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Buster Olney: 'Enormous problem" with Red Sox

Aug 1, 2012|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni and says there's an enormous problem between the Red Sox players and manager Bobby Valentine.

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That was Josh Beckett talking about those couple hours after the trading deadline his name certainly popped up eventually stays. Where the Sox who leaves the game with a knee injury and that might put in apparel the idea trading him. In this post labor trading deadline up until August 31 lot load on a three point seven WEE I'd seen him on TV. Every hour the last 24 hours it's always a -- buster only BSB -- joins us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T. -- LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible you were getting reports here from rob Bradford and our website buster that. At least at some level the rangers' top -- Josh Beckett Jacoby Ellsbury mega deal is that something you heard made part of the conversation yesterday. Now I didn't. You know and I mean it and that's not a surprise because I mean there -- a thousand things going out with a thirty teams inside but I didn't hear that. In my first question about that would be. You know what with the Red Sox -- getting back to be giving up any chance of retaining Ellsbury which just. It probably going to be difficult anyway because of who is -- is. But the Rangers every time they are asked by any other team. Back out to two top young prospects Turkey's pro far. And Michael they had now. And so I don't know what would be attractive that the Rangers have. To the Red Sox unless they were willing. Two. You know to -- one of those guys I and that that that would be my first question about. Okay well what was text it's gonna possibly be -- -- percent say they were telling people that -- ideally the one of those guys. You'd think they'd even asked Josh Beckett apparently you know to waive the rights and -- get a vote in the Rangers get their guy. Is there another team that's still searching post waiver deadline is team with the Dodgers who missed out on Dempster still searching. I think the Dodgers will be looking -- starter you know that's what one of their officials only yesterday. After that thing blow up on top of that. I mean there are always injuries and things always come up. You know who knows maybe and they -- you know at some point when cliff Lee's name goes through waivers. Some. Some team that has a lot of money gets in a position where they suffer a major introduce starting pitcher. They wanna keep going like the Texas Rangers and maybe gay revisit those talks may be. And I put just beckoned with today have when I wrote a column about a ten guys -- to come up in trade conversation that doesn't mean they're necessarily going to be traded. But I just because. Now this statue because we you know we've already heard him once before and and there's clear that there is some interest from other teams that it's some. Level it probably with a Red Sox stadium a lot of money. I'd have no doubt that Josh -- name's gonna come up again in the month of August once on that day when his name is the waiver wire. Yeah how much though does the injury last night buster hurt that idea -- right shoulder right thumb. And in the midst of you know coming back in a big start yanks up and and that backed does that affect how teams will view him between now and August 31. Well I'll leave that question he's gonna get through waivers because the contract because the injuries up as you mentioned. But once you get through waivers that means -- you can be opened up the conversation with a solid team that totally agree -- -- You know that the injury situation would have a major impact on it just look what happened Mack Garza. -- we thought he was gonna be wanted to the big names it was going to be talked about -- alive in the days leading at the deadline but he gets such a triceps cramped. And basically that ended any hope that the team is gonna get something good form and Josh Beckett is the longer injury history -- -- -- that's really that one of the big issues that people wonder about with judge it is. How much did you have left in the tank get is that shoulder. Is that it is industry shoulder issues that ultimately going to be a big deal. You mentioned in your article that the cubs are indeed -- one of the losers here army when you look at Theo -- first year the trade deadline all these talks about trying to shed contracts and but an accomplished too much -- you will you say right now Chicago fans feeling about their first summer with -- Today -- told them I mean we're just really lucky and then there's no other way to put it because it's. You know Matt Garza did -- -- they wanna guidance on the go forward you know -- Arizona. Whether it was the Toronto Blue Jays. Who knows him maybe the Texas Rangers would have any capital way. But they can't control that and and I know that they felt like. All during the Ryan Dempster process that you know that they kept him in the little open worked with -- imminent and arranged deal that he would accept it when he says no. What do you get it L you know that that's not the contract and they are making. And they wind up taking younger prospect he spoke to be pretty good because they got from Texas as the centerpiece of dancer deal. But it's certainly a brand of the Gado who is Major League ready and close to the big leagues and and so. You know you're -- and you're frustrated but it beat Theo Epstein general you're frustrated as well. Buster only the FBI and joining us site it's it's pretty close to the aftermath this first. Other new look trading deadline -- with the new CBA and the second wild card busier than you think the GMs have learned GM's clocking about anything today that day. They figured out from this first the new look trading deadlines. Well -- polygamy and certain exactly how many sellers. How many buyers they're going to be how many -- -- going to be I had some GMs say to me that day. At that time along the fact it was such a seller's market. With so few teams actually be willing to trade players. That the prices are so exorbitant that it almost made it now worthwhile getting to is is that in recent years you know we've -- such. Aggressive. Markets for relief pitching I think that's the part of the trade market. That we now realize he's probably gonna be affected more than any other by this conversation. Embody change in the rules. Because teams just are not gonna go out there. In any situation with a tanker traffic compensation. And trade much for labor you know. Even an accomplished guy and San Diego it's you know really getting that sense they were talking about Houston street. That no one was gonna give them anything really of any value for a rental. Relief pitcher and I think. The united it's interesting that the -- it's always brought up -- -- cautionary. Conversation about relief pitchers is Eric Gagne. When the red -- autumn 2007 and you know knucklehead like me -- -- Read sector of the big winners -- -- McCain -- the -- very time he didn't pitch well and I think that that's such a volatile. Position in there it's like kickers in the NFL. That you're seeing GM's announced today but you know what it does not traffic at. Forget it and that's why they're so purely restraint. I also think maybe in the offseason that they revisit moving to trade deadline. Dated August 15 that it will. Talked about it with the I I talked about that was as several general manager they basically say. That there's an old guard. Among the general managers that he's fighting that and they're not interested in that. You guys can get the names as to who those would be. And they feel like it's only those guys are saying no it's not gonna change. Buster let's talk about the Yankees for second because all of a sudden they've lost nine at twelve and Red Sox what was seven half games whenever it is in the division now -- it's. Realistic the Red Sox -- -- but it there's some concern right now what the age catching up the New York Yankees. I think that was the biggest concern coming into the year now -- about -- yet you know getting it by a pitch and you know eight to 24 and have the same problem. Mark Teixeira he just he's got a hard in the game on Sunday night and so I don't think there's just symptomatic issue there but if you were at -- pick at an area. Where you wonder if it's vulnerable it would be in the starting pitching because. Sabathia does that some mileage -- in the united dominated dominant starters used to be. Hiroki Kuroda has been terrific for the Yankees and they feel like he's getting better and there's no sign that. -- page is affecting him. But you never know down the stretch and and I putted telling. That after the game last night Joseph Girardi was so. Clearly frustrated. With the performance of -- but nobody -- about -- close -- -- ever gonna come to rip a player. You know let's talk a -- Jacoby Ellsbury you know it's of people say you know it did pick said the blockbuster rover that was out there are back -- Ellsbury being considered we don't know which side that came from and it's. Well the reds are you really wanna go one year knowing gonna lose this guy just have a chance against or try to extend -- would you trade in and get him value. Percent of the Red Sox in this market I I just I can see them playing with this -- letting him go always is too much of a talent but do you think. What kind of interest will they gauge the interest in the off season. The fact that he represented by Scott -- the huge huge factor. And you think about it. The Milwaukee Brewers basically we're faced with the same decision. And Prince Fielder and ultimately decided you know what. We're not gonna get equal value in return for Jacoby held basically for Prince Fielder. They talked to a number thirteen basically determined that because there were only -- sixty cents in the dollar. For perspective freeagent represented -- -- Hey let's just ride it out and we'll keep prince for one more year that's what they did. The you know they had a great year last year made the playoffs and and then he left and you know they're kind of left holding the bag. -- -- deal I think that probably would be what the red -- decision would be especially since and I you know they might get something decent for particularly. But I don't think they get a lot. Because because of the fact everyone knows who's got clients. They always don't that the market unless there's some sense like Jered Weaver that he wanted you don't need to look we want to stay with the team worries that. I haven't heard any indications that's going to be the issue without without very well he's gonna say. You know what I love the red -- so -- similar to make sure that they stay here the way that the Jered Weaver Staley handles. -- buster last one for me you're obviously made some news thus early June talking about the state. Other Red Sox clubhouse that you sought and you heard about a Joseph Sherman wrote about something similar yesterday basically two months later. In the New York Post talking about a faulty culture with the Red Sox and outside officials. So in a clubhouse this like from manager Bobby Valentine is so intense players lobbying ownership for change is not an overstatement is that still. One of things you hear around baseball on about this Red Sox clubhouse that there is an annexed with this group in there it's going to be maybe something there throughout the course of the 2012 season. You don't hear it shattered on mountain tops and it's not like it to whispers. There's no question. And there's no question that the players have made -- discontent known. Over the situation they did before he retired. And date they have this summer and and -- didn't that you know told you guys before. It didn't have a lot of things that they need to sort out and it's going to be. And when this is all dealt with at some point in in the Red -- and we talked about the good enough to overcome the disagreements that they have. Among amongst each other. But the issues are real they always have been and those guys mention you guys where and when we get that stuff in June. And there because there were columns were people were saying it was overblown I laughed like he's kidding. It's not hard to hear about that stuff you talk to befriend the players he -- agent he talked to people inside outside the organization. It's all over the place. You see I'm wondered -- lot of fans here -- players on a leg to stand on I don't blame them you know they lost their trust. Leo I personally I see some things of Bobby and the number one thing to me is a -- communication. But these players have a leg to stand down when mr. complain about -- given what happened September. You know I eight. Because no it will go on the record I'm not -- I really don't wanna arbitrary and say well this person's right this person's wrong. All I know is that there's an enormous problem. And at some point they're gonna -- deal that. Beatrice Stacey you think he'll be dealt with during the regular season buster is at a offseason. I don't know. I'm not quite sure I think it probably depends. On how it plays down I'm sure has blown the teams in the race. That's not something that ownership gonna wanna step in and deal with. But I think that hit the red -- stripped out of the race. It's going to be dealt with it's got to be dealt with one way or the other because I think. All the people involved gonna force it to be dealt with a one way or the other no matter which way the ownership want to go to the situation. I think they're gonna get a reaction. From the people involved. -- pastoral Levy ESPN buster greats -- is always try to get some rest and this time a year you're crazy but obviously we'll talk the next week. I would predict I thank it's our guy -- are only every single Wednesday on the show and it's always. -- you buyer friends that -- -- out of Nashua give them a try before you buy it all brawn. On your next new or pre owned car truck or rescue V visit Toyota a -- dot com. And by generations asset preservation keeping your family losing a lifetime of savings the nursing home. A generation asset preservation. Dot com some very interest -- comments from buster. -- on this Red Sox team will react to that but boy. Another guy here in town and not a manager he's a coach get called Doc Rivers a manager. Is a coach of the Boston Celtics got some interesting stuff. -- apple -- Ray Allen in its exit from this Celtic team we'll have that for you in acts.

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