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Monday, July 30th Whiner Line

Jul 30, 2012|

The Rob Bradford and Beckett relationship rubs the whiners the wrong way.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My -- these aren't buying these -- TE Chris Cox. At -- use discretion music box. -- -- And now you know you weren't your line. Gary may have that was a -- And -- you know if you continue to to do that he would suggest you all observed he should call him an embarrassment. I'd pay for what you're an embarrassment when you go all morning and. Didn't and now on -- mind about us remind my original did you drag it should be anywhere near as good as my performance over the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't want to -- design and WEEI. Laurel -- -- we don't need you to keep an element of us so I didn't let it go away you don't wanna call -- a circus dial 6177793535. Again you got the -- tell me how this works USC. You can open up my day off and go hey you want one so I don't know. Now now now don't call me names tell me how this works for the jets tell me right now whiner line. You put Tebow and things just aren't deals at the same time. That may be pretty tough and -- all. Really what I say you plant Steve always a back and now on Tebow was so valuable that no one -- -- forget about three floor of the WB nine -- but couldn't wait to get the Peyton Manning hit a 96 million dollars they had -- from whiner line. And it. Michael and journalist is -- -- -- and haven't covered in new story for you guys to talk among the aid the Ritz -- round. -- was as accurately it's going to be the pirates Red Sox in the World Series right. Like -- parents would always Australia where this might is that if left all but perfect for hours at the but what zoo down into Bradford was awesome it was a benefit you know the benefit like -- Go around the ages -- But to do that and you know it it went to Afghanistan and I hate to admit this through ex lax in the monkey cages -- park zoo in Springfield that that's -- this second. I don't know and I. We will watch and I hope the way it might he says I hate to admit this is going to be -- -- that. -- -- it did get screwed up my middle school principal for doing. -- -- Actually the -- -- -- -- DWE. I live is available in your iPhone android or. Blackberry device brought to you by a team like it was -- something but it's all here and GT four GLT was speeds up to 1010 times -- good job Mikey. Three GAT and T rethink possible and -- Oh we should check it -- Yankee fans and Friday night. Callers game Grand Slam victory got to. -- Both wireline packet. The crazy being. He did it. But -- attack -- And that's. She's immediately semester Saturday night after felt the fraudulent knowing I can balance it out at the end. Out hate and there is a professional -- professional call. And this Yankee. Bought back mark on the world. They've had talked about taking advantage when merely. -- -- -- meets we -- Murphy who and what's really very clarity Sweeny Murti. Start that. -- -- -- I'm proud -- and they've had talked about Beijing has been between -- which -- -- this. So I'm glad that would bait balls I didn't. We probably talk. We talk about what -- and haven't kept betrayal haven't exactly. -- exactly. You'd ever Greta but yeah it doesn't want to roll. No children about go by. And that -- The column Joseph sure. Joel Sherman is still -- you sure you sweetie mark from north Yuri here. Sweetie -- Back -- back and and more. And and Boehner ought go to Mac Bachmann. And that. -- retired -- -- and you're just won't go up in the moment. -- not -- Eric. And I wobbly and Murray and plant a I didn't. And -- might. And message. After the game last night. -- drive accurately in the dugout and yeah. PM said it was because I hit it. In my house aren't a very good sore that wasn't the only. People I've gone back and it all of -- -- -- well. It probably chicken is done. And her message to get there the problem. This is the honey badger who want to run in slow motion but. It's pretty bad ass look. Bet they're slated to invite Bravo but I've got -- -- -- but I don't like that I'd -- and what -- drink a beer. I got my golf ball on the table unexpected don't give a crap that could end up dead. I'll let you ask me others so nasty thing and -- met him. A lot of times when I come home but -- fact is there and that's normal is that. -- -- When they don't. Really his opposition. It took. How about Karl -- and I know what I want because I thought hey I can't think about that are made about these that there are open. People like you wouldn't go away. And they haven't won -- well. -- -- -- -- Us wrong its final irony. There are additional model would talk about Craig -- The -- weapons out of our country back -- -- -- -- -- Cody ross' visit here put what would be a part of our revenues. What it's -- and can try to do my job. And -- sat. You know it's hard listing this year because I have to turn up -- -- talking and turn it down when much -- just -- just think this office in Iraq you're as you're lucky that I won fifty because there are some good gymnast -- really now. You know tells us don't call it a little -- bit. -- pretty -- equipment -- That it was unfortunate that the -- not want. Old World Series because that made it easier for the -- -- stuck -- -- it would have been. But it's all about boat somewhere and heard someone had been opposed side. And message -- little dingy. They really say it was unfortunate they won two World Series and talk about just some really point to me he can't mean that now. -- get a good advice I've heard that Bob -- audio and I must say. Oh well Betty and I would want act you know got up and. And and simply -- After sitting out the little I know I know -- at least an analyst and I don't believe she thought I don't believe he felt comfortable. That believe. Whom I've never heard play in sports I don't care. Wake me up with his skill and big fan. And -- your patriotism sudden. You watched it enough on you you know -- -- I was in New York doing things. -- opening ceremonies where they thought we broke away from both British -- food. Could have picked up where the kids to get ready at the bit didn't they -- that -- -- -- Children's Hospital telethon. And that -- if they had nude women's swimming and watch it. Nude via an index that's down policy by a year from now. -- wrestling to. -- volatile. They go out quite quick question here rather. But it can't happen the way -- -- but outside. I look up Bob -- the other they have ever looked horrible -- -- it like that -- is all pale. Brad I -- and analogue suburb of evident -- -- oh you are right. And boy it does is dying his hair for sure which -- known for awhile there when he uses that you know kiwi -- polish brown and his -- to -- on speculators so we're spoiled. Because the guys around for a long time he's like ageless and he's sixty I he's older than we think in the -- that process -- -- is gonna look sexy about it forever and it does open and it interesting question. To Dick -- -- use Botox like Bob Costas. No only to experience. Try to keep Jessica topic for the Sunday morning shootaround. Unguarded brought up -- -- McChrystal the top of the games. I didn't -- But they got Obama that Michael. And up but that'd -- -- up but at a price. And message. Yeah I do that grows feel like obviously -- Michelle she's not there and a former Soviet aria. Bradford I don't know whether that's not bad enough room on the payroll for jock sniffer. Short -- And so much that paragraph for that witty but how -- the thing. If if you're if they said rob you -- these are our special -- and -- -- well and we'll pay you like to just I don't graduate for free. Cash. Greinke. -- you saying the labor of love. I'm coming -- this. Yet so you know how to protect it. Come through that this particular what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The sky is probably end up what Beckett at it it's kind of thing and there. It expects that pop -- but I -- -- because. After. All he's got it it was. That this is that I don't know why. -- subsidies. It's time. Stop Brad Pitt should not be talking about Josh Beckett -- got Beckett and -- What they have probably -- well at Wimbledon. -- objectives. -- So -- on it today it's just a rational point yeah. Time ten minutes to answer that don't know it just gives me. So. What's wrong are you on the back. To use him. For it. -- Our people -- but you're a man crush on dot second. But after only one city with a crunch time athlete you know -- -- about PD the operating. Michael Holley did Bobby -- Allopod that there are always and it got put out. They go. Back issues. Bill -- that they have no nobody -- relax a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After nobody out and do. Make -- I bet it would I better look good picture I have both picked up there. And message and now ladies and time. I Mikey Monday. -- -- -- Right back from the -- like he. Six trucks and rock and roll who beat it. Is all that Mikey Adams heat who beat. That -- -- and rock and roll has beaten these two weeks. Sex drugs and Campbell movies. Whiskey jugs and glory hole. -- Appear in my kids don't go full assault that's. It's not fair you know when I. A multi million dollars to you know help the -- There you don't just garage minute injury Bloch heads the right Andy. It's over four years old supposed to be I realized that battle. There's a lot of firepower by AT&T AT&T -- LT was present at times that three AT&T rethink possible.

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