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Ben Cherington talks about the trade deadline

Jul 27, 2012|

Mut and Merloni talk about the Ben Cherington interview and what he should do at the deadline.

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I hear from bench Eric in here just the second it's not -- ID 37 WEEI start in baseball today. Tea right now on the 11 o'clock now we're gonna get to some football as well saves the east is fascinating this year. What do talk some guys involved these teams in the 11 o'clock -- our guy Campbell lark at noon of course. Everyone's favorite game over under at one point a lot of Red Sox questions for wonders. Our bench -- earlier today would be antsy about the upcoming trading deadline for your Boston Red Sox. And it so. Which that we spend more time in the room each other about deals -- -- you have thirty or forty phone calls. Other in Europe or the so. -- are continuing. You know congress subject matter those proposal. You know and some rather than doing. What we do this weekend. Out of -- and as your approach been been etched in stone and determined that is buyer or seller or will this weekend in New York help determine that for you. What we have to do you were so -- of the mindset. You know -- look at where we are standings it's situated. Services that are right ahead of us -- -- purchase. We don't believe there's there's there's any of those -- -- -- better certainly it certainly more sound. Though and that's exactly or not they -- out -- aren't. You know you're an NRA. And war. Or you know turn away that would improve -- chances of winning an a or via. The charity basically admitting to add this weekend is going to be a long way deciding what they do you and I half wonder the as a Red Sox fan should be rooting against them. To win this weekend that you get to that deadline in trade off some of the parts that are not necessary for a team not contending. I'm not trying to fix the whole thing here Lou but I'm saying if you get to that position. It's -- to trade pieces off that you can't use get something for turn. Does not help the process. They don't try to Beckett or get a Crawford right doesn't start the -- is a real. -- -- -- -- I don't think it helps pick by getting rid of these guys you gonna get that prospect back that's gonna make it worth. Two months. Of sending a message to your fan base you know this -- you you know how it works. Okay so you're gonna video -- here even after six games out in August 1. There's a ton of teams you gonna continue here -- from bent it we have a lot of talent this team. You know I don't think the return of your sweetie shop -- go to regular aren't you out of -- Cody Ross's of your bullpen guys a guy like Eric cook. I just don't tickets it's and it's gonna get back enough. This -- say yes we're done we're gonna play out the stretch final two months analysis organization doing now. Instead they're gonna say you know is that prospect worth that or do we have a team that could make this crazy sort of run. That potentially they do have been not doing it. -- with -- lest the polar ball the way they are but you know the these guys -- -- has seen. A lot of these guys at their best. And then when you do that you'd think that there and you just waiting for the come up. So I don't think the return they gonna get some of these guys by selling. It's gonna be enough for them to sit there and fought for the last two months it's and that -- the fan base we we know audit -- this organization works and it starts to happen. Here is a blue print your magical run for Japanese phone calls he got 63 games left. Usually if you look back at the AL standings the fifth place team in the American League as a league not a division as they lead. Is about 89 wins do you think it'll probably take 89 wins. To get that final wild card spot into one game playoff. That -- gotta go 43 and twenty over your final 63 games if you wanna get to 89 wins. On this 63 games you've got left. 42 against these winning records. 27 over a third. Are against the top five teams in the American League yankees Rangers angels. Tigers and the Oakland a's are also one of the top five teams the American League. And you got seven more games on the road the need you at home. So that's that's what stared down the barrel on oh by the way. About 20% of your games down the stretch against the Yankees nine of those Yankee Stadium. So that's that's. That that's the road to the playoffs that's the road to 43 twine goes through 42 games against the top five teams in the. Five really I mean in Oakland has gone an amazing run to get the report when -- out. Get a goal 303628. The rest of the way. Which -- eight games over is no question about it but they won an amazing run just to get there. And that's why I don't think knew that the leader of the wild card. The winner of the -- could -- and one. Look at the American League. You know army and this is so much parity -- that that I think 808586. Connection gets your plane game for that plane game. We get into the playoffs yet it's chaos. Well and that means those. If you think that that 85 wins is gonna get -- in to the sec while it's hot damn close in five really sick that means LA Oakland and Detroit. Are gonna go what thirty and thirty basic 500 baseball on the stretch you believe right now those teams are gonna go about 500. Or two of those three teams. Mean that's on what can and here they -- 54 wins the angels do and I got sixty some odd games to go and Oakland's in the same spot Detroit 53. You'll get sixty games to go adding thirty to that to get around your. 85 number per second while cart. It's kind of hard to imagine that almost teams are gonna go 500 you're gonna get enough to pass them. There's a pretty good teams right there. And even then in middle we talked about earlier this week. It's not just -- teams are front and it's the amount of teams got to sort of leap frog and that's what makes it's so tough and yup that's what this weekend is so important. 6177790850. Jerry's in a -- -- up when Butler hi Jerry. Jerry how are you meant. -- -- and you really does speakerphone -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey did you Jimmy I don't I think -- -- and admitted today he does though. Well I don't expect all you law. And -- -- -- it. -- What. It. I don't feel -- all. -- -- All right I sort of outweigh what -- Boy. I think. Jobs. Are about. I don't -- the I'm trying to figure out. What what's Ryan's plan -- Minnesota. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- None I'm just saying -- -- planning beat I believe people are people out there in Oakland can't figure out what help Billy -- is banking because he he trades away these. No great players it's a bunch of prospects. And then elect a cable got to regroup at this prospects and then try to weigh all the prospects for another group of prospects. 0000. It'll work out. I don't think you get an eight to have a Red Sox all the moment you meet a problem on a the. But the point is -- is that. Is that you really don't know what the plan is and I agree but to me a general managers and rocker come on here and a -- show. And say that we are done I'm gonna unload each and every player in his team. You know I mean but it would be nicer and that's not his job. OK come on to say it would -- A kid that's. I don't wanna hear that from him either now want him to -- appear one and to say that things that he did. -- -- some somebody pops -- -- say I'd just be honest with everybody and tell us that you were under performing and it doesn't look good and was your bank can do. I apparel at GM coming on in morning -- were done. As far as the plan goes I don't know what it is. It's not Penn's job that Tony. Really what his game plan is. It's one to do next acute. We'll see what happens I will continue with your phone calls that 6177790850. To all free 8885250850. We start with the Red Sox and the importance of this weekend. And what they do against the Yankees back to your phone's keypad here.

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