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Patriot DB Kyle Arrington: Superbowl loss was tough, but that's all behind us

Aug 2, 2012|

We talk to the guy who tied for the league lead in interceptions last year, Patriot cornerback Kyle Arrington live from Pats training camp.

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Are back on the big show we're live at Gillette Stadium Michael Holley -- in hand is in for Glenn Glenn will be back next week. We're joined right now by Kyle Arrington the patriots who just stepped off the practice field was going odd -- out. I'm not a Muslim a little longer than a little warm houses house practiced and gone so far. -- on you know it is glad to be be back out there on man. Other have phone teammates and you notice. Trying to get this Jimenez -- down on realized I'm going inside is everybody's. To do their -- and president. That's an interest in -- to what the playbook -- I -- I -- officially got a new defensive coordinator this year -- and Matt Patricia. Has that terminology. Changed at all as a scheme change at all even though YouTube since you've. Moved on with would not let you have Patricia even though he was here last year. I mean. For the most part we have a lot of similar. Some of cause and and things like that -- I mean but I mean with with. Our coaches and it's. Our. What's different this year for you here so far. Suppose where you're going -- a year ago I was hit it big here last year the seven pixie look downfield just sort of differ where you stand on this team isn't. Leadership. I guess I'm I'm I'm in a row now where deathly accountability is the the biggest thing I just wanna. Tell myself and I can't -- to myself enough. And you know do my job and and and just leave it by example. We're talking about the beginning of the show with the patriots. You get to the point and are you guys are allowed to think this way but we -- perhaps get -- reporter we expect. Twelve for thirteen 314 into two with a lot of nitpicking. That goes on with fans out an additional one occasion and fifteen -- one. We view. Guess which is Super Bowl last year. And it was disappointing for a lot of fans and we still if I bring up Wes Welker in the catch. The phone lines light -- people still have some pretty fashion opinions about it. How long did it take you. To get over that loss and survival. Now first and foremost you know as you know -- grateful for the opportunity to panic and such magnitude I mean. A win this OpenId combat yet alone it's -- -- -- both some it was definitely home. A hard pill to swallow. Harboring laws I mean but hey. Firmly agree on the better team didn't do -- -- day Demi Moore plays in an -- -- -- -- -- again if you watch that game. I have it myself personally. Lost a foot and tied the game in it's entirely. That we can back once a few clips as as a team this far. And what what's that what's the lesson of watching those few clips what it what what has been the that was the pay off for watching just those. Two or three plays or whatever was. Just. -- learning learning experience I mean every game as it is American Express and and it was no different no the death a lot of plays out there and feel that a lot of us wish you know we get back and you know justice. May see them as hungry more hungry gone through this year. Watching ESPN right now and they have I think. 350 reporter's pregnant and I'm not just Akron and it's 24 -- jets he played against the vote twice. Last year were your impressions of him what's he -- what are you expecting -- anticipate bringing this thing. He's. He's a football player you know. I can't. It's phrase of enough you know as work is work ethic and passionate racing game. And he's he's definitely he's definite there SI mean we you know when we cross that -- you know or death beyond. Bogut down and you know focus and and and is stressing you know ponder and I doubt that's the motto right here. He had seven picks last year a lot of big plays. Do you feel like you can play in the slot anywhere they asked in the secondary do you feel more comfortable at a at a certain position left corner right corner. Where would -- coaches you know wanna put me I know it's not an especially seems you know blessed to. Have a bigger role each year and down I mean I'm I'm just you know. Comfortable. Most if not more -- get -- -- -- accomplish -- get out there so. You know deftly. Little boys who where the coaches you know gain fans on for -- Can you prepare for for all positions in the offseason me with this as you -- with this coaching staff you never know what they're gonna throw it to a kind of curve balls. So you can do you do you prepare for safety for a strong safety free safety corners. -- and everything they read I have given that's the funny thing you've that you wrote you play defensive end if you refuse to how many snaps of it you know. Believe austerity somehow to close the 44 cents as it turns out intent on those started in Indianapolis game. Com to DeVon has known him a lot of credit but not I I gotta I gotta rest QB then had to -- that one paid to an employee he never lets him. But. My demanding payment that your summit and if you ask them -- Miami opening game matches. It's -- field. So when you say Eric. Is that it would be coaches coach and say okay Arrington. Did you just -- got a micro OK and then. You know -- -- them from all we have a it's very and to a detention camp you know Russian. PB question. I differ anyway. And as as its part to your it was a day like today. Analysts tropical -- that's my -- -- -- it and what boy ever is playing the music and so. But it's you know different -- I -- -- then that well followers you recognize that that mattered spotlight and admit -- -- -- that is different. It is. Is allowed to ever question. On Islam and then -- back you know because I mean hey yes they blocked was it. Yeah I know it's early here obviously training camp you mentioned Devin he had that great rookie year I thought really you know struggled last year was up and down what you see from him so far. The issue might be different than last. I mean we expect the same on each -- you know he's definitely. You CC Israelis -- out of him up on failure and I know we we we police each other you know onset of the coaches. Waiting to you know go back into the film format the practice and Cogent points -- anatomy we we you know we know we all -- prices and and we. We tell -- how light is out on the failure you know on the -- make them stay here he made a mistake there sought I think we've both. And a great job that as you know holding holding ourselves accountable. This TCU guys watch film together. I just like I know you do in meetings and defensive back brings them. All your -- I -- personal yeah. It's very and I mean it's one thing you know we've talked about head into this year as you know that he's -- -- always been -- -- time all the but you know. Rick originally -- but this year more so in the film room as -- that we have talked about. -- I was wondering -- if if you see fit the things I fell. And say he doesn't see and he sees things on film -- and and maybe can help each other way. Not dead and he's my human teach again. Are you you know you go no -- area and Oscar you know you -- units has some -- hours on use you know -- -- -- -- you know -- -- -- not ready yet USB for ourselves is it seems as if it on. Extremely. And -- indebtedness is this as far as the knowledge of the game and -- -- is -- even you know was is grown but he came in. That way as a rookie in Dallas when they just some very impressed went. Nice to sit behind the valedictorian. In high school we sit out a move that was it has to sit behind I -- -- I did the little I think the court like -- -- -- the -- the -- it'll -- I had -- But he caught that way it was stupid brawl and -- What did you think of in in. And Sam -- comment. Ochocinco said last week if you Kelly couldn't read here. In doing -- -- -- I'm sure you saw once a -- did you ever to see him have trouble. -- -- -- I think you are literally. Got the answer brought him to get the feeling just was never comfortable here. This is hard for me you know to really comment on that I mean out on a huge you know. -- show we'll player formally known as Ochoa fan I. Your advantage. So but I mean you know everybody knows you know -- for the phone that human things work out and unfortunately. You know and they they did not and now last destination business nonsense. -- hit the Internet is a powerful thing here on the Internet right now and I see. You say thanks everyone made the first Kyle Arrington all American showcase of success what is it Kyle Arrington all American showcase. How's my first. Four vote count we had ovitz it's housing Haskell. And I mean it was just -- then. To give back you know it's who bombed us -- -- I started my arm. -- here -- that technically can start as far as health plan on fails on you know that the newly -- area you know definitely braced. To not only me with the you know the new New England Patriots organization in general comment you know a date. So it's a push almost as wanted to do something give back myself and I'm not just the data go out there have -- you know we're gonna fundamentals and down. I come last -- type type type can and as it is a great day on great turnout. It was a big thing you told the kids are -- after Gibson. There's some techniques. What was it what was a one thing you really wanted to impress upon them. Big thing Allan is stressed that with this. Definitely you know it's it's it's not about it's not all about the blowing this is. The grace you know it's time you can't do anything first and foremost. You don't you know. Don't in the classroom and then on -- is. The incident where civilians of the field you know because. And -- is just invited the other Colorado home shooting as well I'm right foot SI mean it's you know one mistress than me you know only. Represent yourself -- -- you know your family if coach is if friends you know you to communities on this as. And I think Tony's gesture it is -- this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey you know questions her -- not gonna wrap -- what's -- -- murder with a -- on that we got this is -- what is it you gotta get up you guys know what we're gonna tell us -- -- can explain before get out of here. It we'll follow me on Twitter. Hat ever since -- far -- seven. Let you know as many people -- though 27. The first number I. Put on I'm gonna put on pages uniform and -- -- this when he -- matches so therefore 24 set. Look at that he's not house a fight. Well she's not a crazy. Michael Twitter -- he's -- he's not he's not national social I've been told jurors that shows you doing here between what went today a couple of times a day what I would want. I think I try to do is be very interactive with the fans as much as much as I can much time and our communities I think gas one thing I've I've been happy with -- like -- when he's not I'm not I'm you know look first thing becomes a mile and assets we you know -- -- photos that are. They probably show you don't know they tell you guys here okay got to be real careful. With. Of course a deadly you know sensitive subjects things presented to team that nature so you know. Not every break -- down game plans here and on Twitter you'll get from me you guys -- -- some. He's somebody might do it Carol Erickson thanks a lot for taking the time -- did the patriots seven picks last year. See what he has coming up in the 2012 season back to what your phone cause this writer on court. To win.

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