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Thursday, August 2nd Whiner Line

Aug 2, 2012|

The whiners dump "Bruce Juice" all over Minihane's head. Plus MOTWU!

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My view as an excuse views expressed and expressed. My life these aren't like ET TE Chris Cox. This -- discretion advised. Morris and now -- -- airlines. He's talking about their discontent. Some guys have gone now ownership is all about. And that I would go on the show -- -- when he does Sunday night baseball and now and he's crying a little here because I didn't let him to interview me in the -- innings WEEI. Laurel near lie and you know we have to listen via this source here and islanders. Skin blistered the you know I mean he's he's really hard working guy you know dial 6177793535. But that. -- know who who gives it started when he says her or about that situation you know why they're lying why don't we hear about. Gibson and how many of the players don't like him or about Jim Leland. And who's upset with -- aliens pitching moves and now this is at. Absolutely. Ridiculous but I think it's good drama so let's keep the ball rolling. The end maybe you'll get busters warrior -- know that gets a word tweaked it don't you -- nine everyone likes to be like but hey everyone also knows that. If you go around and just I didn't make everything a popularity contest you're gonna lose sight of people. Why airline from. As this sounds says a nice start today you know that action is allied -- Obama man when you're doing very well there that is well done -- Mikey atoms around. Yes and that is the freshest of all one airline opens. Fresher than fresh -- going to be any fresher -- right off the thing yesterday too many times -- it's unbelievable Mikey hot humid and I feel great how you guys don't on the football land. All we're doing great -- we have we have changed our location a few times were outside power inside. We we were we had a little screen test we were doing little. -- back. -- may leak out and immediately well we're out. I would cheerleaders. Figured out on autopilot. -- the -- depends on duty things and political. Enemy. I don't want our finest hour by AT&T WEE I live is available on your iPhone android and Blackberry device brought you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to. I paid for those of the U north of the border ten times faster south of the border beat Diaz they say it's must -- -- it. They have three G. They can't see -- rethink possible and be mr. fresh to death stoking up -- Calling you and your opening that he but I don't copy of this book written read and do this quite. Stocks that are appealing to board the boat and. And that's that change. That's really -- that was before today I -- this before bosnians say not today today it was a it was an a plus I'm sorry yes -- was a -- -- -- right right. Every. The plane -- and the name. Couple that -- and I'm just stick side to. Get this thing for me and I think it's at least. And -- Yes -- saw. -- -- Seconds. Dad. Is fantastic embarrass the original version by Carl Douglas -- -- artillery rounds and 32. -- and our good job accordion and it. Had cut -- parity you Aaron. How did speak out and I didn't know about it you have and I haven't. They get it. I didn't bring -- before you even on our. Eyes. And match say this she sounds that -- can fight over that well which anoint Andy -- -- like the we need Sachs played a little bit puzzled Flickr. You can meet up. -- -- -- He's doing Le -- talks dance move her. You know it embellish or take offense this is to you really started. In this -- as the battery said the corn -- I'm ever ready you're free to allay. And I think Mikey. -- And end -- -- -- -- a great day at work off all went -- that's why. That -- -- -- -- for a college went. Do you couldn't handle. -- that on let that went. It's the picket went to create a -- call. Let's that would seriously there's a so bad. Yeah you'll notice you never smoked I sensor problem so pretentious that's my problem that's why I don't. But you of the thing is you never like when nightmare maker yeah -- and you have never like pretentious rock and roll bar and Bruce is not -- -- no absolutely not. -- Really hope you just -- tire makers that your opinion what do you mean. I us. Maybe. Yes now that's what that big ball that made him look like a little boys. -- they'll -- of a lot about baseball. And every man that. Jeans and -- and seeing what else. That's where it was letters. Richard everywhere just remember on his his since his state new Jersey's class devices farmland to form a tax break that's what it is attached a note that's why he does -- that expressed abolished. Or. Are you -- horse horses well liked guy straw hat to inflict. It was -- -- right. If you'd go. And the corporate about it who has been in part that's because -- there and play. What -- it's -- -- -- -- everything and it hit my. -- -- Happen. Great. That the crowds and he's right -- -- -- -- he missed his best line at the end will be sent. -- I hope just to outlets -- -- asked Clinton what would you make glass and peanut butter jelly puzzling what would you have been Corzine okay. I think curtain -- and mother should have told a long time ago -- there is no sense. There is no -- great great great thing about. And that's men. To ovaries don't offer it the moms and -- -- Bruce Springsteen socks and a rush of additional ones three weeks ago we -- which is more devastating. What -- of that of Bruce sucking more or -- as a listening probably I would say option forward she said never lose a TV show might enhance us. I don't know all I have alcohol or. All of a man plays hardball here Mikey he's the error reading while I was out for three years he's -- he was -- one. It and they didn't know what is being where -- back. When markets are bad but you know we make medical market government now what are both very elaborate -- good. And it does want to tomorrow because I've done this to bring in my excel spreadsheet right rink every single Springsteen -- ultimate can you do that. Ultimately went to Santa Claus is coming down an iPod and that's pretty good actually it's goodness I've. A. -- -- No big showed that I have read everything I they would play one burden of being. In -- Killed in my next call didn't Fallujah. Didn't put food the want government the speed bag meant I had. If they did you put him rubbing. -- Can. Get our. Arms. The museum staff. The program with this -- In the morning starts with respect. -- -- respect. It's up. About that in its collections and your collection. So. But compared -- dollar million either. Who are currently notable I -- get one free comic con country black and docket however they'll -- It would have probably because very convenient back and now. -- -- -- I thought I had a bad boat off the field that -- that -- -- advantage -- -- -- But don't spend abroad. And that message. A big fan of Bobby Johnson's and -- -- and his fault that this course not of course not -- You know no matter brought back I had to Wear it today. -- -- And the message that the. Don't make -- of that can look at that -- lose after that did it. And message. Assistance dollars it's -- play and play Bobby Valentine aluminum Brooks. What was available within. Five. Down like god. The bat but that got that would get him but got back. -- -- good. At bat. And -- So Michael Irvin won't put that would track today I don't know what art I got a better idea about the Belichick trophy. Go to the PP in the Super Bowl but it -- -- people on the most improbable well. And that message. And as they should be -- metro. Brilliance of renewal lunatics. It. Giant all of the. Put them. -- It's. And loaded it. -- And they don't come back. It's. Yeah. -- The people know. You know from. Okay. News. Business news it's. -- It feels he's right to do. We'll. And that she carried huge it'd parties Erica and tell me tell you enjoy that and you were just genius and scraped. -- -- -- Bet that big. All of that experience -- -- you know how he likes the top and everybody else -- -- And men. -- you've seen them. At. -- -- -- When it all -- and you know we had very good good good. Paul that's report while -- And -- Associated in his -- -- is scheduled Boston also mine is going to be back tomorrow that your. It's gonna get our voice greeted balls of fire -- not all of back to market we love songs here. I don't know it that they don't want that -- and Michael. But it silver medal I think that the good work good at -- all right -- all -- And the message. Didn't make a change that -- Somebody must have talked to yesterday advocates partisan field and he little -- the -- -- But the woman's volleyball team all -- back to me this today. Definitely would act I don't want to sound of the background -- that would have a cocktail a lot but I'm. I don't know what brought it all out 10. And that. -- -- you know that the captain and team's name is destiny -- could easily seen MSNBC and crystal balls so what over the parents think and there. -- -- Yes James -- and asked her children and she says she's very proud of any -- can get lot of calls. She's proper management OK okay here's your water -- power by AT&T AT&T four GLZ. Which frees up to ten times faster than three GA TT rethink possible.

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