Aug 1, 2012|

It's drive time radio and it's his job to tell you the scores...

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Since no one's really been able to watch the Olympics live reporters everywhere have been spoiling all the results America -- Roads and cold open up with a 27 point win but at least an hour min Jung -- CA doesn't he warns yeah. And results are in for the women's gymnastics team competition. Have you wanna be surprised tonight on live television as your business -- this live radio it's my job to tell you the US women's gymnastics team have won gold so stop your whining. Okay Leo we -- kind. Where in drive time right now on radio or don't have her record are the Sussman is warning milieu Olympic nerds out there you're going ahead on tonight mirrored out to some Olympic swimming. -- -- for you and for those who don't hear the warning. Authorities knew you guys do I was four. -- -- You're clearly not listening and more spoiling Olympic news Michael Phelps place over in the 200 meter butterfly event so yeah your favorite Olympic event already happened. And this announcement is going to tell you about it. Bob shot --

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