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Aug 1, 2012|

We talk to a fired up Bobby V and get updates on Ortiz, Sweeney, Crawford and more. Plus Bobby shoots back at Buster Olney and the other national analysts that continue to write about the discontent in the Red Sox clubhouse.

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As we are on most of Wednesday's. By the manager of the Red Sox Bobby Valentine the most of the time. We're talking on the phone and he I think you would much prefer to talk to us. Arson yeah speed YE a fast pace I Bayside -- I bullets so much better. Actually it's been -- half the time ranks near half the time -- the time here and have to time on the telephone. I see you drinking your Dunkin' Donuts right now for the sponsors are gonna have a Dunkin' Donuts after lunch you know helps I just gets you ready yet. Certainly helped -- I just it doesn't could have gotten a little river current men and now I've never heard that -- -- -- So we're somehow strange that game was last night to me the big stories that they actually made it to the sixth inning I'll watch in the fourth -- In that I was it was miraculous that. You actually were able to get through four innings five innings with -- rate the way the rain was coming down. How what did you think of that situation where you saw. The game called with the bases loaded from the other team names or anything like that before. Well I have. You know in the in the past there have been games like that it just. You know it live rain up until about the third inning wasn't too bad it was what was predicted then down. We thought did vampires. That you know little late. Rain we continue the entire evening at least until 930 your ten. But the heavy stuff came sooner got there in the fourth inning and you know for all intents and purposes the fourth and fifth inning. We're tough innings to play he got really. Difficult for the pitchers the whole bull batters to grip the bat you know it gets to a point where it's it even gets dangerous and I think that they took it to the limit. And when Franklin you know walk the guy only because. You know he really couldn't couldn't control he really couldn't keep it dry you know he's trying to. Cover his glove with the ball but then his hand was soaking wet and the resin bag was soaking wet as cancer soaking -- -- there's no way of -- offers him. And and they notice that end I think for the safety. Not only of running and you know. Heard you're hurting your hamstring me something like that but also for the safety of the hitter the other players wisely called again. Did you ever since before the game. That Josh Beckett was having some physical problems or is that just out of nowhere you notice he was laboring out there on the mound -- and that's why had to come out was there any thing preexisting no. On loan not a knowledge that -- fact he knew he was excellent and -- first eight hitters and then. Out of the stretch I think he's he might have hit a little different landing spot in net whipped. In that wet mound at the end. His dad got a little tight and it continued to get -- You know for the next step three hitters. We who you know when -- Kelly Shoppach went to the mound -- thought there was going to be discussion about that you know if there's anything wrong with them but they were really just talking about getting the next hitter out. We're looking at I I don't understand just to David having the tournament golf you have or not you close to a deal decision with him more I doubt that. Do it doesn't seem like to deal but again you know when. Just let's let's let's when he was tight and the trainers report so far today in bend had talked to -- judge who said it was just it was just a little tight and we'll take it doesn't. As we do day by day. I saw your comments after the game about the fact he's booed when he came out of the game you said maybe after Dave evaluation that the fans. Temperature to that would change I would say listening to this and reading stuff it has and I was wondering if you understand maybe after it happened last year how tickets pitch this year why that may not be. The case well I you know I have a lot of things to worry about and you know the and Josh is a big -- world big boys and done you know I've been -- of the guys have been glued. It's just his food and again I am kind of you know pest on the my radar herself I was talking at the time and you know it invading getting good true sense of that but you know if that's if that's what it is that's what it is because these guys. In a week. We play the games for the fans opinions people to come into the game and they can absolutely do what they feel is right to do. This is he in good shape just recommended -- come to New Zealand and yet physically yeah I think he's you know again I don't have anything compared to. But. You know the training room says see he signed and so -- fine -- seem sweating all the time he looks good. What's what's changed your body over the last. Four in just four games even optimistic call on -- -- through streaks coming -- ten games over twenty games over. What's changed here from I don't know Saturday to you before Saturday guess what's been sort of be. The trigger point for this four game winning streak. Could I encourage you played the same you know use played we played same -- just about all year with different people and I think we've gone out with the same attitude we've. Played during the game with the same attitude and their own system results have been different. -- -- in the four games and that's because. You know the other team doesn't done and get their little break you know we get that ground ball that eluded the second baseman last night cause you know we get two runs out of that and granderson play -- -- -- and granderson then and I end and the other team isn't getting amendment when we're on the short in the mistaken -- that's usually the case. In the last couple nights you've used Kelly Shoppach as a catcher in Saltalamacchia as a DH. How what's what's the reason for that well because Davidson. Out there and I think. You know they do that salty provides a really good bat from the left side to. You know and then shot there's a you know -- you know is a very good pitchers so leagues and -- know we still still birds we have a and Olivia and a guy who and who knows -- prince's death catching him and guide teaching who can provide some fumbled. Did you anticipate a USA and more trades happening that before yesterday maybe sort of involving. Bigger players higher level players and B are you satisfied you found out that the non factor Kurt. I -- I had no bigger players in mind. You know -- worked around the clock he and his staff I think I went into there were reminders. Amazed that how many. Different conversations they had with how many different teams and trying to improve very team anyway they could with. With Chris -- you know I think that we are because slightly improved some left side in the bullpen. The end to I think that anything else that could've so come to fruition. Just wasn't on the table and I like my team going into the trade deadline -- like. Nineteen due to that tree with -- those perhaps an opportunity if say -- -- -- somebody -- that he -- would allow Morales perhaps potentially go back to. There potentially -- it's and it's a good option pass for sure this Franklin pitch so well when he did start. The end does he noted to look at the depth that we have stood in triple -- and stay in the starting staff. We know we we feel like we've used most so we have to you know if we need a starter. Get it from within in Franklin would be my choice. No we've talked before about. Columnist in the national commentators talking about the team and local commentator and some some -- talk about the team's dysfunctional players don't like the manager on and on you've talked about that. Pretty hilariously to -- I can't remember who told you a while ago. Paid ten guys like you -- -- -- don't know until it's been an easy running this year and I Casey Stengel to hazy -- Ralph I don't try to keep those guys away from those guys and I don't think. So buster Olney was on the station again today you have the previous show -- what to listen this is what he said to. -- Maroney and Mike and ask -- earlier today. There's no question that the players -- made the discontent known. Over the situation they did before -- was tired they have this summer. That you know told you guys before. -- they have a lot of things that they need to sort out and when that when this is all dealt with at some point in the Red Sox and we talked about -- good enough to. Overcome disagreements that they have among amongst each other. But the issues are real they always have been and it's not hard to hear about this stuff. You talked to befriend the players you doctor agent he talked to people inside outside the organization. All over the place. So he's talking about the discontent. Some guys have gone -- ownership is all like buster -- that I wouldn't go on the show with him when he does Sunday night baseball. And he's crying a little here because I didn't let him interview me in the fourth inning so you know we have to at least be at the source here in. I -- Kim Clijsters. You know I mean he's he's really hard working guy you know he's so hard working he's always on these talk shows that he. You know has to come out and Dimitris gathering information from you guys too but that. In -- who gives a darn what he Sezer. Or about that situation you know why don't we hear. About -- tips it and how many of the players don't like him or about Jim Leyland. And who's upset with GM aliens pitching moves this is absolutely. Ridiculous but I think it's good drama so let's keep the ball rolling and maybe he'll get us it's more air time you know that gets -- -- two weeks. It was another nationally got -- and the national guys to Bobby I guess and -- is about a conversation if you win in front office or ownership they've said. Bobby guys have come players have come and there's been talk no intent that is never happened. You know. Better back like that ownership -- up and said that. You know they heard. That a game when. Hurts someone from them on actually ownership that they heard that wing will little Brooks. Made two -- in a game. And he came off the field. Then got in a dugout I said nice inning will. The end that may be that upset them. You know Nellie didn't take it further and find out that after the game win over the -- locker the end. You know I was trying to be light at the time of the nice inning that I went over to his locker right -- about. My experience of making three years -- being booed off the field and cushions being thrown from the Dodgers stadium. They have them you know to be dodging them as he got into the into the dugout so. You know if -- good deal what part of the story then. Believe me it's not. The story at least -- -- -- cushions and hoopla because get a good strong batters he doesn't yet but you can't live nicely -- flight nicely -- you care as a manager isn't necessary for four guys who like human is that something that. We all like to be like that's that's like that and you know. Everyone likes to be like but everyone also knows that if you go around and just -- it make everything a popularity contest you gonna lose sight of the ball. And the ball that I look at is. Making -- be as good as we could possibly be. -- and that's what I focus on every day. What is the what is that situation now I guess after. Little bit of confusion last weekend in New York with Crawford is it is it is there a a set in stone thing -- just you're gonna play by -- when he feels like needs a day off he get today. No it's not set in stone and it's not just play players there is a rehabilitation. Period that we are dealing with here and it's I don't know how long it's the last couple three more weeks and during that time and see you know make sure that he doesn't get. Too much exposure on and his throwing elbow and that we work into a full time every day. Situation. Is a strange -- it seems like a few times here and when you read stuff that sounds like he almost wants to have this Tommy John surgery -- unusual case for -- and the players almost lobbying for its not a lot of precedent for. You know event and once again. I deal with one and let it talked with the players don't deal with what he's saying -- I really needed and in. And here. Yeah I'm an Astros are we saying something different to you personally of -- feels pretty good yeah I mean he's never said that he won seven operationally -- spelling. -- you -- -- -- -- you didn't -- that but it's almost -- in a few charges that it's inevitable. It's is it is what it is is gonna happen one day I'm gonna need surgery and it it makes you wonder duty here. Something from James Andrews dad and maybe the medical people didn't -- where it. I don't know and I -- it. Because Ben is kind of there nick has been -- commands at all not necessarily that's not. It's not a given that he'll need surgery in Crawford makes it sounds like make it sound like it's a given but let's let's move on to something else on -- is very interest and wasn't in New York. But I did hear that the former manager Terry Francona came -- the clubhouse. I held court for a while then he left in the net the next day presumably because he read these stories. He apologized to you said he was -- you said no apology was necessary. Do you do you think it strange at all is that we've Kirk and I had debates that's and -- with callers. I don't think it's a big deal about you do you think is that is there any kind of I didn't -- Unwritten rule or I don't -- -- I -- you know if that's -- the guys we feel good doing them what would be the problem and you know it still felt good doing it. I you know what is the problem and then the and his understanding. That the what people are assuming. Is that here is here these guys whispering. About all of the discontent. About the you know me saying do little nice city when he came off the field or whatever other. You know Shaq might beat the out there and I don't think that was the case at all. Because of it. But I'd doubt where his Ortiz right now. In the clubhouse and probably the training room -- technically -- -- set he he hit two batting very consistent acre area he hit the elbow looked good. Felt good. I think there was the running. Part of the of the equation it has not been addressed fully -- in we're not gonna push that but down he's close Bailey is still pretty good -- through today. Actually yeah he threw today had a good report but his velocity is intensity. You know got to got to strike out head movement and his cutter so. He's there he'll throw again and another couple days. -- Ryan Sweeney and goes on the DL problem probably out for the year because the out punched a door. Is that it I heard you say boys will be boys. I can you think of any other situations I'm sure you can in your in your career as a player or manager where you saw somebody. Injured over something like that seems pretty silly yeah it to end your season by -- not getting it or not hitting the wall or something on. Mediocre this kind of crazy how many things get kicked or hit during the season. And how few injuries that are put them an arm and -- I had some and in New York might have been Al Leiter who kicked a ugly the the Gatorade. Bucket Benito is half full Adams. Totally fully -- broken toe to someone like that when problem starting pitchers and I am sure that it's been 101220. -- Over -- one years who have done it in and you would think. We would all learn a lesson. So do you say anything to -- that you don't know that -- -- that he's out -- is that is that enough of a message he sent it to me you know -- -- when it was his -- was. Who is. You don't honest and sincere in him he was embarrassed and I don't know that anything else needed to be it. Said to him but. You know. I believe in Texas. When. You know when it when it first started managing I'm and I believe. Guys were so. Adamant about hitting something I did put Utley a punching back. In -- in their little -- to left the dugout there was something there and hit that to a breaking him. Bobby now it's time for the Mohegan Sun dinner with the big show todays questions for Bobby comes from John Connolly he's from Norwood and Sean wants to know. Anybody ever read what you always -- the mound to calm down try to talk to the that this started game. Is about the job traditionally -- about the pitching coach. Well it is -- -- again you know these words that we use always is kind of blows really weird words. And all of a sudden because I I'd made may be. Board trips to the mound. The end and had maybe another forward Bob McClure was and his two week vacation. Nothing I'm sorry not the case matters to a week goes away from the team. You know if it's eight times in a hundred games. I'm not sure that's always so. You know -- -- there are times that I've gone out early when I felt you know guy. You know Daisuke in particular with his so language situation and a couple of young guys. Who I thought we're just getting a little outside of himself but I've gone out but then. No other times had to have like on out so let's cross out the word always there. Bobby Valentine has brought you by -- bell insurance here for your car home in business here for new englanders here for good M by Verizon files -- network ahead. Our -- well appreciated thanks to stop buying out any -- and before really going in the lineup changes he lineup quirks. Well we have. Writing -- I don't think that's a clerk and -- whatever. You know he came up yesterday's in the lineup today Ian. You know he's he's a really good players and help us win some games and Taylor -- -- you will be playing the -- -- know Cody come in okay you stay up. Okay Bobby Valentine thanks a lot back but more to -- calls after this.

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