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Do fans care about Bill Belichick's gruff nature in press conferences, or is that only a media gripe?

Jul 27, 2012|

We break down Bill Belichick's first two pressers of the season and ask the fans, do you care about how much information he gives and how he treats the media? Most say no, but some say yes. We discuss and argue it out.

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Show -- It will outline of the week competition Michael Myers staying at this time around. I we've done taken heat which thing you know you'll you'll. Oh. The -- -- strong competitors this afternoon with some. Extremely creative lines both worthy both very likely that each -- side and we'll find out who has more pull. -- good idea. Well why don't you why doesn't have anything to do with me you're warm Metallica and -- of the liner that is interest. It's unfair because people like Michael better. Probably teacher. So I feel that would be unfair to think. You know you know line is what everyone else and underdogs are relatives so good about it is simple you've been around longer. So you -- the credibility as different or more importantly. Longer around our enemies -- what you picking up some really know I have I have part of your leader Bobby V. -- Expected -- -- about me income related I didn't. I think you might be on something I think he actually -- -- At the Q did you book in -- yard drives that probably it. Probably partners. In mind. You know I take your hitting it right on ahead. But we do all man loves going Ord where night as -- and I did it his here's what's happening to me right now. I am the recipient. Of the hatred directed -- you -- Turkey hates me so much that you have to be brighter it -- -- -- got to be better and that's. Upgrades may we've talked a lot about the Red Sox today at the trading deadline what did they do oh what do you don't Josh Beckett doesn't want to leave here. Even in the -- season that's. -- you don't you bring it Lester and Lackey and here's one we talked a little bit about the patriots earlier. And we -- the of the -- Bill Belichick was his first press conference on the first day which you said absolutely nothing. I have to say here today did you just what what first Robert was like yesterday -- sorted -- the -- Phil archer the electorate you have to clear my -- then. The electorate here. When in doubt always throw it back to again asking you the question of the so today he punched -- Because you know he very rarely does. He went out of his way when somebody asked them about -- high time our fueling problem. Yeah Billy give him. -- but he he went out of his way to talk about how high tower is a Smart kid how we understands football how we -- it. You went out of his way. Now the last guy he said that about. Jerod -- He went out of his way in the first week -- that -- was here. It talked about Mayo and when he got to engineer to say when when a media person is painting him. But this guest has been tremendous -- -- -- a lot about a dozen things well some thing out so well. Plays like to have back absolutely -- work and so this is this is unusual for him and a very good sign that he sees something. In high tower that's the that's special -- I can remember him doing this. Much at all I do remember with -- I usually hit Jeremy the first day of training camp. You put a lot. You put a lot of starter and what you see on day one no but I -- but I put a lot in to the way. When bill doesn't follow the script when bill goes off script and start talking about somebody. My ears perk up because that is telling me that he is seeing something. That is special he did it withdrawn. Now -- -- was here in the first few weeks talked about him he did it was -- And he's doing it now with my -- Yeah. Well I. Think you're right it's it's unusual form. Let's see what he has to say a couple of weeks. Or few weeks. About the kid. I don't know even even from Bill Belichick got gorgeous and you know Belichick -- up from a script. You get surprised by that. This on day one. I'd I'd I'd just don't our day one day to announce some put a lot of stock in it and -- -- Brian Waters. He's not here. Today. An Austrian great Greg Bedard of the good job cover enough football for the globe the debt so popular and I agree great art -- art today -- Writing about. Ras I Dowling got beat. On a couple of plays by Donte' Stallworth. God yeah I don't think having dropped. And none none I would agree we get there when it went media person is picking up on eight individual play. In training camp that play means absolutely nothing you've got to watch them for a long period of time and you know it's a whole body because they got a -- beat an individual especially early on in the session. We're timing is off. I don't take much stock in that I do take stock when bill. Says something -- out kid and he's he was in in the spring and he's been in for a couple days here at this is unusual this is not part of deals normal -- You averted a million times you'll -- about veterans. Veterans -- committee or he'll he'll talk high about them but he doesn't necessarily do this. With young players in the war that he has done with it turned out to be a special place pretty good players. -- -- -- phone calls we go here's Joseph in Lincoln hello Joseph. Figure that -- you know -- as -- yet at least. Oh good it's good to have you as a friend Joseph I don't have a lot so I. I can I cannot Richard -- is a recommendation. You can target your recommendation -- accurate you're saying about Belichick. You know I wanna save up partly account manager. I would probably about I had a script it's in escrow company do a lot better when he talked to the media. It be nice and it be nice to the Michael if you let's strip art -- -- But. I want. You're you're referencing your original. -- got in trouble you could comment -- reaction -- -- People are saying all that means that they wouldn't let Bobby -- value but I don't feel like that at all. If he had made some kinda tough comment like you know. You know you -- came to camp body shape or you know the -- not. Running out something he had made some comment that really -- -- that thing it's all the -- trying to throw away comment that he didn't think out carefully. And it just came out -- kind of the public a lot of that come at the top this year. But what do they think they were getting with Bobbie this is -- I think maybe Ben didn't want to us. But I I think Larry in the ownership didn't want this they want a guy. Who always going to be a lot tougher in the club house. That they felt that that Tito was a player's manager letting him get away with everything so -- does this -- this and I agree with you we it was. It was weird how we did it was with Youkilis it was a little. A strange the way -- you worded it and that he got a quick reaction would Dustin Pedroia but. Go I don't know -- I don't you know I -- -- coverage on this one girl meets and he's not physically or emotionally into the game. And then don't even explain it from there I said yeah I just -- -- you don't seem the same enemy. This that's that your fallible like that -- -- enemy and as much physically or emotionally. They would be at great and -- are gonna get back to Larry. Spoke to -- you remember that of that later at the I mean I don't haven't seen any evidence that I'd been out. I haven't yet you immediate -- thought. If I haven't heard louder ports that are here that there are. Talk about nobody gonna take a look -- -- actually not just -- Remember but that's what -- that's what I mean he starts by playing the tough act and then backs off of everything and I and I'm wondering doesn't -- it in some. It way. Doesn't that give you the feeling that maybe somebody is sitting down in that front office and talking to tell what he's got a five or six year contract we can tell mistake it let me just get -- near managed. He doesn't have that he's got no security. So I might guess is that Larry or somebody after he makes one of these bold -- was reason that word again. That. -- -- shutdown of the message that's me that's the way to do it by the you know back off a little. We you know we want the guys the light do you. -- it didn't. As you broke him then after you told the players but he wasn't going to be the manager so you're bringing a man to shake stuff -- inside that clubhouse. You -- to create harmony. You know Joseph said he needs a script notably the script -- that is the Belichick repealing it. -- -- Yeah. They don't overlap from -- we'll be funny woman funny -- -- -- -- all about defrauding its subprime bonds. He's not here. So Michael you tell me that monies will be the knowledge they have the weaker -- and I just work I'm not gonna be here. The first patriots Monday argued there. It's funny we we'll find out when the first patriot Monday was gonna be the first thing that -- he said it was almost dead and our calculation David -- Low like Bob. And I do have one by Michael Ali and I. I like that I call yet but you're gonna do it did yeah yeah yeah that is what this country. In this country wow thank you have a lot of typed very well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not as I'm concerned. While I stance going pretty darn. Do you anything you don't want to up the patriot great handle on the war row. I -- a class that you have the great -- and I wanted to play on. This communication media. You -- at all they would balance and I don't yet. We give -- free range kind of thing you could say it sure why don't have to say anything to an appropriate according. In I'm perfectly Jacqui don't -- you look at this. The whole heartedly and healed -- the issue that Andy did it at quarterback. And what you -- -- -- back. Yeah I need to get away with whatever he wants because he's one. Three times and he's been there couple of other times you're right in and a guy like Bobby Valentine could try the exact at stake. And people laugh -- -- right. Yeah and that the power ballad I know. You're quite a total five we know we've talked a little Bobby Valentine. Got a little bit yeah. Especially in a city where we're not accustomed to seeing our baseball team in last place now. Yeah but it if he wants to draw inspiration from bill on Imus story does it say you'll be elected -- into an island and what was his past. To being considered. The genius and in bill we trust guy. Well let's look at his first year vs my first year. And it's that simple. Why should be encouraged. And built final five and eleven. -- 111 -- the second your -- start. Made some controversial moves that make people happy didn't make the media happy either. I don't know -- -- I don't like it are pretty wells that have you ever built a bit like threatening to hit you yet. Put it back to kill you notably -- Because -- fun out there that's going to be back -- camp. He played zone primarily inside a little bit outside in place and -- the defense and some of their nickel Foreman on things. And -- -- flexibility in college and in a good program and how little competition. Is Marco works hard he's got some different skills. -- -- Saying some real nice things about Donta hightower rookie is he doesn't get that. Expressive about the young players like to us. Back to the phone calls here -- the big show we're gonna Jerry in Rhode Island hey Jerry. They're they -- -- that you heard. What brings real quick -- a wanted to get the respect by Politico -- telecheck you know the funniest thing I don't what's come here -- -- get the want to blow. Think it would approach it like for all the talk and head. It. A couple of the talking okay. Well Joseph I felt like Michael I don't I think I think I did to -- is a pretty -- other reason people over their dues and who are really nice job I really I agree with the better regular. Speculative that the -- -- -- that thing is that tailgate show and should be at all but anyway other black. But anyway. You gotta you gotta show some love Michael's wait till you know it'll Michaels on their lot Michaels and more and I'm honored tonight at 10 o'clock check it out of get a chance it was my turn away from Red Sox yankees were a little bit Celtics. I don't do a -- It might turn. Out sergeant. But it Belichick I don't look -- the opposite way orbiter. I guess it's amazing how many sports guys. They're all on how little village except. It's like if you wanna assure everybody gets so upset about what you don't respect. I suspect that that would orbit but anyway -- Let's go back to them for a second because in its interest and you said that right at the time when I was looking at the AT&T text on rethink possible end. A couple of Texas were saying that their annoyed. By bills press conferences because they feel like. POs patriots fans more explanations and he gives -- just -- that you're you're right media members. Are upset by it and and more specifically. Patriots beat writers are probably more upset anybody because they have to. They have to talk to -- to have the -- to produce stories and in packages. Where the newspapers. And and and TV stations -- radio stations but -- or whatever -- but you're not you're not with these fans who say. They want a little more information from the from the head coach. You know I'm not I just didn't I like what on the field and that I -- I guess the I I get to Europe. What I think but I I don't need I don't need to know you know who's got an ankle sprain or you know the other irony in all of those stupid questions they asked. I see it go where did did you guys see that the Jacksonville Jack was announced that they're gonna find their players 5000 dollars if they talked to the media about injuries. While. I'm a much you can get by that that you can get them by the players other examine that says vote on this the other bills not been open about and I'm sure behind closed doors. There are all sorts of penalties for revealing anything when I got injured and not have -- not 5000 dollars and I think he tells the guys we don't talk minor injuries you've become that as we we're not gonna do this but. But to find some money five grand for -- of an injury yeah. That's pretty extreme. We both would we are talking about it being Gonzales before they actually traded for him we know that all the you know. You know the year trait for all who -- notebook there. There were -- pitches that were available and I've met affect how about your code on your side as far as. Go after picture -- so many pitches he'll pick they. I was enrolled on time out I was I was up front -- going after majoring Gonzales. Why you always want you always you always want to hear but but I listen I wanna Gonzales. I thought he was saying to me it was a no brainer. You needed them you didn't have you know powered first -- she's still -- for some reason. And then I thought he was attainable. Because if you looked at the Yankees if you looked at at all of the other big market teams. Those teams had already locked in their first baseman a big money now. Aside I don't know what's happening injuring Gonzales it's one of the great mysteries here and it's been going on it because for -- the -- says one thing but. Since its dates back down to what the all star game lashed right. Yes and I can't figure it out and quite a drought also just on this this Belichick thing. Now a couple of counterattacks. It doesn't always that thing we are lucky to have them another one says. How can any dumb ass -- think BBO's. Anything and anything as far as I'm concerned. He's already given me more than I can that I could ever believe it yet another -- says. How long does. A -- give you immunity so to speak about Buckley sticks -- again it's been eight years. Since Bill Belichick is one of Super Bowl. And that is borderline if not outright boot. -- -- -- Billiton enough to defeat John. If he didn't have to do that he wouldn't do then they're required. More talk about the game where opinion and post game analysis here in the -- enough that he's there required. -- -- You know a professional football and any kind of sport -- an entertainment. Medium. And it's it's really for entertainment and that they're going into. After him -- card well enough not for him -- he -- all of a winning. Yeah he may be Robert -- -- guys and say you know I thought about it boy better out of I don't OK on. I'll let you finish and talk about really it is because at times that is. -- you just do your entertainment point. Bill Belichick is far from entertaining when he's doing these things he's not thinking about entertainment and courtesy don't -- all that John John let me finish I'll give it to give the ball back I promise. Today. So but he he's not alone in that category you look at you look at Andy Reid. Bill ballot Jack. Mike Shanahan. These guys are not Jim Caldwell when he was there and he was your brief Mike Tomlin and people talk I mean to those guys little guys -- thinking about entertaining you or making an interest David is doing -- because they're required to do it okay ball's yours. Well I don't know why they're required to do it and I don't this is an act or is he really that. -- No really he always. But this is his job and I think what he's doing is he believes. That he asked to put the coaches mask on because it. It serves him and his team. -- you know better than I. -- -- -- -- -- But -- it doesn't help him to get up there and be entertaining it might -- you for a while but if he's not winning football games he's not around here. He doesn't have a job -- doesn't have a job. I realize separate and I -- know what to function out of this press conferences if it's not. I I just told you these are forced yes forced he's forced to forced to go by the right now. If you -- -- you Michael you tell me if he didn't have to do that breast average. Now I agree not to keep us. He's forced to do -- as part of the his duties. But he doesn't like it doesn't wanna do it in more importantly all he cares about. Is the team winning so you've got to look at it from a fan's point of view and say. All of that helps win I don't like the fact that I can't have eight. Some type of relationship. Here with the coach he's not bonding with me the way Doc Rivers does even though. The fans may not know it -- the coach. They get that type of our Russian ship to the TV doctors unbelievable these are shocker right but he's very unique. -- it's awesome and I visited very press conferences are not a waste of time dial. -- bill he just it's painful just wanna be over. But he'll only cares about wanting and that is protecting his players are so yes a lot of that is BS and he's doing a -- but to the extreme. Because I only look really hot today thank you -- but a lot of guys. A lot of guys care about protecting the team I mean Bill Parcells cared about protecting the team. He didn't tell you anything but they were entertaining. There was energetic yet he could be -- but he thought I would agree there's also protected detained by a bill doesn't have that that same type personality though it's. And she's right I don't a couple of slides but he does it twice or three times during the course of a season but it does all come down to. And I had this conversation with a before it comes down to. All he cares about is what protects his team and a you brought up -- Andy -- it's an interesting one because a few years back. Bill had like two or three injuries to his team during the course of the week said absolutely nothing about the benefit nobody knew. That he had injuries to his team and yet -- would to a three key players that didn't play in a football game on a Sunday afternoon Andy Reid announced to the world on Monday. That there with three players that we're not gonna play for his team and it gave the patriots I think a huge advantage during the course of the week patriots ended up winning winning that game. I here's Matt New Jersey hey Matt. A guy -- a caller outlook Asia. I really -- yes. I that I can -- and and arranger militant or at a high impact bat. So why don't we send so buried there. Excellent prospects. On that include a couple of our own and then Seattle. -- Felix. I thought -- ranges were looking for another pitcher. There ever a plus you know we can't be that the the Felix stuff I got something better free. I want against the Felix Hernandez board Glenn we have an uneven to anatomy joke here we have exclusive. Sound. From Josh Beckett we're gonna play more of it. After the break but right now we're just give you a little glimpse of the six closes down we have from Josh. People don't want you don't want to be there you know and so you that would obviously I have some. Some things were you know he'd be very difficult for the treatment at a dormitory. But when you have to think realistically. If they don't want somewhere. Watched -- look you know me. -- of visceral more youthful. Intriguing. It without without the fishing poles. I got more that two more where that came for a next.

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