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Ben Cherington: Red Sox will be aggressive at deadline

Jul 27, 2012|

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington joins D&C to discuss his approach to the non-waiver MLB trade deadline which is next Tuesday, July 31st. Ben also talks about the struggles of Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford, along with trying to get a long-term contract done with Jacoby Ellsbury.

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I joining us some AT&T outlined AT&T forgy LTE Red Sox general manager bench -- -- good morning about -- -- you know. -- just to gauge which -- weekend's gonna be like how many different phone conversations would you guestimate you're gonna happen between now and Tuesday. Just a round number. Well to that it is we've been running and -- -- -- -- We that was some more time in the room each other -- deal in numbers you have thirty or forty phone calls. Other in Europe or there's so. We are continuing. You know congress subject those are volatile. You know and some other considering -- move would do this week. -- I was basket and as your approach -- been etched in stone and determined that is buyer or seller or will this weekend in New York help determine that for you. What we have to. You were so -- You know when you look at where artists and -- I guess particularly. The that are right ahead of us are purchase. We don't believe there's there's there's any of those -- there -- better at certainly it certainly more out of though and that's exactly -- not a. You know -- out of -- You know in -- saying yeah more or. You know fairway it's that would improve our chances of winning and those who argue that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know return arm it's a short -- we're getting aren't you -- relatives. You know where you are -- Electric -- -- -- organizers -- We feel this is. And there's. There's the other interests are -- right. But. You know it we all in my oldest. In various human lap -- -- -- so little that all orders and it's got to be Smart about getting out. Human -- long term. To try to get a little -- tomorrow. But -- that doesn't mean there are ways to have -- it's our -- do it. Wise manner analyst and prudent manner and you'll let it work to -- here. Ben does the schedule matter at all as you make this decision does that play any factor that I'm looking -- of the 63 remaining games. 42 of them are against teams with winning records and of those 42. 27 are against. The Yankees the Rangers the angels the tigers in the athletics does the schedule matter. Well -- matters. Where -- -- is you physically and concerned there's. -- gains in that are. Sort of simple statement let. That is and so I think it matters. In the sense that it we wanted to do well against the better in Italy twelve hours. Before the the biggest the biggest thing they -- that is you know. Getting aero guys reforming or. Certain ways to improve ourselves there is some. You know figure so the better chances against the schedule police say it's. Then -- will be focused. Then we all know. That Josh -- to 105 guy could veto any trade have you checked with him and as he given years is would he be willing to accept the trade or is that something you don't you do use a subject you broach. After you have the parameters of a deal in place. And we haven't -- inside there and -- Arthur Evans is news. You know I I think we have to see. -- that you can. He would serve. Our servers and everything Europe particularly our men and you know when. When you have guys that. Any other form quite layer -- or or or. Our salute successes and what we hoped it would work you guys are in the hours ago talk about our record or. And Lester this -- an -- at Harvard here. You know that's said he -- starlet and improving things. And -- Sanjaya factor. Office. Is not. Garner several groups -- acting to recruit for it and improved internal they're accurate citizens. I think receivers stuck in neutral we Arctic -- that there are tensions. Are is mentally -- What do you what do you what do oh sure. So what are you hoping to add -- -- starter and. Oh well you know contend here are in the it's not area it's. It's clearly a seller's market and -- start this so. There's no. -- certain you'll be able to do anything or are certainly working there are ways. Prove ourselves an area where that this is deciding yearly. The start this disparity here as -- work purposes that aren't. You know the course urged us. Or some processes are and jobs are -- -- way to help. Our interest all parts it's better for others -- are disease as well as the -- -- The players they got about. Through listeners that there are armed with these are harris' -- a year or. Notices are in the Oregon and start. Try to find a way to get the best -- our guys out there including its. There is the season. Well what evidence so what makes you think you're in contention when you look at the standings that obviously your -- and have back in the division you get seven teams in funny yeah. In the wild card you're below 500 for the first time this late in the year for the first time since 96. When we sit here and watched then I got the thing most people say. Sell sell sell it's a sellers market why not be a seller what why do you think you're and the chance that. Get your act together and get back in contention. Well look at the you know but. Into the -- are. Well are. That the numbers. Powers. The orange and it is seers tower. Made -- that the entries here. Are repressive. It is. -- That the numbers. Bigger challenge. Ever seen. There is apt to serve. -- -- -- -- -- -- Losing its what was there are at all -- absurd it is it does make for hours but I think the reason that we. -- now as a you know where there that happened -- are or how -- -- -- -- -- on -- at a little while cart series. And hopefully -- movies some things that offer. You better. Four by Tuesday. They're aware -- and doesn't sacrifice. In the long term but. Every day is that leaders are -- just there's just. Reject and we have every day. We. Who all announced Tuesday it'll. -- all -- but -- wonder if things go well characters it was a massive. That I believe I have these numbers correctness is the wild card era began the fifth place fifth best team in the league. Has averaged 89 wins so the questions -- simple what mathematically do you think this team has the potential to go forty and 23 the rest of the way. Well yes because. We -- it stresses over. Remember yours as well over about six is now. We -- Americas here and -- the there are -- players. You know at it I think it's. As I look at -- you know. It could be that eight in January it takes. They get that. -- our. It could be. It could hear it that way fair and proper grammar obviously. I don't think we can. Only lead and make our. You're planning to announce Tuesday. Entirely based on. With the best record and there's years. Look at. More objectively what what is likely it is that stricter -- here. What -- -- is so what are the top five record. And right now so we believe we we. Your chance to get. Five record. -- -- Is. Or now this is where every day that. Either. Improve our dollar -- Honestly are. Would you agree that a handful of these teams in front of you probably want her to were three are probably gonna catch fire and and go on that kind of run. What areas. Apart -- why we we feel it. We need standard. And -- other chancellor and I'm not sure that any you know whether it's. Any better test signal on -- current talk about it. -- -- We just we believe or how they're more sound. In order -- -- our current. This is much more I think sense and other local dealer moves in -- it's certainly in that cluster. Played -- -- a police. So. That you know those areas for ourselves. We get it it really is. It's if -- legal position -- -- they're true or not it is our approach. As a admired most most every year I've been here -- of opposite -- pretty clear. Yeah overturn it through them is that. Yeah you know this is that this this this this there aren't a little bit more than our approach it. Where where where certainly looks so focused on going well and doing everything in -- many -- Then I know that waving the proverbial white flag is not in Red Sox ownership or Red Sox management DNA that said if this team at some point that this decides it's time to retool. Mean essentially 500 T-Mobile last two years and if it's time to take a new approach. Tell me if this doesn't make any sense stick with what you have stand pat and see if the guys who were underperforming the Crawford the Beckett Lester all the anybody music as underperforming. And somehow in these remaining 63 games. Get better. Be productive and raised their trade value because right now which pretty low. It makes sense to keep them and then perhaps in the off season C a third more options available to you based on their improve performance does that make any sense. Life I agree news most of the you know our foreign. There are historic global arms that are so personally -- about -- that they should. The fact that level. At school they're focusing -- -- If you have every chance. Performing in the -- it is not necessarily. Sort of trying to copper traded. Is it replaces that there are is that. It's well first and foremost because. You know. We're we're personal formal vote our way here at present. Now you know there's there's this secondary -- It'll Blackberry -- I think you know or do it. So well so we are ever considered critical player. We are certainly. Rather avoid. Or. They're we've -- these -- -- -- couple issues out there over the -- our country's economy. Would you agree that you have some pretty attractive guys if if yours if you're gonna sell if you decide to sell that. Contending teams would like some of the guys I don't know many stars -- talking about you know. Shoppach Sweeney and -- Stephen Ross guys like that there has to be some demand for them right then. We got a bunch also. You know we've talked -- -- -- a lot of leaks and a lot of it is. A lot of hours was that he. About -- some ideas there. Certainly play together in the other sort of like. Right now like in short we're looking to improve our take away our. Mark said earlier this week they're but yeah a certain certainly does the caller -- Larry told us last week there was a marlins' Cody confirmed it was a Marlins go up -- looking at Carl Crawford. Got everybody kind of excited that you might be -- -- it out from under that contract. Then did the deal they made with LA shipping Ramirez to LA does that. Did that mean that the there were no longer interest in Crawford to that possibility get taken up the table when they made the deal with the Dodgers. Well I have it all over Florida. About proper. Is that you know. National Serb areas there it went out there and there's truth is it is that. Here -- lower power station. Or console was. It didn't work the work trucks. Though it didn't go anywhere in America. You know unfortunately as that is it's from currently there are -- -- I've got out that -- or at all so while there's never. -- would never -- you're never did he do it. We haven't heard conversations. -- -- they're so well I don't know the answer questions but. I think there are so -- -- is it. It's -- That were just. Anybody that. Has there are not the ordering the way it will when this first. There and hope for reform and reform -- -- well what can help us and they enter. It. Well it's -- -- me. There are traitors or are skeptical audiences he as well. -- German Lund bled from ES PNC calls -- Crawford a twenty million dollar -- Platoon player and makes the case that he's among the worst outfielders in the game and hit lefties. Including me in Tampa the last couple years in Tampa. Are you ready to. It will allow I guess the manager did just planned against -- seek we'll leave. Become a platoon player I mean obviously there -- more writings and lefties -- get a lot at bats but. He's been inept against lefties are you gonna. -- and stick someone else out there when you face a tough lefty such as sabathia on Saturday. Well let that -- the body. I -- I can't I can't rule out thorough sitting there are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about our callers. Is over its pursuit of the first places that you know on the news. Anyway what have these days but he struggled the last. In your career -- well. Yeah -- is great struggle against. What the excuse career. Popular. You know where it's all yours. It is also. Talked about it it was. So two winners. If you're a lefty here. Thursday after 04 other operators. So. I was part of -- need. About Karl. It. The rays going from here -- -- unfortunately. Now -- lack of effort on his part. Unfortunately. Red and having. Nearly as much. -- -- Has ordered as you know Karl the more regular Carl -- Hasn't got on the way you orders do our part do. But the -- are over. As the long arm. To show people the -- -- when he wears at -- in January -- vote in the last. Animals but are there that let you -- You know over. That. -- -- -- -- Ben do you believe that Scott Boris no matter what you do no matter what you say no matter what you offer will take Ellsbury to free agency test the market. You know nobody has told so I just drag -- to indicate that right. Are there certain exceptions. -- -- lost their ideology does you know it's. USS experiences are. -- -- it is that there's been arteries that is our society tensions so any ethical. There's that recently we have. Adding that in any discussion with it. A year a year so are. Opposite opposite. With about so -- -- very. It you know it's spirited them -- a global professional. That you know. You know occurs. It makes sense that -- hiring others. Or -- Gordon next here. Right now I. You mentioned Oreo the well additives. You know the working area there are. All we have. However that's where they saw. Here. He's an awful lot of -- -- are there are ways to. Act at that. At the values will be -- it is -- -- now some of the local let's we're. We're just fortunate mark right now. You know -- -- -- -- -- offseason is so. About a. Have there been a lot of inquiries about Ellsbury is Tuesday approaches. We had called number guys there are penalized if players whose. Or dislike is that we're we're not where -- the mindset is you know removed -- players from our. As work. The best -- in the thriller or going backward likely it is -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Certainly is that a lot of interest. And while we are. Our -- recharge the cellphone keep the plug and I know you'll need between now on Tuesday thanks for taking some time this morning in Atlanta now for appreciate it. Venture with us and cal -- AT&T AT&T four GL TE was speeds up the ten times after the three GAT and T. Rethink possible.

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