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Minor Details Ep. 31: Lars Anderson explains the human experience of being traded

Jul 29, 2012|

At the 2011 trade deadline, Lars Anderson was traded to the Athletics. And then he wasn't. A snag in Rich Harden's medicals torpedoed a deal that would have sent Anderson to his hometown A's. One year later, he reflects on the odd experience of what it means to be traded (and then not traded) on a professional and human level.

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Welcome back to another edition of minor details. Breaking news originally baseball trade deadline is now just a couple of days away. The Red Sox have typically been buyers at the deadline for years and years the reality with which their minor -- must contend. It's a really strange phenomenon when you think about it. There are few walks of life which have little to no control over where and for whom he worked and perhaps no prospect in the Red Sox system. Has a better understanding of that strangeness in -- first baseman Lars Anderson. A year ago the Red Sox -- agreed to a deal that would have sent Anderson to Oakland right by his hometown of Sacramento. In exchange for pitcher Rich Harden. But when the Sox are viewed hardens medical's they came away screaming. Convinced that may have been another breakdown for the pitcher was imminent and so they baying of the deal and Anderson remained in the Boston system. -- attack -- this year. Anderson is putting up a very similar line to the when he had a year ago and AAA and now he acknowledges there is curiosity about what the coming days might bring. He joined minor details recently to discuss the strange experience of living inside of a deal that. Never quite happens you're he has. We're grateful to have Lars Anderson Red Sox first base prospect down in -- protective -- how are you. It well thanks very much for being on and the reason why you're on is because you have a unique experience among among Red Sox prospects namely that. You were very close to being treated last year in this wasn't nearly in the rumor stage but this was. You know deal that had for many -- for all intents and purposes. Seemingly been kind of consummated in you know it ended up falling apart because you were going to go to B -- -- your hometown team. In exchange for Rich Harden and then. Rich Harden medical's came up is you know kind of raise some concerns which resulted in in the deal being called off you remained with the Red Sox last year by. So as a result of that you have perhaps a different experience of the trade deadline. Then anyone else I guess prior to that though like what it -- your past experience of the trade deadline and up that notion. Of being a potentially treatable player. Wing coming up through the Red Sox system. Are in the dodgers' first you throw water. You're eligible -- Paula is are here on line. The past or current position and make it well what was the got -- so. I got a first for player it's. Kind of scary. Proposition in traded and and so ultimately. The panel situation is now a higher open. You know they're a logjam actors bird offered it to act with the US military -- a welcome thing that. Argue. He used the opportunity. I mean. Is that they're current experience territories and navy airplanes from there on out in all they don't want featured -- of employers -- situation out there obviously like injury that for a. Did you ever found yourself feeling kind of like you're in meshed in trade rumors prior to last year or was this the first was this the first time that it really. Seemed like. It was a reality rather than just tonight. That they're there are. A few years back. An Aussie actor -- the pictures that. Number right illness our votes and earth and the Fox's you know plug in on -- again. I've I've actually. Vote leader on the -- In the detention. The -- the pretty crazy. Not -- and that poses. -- -- it. Which is fair enough since it's about as close as the guy can actually come to being treated. Without without experiencing so mean it's kind of well. It's kind of like it should be it's own TV show on Mike I'm. I'm people who have experiences beyond you know out of body experience something. And -- up. What was it like that I mean how weird was it to kind of have that little period of uncertainty and it was interesting too because. If memory serves you were pulled out of the game on Saturday night was like Saturday July 30. And you were -- of the game when it looked like this deal was going to happen. The next day the trade deadline patent quite arrived to weigh in when it was time to play the game but you were nevertheless back in the lineup. With protected. On that Sunday of the day how how weird was that. Period of maybe 24 hours -- your life. Sure it is -- structure. Insert. Out of the plane. You know at all. In fact there. Most orderly well it. And -- four locked up there. -- originally -- throughout the -- I thought John departure airtight. Signal and Arnie out of it at all outward on the -- thirtieth and 31. Trawlers trees and -- public -- here on an -- are locked up on it. You know. Yeah you definitely game on post on all I had taken out first session out. -- doubt it where he came into the club I'll probably it was wrong. And I'll I'll read about it in more money. A year ago about. I think. I that your paper. Which organ. Well. I didn't chat about anything but one -- -- -- Asian. Law. You know Al. About all of you can't argue one. Don't plant on line up. Special on -- -- and what -- hold -- -- -- the morning. So it was an interesting dynamic especially because this loser this was your hometown team there with your data mean it was it was this kind of moment of of excitement or he was a moment of like -- man these are you know Brian Kayla is what if you're great friends in the world. Like I'm going to be in a different organization the new. It went -- at what point is it you know to what degree where your thoughts on. On your professional life and the fact that you were. Probably going to have you know it is this kind of clearer avenue. Two playing time in the Major League level and Oakland stand you know that is obvious in Boston right because of Adrian Gonzales. It in to what degree was it really thinking about the human relationships that you -- formed over the years. You know and what it did in you to be a Red Sox but overall these years. You know that abortion assuring them. Four -- sure sure. Whether the invasion. You know managers and coaches. I mean. So to say that yellow book -- but the plain awful lot and one. Outlook the -- Niagara. You know chaired -- you know birdies for her. You occupy the well -- excited special. -- Obviously out of that are in the weather and they usually -- partner well -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and again the fact of your of your dad being there must've been a fascinating edition today to speak like that you can take the same flight as me own. I would -- had. Block but it actually is saying he couldn't drive like our own -- -- -- has I mean -- And you know. That pretty much play. -- -- -- -- This you at all concerned that but you know -- equipment up and and that they did well. Huge interest in -- -- I -- rewind for a second because you mentioned something a little bit earlier you said that on on July 30 and July 31. It guys in the organization typically on kind of higher alert. What what is that experience I can in the clubhouse what it is it is it kind of palpable the sense of kind of uncertainty or is it you know is it just like. There you know for -- it's -- especially in triple that's nurture play hurt most -- -- -- adult at some point in her other air. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was summit here at all is a privilege that Nadal. Let you know boat builder. Bill and out that are made up and her party out there and you know some guys and are. Something during a spot in the the year guys joke about it. -- puts it -- you all for it. -- it's it's there. I've always wondered about that just the idea because -- you know in my line of work I don't have to deal with -- right I don't I don't reports. Alec Stewart may be treated from like to be -- yeah radio station. You know to insert like you know platinum garbage truck company here right. Yeah I you know have. Have you ever you know have you ever been and I had that clip that's experience of sitting next to a guy while he's being discussed is possibly going out to another club like right there kind of unfolding in front of your eyes. Are out of the government -- you know in my in my album monster mean. For the most bizarre experience -- Then quietly I can -- or use. We had played in each inning urgency in game before that for ways to get the play the rest of the game -- And then -- between. In between night he got traded -- started the game with us. It was straight about. Species. You are and file Austrians. In the of the -- -- -- -- are. That's that's unique that's different. Yeah it -- it's it's like memento or something kind of missed since knowledge. Out. Indeed and so you know that you had a really interesting line in the middle end. You know I something in part of the reason why -- interest in time discussing. The human side of trades with -- because. You were clearly reflective -- expecting I believe that you -- you know you said something along the lines last year. You know it's treating humans it's it's a weird thing to be treating humans. Two to what degree you know. How did you feel about that concept out do you feel about that. You're in this line of work where. You can't necessarily say I wanna work here you know where it's like -- -- going to work here. The I want to shorten those. Utterly ordered. He -- treaty India and other options. Are barbaric. Right. -- -- is part of. As part of the area about this is now well. Although I mean he's stuck back in New York a policy almost an hour and. Yes certainly I think that if you were to kind of introduced the idea -- someone who didn't have any familiarity with the sports landscape there are probably thinks so but it. Yeah again I. And I I I feel like isolate you know that the player. Not Ireland and vibrant as right in the future. I Wasilla. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's it really again you know it gets to kind of you know in what other profession. Is this kind of is this kind of a condition of your employment where or where you see the right to say I mean you know where you -- the right to say. Exactly what. What company you're gonna be working in that again like the draft and its own right is kind of but weird thing where you where you already from the beginning cede control over where they're gonna -- your future. Yeah. Reinforce. Jeopardy control out there. -- There's a there's there's a chaotic embodiment of the trade deadline and then some. So I guess you know it's worth asking after the tree fell through. How has your doing you know how you felt differently about being a member of the Red Sox the muted before that. Barbara and now I'm in my expert is. You know what -- -- question lovely area. But not because it's his -- Are different or different -- You'll definitely evolved than one you know. Right people aren't static organizations aren't static so the relationship between them probably isn't static I've. Part out of an opinion about them. 24 announcement the shares up about eighteen and friend to all Al. At the at the risk of of changing gears I think that it is worth asking you know how you know with with the trade deadline now a week away. You know is. You know is that idea that you could end up in a different organization one week from now kind of in your mind or -- or are you. Especially based on what you experienced last year or is that just -- -- I mean. -- I'm. On my mind you know on him. Obviously though it. The go plan professional biffle the opportunity to play -- I'd -- all op non diluted basis. And the other something that you can do you personally hope that all of there's something that are let me talk also about -- control. You know love the opportunity. The -- so well. And so I Obama. It. In terms of what you can control it. How do you feel your season has been going this year has been an interesting went to follow you are in part because I think you hit the longest ball that anyone has ever seen enough. In McCoy stadium which was. Which was a single event that was noteworthy but beyond that it seems if as if you've been. In many ways the same similar hitters -- when you've been in the past namely someone. You know who -- disciplined who controls the strike zone. Who understands -- it what it is he wants to swing it doesn't. And yet it's also seemed as if you know as a dispatch their pin. Stretches in which you've been kind of hitting the ball with you know you've been getting at least extra base hits you know home runs be it runs -- doubles with greater frequency perhaps. Than in the past on you also had a new wrinkle which is that you had outfield thrown into the mix. What you are doing times. How has this been for you as a year of player development. -- You know. It's it's -- way you know I've -- out of aboard a commercial one a lot -- let -- of that. Much. A lot Jeter's triple. -- Churches and inconsistency. Than what it's all but so is the way they're completely later. My opinion. Not -- the ball partners. -- and -- order and -- Sometimes I mean. Does better than not in noble art and name him all of on the net interest group or group of them pretty well on. And now -- you. It's actually -- and -- Or should honor I'll. What have the conversation points up here this year had been about that the challenges that got that Adrian Gonzales faced in terms of bound shuttling between first base and in the outfield. Have you found that to be a challenge. I can't your impression actual. I. Haven't played much also go well. A lot -- cable while I'm here. -- out but I also on the enjoy it just -- much a problem. That it. On. So let -- Different different perspective on the game. Agencies who plays out of their -- Your reads are different -- -- -- sponsored if your plan different. Cultural. -- this thing. Then about one in people from all news -- industry and provincial water Israel on. Well there are so long. Squash a lot on well. Is different at the movement that a lot longer pay attention here other popular is a little burden. In the you know there are now. Yeah there is something to be said about just aesthetically being on the line as opposed to enter you know. Oh. What kid growing up wants to you know chooses to choose to sit around centered. You know for a soft line. Well -- I think this has been an interesting and insightful and coming from a place that is. It's different than that which a lot of your peers and friends and colleagues so I really appreciate your sharing your perspective what it's like to go through. To go through that I mean I guess the final does not last is. In retrospect. Was it. Was it interest was it but it was a cool -- horrible -- what was that experience like having gone through unique 24 hours. -- Forward combination Bozeman. Waves now. You know take one of all the different emotion. And comfort so. I did the uninsured and it was a assurances citizen blow on. There are enough I appreciate the fact that your -- to all of them and in they offer for sharing an articulating them. Are well.

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