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Clay Buchholz talks about his 8 innings

Jul 30, 2012|

Clay Buchholz spoke with Joe & Dave after the Red Sox win their 3rd straight behind Clay Buchholz' efforts

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My congratulations. That. That'd be a little rough -- the second pitch is it gonna be recovered quickly mowed down yeah you know -- and first of living. It is well -- and it's tough to do. On the lineup and when it's open and hopefully it so I'm mixed couple adjustments and got some big bedroom -- that some guys -- -- -- line drives -- that. We just didn't want but you know. -- -- -- The clay you know five and one in your last nine starts and forget about number one number two number three. You looked every bit like an ace out there do you still like your teammates just expect you to win every time we go out there. Well I mean we expect each other hit and -- our staff you know we've we wanna go out and and do better than we got to the day before and that's not sort of the game with meaning that we have. Put themselves there to be bettered him and make pitches when you make pitches and you know players that we there's consider -- stuff and they so. Feel like everybody -- Brothers -- -- whenever that. Think the key yet at that had to be the third inning made it -- the security at the bases loaded one out you get Delmon Young to ground into a double play year. And you do that so often -- recount but your ability getting key ground ball on the spot like that yeah. I mean you know whenever I have a good to see where can -- can throw it on and then later on also played. You know that's that's the -- that I get all those ground balls with the you know I didn't really feel like I had my -- invest folded up hadn't been. The festival starts and you know was able to to mix the cutter and a little bit more with what all that develops thrown in your few -- Royals. -- and as an observer would say this is a huge homestand for the Red Sox especially coming off two very nice wins obviously. At Yankee Stadium how much do you put on -- this ten games in getting off to such a good start tonight. You know we need to gain some ground where were our backs against the war and count -- on. You know to to -- -- at -- for 1010 straight games and and how the crowd behind us collective what they do here it's you know all things Vick force the so -- couple of program other wins in a row hopefully you know all of whom that doesn't happen when and they don't -- You -- they -- going against the tough guy and they scherzer who's been. Leading the league in strikeouts per nine but that your teammates respond and a couple of bombs were pretty good out to -- in those young will little Brooks. Yeah you know. That was you know it's. It's always a little bit easier to grow up there -- with a with a two run lead rather than than rivalry ever -- one run lead or if you make one mistake you know it changes the game so it's. You know -- that's what they do best you know will. First three at bats going up there had to had to have something going through is that you know that more than one strikeout. Got to pitch middle -- and you know that's that's when those. He's got a little power them and that's that's the most important that -- do is play congratulations another outstanding night to you know keep it rolling coverage area that is nice clear.

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