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Doc Rivers on Ray Allen departure: "Blame me, not Rondo"

Aug 1, 2012|

Mut and Merloni talk about the Yahoo! story about Doc Rivers and how he felt when Ray Allen chose to sign with the Heat.

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I haven't spoken was -- with him at all. I know. When I came down here a text. Now following Kevin. Boss Ned you know a great chance to enemies resigning Saddam. No this past sort of commitments this past week so I look at the situation. And I thought about what would be best for you know my -- -- life you know me personally. You know being able to know while there and and help this team win you know with the -- of unknown and I have. I was -- it is press conference. He announces the newest member of the Miami Heat couple weeks back July 11 what held July -- how's -- August 1 today. This summer gone as July 11. Someone in rovers poppy during that press conference -- doubles more depressed -- excited to be. With the Miami Heat but he's a member of the Miami Heat smartly united three point seven W week yacht and a lot has been made. Of ray Allen's relationship -- with Rajon Rondo that that was the big reason why Ray Allen did not want to be back here -- Doc Rivers it's now a major ports row skewed Yahoo! Sports -- Tommy -- over -- in London. Covering the men's basketball tournament now for Yahoo! Sports and -- over there VC in this yet. He's -- -- the halftime commentaries in great doing god except get them a green pad varies breaking these games games down. The dock except out -- what's -- ski free lengthy piece it's a fun of us here. And the one thing that's certain -- some of -- here today. The Celtics have absolutely hitched their wagon average on Rondo for everything. That has been made today in some of the stuff you'll hear from doctor present a second. -- become pretty evident to TU. -- you read it here it -- the Rajon Rondo team and Doc Rivers is very comfortable. With putting the ball and putting the team in the hands Rajon Rondo. Eric explain to me at that's but it does mean with -- all the run most -- about their relationship Doc Rivers pretty much takes the blame here art and it terms of the big pieces here one and it's very lengthy but I'll reach a couple passages that talks about. Doc -- taking the blame for all this. Says people can use the Rondo stuff and it was there no doubt about that. But it was me more than Rondo. I'm the guy who gave -- of the ball I'm the guy who decided that Rondo need to be more of the leader on the team. Does that mean guys like that and ray did not love that because Rondo now had the ball all the time. They got everything Allen said when he left doc said. I wanna be more part of the offense everything was backer Rondo. I look at that saying that's not bundles ball. That's what I wanna -- to -- that's what Rondo should have done. Because that's model's ability he's the best passer in the league. Yes the best -- in the league he's got a great score three needs the ball on its hands to be effective and -- bothered drag. And not starting games bothered -- I did examine it -- conclusion I came up and came back to was this. By doing the right things we may have lost -- If I had done that I would have been a hypocrite. In the opening speech you make every year -- tell the team every decision I make is going to be was of the team and it may not be what's good for the individual. Pretty strong statement there from doctor every saying I made the right call starting -- I -- suggesting that we are resistant he examined it in the conclusion was by doing this might lose right. And did anyways yeah I think that speaks of what Doc Rivers is about it and do what's best for the team. Anyone also talked about little later on that he always felt. That what's best for the team as having Ray Allen off the bench scoring off the bench. Yet this -- wait to Avery Bradley kind of proved himself that he should be a starter this to supplement you know he -- audible for some time we always talked about. Avery Bradley what this organization felt the body and we knew it Danny Ainge felt the bottom adopt a talk about what the plague is in practice but. He was waiting for him to sort of take off and that injury to -- maybe open the door and allowed -- what their play and show what he could do animate the timing right. Doctor what's best for the team I think the stuff with Rondo like I said I think he's taking taken the blame I mean you know with his relationship. With Ray Allen I mean ray knew was making decisions. Right those team that the guys that team they know that Doc Rivers is. Is given all power genre to run the office. SC can take all the he'd want but the the issues were between two individuals dynasty what he's doing he's a -- -- go to it would go but what a great coaching move right Rondo easier they've committed to Rajon -- race at Miami Knauss who carries. You know it's not talking about the issues between ray and Rondo charity you know that was there for both five years pieces but that be that became dramatically worse. In 20102000. Elevenths. Beyond the issues on the floor Allen Rondo develop at the deep disdain for each other this is actually -- what -- is not quota by -- multiple sources told him. -- problems with how -- was compensated. Again the contract right where John Rondo signs is deal he gets is two year deal and that his name was -- country talks with the kind of we have heard about that before you. The officers turned over Toronto the ball was in his hand -- -- didn't like that I don't know how that's gonna change a Miami. The ball's not gonna be -- is in a Miami right we talked about let's I think the by any is it better situation for radio. Because I don't pick up the works so hard -- that set offense with Boston Common off of screens that's how he gets opened. He doesn't need to do that really in Miami -- is going to be some place there. All the needs to do -- up at three point line and wait for all the technical LeBron and Dwyane Wade ticket and a basket. From all the open shots these guys said -- daddy AME that's going to be now Ray -- he doesn't have the work is ass off like he didn't Boston to get opened. And it is age is probably is a better situation for. We still have to rely on other guys to get on the ball right that's exactly what happened here Rondo had to get in the bull. You know doc went on to say -- or weaker to I was really disappointed pissed. I thought it was for all the wrong reasons he set about re leaving it was more -- self esteem then I realized what should be about himself it was free agency I wasn't thinking that. If break came back at a -- because he was thinking we're gonna work this stuff out we're gonna win beating come back it's because he thought he couldn't work it out here. What they're asking you to do in Miami he just couldn't do in Boston. I don't quote from doc but here's what wasn't going to change the ball's not going to be in ray's hands more the ball's going to be in Rondo stands that's not gonna change. Now the -- voice you shot the ball more or you wanna start or you want more freedom of the offense that's not going to go away it's gonna be the same stuff. If he comes back is going to be because he's figured it out if he leaves it's going to be because eating get over whatever he decided his own decision was right. And as pointed look you may have pitched about a rate we are gonna change and it was not going to. Go back to be any different we have put the ball on Rondo -- he is our guy. And that's how we're gonna run the offense and if you don't like it PC docs and you -- drop the Miami. But this does it you know does take a lot of Gary -- eyewitness. -- the sea -- tried to give credit for that you know when the season was over you know it's just that the conversations were going to be brought Kevin Garnett name. Now culprit they were in Brady didn't didn't sound as confident. And even doc even in this article and it's great read you really should go to Yahoo! sports' Adrian Woodrow ski. He says how you after the the other lost eliminated eliminated in the Eastern Conference finals by Miami union in rave communicated and turns text that talk and -- Who tried the text and try to column. There was no response -- he didn't get that initial response to the right away like all were trouble. Yeltsin's. And he could almost hear that their voices when they start talking about the two individuals that -- was different -- Kevin was coming back right. Yes we think he's come back -- easy to come -- -- play just talking to -- on a Friday we had -- -- with him he got that -- there was -- different -- right now and you you could sense that. And I you know you know -- like -- I tried column after the that the -- was all -- wasn't it back to me. That all the law I think if you read this in your reads on -- comments that comes across as. You know the anti Bill Belichick and that's not saying what Belichick does is the right way the wrong -- doctors opens up big time in here now part of it is. He's taken some of the heat off for John Rondo is I'm sure he thinks and and the front office believes that where John mono publicly. In the court of public opinion. You're you're talking about a situation where Rondo is taken a lot of heat a lot of heat. For this Al Rondo can get along this isn't a race fault they should work this thing out. Well dot comes out here today and like these -- takes every single bullet no -- Rondo blame me. I've put the ball Rondo -- he's the best pass the league he I think our gonna build up in different is back. Marketed changer offense Ray Allen so -- better off the Miami. Etiquette of the very honest look you don't get this all the time in sports specially from the bill a Bill Belichick and here's -- he's local. I'll -- get covered honest take a year and a defense a year player it's the right thing for doctors do. It's not your reply had done and I like the honesty to -- -- -- leave and how he was missed. -- didn't matter to him where he went to Miami -- he understood how the fans fell a whopping you go to Miami being just misty left in the public lift all wrong reasons. It thought it was selfish and that's the emotional response from Doc Rivers think had a setback it's that you know what it should be about him. He's a freeagent source I guess I understand that but it that initial reaction that emotion of and we just lost this player for all the wrong reasons. You know because you know it's not gonna is gonna change derail public he lost his voice apparently according to dock in that locker room. It was Rondo -- team the ball was in his hands you can dictate the offense. And we're one. And a relationship that. It was whispered about and talked about it times we admit that often if it came to a head in with that decision -- choice and he chose not to go back. 6177790850s. The phone number it's 888525. Zero weight if he got a Verizon cellphone pound WEEI it's a free call you can text us. On the eighteenth -- text line at 85851. Talked to Mike indicate -- keeping get all your reaction your thoughts. What doctor had to say about -- departure ninety -- It's not -- ID three point seven WEEI you're looking for the Rajon Rondo story -- Doc Rivers store excuse me were talking about I -- Lou just created that. Out to check out -- Twitter at. -- -- And the link is right there it's a pretty lengthy sit down and -- what's -- you always seems to kept the story. What it is Celtics related. And -- talks about what apple of the rank and says don't blame Rajon Rondo wasn't his fault that -- left it was my fault I put the ball on Rondo and I made Rondo the leader of this offense that Man -- was and the ball more that upset -- I -- right. Knew by Kostis -- long term and it was the best thing for our team. You can check that out just check out lose Twitter it got the link right there we get your thoughts on this as well 6177790850. Mike's on the cape today and Mike. They thought I got -- might seem like that. -- that our guys are they act completely agree to dock and that's I I can see how why -- most respected Coke and yet. EE completely. Separate even -- Ray -- I'm sure everybody from. 07 on -- and I love Brett but didn't they get the point where he. This is the NBA -- star of the team you laundered it and -- the ball every time on the court. I understand why -- -- mad but I I just I think -- completely correct the situation and dependent guy and that show why people want what are. Yeah let's not I agree and I think there'll be overstepped his bounds I think he explained that the keys honest with that I do think he took a bullet for star player and moving forward. You know but I love the fact that he he had the vision of seen what was best for this team. And he waited for the player to get to that level of Avery Bradley. And have had and I was bold enough to make that move because it was best for the team. Negotiate we Bradley goes it goes down in now you know -- back in the lineup again. But in the key cities -- you know I've opened communication with the players and you would open in in -- the past for the guys who comes -- -- that this rate move -- -- one player. Went to him and said you know this is not the right will start Bradley and put -- bench so. Exactly and I've I've I don't know for sure I heard. Rondo wanted you reply and I think that what their relationship and but even like -- final call and education -- let you -- -- -- -- the human race race and I don't I haven't had never met Ray -- but. It just shows like that great test that what you wanted to do like just you -- -- so players -- -- -- -- eat. But I thought that correctly didn't he took bought the best player on the -- and a guy that clearly sensitive to the media. What is -- thing -- I mean if you're Ray Allen and you read this story what -- pissed about. It look at and say there it is. His right. You know me and because you've admitted some of -- in the press capital backed the Prescott say what it up a bit of an -- secrets are being told by Doc Rivers you know it's. There is right I was pissed about it ball wasn't my hands how is being used. A bit of a problem of John Rondo a 2% right. If -- bring -- not look at that look at me on up on the media right now would operate out response did you hear what Doc Rivers said about you. -- -- I don't see that be a problem all and the texture other com Mike just talked about you know the the relationship between Allen -- Rondo. And again it's it's what your major molester -- saying rivers told him Adrian -- -- mediated issues between Allen and Rondo for the most for most. Of the five years they played together and it became dramatically worse issue in the 20102000. Elevenths season. The on the issue on the floor -- Iran develop the deepest pity for each other multiple sources told Yahoo! Sports. Allen had problems the way was compensated and that is -- Wisconsin include -- trade talks sources also told Yahoo! Sports self. Rivers said he immediately issue between -- run of the most of five years. Most of five years there were together as a as a guard duo right and it just goes back to this. Of -- this idea that the media was making up stories all the crap that that we took and it does some people to mediate took for are you guys are making up stories nothing there. The river is now segment of the of course of five years. These guys are kind of going at each other. So I don't think it was the ultimate reason he laughed. But certainly was part of the conversation and it did not it cannot acknowledge that is with slip past the graveyard being a -- points and I'll re just -- because. He did it for himself -- -- the relationship was part of and doc goes out of its way to nature public league it's Seymour is his fault than it is Randall's ball today. But a Fall River talked to Josh -- little Celtics who pay Josh. Good afternoon -- Josh. I'm just couldn Norwood to -- Celtics yes sir. So basically acting fox statement pretty much got them to -- rate -- -- because you wanted to fulfill its ego. And not his own Oprah reasoned and thought it what was best for the open. -- -- -- today you wanna throw eagle in there with -- of course I mean every athlete every athlete has an ego you know but he had an opportunity to leave because you like a situation. Yeah I'll put -- Google maybe put an ego aside and had the opportunity player and a great team again -- -- Whereas Miami Atlanta dream. What AME if he had gone too late last thirteen you might say that but he's on I -- he. Goal would go oh let's Loney and all I wanna get into all our country is I can't wait to get my ticket to go -- -- like prelude. -- first game. Lot of people agree with yes you had a at a I don't -- the I rivalry but I understand people wanna -- on Miami right now that I took less money to go to Miami Heat to very good team. If it's all body of course it's about eagle while these efforts are being socially one professional out that it doesn't have any ego. He's not a professional athlete that's the case IHTT tech -- 85850. Text from the seven anyone says Lou the bigger question is is this Celtics team. Better than last year's team is the addition of -- sellinger fab Melo Courtney Lee the subtraction of Ray Allen enough to get past the Miami Heat. I don't think you answer that question today but don't you feel pretty good. About the way Danny Ainge approaches salty and I don't look at the roster announces the deeper roster than ones in a year ago you lose a whole famed shooter. And Ray Allen did a lot for the steamy new in the clutches getting a big shock coming off a screen out of bounds just something account and on so. And -- instantly or place that. But its terms of adapt to different ways this team can win now with a healthy -- Bradley once he does comes back and come back. Back in this offense and now Courtney Lee pretty damn good -- all rights can help you come off the bench in Jason Perry. Arguably the best six man in basketball was sixth man of the year two years ago. Any -- and held a job this offseason Williams you look at it now you got us as of right now health wise you know. But he B -- and start lot of mail eventually right and you're gonna be looking at Terry Courtney -- -- backcourt. Our second team come off the bench and maybe Salinger is a big guy come off the bench in some minutes ago with. Jeff Green. In Wilcox -- -- a contract this Jeff Green contract thing stalls -- sign up for so what you know understand as far as that goes that's your second unit. -- not -- bass and there was KG to start with Bradley pierce and Rondo but that second unit. Is a lot better than what we saw at the end of the year -- need that -- because there's going to be some injuries yet. Ethics soldiers have a big piece up and he developed any help you immediately will see about that. But bring it back Wilcox who saw -- work with Rondo Jeff green is intriguing that -- he said nothing's final but still. I think you'll be here now he can move out Jason Terry's versatility to back -- a point. You can be issued quietly on player they do pay off events the next evident there is that a very good job yet now that the second part of that Dextre can they beat the heat I don't know is -- going to be Miami Miami stays healthy next year. And they've added -- Ray Allen to that team. Anyone beat Miami that's what's -- legit question I can't answer the Celtics can beat them on paper Miami still better team. But the Celtics with healthy be better equipped -- -- have Avery Bradley back to guard. I guess -- rate and Dwyane Wade to be deeper guy Jason Garrett at the score off the bench and not have to run through seven screens to do it. Arlington talked to Mike he's up with the Mott and Maloney -- -- There with the guys that -- Hey I can't bloom he's absolutely all of that is in my opinion. Literally out the door to supply ideas. -- Levin of five years the hotel in the least -- of a collapse. Stop by the Palestinian. You know we get the guys did that each power up. You know why they -- Yeah -- at ten billion in the media and and I can't get close let. That's because you know -- patches where the book you know let's think -- -- -- go. I'm reluctant to class act he left the roadway into -- their organization on the way out the door. And let loose the -- thing that stood up went his comments were. It would have been a hypocrite. If you didn't do the -- he did it she's been doing it that -- for five years so I applaud. It can stay in not. You know bigger relief -- a true or whatever but. Well the -- -- the whole time yet and the other singers who I think got Doc Rivers seed probably my all time favorite coach in pro sports. -- I agree with you re analysts said I understand that some people be pissed he's at Miami at some people will -- but I Republican break down as one of the class is athletes immersing them through this to. Are known for five for five years out of -- for five years she said issues that Rajon Rondo beat her to -- me some people will hurt it when he went. Avery Bradley was in the starlet did you hear a peep. Did you hear any of the stuff from ran out before. So the fact he kept the data didn't make it about himself and just what about the team whatever is best not to keep my emotional and do my job. Done. We didn't England it was opened it and turn around say blah blah blah no press conference to say yeah I saw rob that's our gut. -- yes. Yeah I mean this is not bring those comments is not an indictment read just think it's interesting that. -- doc takes the blame for I think doc is very honest in this case and is making sure that no interest points at. And Ron Lewis is a rod wants all your fault. Yeah pretty honest taken ray was honest in the aftermath of this heat that press conference he -- but the the way it was going to be used. You know and radian Barry Rondo we could -- there was relationship summit team that I wasn't sure I could fix the same that Miami would -- absolute high road. I'm sure will continue to do Al peculiar sources come out. And and take a shot back at the Celtics for this and it's Doc Rivers being honest I'll help they did anything in here were Ray Allen goes up crap. Why did -- bring that up. Adrian -- the -- brings out the QB issues the last five years without equal from Doc Rivers. So I just there the ball very. Classy -- that is the word. -- take the high road in this case -- taken the high road to defend his Irish on Rondo -- relationship with rate. -- good stuff and if you get who on Twitter at Lou Maloney. He tweeted up a link to that story can check in outlook forty reaction at 6177790850. It's still free 888. 5250850. -- buster only join us at 1145. Last hour. And it's a real interest in comments about the state of the Red Sox clubhouse and you miss those or play those for next.

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