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Buster Olney: No major moves on the horizon for the Red Sox

Jul 31, 2012|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to give an update on the trade deadline.

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Two hours 39 minutes away from Major League baseball's trading deadline much -- 93 point seven WE -- -- only say Wednesday -- the show will talk to him tomorrow bullets check in for couple minutes. On a very busy day buster first and foremost we appreciate taken a couple of minutes here. And let's start with the Red Sox there was some Josh Beckett talked there was some Kelly Shoppach talking hearing anything. With the Red Sox with the deadline now just two hours and 38 minutes away. I -- to -- network threats we got that they have had conversations. The people that are helpful -- I can't speak to that myself. I haven't been told that and -- Especially after last night after the Rangers got Saltalamacchia. It is -- come up with it Martina wouldn't it be a natural match and epithet. That's what he's reporting. But beyond. You know more incremental -- You know you keep saying Kelly Shoppach name out there. So I haven't heard anything significant regarding threats -- which isn't surprising. Are giving their place is standing you know they're kind of net. -- and you know him and where. It would probably be it is once in Sydney -- and -- in the last week in Sydney. I'd much rather be black and white positions and greater enemy and it makes it easier but you know threats such close enough for the not to blow it up. But far enough away where he probably would consider selling some pieces and parts who -- dealing with Kelly Shoppach. But still we're not really sure how intent they are and dealing a guy like Josh Beckett how serious they are but it would seem to me rather be in the fifth sixth seventh option as it looks like it could be at this time a year. After the straight deadline goes you might be no vote and maybe a number one option or two options you need probably clear waivers that a fair way to look at. No question. In fact I was destroying a ballistic. As we get ready for our you know baseball and I trade deadline special the guy you could he be traded in August. And in that -- is speculative because things would have to develop. That you could easily see just Beckett with a contract clearing waivers and being one of the veteran starters who could be available. And then at that point you know there might be different set of circumstances in place maybe -- jobs would have a couple good -- media that it seemed at the pitching injury. And -- she becomes more you to the point that something could be worked out. A buster and you said chancellor type of things was Ryan Sweeney a guy that any team that would interest -- -- he breaks his handy scorn of the DL -- -- and I wondered if he was a piece that. They could've moved if he was healthy today. Yeah I think it they would at a chance it would we talked. In recent weeks in what they -- a lot of that at the wire. Probably not you know guy used or abused his victory -- sport outfielder. Especially timely and that it was all you need to pick on culpability. You know probably get a B minus prospect but no -- his name out there industry in the trade circles. -- to quiet down in New York with -- out -- to -- now hurting his wrist have been offered at least three days I guess no structural damage there. The expect anything from them -- -- a corner infield to help protect from those two guys. Well the one thing about it got to remember is that in recent years they've been in great. -- position so -- it. Indeed the net. For a eighteenth succumb to them -- the 24 -- aren't they you know what we're looking to dump some salary will be eighty Kerry Wood. Will give you -- -- interns will give you look at Berkman. And the Yankees have taken advantage of that look at all this morning that they had nothing. Hot. That they were really intent Giuliani saying the only question as you mentioned was -- security injury. And MRI to pick -- -- showed no structural damage and eat they don't think it's a major issue if they you know they still might be in a position where. I'm Lyle Overbay of the Diamondbacks. Ty Wigginton but the Phillies you could see them making the -- I. The could be stopgap as a corner infielder. A buster a team that we talked about a lot the Oakland a's are they gonna get themselves their shortstop for the deadline of 4 o'clock today. It doesn't sound like I thought this sort Sadat twenty minutes ago. You know the conversations that they had we -- that diamond accents even through an early advance that far. And it was much more immediate talk about Yunel Escobar deal they know what an actual reality congress and the reality of conversations between -- you know. -- -- look at this trade deadline if it all passes and is no more movement especially down in Texas I look at them as one the big losers not getting an arm. I would agree with you and content is again -- -- I also understand that thinking because. You know that it really sort of vault this year has gone on we're in April we looked at them as being it's incredible scenes look. Seemingly the best team in baseball. And then it is summer go on Scott Hamilton on base percentage struck at a point in Michael Young for the first time in his career as a dump 8%. Below 300. -- -- -- -- They continue to be streaky player Mike Napoli they'll yet 250 point and what happened. And I was talking -- Rangers. People -- and this summer's gone they looked at that line up and realize. You know what we might be turning over. How this lineup within the next two years and so that. It more difficult -- consider trading someone like Michael. Now who's that young based prospect but it never been in chief ranger -- part regarded as the best prospect in baseball shortstop. They're trying to I think kind of balancing where I greatly you. Lou that you know they needed they -- some kind of pitching and on the other hand. The idea that. He just simply continually treat her older guys have -- all season and you'll wind up with the Phillies are -- which it. Scrambling to get younger dumping about salaries and looking at -- time that we don't like coming to an end. I've buster will let you go figure out -- the Phillies are traded -- the -- talking be tomorrow. At that.

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