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Carl Crawford has to deal with being dropped in the Red Sox lineup once again

Jul 27, 2012|

Carl Crawford’s time in Boston hasn’t been pretty so far. Is he ever going to be able to live up to that huge contract he signed back in December 2010? D&C open the show discussing this topic and look ahead to the 2012 Summer Olympics with the opening ceremony taking place tonight in London.

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TGI FTV time for Dennis and Callahan. -- -- -- -- -- I'm moved into today's Jerry Remy joins us here had your flash still fit into -- cal ahead. Bring it on Ichiro on 93 point seven FM. I don't look at the biblical western or not. A tough to. Voice or not you may watch only one thing tonight. You watched the opening ceremonies from London. Or do you watch cook verses Jews as the Red Sox walked into the lines -- and that is yankees did all ideal and that we have very tough choice watched the Yankees even now it's not a rivalry right now you know it's. Half games. Then about it it's a foregone conclusion in the senate Tino. In the girls from the view you're in the girls from the book club that once the opening ceremonies we Matt. We watch baseball and you watch bad baseball you have a 162. Games to watch you already watched 99 you've got 63 ago you've got two more with the Yankees including. A late Sunday night game that would go to about -- figure midnight overrun remember it well it's over and says Edward would do in the post game show Monday morning you know. Yes we are Campillo Red Sox money and you would you turn off the recessed in turn us on and we'll recap but for now be let X on the other and as sure you probably heard by now happens every four years. And -- and while I wouldn't be watching a bad -- or or archery. What you find the opening ceremonies sort of compelling magical. Well out of that magical but it's the isles of wonder it's interesting to see that in this day and age with all the technology all the light shows in the lasers in the coordination and and in all the choreography. What they're gonna do tonight called the Beijing Olympics. That was made that they were like in little boxes underneath the stadium into a pop up one at a time 9000. Chinese people on one field. It was remarkably coordinated they shortness of an eye on that were slaves that we have -- that he'd let. Me do all that's right. They showed this last and NBC nightly news they said it'll. In Beijing was remarkable opening ceremony will be -- -- -- -- and -- offer and they sure Beijing never called distinctly. All these weird things that get in the opening ceremonies that sodomy. It was four years ago. Four years ago seems like it's like yes that's simply nine months ago or your. Remember about the Beijing Olympics as they controlled the win. -- seed the clouds and I. I have to hand it to that is a great idea as acutely expose which is somewhere these clubs. Most common -- -- week and big fans that. Big like high tech things that we just said. -- Parachute jump from the eighty miles up -- over yet it and float for like three days we can do surgery on eight and and in the fetus is heart inside the mothers were home. We can't make its operating right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- School. Screw it doesn't seem that technologically difficult and on the other stuff we'd do like setting you know Jupiter and Mars Arenas probes. Into deep space race in Ohio State. -- yeah yeah doesn't operate I do respect the the Chinese for that for for controlling the weather and I think luggage to the saint. -- -- don't regret side Jerry says only real men watch baseball you don't watch the Olympic opening ceremony you -- you watching. Are you tell me when what time Kostis that's does the battle aren't quite. Its audit it Kostis had made me watch what time is it starts at 730 I don't know what time Israel is the Israel is ultimate. The Israel congregation marches and -- but you know what muted DVR it and that's that's the thing that's part of the deal either watch the Red Sox you watch the Olympic Torch out and watched the Scottish open from senior PGA. And a senior. British -- -- longer than on the opening ceremonies output by -- and then on Monday or you can recap maybe we did you know should should -- recap before or after -- -- the Red Sox injury report. -- who does it might take longer do the injury report other injuries. I don't even pay attention anymore of the injuries. But totally color Crawford hurt no no it isn't. You will be but there is a great piece from Jeremy -- -- I know that guy is but -- -- -- money on how Carl Crawford should slick the worst player in the Major League and the best part we wanna get this. Is he points though he was pretty bad. Before. It was just the only thing that happened is from tip from an awful. We against left -- we know where he was on it was a revelation. The Red Sox mister Milan -- and I'm -- Italy which is gonna get right to the you know. The Red Sox -- twenty million dollar platoon player they just haven't faced that back yen -- Crawford has always struggled against left handers among the 56 active outfielders. With 750 plate appearances against lefties. He ranks. 52. In on base -- or for worse right and which surprised me he's that high. The goes with it in the will those pre date is Red Sox tenure. Over his final three seasons in Tampa property at 2159. With a 65 -- against -- -- it's no surprise he has struggled he's hitting 196. Against lefty since joining the Red Sox. That's the second lowest average of any outfielder. Against lefties only David Hastings. Is worse than the -- -- deal replied pretty sure David DeJesus isn't make him 142 million is not Crawford -- seven of 32 in its first nine games back hitless in his last seventeen at bat but he can't and he looks bad right he looks that he looks as bad as ever. He can't hit lefties and Bobby's plenum. Against lefties at least for six or seven innings yes because he makes when he million a year and that's the only reason he's not putting his best team on the field. And as long but points out -- no better lumber you can always switch hitter can hit lefties Ryan Sweeney -- and it lefties they have a real -- -- it's not. Doesn't matter -- not in the race cannot content team but. This the mismanagement of the Epstein amazes me more Tuesday. It's like this guy -- SPN and probably Satan and his laptop. You know his cubicle. Dialed up those numbers up just. In in three paragraph yeah. Can make the case that that Carl Crawford is not even close to a franchise player not even close to a twenty million dollar year player. You read this and you say M babies five million dollar player you play him against Israelis. Play in seventh. He can run I know yet what the hell good is that when you have an awful OBP you can't gonna base he's one tool player. Who makes a 142 million dollars and on top of that. As sensitive feelings and as sensitive feelings where you can check camera on the lineup and he came -- seven. And and you can't yell at him. Have we not gotten to the point when we're assessing the nose job he's done here. To say. Was drinking. Well as you say that -- -- on something just by mistake shouldn't get more right -- this yeah. I mean just by the luck of the draw when you throw you know when you when you scatter the the seeds out there under the under the law. Should the -- little catch and throw it to me you know twenty million dollar year fresh shall he go to the short things. And not sure things that we name BP official things to play every day to play hard to produce some public Teixeira. All star -- -- and you get a economic analysts say he won't be soft. -- growth he might not be great. -- themselves in the and will be debatable whether he's -- would you agree yeah -- -- -- the the production will be there but the spectacular -- -- walking me anymore when the MVP he's not he's not a memorable point the drive and -- hundred you know 27. Probably home arms. He'll have a streak like he did the couple says 0400 where east player of the week choreographer of going to be player that doesn't seem to get it doesn't -- -- So if you wanna be more discouraged by the five and a half years left on Crawford's -- read this. Les Daniels say everything's all the time and say. You know even like you. Any racer -- Carmine tellem anything that karma did it and you vote of the little walks in the on the -- and their cubicles over there. Potency. Can't lefties he -- you can't have left fielder -- -- a part time player we don't all need our. You don't need him at all. Mean if you're. If that Padraig and four million years say you think about that cock Cody Ross and and every one year three million. If you have that kind of plates and that's it left and -- -- getting your money's -- you wouldn't be but to be taken the chance and we -- well a chance to lock a month for seven. I mean it's a it's it's remarked they are remarkably mismanaged team. And I you know we can ask and cherry tentative o'clock it'll -- -- when he was on board and I'd sure give us the company's answer. But if you're a baseball person -- -- -- -- -- you work in. As any pride you'd say catchers and -- see this coming to see how that move that you know what I laughed out -- two nights ago I laughed out loud. When Carl Crawford tried to put that bunt down and did we hear that when he had the the bad wrist in the bad elbow in the bad that's the bad that. Was working on bunting in Fort Myers that we are a lot of bunting practice who have worked on bunting bunting bunting getting on base get on base somehow drag the case -- be slapped the ball in the hole. His first but a -- thinks he came back to where. He popped it straight up the and popped it up and they didn't have good form. No good fortunes got a lot of pop it's not easy out and you know I'll come back the public about sort of like the guy like gentry devotes who said squeezed. By the way which Ramey says and other people's it was doing the Red Sox favor when you've gone there listened to a fourth inning and they squeeze some changes. Simple explanation they thought gentry was gonna get on those things he's passed this bill -- was surprise. It was a good play by shop. It was on that little harder he's on base he does make. But and yet I digress but things -- apparently did not offer cro crop 6220. -- you -- I don't want to want to rise -- today. But the amazing thing is if -- were streaming player. -- wouldn't hesitate to put -- and or potential idea is Cody Ross has put him if he's Cody Ross he's sorry lefty today Europe or right he's pitching you're at night right so you compound the problem. -- -- Play him because he expects to put money that they gave yeah got a fortunate that corner it's it's it's nuts and now goes to New York. Like on Saturday. Tennis against sabathia and to be on national TV and I mean it's it's like. They need you know three guys to get him out from under the bed in his hotel and and does he reach base Saturday against CC. Yes I don't know. Maybe fields choice disease while the it's keyed up because they caused it yet that's the got to show and a second. And just run is that self beat the double play so you say yes I say he has such a high apps though reports that suck up and it is a good question. Here's what happens -- my prediction doesn't play. Doesn't play -- some now at some point -- -- say. My teams on the field against the best team guy whose plan right I mean left. It might be now and on the wants 48 against lefties can't lefties he -- a better deal there it is and you know what I do believe he can walk. That much can walk. Maybe it was up there in walks and he could probably on two so I think at some point Bobby. What's the best team he has on the field. And it doesn't include -- 61777. -- 0850 to a free number 8885250850. Is a free form Friday it is also. A giant glass photo caption on. And it's 6 o'clock I get out on my Twitter account John Dennis WEI. Today's photo caption contest photo -- would be to re -- it in a minute to check me out a -- and it's 6 o'clock. Giant glass photo caption contest all lines are open 92 time out Ben Carrington will join us at 805. The red dog sometime after that talk a little baseball we'll talk a struggling Red Sox will talked patriots will talk. Low. Voice messages from Jerry sandusky yeah you talking about in creepy from beyond the grave ha. Although it is a ski in 2011. Which creeps out Ian -- two weeks before they arrest the fast and I imagine this close. Post 336. Missiles. We we did random numbers. And -- -- time to turn known to recover now we we estimate more than 300 yes assaults and acts rapes from this guy. And he. The -- and like nervous like the company get means the policies come he knew the part that that's true though he were baying at the -- it was about Andy are still trying to cultivate his victims. Unbelievable but Franco harris'. He he wants and this was an actually an attack he -- grooming. Religious grooming. His victims a thirty groomed this desk while 92 time all that more DNC.

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