curt Schilling with Dennis and -- on AT&T AT&T forgy LTV.

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