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Jerry Crasnick, ESPN, on a possible Beckett trade and the deadline

Jul 30, 2012|

Jerry Crasnick joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the MLB trade deadline and the likelihood of Josh Beckett being traded.

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I just under 27 hours until the deadline Jerry crashed at one of the guys you must follow on Twitter on espn.com. For all the latest and Jerry joins us on the eighteenth the hot line. Jerry it's like a -- here Boston power you. -- we are trying to sift through the Josh Beckett trade barrage here today X led to the weekend thinking okay not a lot there. This morning though it seems like plenty of people to go and talk to the baseball media NC other kicked in the tires in the Red Sox. Which Josh Beckett trying to get a value for him see what's out there. What have you heard on the Red Sox and -- your last couple days -- Well -- following somebody named it'd been in the news -- of the last couple weeks I think what can I get thrown in that late in the process. And what -- the wrench into it a little bit I think teams. Another look at guys like that kept -- -- -- 45 aren't seriously and you know that the name is it coming up though I think you have a little bit of a hard time processing. I'm what I can tell you that I think that. You know honestly he's got the -- he used to be. He's MW muddy. And frankly you know I don't think his reputation that the guy who's gonna come into a situation and improve your club -- is. The -- in an -- and back in our cockpit so. That's probably unfair I mean I think it went into the plate that was -- You know he would coordinator and farewell by -- Here -- pick that great I mean he's been pretty good good. If you're gonna pick up that kind of money. I think they want superior performance and right now ought to get out from Connecticut border and the thirty year -- -- aren't so forward to be honest I don't think people are really jumping through hoops -- them. -- more I think. When he set Douglas all the guys that are available mean Dempster who -- gonna happen there Cliff Lee might now be available who knows what's going down in Tampa but. As -- start to fall other some teams that are out there may got to expect Texas to do something do the Dodgers try to replace a spot never tenacious he's Stephen -- now -- on a couple games of former Red Sox minor leaguer. Did they feel they in other -- Well let the other thing I mean because -- going on reputation on some of these guys I mean James sealed. Has -- 62 at some of -- 45 -- you know he's -- in the -- -- 6 -- -- -- And I -- -- -- that it appeared -- -- -- -- -- -- moved him anyway. Just opened with a big name being thrown around and -- didn't really what -- heard it yet but I think the concern about his -- in the -- the Pro -- lot of talent in return. The deficit thing it's sort of on -- here -- about the play out what the doctors and then you have -- you wouldn't expect a lot of guys that -- Phillies to a moved Joseph -- the -- have an interest in them you know delicate Kevin Korea from Pittsburgh who you know one particular hour decent back end. Starter. We -- courtly thing certainly. -- unfold which would be a big deal because. Late last week we go to get indications that the Phillies. After signing him although I think they looked at Lee and Hamels and Halladay is their big building block for next here but give up on what he's an entry and away. Within their given up on anyway but the trade him away. You know would be a big move -- moving -- certainly. Well you make the point that teams aren't enamored right now with Josh Beckett Jerry. They'll get into discussions the way the Yankees there with the pirates okay how much money do we have to take do you feel like they'll be aggressive. And trying to move back and and that the right approach this Red Sox team -- beat that deadline tomorrow. Yeah collecting pension -- and sort of downplayed -- -- which is probably his best interest. You know it will be doing his job a few more -- -- on the -- thank you know we have a delicate Justin Masterson from Cleveland and younger who advocate that well either. But I had a little more control. You know I think it marketed kind of undercut by some of the other options out there. And I -- don't know that they're gonna get a whole lot forum. I'm a much they're willing to pick up an awful lot of salary and help their benefit somebody to get rid of the guy -- they're really -- they can dictate the game. He's American and -- relief. -- look at this road trip or its article 33 against Texas in New York kind of still stuck in the middle rioting that it buffalo nickel one of five critical praising -- five and one. What baby here a lot about this lot of interest in Cody Ross not to mean. That would be assigned the Red Sox giving up -- only right handed hitting outfielder basically with power. That they're moving on what is the interest like Cody Ross. Well again he's another guy we haven't heard -- -- on his name he's a pretty good. You know metal type of player I mean you know good guy -- a club he's a good -- -- he would let the yeah I. I don't know that the retouched really in a position in that market where they can start pumping on the season you know it up. You you know I actually think that Oakland is Korea over got to continue to play like they're you know I think input Boston and Tampa. Especially Boston given the demands -- -- market. I don't know I don't see them becoming a huge seller -- think they can strategically. Trying to move guys -- -- -- salary but they'll call you after the pretty heady guy out of I don't know the what you gonna get an accurate turn -- really. Exceed the value of what he did the year English. -- -- ESPN is joining us and we've had this conversation -- last couple of days of of terms of -- vs seller and you bring up they can't afford. To look like they're selling can they afford at this point to. Add players by dealing offset their prospects weird Jackie Bradley we hear Matt Barnes some of the really talented guys there. Are those guys that are being called upon -- on this Red Sox roster by the team's. Well I don't think they wanna do that you know they're running quite a position like Italy's of the -- -- some of these teams which. Really kind of went in the comparable at week and -- said they were aware of what everybody I mean I think the red doctor and that sort of the court in between situation and then. Pat I don't think -- here. And I know the real -- an expert player development people on the other kids in the system and I know that you'll be worse -- you know for. To trade widowed I guess it depends on what you're trying to get back in return and you know you're not gonna get cops like starting pitcher here. You go to outside the trade Beckett that they -- -- need another starter and you know -- you can have injuries and knew what that does make a lot of money work forming up to their ability you know oak. If it's not a black and white sand I think sometimes the target on the bank and the change every every third day or so -- You know probably what they're looking out right now. -- is it accurate to say that Gallic Josh Beckett is somebody depth. You know after this deadline probably wouldn't be claimed -- could still go and October you expect any activity after this this wavered on waiver period. Yeah you don't need to have them -- could cut the that I think is likely to calling thing you can stomach turn it I mean you know you don't give up. Trade them for the team that claim. You know what they want to die than than you could do it got I think Patrick the kind of guy with his salary nobody -- quite -- card so yeah well they'll -- some deal that August I think that's the one thing people forget. What it's called late July -- is the eclectic in -- portrayed them. It looked at that chip on our and I think he gets credit for example five years. In August. So you know it's probably more the bullpen. You know. Bench type of guy -- It in August and you know that your currency traded but I put salaried you can get looped through so I'm. You know I think after consideration because things are very hesitant to take on you know big money contract at that point. You've covered baseball -- for a long time and I'm curious as to your take on that the season here for Carl Crawford not just missing. The 89 gains of the injured but since he's come back you know he's telling the media you know he's telling ESP and last night bus -- -- seven at ten days. I'm ordered an assignment have surgery and get by -- Tommy John and be out birds maybe six to eight months the manager in the GMC that's not been explored. Have you seen this in baseball a situation like this with Carl Crawford. -- that it goes to show that sometimes into the chase and have a funny is that nobody Tucker thank. He sort of simple guy you know hardworking guy and here. You know boxing can you guys up and spit them out and I don't think he -- comfortable winner from the moment he got there you know and it does seem like a bad -- obviously -- the underperforming any -- I think he's the guy put a lot of pressure on himself so I mean that the -- within the direct talks between. -- appeal for a Colombian in the club out in the EU court Ballantine saying I mean I've never seen it seemed that there. Mediocre team Jerry -- Look ridiculous headline. In the court to defeat them but that's not gonna do with baseball in our. It makes for great talk radio and you know for the newspaper mapped out by. You know between them to have their focus everywhere but on the field -- needs to pick. Cloud -- saying his team is dysfunctional I think is. There's understating the term to be honest -- it's this I don't think the fact that they're 500 team by any means is all Bobby Valentine's fall put. I do think that he fails and communication. In what I would expect from a manager's -- just a leader goes what do you think the future is with him is another year left and his deal. You think this is did he expect him back next year. Well I mean it's funny idiot and I think we were getting that course in about two weeks and -- was contract you know these are really Smart guy. Buddy let you know that in I think he had a way that sort of stirred the pot. And immediately spot then you elect a guy who maybe doesn't stir the pot and I don't know a packet implement back next year certainly buy dot -- you know I think they're gonna -- -- figure out the internal but I -- I can maybe take a deep breath in the -- these women. It's Dorothy out bank worker. Right now they're they're so -- dysfunctional government saying there and I can't put my finger on it but. It certainly doesn't help -- you know perform routine. From top to bottom here. Jerry last one for me we will hold you to a put between now -- say 4 o'clock tomorrow and get a feel for maybe the biggest of names that might be traded. I time that trading deadline. Well I mean I think as bleak things are certainly issues I mean if he goes and then you know I'll bet far away the biggest. Name. -- I think a lot of the big name party thought -- how we look at. Zack Greinke and gamble signing his contract and you know there. And Italy Ramirez -- -- in other better kind of -- I think wolf the a lot of guys you know. The Phillies they're gonna want to hear the current economic prediction -- surtax that we gonna do something to beef up their pitching staff though it might be more water heating -- but I think we're gonna have a huge flurry of but. But he'll certain -- four hour. I Derek drastic ESPN bomb on Twitter for all the latest between now and -- for clock and always during the baseball season Gerri thank you so much we'll talk to you soon. Good stuff there with Jerry joins on the ATP hotline AT&T forgy LPG. We speeds up to ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T. Rethink possible reminder Basra only obvious PM join -- not just -- is -- but Tuesday and Wednesday. Trading deadline tomorrow all the follow open buster. On Wednesday -- a double dose of buster when Lou. Ninety seconds away from recapping all runners or this is gonna be a whole lot of fun keep it here.

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