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Josh Beckett deal to Texas is dead

Jul 31, 2012|

Mut and Merloni kick off the show talking about today's trade deadline and the possibility of Josh Beckett getting traded.

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-- baseball fan it's one of the real fun days of the year you know playoffs are great that's kind of like the the top of the top but in terms of the regular season and what you look forward to on your fresh and Twitter MLB trade rumors a hundred times an hour. This is there right trading deadline day Major League Baseball. See what teams do what -- teams still involved in different races. I -- trade deadline day. Let's talk about history being -- pretty and meaningful on a day like today. Yeah but they've also had a history recently of actually. Knowing there are gonna play having a very good idea or the percentage is extremely -- That there are gonna make the playoffs -- -- last year it looked at obviously but nineteen gamely probably going into today whenever they had. And the years past you know this year it's there on us in position to where. You know -- the last road trip right eagle reentry. It did go one in five always expand -- -- pretty much Rubin a position where he probably wasn't. Very familiar with -- a lot of these small market teams come trade deadline day no ought to sell they've got history and solid. To that -- made some mistakes and in sell off pieces and learned from that. The -- suck so much history you have of being -- are selling you know so they used to going out there and trying to -- improve. That's why it's probably so hard for them incidentally we you know. It's time to sell. -- just really haven't been in this spot in the hot and do it in on it does not that hard but still. Your position right now where -- least kind of LeapFrog a little bit you know Cleveland Toronto in the standings by what happened game game that the big. Four games out of this thing I still think the against. Honestly probably gonna stand pat at this point will will get it to what bench Harrington should do would would do. And the trade talks with Josh Beckett they continue what do -- subside here next couple of hours Woolsey. Well let's start there give people an update we're gonna be update you all day long and there's not any or else to go. Ought to get the latest -- only is gonna join a Sean Casey we will follow this thing throughout the course of the day you will not miss -- beat. I'm Josh Beckett worked kind of that maybe yesterday at this time we speculated the idea that he was a guy -- it traded -- teams were interested. If you file the reports overnight in that that interest has subsided here a little bit the Rangers pull themselves out of Atlanta at no longer part of but the Dodgers. Might be looking a different direction. And may be a case of teams looking at the landscape and looking at a guy like Josh Beckett insane you know. Do wanna get invested at this point with him based on what else is out there just seems like 24 hours ago. There was more chance and now rob Bradford Gordon needs -- -- others -- really think Josh Beckett is gonna be here tonight start against the Detroit tigers' Justin Verlander. And here for -- I don't know how much longer with this Red Sox in the hope the trade him is dwindling for me. It is quite maybe 4 o'clock today because of the -- options right Cliff Lee yesterday afternoon is getting thrown out there so everybody would love to make the big splash. So now they investigate that how much we will in the -- -- much money were willing to eat up got to prospects are you looking at Justin Masterson names gets thrown on there and I'm sure there's other names that. -- pop up quietly that people have been realized -- on the table. -- -- Ryan Dempster still trying to figure what the -- -- the owning a lonely -- can't deal to the Dodgers. Well dealers try to post Soriano in -- now looks like the Dodgers might work out at -- chamber to Reno which -- give them and actually outstanding. -- -- at this point right with camp. Any fear right off if they get its victory goods that hurt the chances of -- Ryan Dempster -- of course there's better options I think Josh Beckett. There -- guys that -- pitching better than Josh Beckett. Or a Gallic -- into state might not be pitching better but still. Under control for the next three years not much not much money at all he'd want to maybe look at him even over Josh Beckett. What happens at 4 o'clock when the asking price is -- -- when -- is not dealt to the Dodgers when the Rangers -- in a Cliff Lee or Dempster or. Anybody from Tampa that might be available or Justin Masterson what happens at four. Josh Beckett goes to me from option DT. Something these teams. Of post waiver probably option want. Think about the guys that are available right now Justin national -- doesn't cost much money. Makes what three million this year a 35 and is dealing with the first of its North Korea is racial you have to arbitration. -- -- -- -- not the waiver period after July after today for clock you think he would clear waivers no way not a chance in hell no Ryan Dempster no way. Yeah I can see I'm gonna take whatever money that's just money it's just what 45 million dollars for the next couple months job bring him on to my staff. Look what they want for Josh Johnson and and don't let that yet he's not gonna go to a record deal him and probably the -- reasonable a lot of other guys that are out there. We'll watch or clock hits we don't want starting at just being dangled that might clear waivers the game because he's underperforming overpriced pitcher. Josh Beckett beat Josh -- I mean 34 million dollars that was gonna claim images taken a -- two years 34 million. So he clears all of a sudden he becomes the one pitcher that is available. After the deadline. And in a couple of weeks teams have a better idea where they are. Right -- -- right now looking at eighteen to possibly in this thing you have three weeks from now we could be looking at a fourteenth in this thing. And pressure built another injury in a Texas -- Roy awful club to get smacked again. You know -- Dodgers go up there and -- it Dempster in the Stephen fife. The prospect that the Red Sox gave up in the air dark kind of deal last year they find -- that he can't pitch either. It a couple of weeks that opens -- door. -- we get to that point if Josh Beckett is becoming option at this because he would get thrown because the red sock you wanna deal there. Does the Costco I mean if you if you wait till lap one I get re saying here. Is worth it if you're the Red Sox or you don't trade in my 4 o'clock today. Is there -- thought that we should probably wait until the offseason altogether the deal -- Josh Beckett because come hell or high water I'll be back it's -- start 2013. You get to that post -- deadline of what it's the asking price then he's gonna pass through waivers all these teams have passed on -- they'll still some dollars exchanged here. You can not gonna get any good Major League players terms of talent back again she would just do for prospects and money. Only -- your scenario yeah I think -- -- through. What is the is the value at that point lower than it is right now. Because teams know OK everyone else at a shot nobody picked it up for the dollars he's locked into bomb then Jerry didn't like -- better off waiting until the off season. And then make your trade Dan. If I don't get it done by 4 o'clock here that. Listen you're desperate thirteen that's -- inside pitching he's the only one up there. That would clear waivers and the only guy out that you can get. What if Texas doesn't do anything. Where they were talking about this tax -- was something there what's our relatives affected liberators yeah okay let's say they don't do anything you said they're going to they might be forced to. This team's go to the World Series two years in a row if this is probably the one team in the American League that can sit there and say. We really don't have a base. We have Harrison Yu Darvish. We had do you feel good about that those two guys and harassment -- actually -- confident are -- very good rookie season. But they go up against Greinke and in C. J. Wilson and Jered Weaver's only go up against Verlander but it going up against CC sabathia. An -- up against the agreement Chicago Chris Sale mean listen -- are still on him right policies we don't know. But not pick the one great team that really doesn't have a guy. They've got some -- pitcher -- yankees have sabathia Detroit's cover Lander. What do the Rangers top of that I don't think Josh Beckett is a big guy I let him talk about Cliff Lee would be the guy. You know me know see what else is up right against Libya Matt Garza will be a guy you know Dempster will stay in my -- would help. If you don't go and get that guy and you need a pitcher. You're a little bit more desperate a couple of weeks you know you're gonna set a start with a zero royals will get banged around again. -- Purdue and maybe even go on DL because that back is bother you party lost Colby Lewis you become desperate. I think even more so a couple weeks. -- -- be interesting because you know he's gonna get thirty know he'd be available for an option maybe today's not the of the drop dead date rate Josh Becky talk about wavered certainly in the offseason. -- -- It is -- on a -- maybe increases. Josh Beckett value sell egg ventured to got to explore those opportunities in terms of what he does today. It seems unlikely as it 10:15 this morning it sees much more likely if if you're following the baseball beat writers and able nationally and locally. It's going to be a small move it's going to be. Kelly Shoppach team's interest -- -- in a good defensive catcher. Make it be Ryan Sweeney we know that Ryan -- headed to disable list after he punched a wall last night in the club house. At the go on Oprah for had a -- taken away from him late if there was a thought that Ryan Sweeney well BA depth piece move. That's pry off the table now and you're looking at. Had a smallish moves -- from the from six hours out if you scour this thing you're costly update in the different sources it looks like all. Small time nothing big time for the Boston Red Sox team as of. This morning yet I don't expect them you know teams caller on on Cody Ross not gonna happen. The injury the call and on and guys. Other guys right Michael fearless probably not gonna happen Sweeney like you mentioned he would have been a guy that you would have dealt pledging to bring -- right -- was typing you sort of fill that void. But argue can't even do that I'm not sure that's a bad thing you know Ryan Sweeney -- of the year Bob which ration eligibility. I know is a big guy with no problem. Problem Ryan Sweeney being your fourth fifth -- -- next year. Really don't. -- -- -- -- You know there's a guy that can play good defense to play all response it from the left side a little bit not much pop -- don't think it's a bad thing Shoppach is the guy right DO shop you bring a -- on. The polish up into a pretty good job this it is that's the. Rob and these pictures like go to Kelly Shoppach -- your -- I gotta get my pitchers in the good spot and some of these guys -- and include -- like Tony Kelly -- even -- we had some success which Jarrod Saltalamacchia. We will deal because it offensive catcher deserves the spot charities and a tough spot that it will get -- -- -- a maturation of this and a ninety seconds well on our GM hats nasty guys to put your GM hats on to. Your bench Eric that today its trade deadline day that's the best day appeared GM ride the best they -- fan and elect is sort of thing. You're -- it what are you doing today what do you make insure you get down. 6177790850. The phone number 888. 5250850. -- cellphone is pound WE yards a free call. You can text that's on the eighteenth -- text line at 85815 got an idea W might do for Jerry to right. I got an idea to it will give you our ideas will get your phone calls ninety seconds.

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