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Out of Bounds: The lifestyles of Gronk vs. Brady

Jul 31, 2012|

Note: This podcast contains strong, profane language. Ryan Hadfield and Isaiah Moskowitz talk about the concept behind the new Out of Bounds blog. The guys review the absurd attention Tom Brady receives during the offseason, Rob Gronkowski's offseason transgressions and a possible reality show, Brady's relationship with Tara Reid and different ways to fix the Olympics.

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He's telling her own. I don't know if it's with Isaiah and running in the everything entertain -- movie you know. W yeah they've done gone. All right thanks for checking out out of bounds podcast on WEEI dot com my name's Isaiah that's my boy Ryan -- over there in the WEEI dot com studio and down a -- -- you guys are well aware of what Brian does. But he is up. I'm gonna call you blogging freak. Like audio blog entry that makes me sound. I mean I guess pressure was pretty neat yeah it's got a creepy it's like let's connotation there is not if you listen if you guys you guys have to check out this site go to out of bounds. Dot WEEI dot com and just look at all the stuff that this kid is posting. And this is what makes up the podcast that we do out of bounds so I mean Reinemund throw a -- you've got. Mean how many times do you post today. We're talking like you know anywhere from five to seven times you know some of the stuff is like real terse and quick you know -- -- whenever you know look at Magic Johnson Golan vacationing out beyond and a -- 45 year olds which is kinda weird a strong that I'm super -- -- I'm not sure it looks really funny the guy. I think I wrote to the time he was. You know that that's -- guide it just gets harassed and all the time because he can't articulate himself for giving this field it's profession which is talking about the NBA guys. It's -- like. Well that's that -- storage in the drive post so many things up there anything from DNA. To sports to culture to when it which is which is great so I mean. -- what are you talking about tonight what you wanna talk about it really go anywhere with this but I Carnoy taco at the people it's a fire a guy that's fun. And typically you know I I search the web. You know some would call a content farm that's fine fine you know I -- not original I just get it -- to -- spin on it you know whatever sometimes it works into the doesn't -- I make you aware of these oddities on the Internet good right. Anyway on. -- -- You know obviously I go to this and skeptical places one being TMC find it and actually my sister columnist Brian alchemy don't have those cliff diving pictures of Tom Brady. OK I -- let me check these out so I go to TMZ check them out. Birdies you looks like -- he's having a great time and you know Marley and also how on -- dry Tom Brady right and I post the pictures as saying you know Tom pretty whatever you know summer of rockets -- the summer poverty -- really it's now now and you eat it's like an eight foot drop to a not a big deal whatever I'm trying to make it to rob yeah it's nothing it's not it's not equipped driving it's more polite guy. It'll pop yeah it's like elevated jumping like to have it will be deployed that you know an eight year old would you say I suppose that whatever. And all the patriot beat reporters you know are we re glee really can never Twitter either through my out later at the -- the year somewhere else. And you eat some commentators were like this is not a story on whatever -- block them like every Tom Brady it's the Internet the Internet -- -- ways and who cares -- whole point of it is that put stuff up to the people don't people don't get to see every. -- in you know why this clearly an audience for the source of -- and Z which that you -- -- -- whatever -- get -- -- -- -- -- I cut third journalism and I understand that but tyra a viral like you said so -- Get your -- -- -- and you know what like the thing is. So this gets picked apart like Ryan what are you doing you know you're an idiot you're castle or whatever right right so I want to bring up a couple other. You know the first thing want to argue about them the other Tom Brady stories in previous off seasons. That. Have mean that may do a big deal for whatever is now in a second he's Brady gonna hit the level. Of the Bronx stuff recently because the wrong stuff and who he's banging and what's going on to me I love I love that. -- is like season one of keeping up the Kardashian stay with me here -- are so things in order if there's numbering well really quick -- keep -- the Kardashians came out because Kim Kardashian had a sex tape with britney's little brother -- jet like that and then. -- -- -- I heard at skid -- stated though and you know that have been in the showed its kind becomes like -- -- strike in like benign little things and whatever somehow years later or -- of the show so. Rock is like -- what it's awesome it's fresh it's new it's like oh well you know you never know it's really gonna happen you've done nothing would really happen to Brady is like. What it is now selecting fashion does the -- littlest thing that gets picked up by whatever Brett bombs that's what Brady is now so -- -- lately what's what's Brady done it's newsworthy. Last year there was the water slide incident he's going down a water slide a vacation he really really well Linksys pictured you ever talk about he looks -- -- not -- yeah I really am an 80. This will really labored ever. Then him for another year. It was a last year they -- up that document to the pretty six documentary right -- you know it's all about how Brady was passed up and he 600 quarterbacks were taken in -- of the other quarterbacks really went anywhere. In pretty -- starts crying. And that became a story right you know ever use that for motivation is clearly still bothers that guy get a driver right. Then you know one of the few times I want to locker room last season had done some OT OT -- camps up this year but. I'm member of stick remember that this is round Christmas or is either Christmas or around through -- -- up Chris price from eEye dot com. And I noticed every locker. Had a pair bugs in front of god and quickly click with me now because Tom Brady. Sponsors Maalox tonight right there is is all seen the billboard on the pike right across from yeah Phillies again it's one of those things you try to block out at play golf it's why cut as -- Conte and easy Tom Brady in the offseason he's not -- ready TMZ Tom Brady. -- though he's married to write him and then there's the Rio dancing which -- we discussed not -- now whenever you as a dad -- step dad not quite you know. You'll feel and get through the stars -- -- of the things that no one talks but with radio. An -- -- name -- -- got hoping you know she is. You should -- years ago after Brady's first Super Bowl -- a relationship with someone. Before -- morning and I was gonna say Bridget now are now before bridges and listen real unintentional comedy about it dark -- black guy had terror read. -- -- -- -- -- way to educate kids and I need anger Google this better relationship did it was love. Yeah and I know that. Well as those that Tom Brady and terror read I remember that this is better remember that we let everybody know how dare you. It -- if the states. The so some. So this guy our isn't marketed this because. -- there unless we get nothing really going on it was raining in Africa would stay at one of the days weaken as it port whatever -- stand. Errant American reunion with god. Terrible movie whatever it's one of those movies it's like -- the boys they're Bakken light -- electric the stock that will be is based on the stock to haven't seen any Friday like some really quick -- a couple scenes -- -- ex boyfriend who's now married to move a guy who played. Kevin who's in rookie of the year which is. Great movie right but on Disney -- a little bit after your time imagine that's just my generation loves that she acts -- -- -- and in the mid ninety's if I had put out so. There's one scene. That reminded me of everything backed terror read. Sleeps at the sky -- -- zip them they they cut oh lord she takes care and yet too drunk. And he assumes that that something happen -- doubt it and she he wakes up. He looks -- she looks at him in the current she knew nothing and -- nothing happened and he's like I'm where I'm married I married a married and she goes. How would you. You think that low of me that I would do that I know you're a married man and those words coming out of terror reeds -- now we're so ironic it is like. Carry it likes to slide in real life like -- I -- like. -- -- -- -- with Ray Allen is out I -- exile it out they did a little Google AM like I'm pretty sure I know some men and Tom Brady yup but that's the most ridiculous thought birdie ops is a story. Before dissolve before Bridget. Amen amen -- to still go on record what -- -- doing. Republican riady Shia know I'm telling you put bull what he's doing bank in the porn star and showing up on the cover they're good -- hanging out in and out of that session allegedly allegedly. -- let. She came in here she's a fan I was at -- Bibi -- liberty Jones he came into the WA AF studio and it's all the stuff we she banged him up. And down twice and I'm girl check this out I'm down. In in the -- this sources are excuse me. My sources to -- him sorry you can see her sister -- and you'll see it's going to address Datsyuk who go to I give -- -- -- comments to us on. -- About a girl down on the the seaport. They claimed she bank broadcast not a very attractive girl either and I'm like OK but the bottom line is his whole story right now. I love his whole story. I want this lack of self awareness is a story the SE idea Bill Simmons is not promissory -- guess -- he heard that. Images -- are running around -- does after the show right and they eleven about the -- is kind of like a format like the Oscars for sports a little bit early if it wants it to be that way and the -- really isn't on the on the revenge here it is more drugs and alcohol the -- and -- the Oscars probably humanity. Here who slot anyway. And lessening now Robert Downey junior in the ninety's but on so anyway. You know gronkowski releasing go to the bathroom and -- -- -- -- need to. Who's like you know apparently ahead of him in the line has pretty starts statement tests and gronkowski goes up -- and goes across -- good. Like and how I could stimulate the legend is true -- let's talk a little bit and we'll move on bullets not gloat about this -- TV show -- had a couple considered giant. And Tommy did -- set the table for the reality TV ship got. So Gradkowski signed with the sort out this agency in apparently there's a book -- one. A book and it's source speaking engagements this Murkowski has gone all the Sam Cher minus the speaking engagements he's trying to go around -- his parents often and again death. And anyway. So there's a few concerns and a little bit has to do at their embarrassing thing I brought up before where it's all these six stupid little things that can really be shown on TV like. Is there really going to be decorate. But I'm more concerned about like. Reality TV needs a little bit portion of drama. And I wrote about this to -- yet so we're gonna see a little bit like I can picture now like crackers -- brother's been like. Like let's say one of the Brothers does something for -- it's really heart warming -- like you know we're -- it is confessional now they're zooming in and -- -- he's -- he looks in the camera and ocean -- LeBron it's emanating from a spaces like. Like. I'm Dan. -- Gordy they're just. Like my brother's like not like Brothers like the way black people say public real Brothers they were really gone around to explain this it's gonna come across lake. So we -- -- can -- ski right you is that yet but that have to happen it has to be some former fabrication so that's what a little worried about but I -- Over what are your thoughts on the reality show. Reality TV in general -- that -- us know when I can go -- I'm sick and tired of audit do we have to have a reality show everybody thinks he got a jump on this bandwagon and I'll watch -- Everything's a reality show right now but. I just how much. I don't wanna see I'd like what I see with a now I'd like to hear the stories -- look look there was a post on WEEI dot com this week. A band -- on his chances hard work the guys out -- -- -- season got a house yeah it just abandons his hard work on his -- he's busting is asked by yet he'll pop up. At a strip club and the like five bitches what's up -- -- goes out he's -- six guys down the field score like I don't. Don't need a -- a reality show to me smells like bring in Chad Johnson. It feels like you know I don't wanna watch as idyllic suburbs the bad job by me about a preacher gronkowski. On its second all time in receiving touchdowns and printers hysteria is the man orange and an -- I want us get you gotta keep it with. As awesome schedule is having touchdowns -- smiling back -- -- awesome on the field. Do the stupid stuff you're gonna do don't make a reality show that don't make it the focus on that because I'm telling you that's gonna take the attention away and it's gonna distract at least 22 years old. Gonna distract here -- concerned that this could actually is because normally tell me. Look let's go back five years in in the patriots. Whole world. Has built -- Jack or Robert Kraft put up with -- kind of crap have they ever have that kind of attention paid their team prior to someone like say Chad Johnson now. Even with Corey Dylan coming in who was a -- over in Cincinnati tightened ship he played well. This is a little bit out of the ordinary for the patriots organization because it's like. Okay were let them off the leash a little bit like someone. Chauncey pull back a little just like c'mon. So a little bit of bewilder beast on the field and it's happening if customers to a actor play on the field yeah huge problem with that -- rock star we just gave you 58 million. I think now in regards to defense and I've always said this in Chris price went until this is like I have the utmost respect for anyone that walks onto a football field did you. Cricket at at any moment right Murkowski is a brand -- -- it will give it a little bit he's a brand right now Mike is. He's got you know the contract is huge. And he's now the highest paid tight end street and well number it was a well -- how much. I thought it was fifty it is fifty graphics fly adds it's something we do you are guaranteed careful of the door and because of the brand turns so social that it's just like. Yeah I didn't care because it and any moment those contracts are guaranteed but anyway why we discussed my friend and an out really quick sell. Gronkowski is like largely figure and I want to pivot to this the Olympics. Don't have been cast your -- aside from the US men's basketball team. It's why I'm not really interest in the Olympics to be honest there's a lot going on here in the slot we wanna get to know -- are huge and the Olympics and we'll talk what that the second -- My thing is -- do -- happened more than every four years would you be more interest that it is like idyllic at the fifa World Cup. Like I'm not a huge soccer got better respect and they liked the way that everyone's so fanatic about it. Like no other countries that kind of gets me into it's almost like. Like by association I'm super into the World Cup I guess with the music the question is if if it happens more often more zero what you don't know about in the of people don't know about what's happened Marat. Of course that way because you and I talked about this the other day as were prepping for this podcast. It's it's it's amateur. Sports which is not a bad thing and you view of course raise all the people that bust their -- their entire lives to get to this point with the Olympics. But the world we live in today is the conversation that you and I just had for the past ten minutes -- how -- cow ski area. And the patriots are huge in New England. But when you added element of the gronkowski and the stupid off field things or silly things that are a little bit more like Michael Phelps smoking pot that and that's why -- -- a lot so that's why he -- -- Olympics bring you the only athlete that matters you -- you tell me the bong hits he did did not add to his popularity right or wrong. It adds to the popularity. -- -- don't go back to go back to Nancy Kerrigan that whole situation would get whacked in the -- that was awesome types of things just make the world we live in today ago. Oh yeah. Not I want somebody to have a horrible situation but you're absolutely right at the Olympics happened more than every four years. And there were more story lines and they try with Bob Kostis. God bless and they're trying with all you know and Ryan Seacrest for the younger audience Q&A break if there was a better story line. And there was more to talk about we would watch more. There storyline but it does seem so quickly like the of the Olympics won't matter a couple weeks you know the one thing I'm talking you know on Twitter is that. Paul McCartney -- resembled -- Ellen degenerate hello debate on the opening ceremony alike SATA -- belly that looked like Paul all we could -- You know -- in wallet KG it's going on him like he's an old ease what Ellen DeGeneres will look like in a -- tenure is that -- everyone more or less. You know and this is another you know -- against result of the Olympics is that because it of the tape delay and on Twitter. There's a lot I'd like to. To be frank bitching and moaning -- -- NBC's coverage and but you know 755326. Channels you can consume us on Twitter kind of needs to be when Blake it's almost like it's one big spoiler for the Olympics right now that's what he can't go on any other person is doing their job and and so stuff like that matters you know I did you know like if it happened more often. But then again like these sports are apparently are entertaining enough to really monetize or else probably wouldn't they have more often. I think kayaking is a sports in the Olympics is and I. Will fall. A -- the I'm sorry. I do this actually Ryan does an amazing job on our website and the website pimp your Twitter tell people where they can they because that I like guys Youkilis -- right now. This banter is nothing compared to what this guy does on our website he does amazing work with all the blogging so -- tip that'll tell people -- -- -- -- stuff so it's out of -- -- WEEI dot com again it's out of bounds that to be -- -- -- limit Twitter handles. Our underscore Hatfield and we're -- at Twitter you know going and I doubt we've got to -- can get it all together yes settle up there though the link to the Twitter out there we get some comments going feedback that we've got app. Out of bounds and email if you wanna get a hold of us it's out of bounds apps WEEI dot com covered a couple of topics this week. The whole point this is for you guys and girls everyone listening you guys wanna comment on the things we've discussed. Out of bounds is just what it sounds like out of bounds anything you wanna discuss anything you wanna hear comments on. Just get a hold of us real easy and definitely check out the website is Ryan does a phenomenal job every day. He puts the crazy (%expletive) out there and it's awesome to see so go to out of bounds dot WEEI dot com and one do this again next week Seattle's CB Dubroff and even while rob Bradford is our boss is that. And he said if we swore on this -- fire as we've done and a few times so this might be the last one itself. Maybe we'll see you again next week.

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