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Should Beckett have been booed last night?

Aug 1, 2012|

Mut and Merloni debate whether Red Sox fans were right to boo Josh Beckett last night after he left the game with an injury.

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Are the options the end of the show yesterday it would Beckett go out there and if he pitches well seven shot out if he gets -- It's bombed gets booed off the mound when he leaves the game and third with -- -- injury and gets split up and -- -- up a month. Is I don't. Understood. I don't I don't that's how they feel but you booing a guy walked off the field because of an injury your bowling -- general Josh Beckett. Or that makes sense toppling the fact that he heard is back fat again you're not -- apple in effect the actually got hurt on the mound. You're blowing Josh back of the earth and that's not a walks up the mound you always let it go to the -- Joseph has skipped. Showed up last night walked up the -- and injury he would admit booed I Beckett site. We're just going back you get that right it was a -- of the team's lack of success or failure in September -- sharing and Larry Lucchino. While I -- brick they've got it. He is the poster boy for that you see that don't none I do I -- -- -- they might have sent the message that did this was the -- that maybe would have liked to have seen and we've been traded apparently but. Again it's an injury it be different if proportion goes out to a two thirds 32 thirds gives up 67 runs he's gonna get -- It will represent all of that I understand it but it was injured and that's why maybe a global problem with. But I yeah. When the game in the skull. -- absolute. Least -- -- very very very big game for this team. Gulp against Justin Verlander and win that the snow on areas that the difference between. Trying to take you lot of three gold for sweep. Because you beat Justin Verlander and it's just not that easy to period -- mortenson beat all the -- that expect a at the right hander Casey Fossum yeah beat him last night. You did steal one but the story line with -- me go for the day yesterday. We took the call for four hours your big thing for bench Eric that was a call the Dodgers get a deal done they -- we thought that door shut because we thought Ryan Dempster. Was going to LA. On and then he ends up -- Texas so packet stays. Pitches hurts himself. And it just the perfect storm for those boos and it -- -- one run so far responsible for all three men on base. So. Think he has left the ball. Game. Six with lauer on that broadcast it was announced. There are a lot of people for that the ball mark talks people there said it was much louder in public that was a came across on TV that was interest thing. But look it's a situation where. Lehman said yesterday it Beckett doesn't get moved. There's a chance to get food and guys could be moved. Is not out the window now complete sobering effect of last night's Josh Beckett out in. Was that he is injured he's. 2010 which will talk about. And if you're thinking about trading Josh Beckett if you're the Red Sox reports -- there are some big things percolate that happy yesterday Lou. I think that's helped the window and out of here another team looking at his injury history just this year I'd be very hard to trade him even in the post waiver trading deadline next month. Gotta make -- takes a lot more difficult there's no question about it I mean the other's concerns and again having that we talked what his -- coming up at a trade deadline. That was the one reason why I wanted to get rid of -- that was that was his putter and a 100% that's about 95% I just don't think that he's right. I don't I you can't. Count on him take the ball. All right for the next few months each and every time to give you an effort. You -- -- effort for three or 45 starts but it's yet another stand. The shoulders of any concern now was at the shoulder it was a back and -- -- to -- -- all that conditioning of the over concerned fine but now there's more red flags. Two of the GM's. You know she says it's nothing serious it's nothing like what happened a couple of years back to those -- doesn't skip a start cold night wet night. He gets soccer you gotta do around out there may that some of the deal with a I don't know what a proto Liverpool roll my I don't know what you wanna do. But if he does come back it doesn't skip a start and has two quality starts to good starts. Again I think he becomes. Number one on the list -- -- teams of and 5678. Wiki was the trade deadline to have an -- that happening. Not so much. -- Of had just four have been worse. Don't lose it wasn't getting better. And I hope you can throw strikes over. Could throw strike -- and has had a similar injured before let me take you back 2010 may eighteenth on the -- Yankee Stadium. Similar spot wet mound back injury. Left the game didn't return for 56. Days. Came back on July 23 miss a sensibly two months of the season. With 88 back lower back injury made up the same one as last night but it's at least in the conversation right. He came back after the injury was six and seven with a 494 ERA gave up thirteen home runs in fourteen starts. Was buzzing great before by the way five and three with a 729. Pathology came back and it was almost a different pitcher is wasn't very going to look at 2010 and general. I think that's what I've. I've come up with -- with this injury you're you're taking a very positive spin that some GM -- come back in his two starts like OK got there waivers I make a deal. How do you trust them immediately looked relatively healthy last couple starts missed some starts bank goes back and all of a sudden. I got an area again in the lower back this is -- -- theme with him with Josh Beckett. And a Portugal's back to September they page -- all of us -- talk about talking about court talked about. You know guys not putting in work. -- like crazy to think again this is one of those injuries lower back that if you do the work it's prescribed -- you have a strong core. This is something that you can avoid as a starting pitcher. Should be able to to track record that would Josh Beckett would be able to mean but it it it's happened. You sample a positive spin on I mean I don't know was too positive about his health going into the -- -- threes well organized it looks healthy I don't think he does. Now that he's looked healthy to just come off the shoulder incident the hold to -- two week DL stint I don't think he's the right. I think -- -- that's one of the reasons why maybe came out of the gate coming out of that. Slow in the first innings as he couldn't crank that thing up. I think he's the better but now watching a guy that used to throw right. We applaud him going from 97 to learn how to pitch at 9394 dollars 91. In a course of a year course of three months. Three month period now not over -- to a three years in -- course of two months he's lost to a three miles an hour fastball. Took to mean help is always a concern no questions of what you gonna do here is. -- somebody -- believe in him to think that change of scenery can help this guy out we get on -- program. That was me I would talk to attend football buddies on this team some looking to get rid of. I agree I think that's the way you -- I think is a fact the reality though that you are another GM if you're acquiring Josh Beckett your playoff team right month of August. You're requiring -- because your goal of the tournament you need to got to pitch in those games. You look at Josh Beckett can you trust him. Based on the down velocity and based on now I pretty strong stretch here I've just been banged up this year particular shoulder -- Which out spear reported you're a week ago but he got shot some ball you know in the course of a couple weeks Baylor missed some starts and now lower back. And then you add in the clubhouse part of its rate cut but injury and you're talking about character I'm with -- I will. I wanted to believe. They could trade him I just think it's going to be virtually impossible and the reality is Josh Beckett threw the the end of the year. Andy did this offseason now you've got to find out then I guess. What he's worth the trade mark -- in trading yesterday. And they -- of and I I understand and I add a silly thing I would have put him to. He talked about get booed last night at Fenway Park we'll just. We're here. He knows. It was noticed. It was hard not to notice last night at the ballpark so he's not traded. But there's a report we talk about the Red Sox -- -- yesterday it was a small mobile to talk about -- there was a report that he was part of at least a conversation for. A pretty significant move. Any name involved that not sure we heard a lot about Jacoby Ellsbury. Was their -- with a Red Sox did not make we'll talk about that ninety seconds.

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