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Tom Verducci: Sox didn't need to make a move, they are happy with their roster

Aug 1, 2012|

Sports Illustrated baseball writer and MLB Network analyst Tom Verducci joined D&C to discuss the Sox lack of big movement at the trade deadline. Verducci chatted about why the Sox didn't make any big roster moves at the deadline, is there still a chance of Beckett being moved by the end of August, if the Sox can make a run at the wild card, and what the future holds for Bobby Valentine and Jacoby Ellsbury.

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There is nobody. We would rather talk to them the ubiquitous Tom -- -- from Sports Illustrated a bit just because not only SI you can putt on anything fine baseball insider Major League Baseball network. Pure and MLB tonight MLB network showcase hot stove problem joins us on the AT&T -- like good morning mr. Bert -- how are you sir. Are well are you into to a fine to a fine they are off the top what message do you think the Red Sox are trying to send. By doing virtually nothing at the trading deadline yesterday Tom. Well -- like -- 45 and I think that's the message that we don't need to make moves because the moves are the return of these injured players you know Ellsbury Crawford Ortiz coming back -- -- and and knows -- kind of acquisitions if you will that the club thinks is enough so. It doesn't seem like there was a reason to. Rewrite the script with fifteen. And there and knows what the players know the answers are they're already. But Thomas facts would indicate for the last two years they've been a 500 baseball team for the last calendar year they have been under 500. Does it from your vantage point looked like a team that can somehow go on a ridiculous 700. Percentage winning streak and make the playoffs. Wouldn't say 700 -- but I do think that there is they run and fifteen I just have not gotten the sense that there's not been any extended stretch -- year where that came to new allies. In terms of eagle kind of personality hasn't teams and just one out and play. It means so much -- largely because of injuries. It just doesn't seem to ever hit it cruise control. I have to believe there are so important as seeing him Wear that will happen Rangers too much talent that seems too good I just know that won't last long and a odd because you're right it's gone back last September here it it has been almost a calendar year where this is not really. He hit at this year so I think it had a run at it I just don't know that rod is going to be too much of baseball. You'd Tom how often did you hear Josh Beckett name in the last few days. How serious were they about more than him. I yeah actually didn't hear that all yesterday as probably a few days. Go where it was out there but. I think it would it never got beyond anything that was exploratory. In other words you know nothing concrete no. Offers going back and forth counters such. Solely these things happen and -- -- come up all the time to time a year without anything really. Resulting from it but I don't think it was a -- -- and what. Do you do you think they will and put him on waivers he'll clear waivers and they will. Explore a deal. It at the next deadline if he's healthy M and obviously left the game last night. With -- back spasm a -- okay in the next couple weeks. Will we go through this all again at the end of August. I don't think he would get through waivers to be honest with -- I saw it possible but. I contract does not that prohibited -- I was gonna say I can't type that at all regret that I get stuck with -- element is -- -- need to read it in the offseason but. For now instantly -- -- fit here at Boston. My senses though Tom that the he didn't get traded because it was too expensive and not from the other team standpoint but from the Red Sox standpoint don't you think they're going to pick up eight. Great deal with a 37 million dollars and the Red Sox at the expense of our days will keep him and hope. Hopefully he can pitch better in the second half. Yeah I would think so I mean. Yet final it came just putting in -- claim because -- I could stuck with that money because you're right I think. You know people obviously know the issue itself and I and I think it's sort has been anyway but it's been obvious to. Big game last night. Yeah I mean it's certainly aware of values that the contract is probably higher than where you're evaluated but. Any still hot tremendous value I believe and you know right now the most guide to the Red Sox how inept C obviously get straightened out. Make sure he doesn't miss -- starts here but. I just don't see it straight at the year obviously Beckett now. There are five teams ahead of the Red Sox in the wildcard race not come and by the way they're making their move when the Yankees. And then the divisions and the seven and a half to UC. And obviously Angels loaded Oakland Baltimore Detroit Tampa. Tell us right now we like as the to what I've already given one of the Angels -- the other wildcard team. Well and the atmosphere old White Sox last Tigers and there. -- -- talked a lot better than I thought it would take. In -- -- that unlike many I can remember because it had -- -- doesn't come back can be comeback player of the year put. Alex Rios and Jake Peavy and had three guys all come back at the same time all star -- level. You know they hit the lottery and it goes three for three of those guys. And the trade deadline older than that bonds -- that Kenny Williams may have been really good -- -- so there are a lot and I shot. Oakland and -- is a wild card wild cards because -- break into that line but. I think their pitching is legitimate and not beat but not good enough to last for another two months here I think they're right I don't know there a playoff team. But I don't see it collapse happening here because they've taken appropriate pitcher and you every night every. And now I just don't see them going into some five and fifty content of the last year till eight. I think they played over their heads offensively in July and I expect that's going to happen for too much but. They're -- that it factored I didn't see that coming. And it happened to me at all about getting Longoria back healthy. Mean we saw the run that would not accurate number. That could have been similar because again they are consistent pitching night in and out so -- they get a modicum of offense got a lot -- to take it well. That's probably the team that I lately sort I can't say why are going to come away. In overtime or Raiders. Dead wouldn't shock me at the end of the when he gets to battle tech has won wildcard. Yeah otherwise outwardly towards camp that. So you don't think Ryan Dempster keeps the Rangers in first place ahead of Oakland and a and Los Angeles. They had to make that move well I got the last 67 to ten days there was more pressure on Texans decently at the deadline and any other team in baseball because. Especially with Colby Lewis getting hurt and that would actually three days ago and I got the word out police say he was out for the year -- and I kept that under wraps. And no way right post walked through the all the hype before the deadline and eat eat it or not has stopped it's a short right now. That I think there -- them to say panic but certain urgency there to get something done and I think a lot of the good pitcher and Dempster he's not Zack Greinke. You know change -- link to stuff. And play in the net in the American League but not quite as well so I like it pitched well I did this ranking war for the Angels but I -- Dempster for the Rangers. In your opinion come how is out Bobby V hold an -- Powell and how long -- the last. I think he got killed in a better now I thought early in the season it looked like he was sort of. Maybe overwhelmed at the new situation. Every talked about him being you know big market manager in New York but it was the Mets sent a lot different in Boston you guys have been anywhere else. I was a bigger lead than maybe even knew going from New York Mets for the Boston Red Sox. And yeah I think it took a while understand and had to completely dollars personnel especially the bullpen guys that bullpen usage early on. I'll personality into the clubhouse even coaching staff. That break -- period was longer than probably he anticipated but. He's been -- the older now I'll say this guy that. I think they have to get the post season girl that -- look at the manager's spot again because they they need to change an error from last year that hasn't been done yet. You know he's still talking about September collapse. The issue in the clubhouse last year. Yellow -- remote -- to get back in the postseason. Let's face it that's the initially hired at the manager of the Boston Red Sox and especially now. Is not to change the narrative but yet it in the post season and connecting it and short of that is that failure. And so I think -- like a lot of first year managers that the club I think the world body count kind of shorter than most managers because almost -- You know Tom -- we were surprised and we were full we assume that based on the embarrassment that was last September this was eighteen it was gonna come back motivated by that embarrassment and in particular a Beckett any Leicester to prove the whole world wrong that last year was an aberration it's really been a continuation as anything in baseball surprised you more than it's more the same. That this year as it was last year with -- That's a good point. Yeah you're right because. You know it check it and it changed a little bit it just seems to keep getting back to the starting pitching great and those guys just have not been right. Obviously -- had a moment where it looked like a returning quarterback to where they -- but certainly nowhere near the consistency. He expects. From both of those guys in. Yeah I had -- I just don't see the joy at their game that you saw a couple of years ago and obviously most of that performance related it's not all that. So it's hard to feel good you know about the Red Sox when you don't have U2 big guys feeling good about themselves. Started had to change the last. Brett has to make your starting pitching do the fills. Disprove the theory that you can't have enough starting pitching and that's the key to success in Major League Baseball is starting pitching are they disproving that theory. Well prepared and they'll put waving good this year but -- have been lights out like he has been the last two years Halladay obviously hurt. Coming back now in me definitely showing rod he's not nearly as sharp as they normally would -- So yeah I think they'll let there in the wind a little bit in terms of having too much pitching you have too much money investment starting pitching. And I think that's their issue and I think that's what our pat and -- because our potential arbitration eligible to pocket igniting -- tendered a contract because. Arbitration eligible going to last year before free agency that can make about fourteen to fifteen million dollars. I think that was too much for the Phillies had a good player not -- -- -- your player but he especially not when you don't have a lot of discretionary dollars. -- trip and roll -- that. So they go out there especially -- -- a young position players. Simple thank god can help about the next year I think it's a fire -- that characterizes that. -- stroke belt for next year try to win because of the money -- that Howard Utley starting pitchers. Is more retooling reloading it Q well I is that it's in Dallas started to show -- that in terms you can bet that that -- They put the fact that I don't think there was much action on him at all. Ellis is that. It took about. 85 million dollars -- 837 for cliff Lee white what's it like that. If you had to guess -- where does Josh Hamilton play next year and where does Jacoby Ellsbury play. The year after that. Yeah I still think terrible thing goes back to Texas. Eat eat out he just. He's a fine player and he is one of the most dangerous hitters in baseball but he is not a pure here. They'll understand that now because he made it back and Eric is talking about you have to get this guy resigning immediately pays most dominant player in the game. I think third in the complete opposite coast in the hunt for a month and a half where you start chasing pitches he swings the -- and upon her great hitter. And it looked completely different that being said. I think the Rangers and -- different team when he hit -- when he doesn't hit they need him. That you want to get out of market though I think you'd better obviously I think he'll have a very good market I'm not sure what the other options will -- but he. He's attempting got a lot of players and -- shore. You know he just look at the injury is forget about -- up until now but I still think he'll wind up back in Texas he's got a great history there that community loves them. I'm very I don't know that can be a top -- because that's going to be that could be accused ticket if you. I'm sure Red Sox -- what it does not seem to try to extend him I would expect it would happen I would expect that not been at Scott Boras client won't go out see the the market is going to Barrett can be. Stole I think that's probably. -- illustrated in the offseason but certainly take into next year at the possibility that maybe trade next year. Our final question for me and it's certainly off of the baseball topic -- the Penn State grad. Your thoughts about the sanctions -- what's happening in that university now to their football program. Well hopefully it's moving forward now and you know I'm a lot of people are surprised a lot of the players I think it's whatever or sixtieth sixty. Five and immediately I remember was it. The majority that majority of players decide to stay there and not go elsewhere I think a lot of people were surprised but. Yeah -- he's a funny thing about the community in the schools there. This public school pride and I think even now even saw any of us are connected and they haven't done it doesn't. There now it's it's devastating and it's saddening it's. Heartbreaking. You know what happened there but at the same time I think. The community at Penn State brilliant changes the pride the people haven't scored all the students were there now the administrators. The professors. In the put a football team itself that you know you -- it mass exodus and I think that speaks well in terms of moving on but. There's no question that for me it's just and it's heartbreaking you know what happened or that people who are we put in charge to. To be caretakers of our young and -- institution. Just felt yeah terribly and it's hard to get past I don't think anybody associated that they ever get past that the. Hopefully they can at least start to move forward a little bit. But there are people still on the Joseph Paterno island in and around Penn State are you among them. Well I'll say this I mean yeah. You know he is and it himself he should have done more and no question about and to defend that I think is in this state but. You know it's hard for people and I understand that there -- people to understand it to the whole picture about a person and he and about an institution. Because of that story is so horrific it's it's hard to think about all the dignity it. Yeah it's part of people reconcile all of that but. I don't think his life was a fraud and what a lot of people want to portray it. But unfortunately. This is always going to be remembered as part of the legacy I think the school to the right thing and sickness statue down. And you know I just think it's no matter how you you look at -- new blood and not. The first thing people think about what in the name Joseph Paterno comes out and I. Robert. -- you aren't Robert's here with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT TE.

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