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Sox beat Yanks and Josh Beckett on the trade block

Jul 30, 2012|

Mut and Merloni kick off the show discussing the Red Sox Yankees series and the recent news that Josh Beckett is officially on the trade block.

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I what would you give me four odds Saturday afternoon late. 61 lead now 66. I -- place a bet on the Red Sox winning the next 22 out of three they when that day they went Sunday take two or three in New York quota Maloney sports investments have given me. On that number I'll give you great dogs I mean I mean that that. -- six to one blessed is looking more like Jon Lester. I think too attached to 61 game writes Jon Lester you -- -- he's -- pretty sharp it gives a three at any given up. He -- it. I mean this is that right amiga -- -- that game off about our series too that's what I felt about that Saturday's game. During. Six the one we can change this thing around open especially -- his exit before the apple anywhere right analyst Lester Beckett. Well they're improve. And you hear a cough that game. Really mean that would've been you show up on Sunday or how we doing here. You know that that's just the way I felt and that -- that went -- to pull that 10 last night give a lot of credit now. As my opinion changed of where this team is. We talked about how big their road trip -- right -- up real pretty right down the middle of 500 what do we learn. Illegal forward to article 51 big goal -- 61 of five what do what where are we right now you're a saint damp spot that you are got -- climbed seventeenth -- that you learned is that may be Jon Lester figured something out during that side session Wednesday you want that big picture what did you learn. About -- look at that starts Saturday and say step in the right direction -- was he was thrilled about I wasn't. You know jumping around a high five everybody after nothing but it was a step in the right direct you been hit pretty hard in those last three. Other than that Lester may turn the corner I'm not sure learned anything about this team. I can still questions about back -- still questions about some of the things in that club house what's going on with the team dated -- and how the operations work. So if you ask out of a series. I think the Jon Lester start Saturday out of the trip itself Jon Lester start Saturday. And that's an extra big picture move in forty -- -- million teams of Friday. And that -- wild card said that teams in the division assuming in the chase for playoff spot getting better some of the moves they made over the weekend. We can feel a whole lot differently. About this you don't and the reason why you feel better about blasters because what you saw as the last time out. -- it Jon Lester was thrown the ball the way he was capable of last four years you look at that outings they well it was the great Jon Lester but it was good enough. Given the way he looked against Colorado gives the car all the -- now it's guys backing it's -- -- and it was a step in the right direction because. It really did look like yet identified the problem it look like you fix -- little bit more than late kick was more natural there was a difference there. He went up there and give up some runs but still there was a difference now will that mean anything moving forward. He critical -- And he's gonna go out there and dominate market against the twins we'll see. But I give him a lot of credit for those last two wins mean brilliant you cough up leads late in Yankee Stadium both losses. You just get that feeling you bet I bet there before in the place is rocking the place is going nuts. -- a big lead. And you wait for the walk off right -- Yankee Stadium. And apple both those games I don't think you got to Soriano to so that now is say a big part of that weekend about the Saturday start from Jon Lester. Changes it. But it terms of the big picture answer -- sustained. As some change in the Red Sox front office between. Know what Thursday Friday morning on the Nancy Callahan show on or get right now on the change there. Sounds like it. Amid a you know it's not talking about Terry and you're talking about the trading of of Josh Beckett back -- Go to -- Josh Beckett but just the how you approach to trade deadline right and where this team is I expect -- -- in the thickest team. Still has chance don't you. We've talked letters in baseball last couple weeks. A lot of -- -- Was a cease. About -- some ideas there. Certainly played gather in -- there were like. You know right now again we're we're looking to improve not. Take away our. Mindset starting this week but yeah there are certain certainly looms as a culture -- remembered. It's a glowing it's the weekend the mindset is to improve not to take away yup. Now you hearing multiple reports. On whether. There you whether other opposing GMs feel it's gonna happen or not but still you hearing reports about Josh -- its name being thrown after. All around -- is due diligence or is this something that you just you're curious. Or is this a move that you really want to make if you're looking to only improve and not take away what does that say. Well maybe their view of Josh Beckett there won't promote this fact that it would be addition by subtraction. You know based on which -- it's that late last week in now the report -- -- that has been a few there's been a pond Gordon needs at a first rival AL executive loosening. They're trying to dump Josh Beckett. Payment only Rosenthal in all some way shape or form. Have confirmed rob Bradford WE yet dot com the conversation that happened if you believe gore needs story that came out -- for -- these other ones. They're desperately trying to get rid of this guy and won't go to certain financial likes to do it. That would mean maybe they feel like it's addition by subtraction of -- can -- not take away. On bench Eric has mined out is taking away Josh Beckett make this team better. War we heard from bench Eric and to say is there's somebody else that's influencing this. A -- -- and maybe just wants that he wants to improve does wanna take away. The something go on over the weekend where maybe. The monster with a PR machine or maybe Larry in the keynote to somebody up above him to John Henry said you know what it's time to move on. I don't wanna deal with the -- go out there and shop Josh -- -- what you can get. There's attitude that chance possibility. Well if for a baseball standpoint I think it makes sense but if you taken a step further say it wasn't a baseball decision to get these conversational -- okay eating money is just no question. The -- money correct oh in this thing a huge chunk of it always called -- ownership Kong calling this and say you know what. Well and -- that money. You've got their find at 37 million dollars left in his contract as of today for the rest this year and the next two years. We are willing to eat some money. Is that the okay is Albany to know. I would pay a hundred dollars to find out which way that conversation went to -- go to the front office and say we've got to make this for baseball reasons I need you guys to help pick up some of the cost because. Based on health concerns based on club -- performance based on just Josh Beckett the pitcher. I can't trade without -- money -- guys I knew or was it the other way around that's a great question. I would love to be a flammable the know which way the conversation went ownership -- Or -- -- up the start this conversation because they are out there we went to the weekend not knowing if these conversations that happen with Josh Beckett. Those conversations happening right now as we speak even as some of the beat reporters start to say -- does not much there. Pretty clear enough smoke there's fire with Josh Beckett that he is on that trade block and they are looking in every in all possibility. How does Josh Beckett feel about the potential being traded disguise what the Red Sox for a long long time you'll hear from Josh -- a potential for trade. Ninety seconds.

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