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The "Carl Crawford Rules" rules cause confusion and miscommunication in the Red Sox clubhouse

Jul 30, 2012|

We discuss the Carl Crawford saga and the drama about his 4 game work routine, plus why haven't the Red Sox just shut him down in favor of a necessary Tommy John surgery?

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Carl Crawford. Continues to say. It is any surgery went. Yes he's gonna need these guys Tommy John surgery. A doctor James Andrews told him that. I he is sticking with that story and to that end I think even if you think Carl Crawford has been colossal bust with the Red Sox. Super likeable -- Crawford in Toronto by the way he deals with the way deals with the media he's very up front area. They can set it okay now or I'm embarrassed to that in play against CC sabathia. And needs surgery won today. I'm disappointed that. That was dropped to seventh in the lineup I lost the patent the manager on and on -- debt last year I'd be devastated if we don't make the playoffs in Tampa does and that's exactly what happened. There's some -- bottom. Under the Red Sox are afraid -- you know car. We all want to talk about. Your injuries. It doesn't really help you. -- day -- turn to the scouting report. Even though he looked pretty good too honorable. And it doesn't help us. If one day we wanted to trade you. I'm really good look. Utility. I got a transient are a majority relied blades I'm not a hundred Brazilian public over the he's. 100%. -- started back. There's just no turning back he had he said when he went to doctor Anders and April to get this to get it checked out the doctor -- this is what Carl Crawford said. Doctor Anderson you were going to need Tommy John answered. And they said well you know you get a PRP injection may be get through this season so that's accorsi take not. Dissimilar than John Lackey last year which he knew he was gonna get Tommy John surgery but they try to get it through the season. -- of your quote that he gave me at 12:30 in the morning. When he beat just before you leave and -- when you signed 400 million dollars and stuff like that it's no secret you feel like you owe it to the team. To do that kind of stuff that kind of stuff which like play play with -- -- dangling off your body. You make a lot of money so you'd definitely wanna try and pay that back it's like you owe that to the team to try to do. I've -- OK and and that's in a way it's admirable. Daddy feels. It feels that he has two. Justify the contract. On the other hand -- about a hundred million dollars 200 million dollars plus on -- The team is thinking. -- -- pretty pricey investment. We don't want a guy going out there I would think we don't want a guy going out there who is gonna need Tommy John surgery who needs. Why oh why would we. Put our investment at risk like that. Would you say to me it makes sense. To -- and. Well men have in neurosurgery it would it in I think there's this is out of I think there is a disconnect them -- the truth byline somewhere in the middle because. Crawford's definitively saying. That doctor Rangers it was if you talk to -- like doctor drew looked him his eyes and said you thought surgery is Tommy John surgery. And the team as we've heard time and time and that's not necessarily the case maybe doesn't need it by. What I hear that quote from him. I'm thinking. But the -- thing is. Again to -- with a contract that's not a good thing. Right that's just not in -- in its human nature and that's fine but not what you wanna hear. Yeah all of one hand you what you want guys to the minute is there's a balance yet executives give back their balance. I don't we hate professional athletes. Let's call on the Albert things were. Which is all about but I don't care. They don't care I don't you know you paid me a ton of money care paid me. And you're stuck with -- -- -- I don't. And then -- me I'm gonna sleep well and eat well and have a good time on them momentum. By my yachts in my -- -- -- -- I don't give a damn Arroyo Johnny idea that you hate that kind of athlete. And you don't really hate -- what what Crawford is doing. Worries you re so concerned about the money because he's trying to justify trying to prove to you that he deserves to contract. Which you don't really you wanted to be grateful. For the opportunity. That many people would love to have to play sports and in. Be paid millions and millions of dollars and consumed with it -- Jackson's performance. And but I think that's where isn't it -- there's a balance. There and he's not quite I think that we don't need that in enough in and I want to talk to John John Lackey said the same thing in John Lackey -- he obviously gets criticized a lot here by. It sounds like he was of the same mindset he signed in his five year 82 million dollar contract a lot for pitcher. And he said about Crawford he wants to perform he wants to live up to the contract and that kind of stuff there are a lot of factors become -- decision to play and help out. He's talking about himself almost he start he went through the same thing he went through what he did last because he could have timely Tommy John surgery remember when that happened. Peter -- came on. And and John Lackey goes to fill that day in Philadelphia at the John Lackey pitched eight innings pitched the best game of the year. After the game it was like are you haven't coverage. Hey it is written about it. But -- Adam Adams and the car was a bad I'm. What's up -- -- I'm Michael I'm gonna paint a picture so crystal clear right now that indirect competition you're gonna say Adam. I change my opinion on how it illegals. Who I am looking forward we're glad -- are not front. At the port there -- noted that a look at the situation in Iraq you mobile X candidate coming into the club of let's look at -- pertain to this particular team if you manager at old manager and we anywhere in the C. So its own free. Pretty publicly Agustin feel about it manager. It's also known publicly how they are about francoeur and -- quote relationship like correct. Back in the -- object and I noticed that no no no one knows. And carry out implement the Yankee game our Sunday night he yet. So you go into the club. At that point -- and the structure of a -- up pretty much playoff game go to the club. Before Yankee games should stay out. -- the Frankel and talk to Pedroia whatever I don't think -- -- deviate from I think it was total external Cody -- I don't think I don't you had a negative intention is pocket. So little from the crowd gathered around at that point yet the say okay this is totally disrespectful Bobby Valentine I know what other people think right now -- -- this. Going to be -- Entirely the wrong way and the mansion an excuse to sell. -- the club -- And I text -- earlier that apple would have done that country Hollywood route should and the manager the team -- crucial automatically. It was a respectful -- unintentional but it came out respectful which is why he apologized to Bobbie you know -- kind. Okay. I haven't changed. Totally changed my opinion but I see your point our -- I respect your point. I respectfully disagree but I I -- we got abrupt they had a lot of progress. And above it but I'm evolving a blurted. Trying to get there. Topic did you know Adam did a very good job. The one thing and I'm mad I told -- make a note of it and and let him finish. He said we all know how the Red Sox feel about their former manager. Well. Do I believe it depends on what I read who listen to. I remember reading the globe after the season. And didn't have many allies on the team. -- Pretoria. I remember reading. In a number of places that some players resented Francona for his relationship with Dustin Pedroia. And that he wasn't all that close to these guys in the first place so. It is is he's mr. popularity. What do you see. The -- you ask. Yeah wall I figured deficit it depends who you ask. They across the board maybe not buy it it's always you know that's the thing that. I guess maybe this this part of you have to kind of been there but. This team was down after that Friday night game this -- as I said before it was one of the lowest points of the year. So. To a certain respect it doesn't matter as Terry Francona there was a guy sitting in the clubhouse and he was he was next packet. Use yuk it up yet the bad -- hand and guys who had no history all with them Nick Punto Cody Ross they were there. And it -- have a good time yeah and when you're a player endured a clubhouse. And other guys have a good time especially in a miserable situation where you're gonna gravitate to the. You think. Yeah I know you think it was inappropriate. For Francona to do what he did you pick was an appropriate for the players. To be talking to. I think it it not to be talking with them but. Put it this way I played I don't put it there were stupid to do it to gather around him like that there it was dumb. But that's not how players thank. It's it's almost like album. You know it's like -- grammar school. You know lose -- -- the kids don't know any better Andy should know better but only adult lives -- grammar school as a professional he's -- I understand but listen. You know with wells idea you've been around professional athlete. We can't say that hey you know what. They they are on the straight and narrow and they know the right thing politics always have to do is listen their comments sometimes they always do the right thing. And I just -- the pitcher why they might be gravitate in that situation and not thinking through it. It's terror francoeur is the one who probably has the clear headed there or should have a clear head and say you know what. I'm gonna take myself by -- position. Stephens and it was -- Stephen. Fascinating book world watching man made rapids here well wait on hold. On the Olympic that he you dealers salute baloney talk about gymnastics that while -- -- -- says he's now -- they're in a kayak and then gone on the rapids and his men made. But anyway yes. As usual block them and they're out of their minds in the media for that matter as well. Fought games out of a playoff spot three maybe at the tonight. And they want to cancel the season. Maybe after tonight maybe five. -- record close he can. Thank you got to hit you wanted to do one payment and -- cabinet -- -- -- people have you know pick cannot -- -- I'm not I'm have a great day. -- got called -- boomers are caught up yet is that a pretty average tough that is yet it's five hour energy already. -- listen I can't help it people wrong. You know. I can't be wrong I'm an at all and now -- you know critical of the team at the end of last year but but let us live in the here and now. And for those that say it's all hope look at Callahan and you know. There's no way they can win this in the same thing about the Celtics. And the parents what they can you know they can pick cringe at this kind of step but this -- the rules now and you get a team that could be free -- app that tonight. And people the fickle sport but back at a realistic give very hot restart back you know many years ago -- the 88 Dodgers last year with the cardinals. You know to beat the Mariners 116 games on here and they didn't go anywhere. This shot. -- -- -- -- -- Stephen do you do you like today you think that. I can for a long time but now coming around and acting this over the top that -- -- know in a weird way amnesty to Fall River you know. Who suddenly seen the light and thinks the Red Sox connect. Yeah I was -- he was ahead of you on us when -- -- for -- Fall River against the Red Sox are are loaded and they're gonna come back and and not only make the play cost the overtake the Yankees. The problem the problem is. If they got to get on hot streak this of their witnesses their Montrose then we're gonna get on a hot streak in this -- gonna get back into the promise of schedules brutal. They're playing good teams almost every night. And a look at look at whether you have the priest -- trophy -- cream okay you win tonight well good luck with -- and -- You know -- at Texas after just. Now you have those okay as he had some headphones yet some have foam problems you're destitute phones via larger volume. You -- -- volumes could argue they're ready. Jack. Is an old man. I did Bill -- back. And tell you that it would just buy the book what he would equity I love that there aren't gonna get game about double game. Let them and I early seventies maybe when -- also -- -- good basement was gotten it. The ability and and -- you know that the game in that little by the big idea at all over the country. Seven do you believe do you believe that jurors cannot hit a ball on the -- by. Odd that now I'm not the train dry them out like well -- but he -- wait -- it -- At all but no it's less than what I did not listen to you guys are gonna -- -- -- And he might be just -- model that could open. I'm at bat on the ball and think a lot of them I don't beat us pretty -- about Michael -- what could be you know like the beginning like now. I'm. Content but a pitch and it gets called Obama and strike. And you want sort of illegal gonna be helped by some sort of backed. I know about it might not to let it go Hillary apple and I told you want and what. He's got a ball he hits and -- I'm really important to a game but and I ambulances on the bench right now and that's -- should be but I mean. I don't understand that they don't they know there are no word could be questioned the pin is but it's exciting thought to guys like daddy got guys. Gonna get around the bases and then dumping a market that we cannot let that show and I. What they're going to be on this score score score -- -- it looks like you look at the other way and -- that it won't. They don't restrict this cold in the national sports at that and Goldman got to think Soriano. I mean you've been amateur and it ought to try a little -- -- no don't don't don't just sit at the game. They used try to be ironic. It has done a declining I don't know. Don't go according to an all important important. That's why people will be I would go on ESPN. In the. All right Jack always fun talking to your man back in ninety seconds or more wonderful girls.

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