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Did Ryan Sweeney hurt his hand on purpose so he wouldn’t be traded?

Jul 31, 2012|

D&C kick off the show with Red Sox talk on the morning of the MLB trade deadline. From his mental makeup to what MLB team would take him on, the boys talk all things Josh Beckett. Gerry also brings up a theory that Ryan Sweeney may have hurt his hand on purpose so he wouldn’t be traded.

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Well happy trading deadline day my friends there's something we know. There's something we don't know. Something we don't know is whether Josh Beckett will make his start at Fenway Park tonight against Verlander and Detroit Tigers we think we noble we don't really know for sure. The thing we know for sure is right -- dumb ass is that Thomas although. What if he didn't wanna go to Cincinnati. What do we didn't wanna get -- -- who can't drink news you -- think of these you know. Think like conspiracy theories the conspiracy theorist here that had occurred to me and he didn't do major damage just a little pinky. Soreness maybe it's cracked maybe not. But if you're Cincinnati in the parameters of a deal in place you wanna go and you ago. What he punched a door mountain we're going and of -- dumb ass these injured yet and I don't know why wouldn't want ago. Go -- why not and you know play in the post season and play in the pennant race and all those things that you may miss out on you probably will miss out on if you stay here but they. Just thought -- that he didn't wanna go like that. I like your your your. We are thinking about it to receive them and theories so today when you see -- show up yet he's like a bucket of chicken -- -- full because he's a with a twelve pack underwater. Any waddle and and they say OK he's trying to. To a monkey wrench into the plan to deal although I don't know if you're aware of the Steve nobody's at 105 guy -- yeah yeah though I. -- ESPN is Terry Francona a lot of money and Terry Francona. He brings it brings that they asked tomorrow Beckett he said don't forget he's -- five guys meter. He shoots down what your thought I was just I don't ideas -- Greg it's going to begun there's a lot of reasons I don't think that we traded one is he has attendant five rights which means. You don't with the team five years human league tenure he can veto any trade so that makes it difficult for double. Second of all Boston needs to add pitching not jettisoned pitching. And that and the third thing -- is just common sense tell as a you don't sell a stock wonders lol at least five and nine. They'd have to eat a ton of money and they probably wouldn't get back what is what is worse for them to keep him so I don't seem to. Now let me just me just correct -- for second Boston doesn't need to he said Boston does not need to jettison pitching -- add pitching. -- Boston needs to -- effective pitching good good pitching. Quality pitching. And and Francona has been OK I agree you know it's OK right -- just all right just all right he's he's he's he's great. -- absolutely and when I hear that ask. Who knows more about Josh Beckett enter Francona knows more about what Beckett -- here. What -- -- on September that didn't live through September Francona did path. If he came on and they said. -- from Africa by OPEC said well since he cost me my job I know a lot about the guy you would go well I mean it would be. Must see TV. And -- Franco is aware of this but most fans know what it and five guys and most fans know. -- teams need good pitching I mean that's just nothing. Rebel. If he really wanted to tell us what it's like what drives packet we would. Listen we would Terry White has lost three miles per -- office exactly there's so much we don't quite understand about Beckett we don't know what makes him tick. Well this idea that he would veto a trade is as the Miami is having fun and Boston right now -- enjoying life. The only places that would acquire him are really good places good teams good markets Atlanta Texas LA. Teams that won him and by the way all ease your media markets via. That's a good point all easier medium I don't know that I love like that matters to -- it and -- for second. -- does not aspire to be Tim McCarver or or Jim caught. Yes wanna be a lifetime guy that's what he says nothing he doesn't he he's trying to go along to get through the -- that his right and then some kind of view that scorer of the five or six or eight or nine to shoot the stomach lining up against some other team yes yes yes and it's easier access to. He changes in the newsroom. He sent half naked pictures of ironic after I found that the -- -- if the -- a pitcher and I go a long way I like combine. I'm with the media hero and you say. This could be good he could be great but he doesn't want to let it go all just pass an. -- -- look up or just. Room -- -- best. X com we'll all. But beamer columns -- but clearly. He's not going to. Men do TV again next he's gonna men and so he's he's he knows that. But you still don't know what. You know mix and what Beckett made of you just don't know I don't know what he's been here for. How many years since those sellers who Leo 06066. Six years seven years. I don't know what -- six years you know what what drives him still don't know in Bradford does his best to get close to him didn't you think. It -- your previous impression of Josh Beckett as like one the most competitive yeah hard driving. Antagonistic -- to be good old -- -- your -- kind of guys I used to be compared to the Clement -- Eisner per shot right there and to and chilling and these big game he noted high -- Nolan Ryan comparisons and the second pick in the draft he was a study. You know beat the Yankees when he was 21 in the World Series in just nothing -- just that. And credible competitor do you get that sense now doesn't feel that way I mean he's five and nine and maybe that's which has how you have to -- -- -- got to forget you know the but if that were. Clemens or Schilling and that'd be eaten a mop he's part of a nine with a four and a half the IRA yeah and he's on the trading block in the Red Sox can. The deal will be done already if they didn't have to pay to get rid of the and Europe and injuries forced to be in your prime in year and you're just. Problems that try to get rid of this problem I mean that would drive and real competitor crazy wouldn't. Yes sure it now -- -- for what this is worth what I told this to you before and you you dispatched written dismissed it and said I don't believe that. But someone very close to Josh Beckett. Told me and take this with a grain of salt take with a salt shaker of salt take hold more and that your blocks -- but it is you you get store. That he has. In a -- like this kindly. Not that bright. Of an individual and only got through school on his right arm. Might have. Flunked out of high school is not for his athletic ability I believe that now how that plays into his effort in his -- you know. Existence here in Boston I do not -- but they said he has. They say borderline retarded but they said they said. Borderline. Educationally dysfunctional I don't ice well I. I just based my opinion on listening to -- doesn't sound on the media I mean even just. You know when he sparked a different kinds of dumb when he's had like when you listen to oh Manny. Our ports. That's a moral run Manny that's a moron when you listen to. Human example. That -- you know like. I think it's fun don't hold back -- they can. A thing of people in the broad all. Yeah -- and then there's that. The sound quality is. You don't elements is Adobe takes excellent it is is one of those Isiah Thomas I'm thinks he's Smart but he's not -- -- Buford packet we've interviewed me Simon -- so let them. It just sounds like -- sounds miserable but he's dealt in terms of understanding the ways of the world how to present yourself and how to. On the IC -- as I look at it differently he thinks if he cared about that stuff it's a sign of weakness. If he cared what you said he paired with the media if he cared with the fans thought that's a sign of weakness you going to be a Texas tough guy. You have to say. Screw repeal everybody right and I think he pattern himself after Clemson in that regard and in a scrum the world I think Clemens. Works a little harder you know any question about that you know lifted. Worked at his draft. And cared little object it'll be a little more and so but wouldn't it and that's part of market promises. A committed Jews but. Why bother them the game seventeen million anyway. On the -- It is total in the second and tell me. Who's laughing who's the dummy yeah I got 37 million dollars left sixers at the AT&T -- climate in good case Johnny Damon. Johnny Damon not that if you if you read his book. -- Which is good probably as Hillary did he couldn't he wrote a book before he read one which is clinical published and I would go back it has made only the 161000008. It's gotten. I -- those trees and the next two news at fifteen point 75. Million per year. -- freeagent 2015. And them make -- -- hundred million. Clearly over a hundred million without juice and without running without work -- -- the -- without wearing. And you're calling him the number. You know the dummy is Wes Welker that's the dummy. I mixed nine million -- he cares he cares too much land early he Sunderland -- -- camp he wanted to. Show everybody gave way to leverage giveaways leverage the Beckett would never do that -- Andy's back it is 32. Now so we should be in his prime. I'm -- media you know this. If you're the Braves if you the ranges. I don't think it's the money necessarily. That it's certainly not the prospect of about it's that that it's that that data from Jeff. -- and at Yahoo! yesterday he's -- plus 91. There's not a player in the Major League Nick Punto. It take you deep if you consistently 91. It's just I mean that's batting practice for these guys. That's as far too Hannibal and his periphery numbers are not to be there is his strike up percent to six point 81 lowest in his career it's gone down the last three years. I think is it -- it's a direct correlation -- Josh Beckett getting out of shape and not caring -- right. And by and or just getting old army came up early news via one high school guy you know they've more miles on -- but. It's -- this though what if the Braves the -- -- the -- conclude that. He is not that good we try to think that he doesn't care of them and he clearly doesn't click here that much out of shape. You know I'm not unhappy with the manager not happy with the pitching coach with the media whatever what -- he's just not that good. Well that's the whole thing they would put up with attitude they put up with his in laws passed without changing your maybe not you know and joys of scenery if he could pitch if you could help them they would take him on. There's there's not a franchise -- all support. -- look at a guy and say. It was kind of a pain in the past the clubhouse but if he's really really good -- -- thinks so especially if you try to get if you get them for pennies on the bill right which would. And if it's like. You coolest deal where you get at least a couple weeks over rejuvenated Josh Beckett and I'm definitely interest especially when you consider how much more. Matt Garza cost of last night's starter didn't exactly help their -- royals won't do it lit up they clearly need pitching. There's -- that I mean big Josh Beck would be perfect absolutely -- match and if -- if they're sick and Rome and they have that white board and is Cliff Lee here and Josh Beckett there and what Lee would cost and 95 -- -- -- -- Don't learn how to access 77 and then three prospects unequivocally. And then no prospects essentially to some warm body. Guys that care about that -- best farm system baseball the prospect of it the so so they throw one in just to make ban and Larry and company looked good pro and one or two prospects. Get Beckett probably pan am twenty of the 37. Or Cliff -- over here question 95 -- 34 prospects and by the way it leaves a bad taste in remote issue -- Adam. We are -- stay with you two years and that was just money and now its prospects and money and I think I can. If you if you Nolan Ryan you say I get back here and work with them you know smack around -- -- -- -- -- Mike Maddux I can work with them. I can't see them and we'd like to think that teams just don't want them. Because he has -- -- but. If you could package you can sell it if -- if -- the Red Sox and you really wanna get the deal that they can get it done and don't tell me. Not gonna get it done because they're back in the race. The two reasons they're not back in the race and back it -- The help hone house even when they're in the race it's -- monopoly is wants to mag or one wants is mag. So that's -- he starts Jerry probably starts a -- quality starts is not. Awful but he's not helpful oh winners not helpful he's not winning for you. 61777. I'm 0852038885250. Rate 5092 timeout talks of baseball -- John. Every single beat writers on here Bradford easement Adam. Nick -- Fargo and what they're reporting what they're saying we -- Rosenthal yes it goes all of it for you because trade deadline approaches 4 PM this afternoon. Take a full goals a minute after.

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