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Bobby Valentine's time with the Sox will end in a mushroom cloud

Jul 30, 2012|

Yahoo! Sports baseball columnist Jeff Passan joined John and Gerry to discuss the possibility of the Sox trading Josh Beckett. Jeff mentions which teams might be interest in Beckett, if the Sox are desperate to move him no matter what, will Beckett be more likely to be moved after the non-waiver deadline, and predicts what will happen in the relationship between the Red Sox and Bobby Valentine.

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League baseball columnist Yahoo! Sports justice on Jeff good morning Howard John and Jerry in Boston thanks for ticket a couple of minutes. Or outward to one very very well the hue and cry if you might expect here in Boston is its about time that the Josh Beckett experiment which is failed miserably. Ends and they should be sellers not buyers what's your sense based on what I have read that you've written this morning -- last 24 hours. The threats are slaughtered them Josh Beckett there's absolutely no question about it today they have made it. All around to a -- you -- -- I was able but it. Figure out which was the Atlanta Braves and the Texas. Strangers. Inquired about the idea. Dumping Beckett and paying a lot of his salary sort of in AJ Burnett type deal. It. Neither of those two teams loses particularly entry that the amount of money that was. Being offered back to them and the idea that taking on -- clubhouse in the idea that. I could be acquiring gotten lost in my Obama's staff all over the last year and bringing and a guy who's got two more years left Abbott deal and they don't know where his -- it anymore and so. This is proving far more difficult than you would imagine for a guy coming up to 89 the area season with the postseason pedigree that he's gotten. -- show you the the toxicity that -- Josh Beckett these days. -- of all his -- baseball skill flaws that we think is is money the biggest obstacle of them all going forward. Yep definitely. I mean here here's the thing is -- -- -- work better pitcher today. The -- are saying wouldn't be looking to dump that salary because they felt this crap before when he was pitching well. And -- it wouldn't have much trouble dealing with the guys so. 37 and a half million dollars. Over the next two at 130 years and it's the same situation look -- -- -- all they need to actually -- faced similar situation to have everywhere. Being defined -- irked by the rather that is going to take up that money but -- complicate it with back it is he's got satisfied right. Which means he's been in the big leagues for ten years. Some of the same -- for five years and is it is able to block any trade and so. The reason that Atlanta and Texas were contacted was because. Other Red Sox believe that that it would waive any waited five great security either place I know for a fact. That there have not been high level discussions with the Los Angeles starters who. Would be interested because there were concerns over Beckett waiting he'll. Nor their -- -- -- Louis cardinals and other gene that makes sense and -- starter and would like to get a guy on the cheap. Well there and the market is thinning. And Jeff I'm looking and you obviously great keys on Monday Rodriguez Francisco Liriano. Is there a point where there will be no other pitching available and team and maybe. Teams that their desire to take on Beckett and and some of the money -- becomes greater if if the Sox wait -- say. You know 3 PM tomorrow is likely does likely would grow. I doubt it I think their best bet is to wait until August actually and that's why I think this thing is gonna linger. I'm not sure anybody would pick up Josh Beckett on waivers and I think first. First thing first went waivers are available are player. Threats are gonna throw Josh Beckett out there and see anybody by some that contract in the -- You can go ahead when nobody fights all the sudden you got another thirty days on top of that on manufactured deal. He got a chance to bettors see where -- hard to make some headway in the standings. -- a chance to get back and pitch a little bit better because that he's just picking through thousands per cent and an English -- back to back starts. Is -- going to be a lot less leery of small sample size. Not stand. Well one thing you've done Jeff has kind of try to explain what happened to -- mean he's five and nine. Sets and tough luck but he's no where near the pitcher was even last year as you point that many of the 289. You. Reading this morning last year. This fastball. Averaged 93 topped out at 96 this year. He barely reaches the average velocity from last year. Hardest fastball he threw in the last month was 93 and half in his average was 91 point five. Does that is that from scouts is that from baseball people as he just lost his fastball literally. I mean that that's from the actual data that is collectively every ballpark -- -- let beckon. Lecturer restriction that extra on the sheer artistry -- are all -- 93 point nine miles per hour. -- -- last month to nine victory after the match or show you something or not it was mechanical flaw whether injury. Whether he's attache. In -- you know what it's reaching on him. Popping up with Josh Beckett this sport and where when you luge or fastball. And you've been mainly I mean Josh Beckett the guy -- in the past the -- apple two thirds of the side. He are less than 50% of the -- -- anybody thought about ease he understands that the apple. That happens used that I want it and so he's changed style pitch in according I think he's become a lot more credible. Tip -- -- from Yahoo! Sports this is more of an observational questions opposed to a factual one based on the September collapse the historic September collapse last fall. -- Josh Beckett clearly sitting in the middle that -- did you. Like most people think you would see a different motivated. Productive Josh Beckett and Lester by the way we can throw him into that into that group as well. This year coming out of that last horrible offseason. You know at the very question. I don't think so because. -- that that the government let the pitch and he's always there and yet you that he was gonna out now to. You know did the idea that. But that was. In Josh Beckett he had -- have that was and his plan that he was gonna go to. What he wanted to -- and if there were people questioned his work but the work ethic you know. Shortcut whereas. Apple is which are expected always. He's always been an end. You know I I think it is much as just that. Attitude personally rubs people the wrong way I've never been able to deny the guy's ability to go out there. You bet it's been a great thing about pictures probably the thing that made it most successful just that attitude of wanting to go out there. In the back. And the problem and let the stuff and that's the attitude you see what happens. Right and when pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers, Florida in February. Was more likely not to be present Bobby Valentine -- Josh Beckett. It broke both put it that way you'd be surprised they both there. I would be flattered that you think you're thinking about that survives the season. Well survive this is an important right. I do you think they and I'm leaving the Valentine era and -- -- well. I think get them in a mushroom cloud. And I think a lot -- anything that people may realize it really and your own hunch or we talk and some real reporting here. They've they've been it's sort of. Or are -- -- informed hunch more and so it could end before the season. I heard of it and report it I don't know I don't know about. -- these. Let the guys know what's been reported out there and and you know peace deal lesions and the things that you hear. And and don't don't necessarily have the ability to rub. These because. Nobody wants to confirm that necessarily but. I it would shock me in it would be a few months is. What's the what sort of like -- your -- show -- hubris. By Red Sox ownership to bring about the downside back for another year. Well any any ideas -- Thoughts on a successor -- we go through the same list we last saw. But you know maybe ten series and actually allowed the -- of the generals are a bit demented. Tyson different let the G ally of the medicine. And what would. Heard before 4 PM tomorrow -- the Red Sox do something big something small or nothing at all if you had -- -- -- I would days. -- they I would say something's. Small pattern now that I see. Sitting there and making a blockbuster deal but I don't know that and their DNA is to sit by idly. When but -- -- and -- you'd like this team or not they either 500 the only four games back of the second wild cards are right now and one of those scenes it would the first wildcard spot for -- -- out of them is the Oakland day. He met a lot of people still think it is all purple and so. They've got a lot in the -- aren't they got a jump over to try to figure jump over Tampa Baltimore. Around there. They've got a law that get up to those wild card spot it's a lot -- to jump other teams that is necessarily that make up. Games in the standings. You know I still look at that -- look at the roster look at talent in. Wonder why the -- -- 500 right now and whether that can change with a good round. Now we're -- would just pass and from Yahoo! Sports league baseball writer. Do you think there has been much interest in Jacoby Ellsbury and how much stones would that require for the Red -- to Sega by the -- your early. There's a lot of interest and that no inclination to do anything at this point because. We were. I think because they don't think that there's a whole ton of value for him right now I'm not the injury and they realized that they give them some odd play and do what he's capable of doing. -- get a lot Portman neo Nazis in the future used to rather they couldn't. Dick get the more at the deadline next year. Again they're struggling I just don't think that they want to get rid of the guy at this point though. Who's. Near bottom in value there are Smart management group that. They they get that jovial there's an important part of this team in -- thirteen in. You know it and let the outfield is it is fair question marks there because you know we dropped Carl -- -- Manitoba surgery and we're -- erupt if you want your anchor in center field certainly that's what that desperately that a year ago there. It just pass and from my Yahoo! Sports league baseball columnist thanks for taking a couple of minutes in explain it to -- Jeff on this a day before trading and I'm leaving us with one image a mushroom club hit that's got tips addiction. On how the Bobby Valentine -- will and in a mushroom cloud like thanks Shipley talked it down the road. Just pass -- with Yahoo! Sports a built in -- element AT&T hotline AT&T four G your attention and they didn't mean really this and they ago. But as you said. He's obviously these little bit provocative but he is working the phones if you read and he's talking baseball people he's trying to. Engaged the trade marketing and all the talent -- she did -- Beckett that's impressive yeah nominee desert greatest and that's -- host talk I was too but how difficult it is to explain pitching right to understand pitching more when it comes and goes and you -- but -- slots and the like. That's about as simple as that gets he averages 91 -- That is a batting practice fastball. To a lot of guys you know that in in Major League Baseball you'd better be movement if it's 91 well. And also as the last line of that particular paragraph where he says he was 93 on average last year 91 point five this year consequently Beckett is throwing. Fewer fastballs than ever before relying more on a cutter that what executive says is far too marketable. So if that's the case. I could see the -- the lack of a market for yet but even though is a post season ignited Gutierrez last year and and Goodyear until September. And even though he's proven in the post season. If they have that data in front of them and I assume they do their sand. He's losing or he's lost that -- she and her -- is viral right. Hogue is it the kind of got a look at and they say -- change of scenery a hell if you thought Youkilis was loosened. You courses 33 just had an injury. Beckett the unit if you think he's -- and like he's reaching the end of the road you don't touch from 37 million during. Here's what I do. I get that warm soy milk this who went to history in Washington plan that adds to in the watery rice water rises to you think -- lower court I would he won't let immediate in the clubhouse during the game.

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