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Jerry Remy: Red Sox have difficult decisions to make next week

Jul 27, 2012|

NESN Red Sox analyst Jerry Remy chats with John and Gerry about the big series this weekend against the Yankees. Jerry also shares his thoughts on what he thinks Ben Cherington will be looking to accomplish before the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline.

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Budget by ARS restoration specialist property managers and insurance -- depend on a RS to cover all the disaster race is when it comes to 24/7 emergency services. Swing on to a RS serve dot com to see what they can do for you. Also. By dragon speech recognition software. Dragon makes it easier for anybody to use computer you talked it types. Visit get dragon dot com and by Lexus of Watertown inviting you to a new level of excellence 1800. Goal -- Jerry joins us on the AT&T hotline hi Gerri good morning. Good morning from New York how are you I'm going to great does whether. The weather see right now is okay. Does New York matter in terms of the Red Sox disposition -- being sellers or buyers. By 4 o'clock on Tuesday or do you think they already have been met in their mind what they're gonna deal. I think they probably already evident mine with a got to do and you know as far as buying and selling I mean. If this selling big selling to try to improve not only this year but the next ship and you know ID -- You know the position they're in right now I mean that's the not even in the wild card on right now. So I mean it's it's it's kind of difficult to say what they're gonna do I. You know I would think any move they make. In a big market is going to be designed for both this year and of course they keep coming up so. It allowed to see how it goes down you know it's weird I mean over in New York group were almost a hundred games. In this season for the first time it doesn't feel like in new York Red Sox rivalry because there's you know -- -- -- the -- So it's it's a very strange feeling being here this time. The that the math. It is pretty simple Jerry there are 500 baseball team for the last two years in the last calendar year there 77 and 85. Right -- this look like a team to Utica and somehow catch lightning in a bottle. And go an estimated forty and 23 the rest of the way to get that last wild card spot. Well there have been no indication of that I'll absolutely none and and music and what you get. You know Beckett and Lester pitching the way they they're capable of pitching the -- buckles was pitching very well. You know I if I don't I don't see that you know about those guys that are around. And -- the latest post approach you know bit if there's a possibility distinct logo on it too good two week run. And that's that's what did you know what it's gonna take any team any one of the group -- teams. In a -- wild card spot so you know and I got to get Ortiz back I mean you look at the line at the last couple of days and in other string together of one Hillary in -- you know he did not putting together any run you know multiple innings. I'm multiple runs an inning and that just makes it that almost impossible to pitches there was -- -- -- time that they -- won that inning and you know the game's over so. You don't think it it's the one thing after another all season long -- -- -- in the latest. -- -- -- make excuses you know but the fact is he used in the lineup with a home run the RBIs. And I don't look like the same -- when -- united in this soap that that it actually series you know and they did the credentialing together anything's. With all due respect to how well David has played in your theory which I think is an okay one the fact of the matter is we have four months been saying wait till Ellsbury in Crawford gets back yeah I Ellsbury is back -- six and six since his return. And Karl is Oprah's last seventeen and seven of 32 in his nine games back that's made a big difference. Right not as amendments at all. And a crop it to me right now and still look like the crop of the last year. You know what that open stance and approachable way I'm a good solid contact. That Ali. Late in games because they're afraid of Boeing is about I mean it's it's you know it's the -- It's a total mess right now and -- one coming in here it's almost embarrassing coming in here being. You know this far behind. The Yankees and plan for a three game series. To a -- national TV and in and in you know I mean if they even if they went great. Anywhere rather it is still you know nine games behind them so it's. You know it's it's it's very weird situation and and and and in other you know you knew the schedule coming up -- going to be tough community had to play well and so probably they haven't. You think Bobby V will sit Crawford particularly against lefties and the place sabathia they sabathia tomorrow. He can't hit -- clearly has a minute let it left is for a long time but. He's twenty million dollar -- players so -- he feels like he has to play every day if you're Bobby V do you plan tomorrow. Maybe not. You know maybe not not that what is shown so far and you know I know valentines to try to get him in there as much as possible to to try to get to speed on the room. -- he hasn't played in so long but. I mean nothing would surprise move Valentine it wouldn't surprise me that he sent them. It wouldn't surprise me if he plays I mean you know I don't know what he's gonna do -- data -- about it. And I can imagine yes they would not a pleasant update forum you know -- about this you know this club with the state of the club right now. And we'll see how he bounces back today with after having a day off if he makes any changes. You. Give us your assessment Valentine's performance at. Yet it is a very good beyond a with a you know that I know that a lot of people letter -- the body in the you know but I think he's meant as a club as best we possibly can. And you know I authorities eyed -- excel is as far as the bullpen goes. I think he made what was going to be disaster look like a disaster to a very good bullpen. I've because game strategies are very good. I think you could damage I do I I I you know he's not he's not a Tito when it comes there relating to players. But you know there have been those animated one so I mean. Overall I think it'll mean that made of the department they say but I think he's not a good job. Cody Ross. Ryan Sweeney Daniel involvement if you're the general manager -- you move would you keep we talked about Beckett we talked about Lester -- -- not -- anywhere -- just told us. He's taken no calls on on. Beckett -- you spoken to -- about whether he would. Vito with a 105 powers would you do as a general manager Jerry. That image of its -- above -- pay grade. It -- way above. I don't know I mean you know. It's I don't I I consider moving guys like snobbery and you know guys like that I can see that but you don't use is you've got contracts. With guys like Crawford and Edmonton you know cartels Prius coming up -- God knows what he's going to be able -- him. So you know maybe that's the -- you -- I don't know. Is that is it to be likely to stay in your Boston is right you know I don't know I don't know I don't know even know what his feelings are about that. So is -- you know they've got they've got some tough decisions debate and -- in oh. I guess. I'm not sure what the the election they gonna -- when this is you know we you holed a couple of weeks ago that they they at a decent run against and it means. And you still in the heart of the while opt out thing in and that would have been very in its decision because they would definitely be trying to. -- approved this club I I don't know right now where. You know what direction that really wanna go. It went that we know and you know I think you guys agree that you don't grow up embossed meaning just you just can't do that. And end so you gotta be very careful on the kind of deal that should make. -- to going to be you know winning deals for you in the near future in the very near future. Well you know everybody know Scott -- track record when he has a player that gets to free agency he takes him to free agency and explore every single dollar they can rub it Ellsbury is a guy who proved he can play here at the Red Sox lately have been get giving contracts to people seek Carl Crawford seed John Lackey who we aren't sure can perform under the white hot spotlight that is Boston. -- very to me would be somebody you would break the bank caucus he's proved he can do it here. The other problem know what that is you keep them on the field yes well I'll bet that a problem. And and and I think -- companies haven't taken consideration but all the nature of the -- the nature of the injuries and -- like a hamstring -- -- I mean you know Beltre -- -- -- his -- and guys they'll on the shoulder -- is just the fact that -- -- but again he has the last couple years missiles all season. He missed after the season and you know there's. Are you gonna get it I got to get a repeat performance of what you have last year. And those are all things a big -- Soto you know when they're gonna laden brick about it or this guy. And that would be a very difficult that it would be dramatic because I'd be you know I don't know -- repeat what he did last year. Maybe not but -- to begin postal probably. Weekly commodity he'll let that's another important thing I mean he's just so many games. And but -- can tell it's gonna be at albeit a self -- that's what should yeah it might be a tough sell for the Red Sox. Run dog did you care when you play into whether a teammate is starting pitcher. Talked to the press do you think the teammates Pedroia and these guys care. That -- Beckett blows of the media. I don't think they care at all I really don't mean. Some guys probably better off not speak to the media and it you know I would be you know I would I would myself personally be accountable. And sit there and and explain -- what went wrong in what happened that you. Know. I love tell people was -- But the fact is that some guys probably better off now and he might be in that category and -- you know he's got himself in trouble before. He's not in the best moves after games when he loses. And even when he wins you have -- know what's gonna come out so. Would have bothered me as a teammate now -- -- -- -- and and I play with guys like that that didn't rocketed in detail what. Up when we were having that discussion about needing to goes up like forty and 23 I failed to point out that the schedule is not in the favor of the Red Sox either 42. Other final 63 games Jerry are verses teams with winning records up and 27 of those are against the Yankees Rangers angels tigers and -- yet -- -- not good. But and a -- on the some of these 456 teams seven teams in front of them are in front of them are gonna want a roll that into the Red Sox can't go -- LA I mean it was still waiting for that mean in all right that team right now that it's gonna go on the Roland and nobody nobody jumped out you know -- -- -- And you know to productive -- -- baseball it's unbelievable. And you're you know you look at the standings read Genesis group all piled in together or none of them seem to get hot. I mean what they call it parity and guess of yeah oh yeah mediocrity. It might be that might be that it might be back in it and you know so it's it's frustrating to watch and it really isn't and it you'd Christian Powell. You know if you put together two good -- a baseball you're gonna be right -- -- -- him but they have been able to do that tension that you have as any other club. It -- we let you go with this I was thumbing through my TV guide and I see that NASA doesn't have Saturday or Sunday so that means you don't tonight's game and then just run party rampant in New York for the rest of the weekend set about it. I have a 12 o'clock flight leaving tomorrow that's the -- that at at at. I know it wouldn't be stay -- Todd and I know you wouldn't be staying late and I gonna breakfast first I'm not -- right up RMW watch in the night. Outlet Jerry Remy with -- -- element AT&T hotline for GL TE sponsored by ARS restoration specialist property managers and insurance -- depend on a RS to cover all the disaster bases when it comes to 24/7. Emergency services to an heiress serve dot com to see what they can do for you. By dragon speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anyone to use a computer you talked it types does it get dragon dot com and by Lexus of watered down inviting you to -- new level of excellence one. 800 Alexis.

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