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Hannah Storm: Giddy like a school girl in the presence of Tim Tebow

Jul 31, 2012|

We're big Hannah Storm fans on this program. A good journalist, and a rare case of a woman who's looks have gotten better with age... but this sit-down with Tim Tebow is inexcusable. Click and listen why.

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When I get to this before the line a line from lightning round you you mentioned earlier today you mean to -- about Hannah Storm. Only god. Or your well now okay so if you had to pick your fan of Stephen writes in your for and a hand stores have had to pick. Yet -- -- if Hannah Storm at Steven Wright's anti human Michael accommodation. Governor but she might she's got she's she's certainly I think improved. Physically you might with age she's upgraded yet. -- yeah Roberta or whomever back in the day -- yeah NBA on it I never thought about this Saturday there now. And -- don't lived on the show would Peter -- William Elliott. Never did probably still on average had been. -- Hannah Storm. She's very talented journalist is pretty talented well I think Boca what you know it. If you're for Hannah Hannah -- it sounds. And the storm is a fan and Tebow. I would say an icebreaker to -- you've provided sort of the seminal moment the enduring image. That is gone viral load that this trading chaos and that would be yes running shirtless through the rain. Puck popped up but they're teammates about a lot but it does indeed is going to be that big hits the outlook on the -- -- -- pop -- Does over the guys that I needed -- cameras were there with the -- a yeah you've got a lot of grief for that have radio -- got I don't know about soda a man who. Ed we see that you bulk up so what is a light plane it's you 151. Pounds. And both both yeah just. Gates today kittens and you know community. This year -- -- his -- -- physically from conditioning standpoint and from strength standpoint. And to do it -- do this in time. And on some fundamentals down quarterback. Did you feel like today you you might take a pounding like you might be asked you if you were on and you're never shy about taking a pounding a thirty. I'm cautioned that a win there in Massachusetts and then made. You know that task. Clearly. It's great to see you it is it is we wish you well -- we -- it's great experience for you and the team. -- -- -- -- -- -- A top candidate time finding -- meeting of the best divorce rumors and I think. All men. That was -- that was a nice meeting that was jovial. And as she really she said nice to see -- have to. I mean everything. Steven Wright doesn't it laughs like that is shows I've she's just like that before videos were there reviews like that it does you him like that usually goes a different ideas that. -- you can't -- it with a video and talking around the interview with the athlete to giggles collapse and then you do music in the way. -- That was that was a -- laugh again. -- that -- -- -- -- said if Hannah had Stevens. Since of humor when a combination. Of this last month -- you know you don't like that laughter she's. I got and that's a man who. When we're I got a -- soda a man who would say but here's a journalist -- forget. What was that it.

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