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Thursday, July 26th Whiner Line

Jul 26, 2012|

Bill Belichick... already in post-season press conference form.

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My view was excuse views expressed and expressed. My life these cars like ET TE Chris Cox -- -- -- this discretion advised. Morris. Is now. -- -- Hi American land there and I imagine -- from China and now. You're really good -- there. I didn't mean that a sexual way. But not but it wasn't Rodman WEEI. Who Maureen you're lie and I didn't sound and there. Well I would either. Because dancing in front of -- it was one of the most embarrassing moments -- -- dial 6177793535. Enough and I get at IKEA classes. All the time. So you don't even remember which. This we're not the only one way to fix that. That is burned in my memory you can stop now whiner line and I didn't yeah it's sorry. And now look -- the way things should -- Not a problem. We'll move on the lady actually. And now once we got. I don't know who this. Off all cash I'm -- That I'm familiar with that WEEI. You -- Dean in new whiner line. Apparently -- Ricky didn't get the parts in mentioning it by how it's gonna say you get the the whole thing that underrated part of that whole exchange -- focus -- -- Robert Kraft had that he's dating her. Under a part of things that she -- if I. It's terrible. Ever sat at a course you get -- -- that she's supposed to be the professional. Study was pretty good -- -- and. Shooting at the -- of Mikey Adams is it David posture is this evening -- -- short -- some parts of the -- we have here -- weren't here yet. And -- everybody Braintree you know where I don't script once I've been there. Two great blue -- I'd like Dave's currency movements in the blockbusters. Have you. Yeah the other -- here all night and -- orca. It's as if there's like there's. Three -- during. Spring. -- that's what it is. I white alliance powered by -- at JW yeah I've -- it's available to -- undergraduate Blackberry device it's brought to you by AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to. Metered rate faster than three GE it's eight. Rethink possible. You'll get just some food or -- you you've settled down no. Right writers here so in order we're gonna make sure you get right when he wants its own. Our business of an old and you invited writers out there. Think sometimes but it's it's just cut out because you cut -- yes you do you're gonna make. Anyway the inaugural ticket to Vegas right Vegas what about the Vegas. Got a lot of negatives you product a lot of things. -- -- -- Africa -- I. There there but Saratoga by perjury and fraud but is only okay that's. Exactly. But -- let's just hover around. Well it could well have been over why it and we don't want cop Monday -- -- you know because this problem. And this message. -- -- -- -- -- -- And those are -- fully giveaways all they've checked for ligament in real don't forget if you get what was it if you Wear and or certain amount of runs or what is. Have you heard that place these they probably and him out at the -- -- -- use it. On this one are you get a free you know again some NBA games -- team scores a hundred points get a free through -- what they're a little bit obnoxious but think about it the next couple years. They may be welcoming -- all suffered Fenway. -- -- -- -- One barker. -- About that. And it's only have to do we've lost I don't know them. Brought to filter which it had those innocent but I would still like those just those high notes -- twenty years. -- -- -- Indeed it apart now that they've adjusted medication. Maybe Mikey we have Steve from Fall River or hurt him last night. My viewership is suddenly is positive about the -- are about the Red Sox how does that making any sense at all which has been negative about everything over the years. We all -- championships and now slightly positive yet figured -- times when it comes -- -- opponents and that's what he's doing. Is that the game everything's better now that frank comes you know maybe that that's a good point recruitment director -- -- -- -- I didn't -- it into -- play by play a little Baltimore Ravens would. Bit the rock band didn't really really stuck it. Would have known as apple airport guy now he has changed I think he has the he's Gerry with a G. I think that's one distinction the other winners. To general. If he goes you know it goes by these things -- CC and ask yourself right now if I did you call if you call for reservation at a restaurant yet you're not get neglected cats that you call. To make a reservation at a hotel. You're going to a different hotel is at war work for the browns some that it one point used to -- for the browns much. -- enraged cop out -- a practical matter. Probably am I get that we've had kept the bad guy up product -- happy. You'd better. -- had faith that couldn't have -- black. And tea what pages that. The -- just follow this this whole. Joseph paternal thing don't they they just whatever it all in line rules say the same thing that -- cult was the best word. They're sort of -- here got a perfectly honest people Fall River since if you like a team Steve doesn't. And if you hated team Steve likes. Well contrary I have an answer just that the ultimate can turn -- back. Go the other way. The NFL football season as a -- All -- -- we have watched. Cobb and Collins joined his wife brilliant -- same. And meg gonna -- lot of golf don't know what -- one positive about it. You can get that he's normally very old idea again and you. UW these guys are. But not the most entertaining. Thing in the World Cup like after being outweighed by anything that cut and the -- and in these times. And just meant to all -- guy loans guy is working hard Mikey don't you agree he's doing a great job it. -- doesn't have written testimony to fall back and forth -- the. A great way -- bit it is. Wasn't cool when you drink when -- were -- ahead there's we're all items and now I feel like why auditors now. I have more important one -- he's been out. I hope our object broke out. Retirement option for there's content and then. That is a great. I bet you don't doubt that very you know I'm sorry you know you're. -- -- -- -- -- Space citizens it was a minicamp. -- Yeah. Do you think about. -- and. And and that every money by knowing you'll hear built beginning a -- a week from next Monday two weeks from my plea from next month. It was such rules -- and I do I can register for -- a bit -- -- -- I have been here for what went that's occasional -- a felon you know -- does not ready I ready for patriots Monday right now. -- not that circumstances after the -- about. Pitches Tuesday now not ready for that answer judgment rather than they were today. Yet it I don't know hard to find news spoke bluntly you're site called ice based about what that meant I'm sure -- -- -- you know about the open and what could. Let me know -- didn't -- it is called I paid back. -- players you know in Twitter MySpace and all. Had been I've been. What might be backed up by one of. And then -- -- was seen might have Marjorie you seemed like he did say or markers out. Get -- players in Twitter MySpace and all yes in my. It's our eyes. You mean yeah I beat him well I'd like it was quite. Six. -- -- -- -- -- -- Have a nice afternoon. Often but -- -- great. And areas. That's an awesome group perhaps and I can now being written advocate no. Pat -- And now that's a group right there. Backed by -- back and act and the message. There are. Your record deal struck -- and then -- just. -- -- -- Do the big man. That there had been expecting pay back their. -- capital -- down. Good big man. Button -- and -- can't speak out. Lot of the Jefferson any real big Jefferson follower. Mormon moment and we I appreciate it I was what are you remember the episode where George was that Reggie Jackson's three homer game of the World Series. -- he had a chance to catch the third home run and dropped him on TV from that at no I don't remember there was claiming the the sassy housekeepers she -- the best. Yeah its course -- -- show. She was another -- It was an honest are abstract -- -- was a golf 27 Florida was show how that was Florida not Florida. State version. -- -- -- Let's try to Marla Gibbs again there's also there was also the episode where. Luke Lewis got the junior was trying to pick up -- to better high school friends that he was trying to. -- from George some great great -- don't make shows like -- -- guys. We package. It Larry you know and -- -- For -- -- man did lie and they. And protective I -- got. And it meant a pass on now. Yeah. It was one thing to play -- At Fenway but opera. And credit Warner have worn out their welcome and it's about time that I've dealt with. -- stereo equipment boys -- -- Paid by and they don't -- I'd go yeah I've they would if they wanted. But it's okay. It's a little bag -- -- 350 Michael it was instantly kicked. I felt like it was asking who the red side and office would make trade. Street John Hendrick and strict and I didn't do it in -- country who don't need to Obama. Yeah Obama and disconnected. Very few called west was -- what -- long. Not -- to cover his baldness me -- of Westbrook -- training camp opens one terrorist thing. It's about the design on this and buckle. These. Lawrence Welker is male will stay straight. Believe. Rally. -- well. It's -- It's not a -- -- I hope that next step backgrounds or should I -- your parents are out you guys -- programs Ohio public to be grabbed. You guys on -- for criticizing. Right the other day as it was not his best bet it was great -- he's capable. Of accepting the criticism again go to another of the program. You what -- was around pretty grabbed me heading grab me you know you're gonna regret. Jordan -- I enjoyed -- it's powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to two times faster than three GAT and T rethink.

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