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Mut and Merloni's Over/Under for 7/27

Jul 27, 2012|

Mut and Merloni give their over/unders for the upcoming weekend.

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Obligated sweeping the nation in the game where yell your radio sale WR for making our -- she text and drop your answers and a 5850. It's over under so much Lou 93 point seven WEEI -- -- some baseball over wonders. Absolutely we're gonna do that after I tell you this we are now tied 33 is that correct this is for. It's the first set or playing like sets of seven if that's -- the for it's a best four out of seven UN base that sort tied 33 in the first. Percent of all game seven for you guys I was down three nothing more of the percentages coming back. -- the Yankees as the Red Sox islets are tonight's Red Sox in this would trip me up last I'm not and a half runs total. Cook vs huge pitching matchup game one Red Sox yankees tonight at the stadium where you go over a goal over. An electric -- -- because you took the over -- that was gonna happen but. Yankee Stadium Aaron Cook that -- really better be sickened with all those lefties. On in that team and -- -- just on the ball real well lately. I'm still gonna take the over. We're over tendon and -- front feels like a 43 game to me Aaron Cook at the stadium -- the under the -- kind of by gets -- this last now that'll run kick off committee under nine and a half fronts -- A -- up Crawford. This weekend he's gonna reach base three and a half times. -- gonna play every game -- three and a half times for Carl Crawford reaching base now. That's walked hit by pitch anything that -- we're reaching basis thank you can't vote breakdown might call upon god next up. -- Crawford three and a half that's ridiculous to say that plays -- -- so bad right now. I've got to play against sabathia gimme under three and a half I'm -- goal or because he gets drilled but the pitch. That's why I'm gonna go over I think he sits on three -- draws cup couple it's on a weekend. Three games draws one walk and it's drilled by a pitch that's over. I'd Jon Lester goes Saturday against CC sabathia we have set his earned run line at four and a half -- gonna go all over under for -- runs on Saturday. Earned runs earned the Rockies here because I'm going under in a reason why is because at least. You start near the right thing -- no idea what to work on the next five days no clue -- least. Bob explore and Jon Lester is admitted. That there is a mistake in his mechanics and work on that at least they've identified the problem and with that Yankee Stadium. Gold under four warning half -- In that stadium the way he's going right now I would would have gone over five and a half runs being sedated for a half I'll -- -- -- it is good value in that line. You'll find it he will fix it it will not be on Saturday I thought they should -- them in the start. Unity over for a half runs Jon Lester our public relievers -- three game set against the New York Yankees get Bobby V managing his tail off. Bringing guys in left and right how many relievers that they could use a three game set against the New York Yankees -- that a wall and half relievers tonight. Over the -- yes are they -- and I am still going over twelve and a half. Are you kidding me with this group right now this article a while like you brought but the rest of them cook tonight who knows. Lester gonna get shelled some -- -- the third open scuffled through that entire thinks he's got the trend in the back end. Give me over twelve and a half relievers for a series that's the thing you're making my point in that there is a blow out some we will eat up a ton of innings. And they'll just go three or four you'll use that many in that day that's what it was that's the way it's gonna be it's gonna wonder twelve and a half and -- use thirteen relievers this week and going to be a couple of them. Wanna go a little Olympics why not. Saturday morning 9 AM I know Sunday morning 9 AM and overall be up an early on NBC USA's taken on France. Men's basketball dream team what that's not the dream team but the -- France here's the line. According to one of those web sites 24 and a half points. The they cover that they win by more or less over under 24 and a half against France they cover that thing. There's no question in my mind they've -- may try to make a statement game one against France not -- their team at all. But they're gonna cover they're -- point four happened when this thing Bible 32. Operational for Fries. Some post forget it clearly points giving. Thirty points on this update the over USA in a landslide -- we're -- it's our Sunday morning as we agreed on one of the -- and -- do you have a some got to tiebreaker that we can help go to England ace -- -- back -- the Olympics if needed love the Olympics. Michael Phelps according to my schedule over here as to events this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. All we're under one half gold medals. In all its eagle first not take whatever you don't -- sub committee under I'm taking the under on Phelps Phelps went and both he tweeted out this thing it's his last work out he's all excited yeah. Is press conference is this is this this Olympics is like the toppings on the Sunday. For him just go up there have -- back I'll -- feet. It's pretty good. Out of these two competing against about -- under -- and that's. It. Our go to over there it is at brick that I somewhere. He's gonna is this about a 150000 condoms out there and villages yeah -- be just fine Venus and lose OK it's it let me see here. Michael Phelps the two events do we care what the events are the 400 individual medley was this metals. Gold or six golds. Colts were coming here and look at. -- -- takes over. 400 individual medal Richard W scouted during the trials for this thing. And the four by 100 free relay. I had when as a team issue apply when the TO one question that I -- so I won't even need it though because Mario went before that -- -- -- wheat to gold medals race they always thinking about his. Help amber at those condoms he lets it village. Go on a 50000 historian. I'm with can say yes I've forget where was. Speaking of the Olympics. Where it's your radar I'll say zero -- -- ask you zero you don't care you'll watch -- second of Olympic action this weekend. Ten would be you're watching the opening ceremonies your DVR and -- -- making sure during the live stuff during the day you don't get the results -- gonna watch it live and feel like it's live. What your interest level in the 2012 summer -- Somewhere in the middle somewhere in the five and three quarters area to be perfectly honest with the I mean it's one of those things that. You know when I have time and I'm just sit around and not watch and everything else that would like to watch. Well watts -- about the Olympics that that's that's will be for me to be honest and it somewhere in the middle. It's the Olympics -- you gotta know all the teams if they got a chance to win right. Have -- local flavor so -- gymnastics -- girl from Needham they got a good shot went. Check that went out and Comcast -- great series on because -- they don't have curling the winter thing throwing just locks me it's like jaws when it's on TV. For some unknown reason acts you know curling is come on I'm watched. About shooting no man doesn't shooting got to go -- five time US Olympian Kim roads built. -- road as the favorite to win the gold for UUS. Know which is good. Are -- preminger she's from the US Kerry said locally and in the Olympics when your local you're from the country eleven. Here's the question. Where your for your country what -- -- -- moron over on the US model. Is morons root against men's basketball now but if you're from the US Olympic team your local. The competition is from different countries so you're rooting for year old country. Well local to me means somebody who lives kind of locally. So if -- local. Ago interest it but for the most part it's gonna be basketball. Below gymnastics -- -- -- water Paul which gets me excited about the games I don't know what's going to stay with Erica I'm attracted polls. To be a couple of feet. They jump up they got the upper bodies of the work I will be. Give you a few different events if I even know what. What would trampoline involve a C a trampoline event happening next Friday and Saturday. How do you judge -- it -- anyone ever seen in this light in my that out of whack with the Olympics. What the -- trampoline. And he got the marathon which we have and and finally here's the line I would do this canoe sprint. Not it's not enough to be in a canoe. You've got canoe sprint if you're not a sprinter Lou cycling through new -- swallow that cycling around a little track but -- know it's kind of exciting. Cycling BMX cycling -- cycling tractor three -- Olympic cycling -- track the theory that they detract. Of course the sprinters. -- -- that you'd like -- thank you asked about the strategy offers you an aspect but I would say for certain events basketball. Track and field. Maybe soccer if it's on and it's good match. And so or 8910 I'll call it a basketball 9 AM a lot Sunday morning talk how late Saturday united not -- what that's Olympic team. I wanna watch them track and field and and -- all the stuff. On my wife is all into which watch and a Comcast special. She's all excited about the different the gymnastic events of people that that you watched -- -- -- to -- accident at three words for you -- women's beach volleyball talk to me. I don't know a -- out against apparently. See when that starts on -- still you -- a little Internet phenom from Australia the little dance she does before. Thank you you'll watch it and you realize and then underneath you read the girl's nineteen a couple of really doing. -- -- The video of the songs. I think it's -- got to -- -- on -- show up on binary -- that Texas -- speed walking. Do we hear of all the business right meanwhile all the business that goes on in in the Olympic village used to before it -- that a 150000. Condoms. We always we -- he go to the trials rate US when you win you really excited about. Potentially Olympics -- you more excited to go to the dam village he can mean a lot of extra curriculars there. You read that story about big these gay people get on their events -- only stay in the village. And it's like this 24/7. Orgy people in and out of this blow. It that's let's talk about I had no idea ever -- Hope Solo is basic brag about it in this historic 150000 -- -- that they're not sure they get enough. Nevada limping nearly of -- and everything else calls to -- columns. Written Johnson shoots. You think canoeing is bad they professional speed walking Google if you break stride or jog your out that is the most not sure it's Olympic or not I don't see speed walking a mile an external US awkward thing in the world -- never watch a second you never seem like a -- no lock and -- it. Go watch or not -- YouTube and up. Street blocking and tents it's just ought buck and get their -- small -- it's -- that we applicants sport capital idea again of freaks me out a little bit a month says -- you guys are sending in events that are. On my list -- cannot be epic. I don't archery is that started today. And someone -- line won the gold medal at a bad it is an event okay -- backyard. Fence sings an event that ex couple weeks. Not arts -- a little bit too much. Where to take a break I see a call from Scott in the car amongst the calls are on board saying they no trampoline so we come back I hope we get an idea what -- trampoline. For Olympic event onyx and all your phone calls until 2 o'clock at 6177790850. Uncle when you're.

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