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Looking at the Patriots Defense in 2012... have they improved?

Jul 26, 2012|

We look at the Patriots defense for this upcoming season, and wonder if some of last year's holes have been filled.

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I bet you're the picture let's get the simple culture might six point 7779. 0858885250850. We will play Bill Belichick. You're on a few minutes if you missed that is Tony innings where I don't -- yeah. -- I want to monitor the storm -- are on the patriot defense. All -- -- at least you are dressed pretty sure a lump. You can be president. And now Russia is Rudy got involved. You don't want to what was on Jakarta last year what was Mark Anderson last year. -- -- and neither one of these guys are here. This year so to me I'm intrigued certainly by Chandler Jones felt like I agree with Tommy current. I don't know how much he's gonna play this year how much he's going to be a factor. For Nene it's got probably will be a much bigger factor. But -- -- up until losing something with Carter and it is. Yeah I'm -- I don't know why we. If you you tell me Tony view if you're here it is -- you could talk about the past the pass rush are you one and and allowed you get intrigued by Sachs Gannett to bigs that you get excited about it. But why are we talking about sacks. And rushing the passer when last year in the secondary we saw Juliet -- man. And we saw Matthew Slater bigger -- and we saw. Sterling Moore. Get significant time in games so to me I wanna know. What have they done with the safety and cornerback spot they also -- a terrible performance for most of the year from -- according following a pro ball rookie year. I think those are bigger issues on -- I would agree but guys up front and -- I Dowling being healthy -- if you remember started that first game season. I just like groove armada to -- here to point to the fact that every time we get some good players. Politically acute in the -- they're -- want to -- a lot of money and and night you know the organization channel golf. That's okay that's the nature it's worked out pretty well for them over the years the -- not only just turned to agent and fines and they're obviously doing that. This year but that's the question nine you know like sixteen and -- sounds cute and maybe Pete Briscoe was was playing a little game -- all of them especially with the loss. In the in the super ball right but and I think people get excited. -- Jones and Emily hightower put. The draft -- It doesn't necessarily mean they're gonna -- here. And have major impacts -- this team you've taken Anderson and corner route I still wanna see how you make up for their production of Michael hit right on it. It's it's -- secondary they're secondary was so beaten up last year you know you were trying to find anybody on the roster. We're doing ourselves that they were not and they were attacked -- you have it you think about it you have. Matthew Slater factor playing. Art what what he's thinking is I just don't want it doing anything crazy yet I'm screwed up so. So they play a bit not aggressive they're not doing anything it just trying to do the job and stay and sometimes you see the safeties playing. Yards about 25 -- it's not an instrument. It just eight. They they truly were playing safety don't let anything get over your head but -- -- guys are in front of you go up -- Obama make the short tackle another guy mentioned I've got to match. James had a ball. -- great. Special seamer. Very tough player. A guy who can play in pain. You saw him many times -- shoulder or pop out -- Popper shoulder back in Islamabad gonna feel. But there's no way he's a starting safety in the National Football League so special that's the that's the key what are they doing their secondary because that was Israel today. After we're gonna make -- -- shall -- -- who's. Because we -- entitled to them on defense. What don't know what -- I'm not saying that. Understanding that they're going over to miserable. Or I'm not considered a -- in the Super Bowl but I'm saying is -- Briscoe his date with what they gotta do and I think. They tried to address it in the offseason. Through that either through the draft. Or -- rehab. Trying to just -- your guys back there Ras I Dowling. In America out there Patrick Chung missed eight games last season I'm healthy so that effective. And. And what are you -- them according how do you go from having the impact you had in your rookie season. To what he did last year I mean last year was a disaster for him. You know when you compare. What he was able to do in the first in the first season here as a rookie. So what are you get we get season one of according to we get season to. I I have no idea that's the big question at Texas says. The secondary with coverage so long. Had a covers along with no pass rush that may be true. About the pastor of a bit -- Astros to coordinate our river but even even if even if they had the cover too long. I would much rather a -- safety in -- -- quarterback covering two home. In a receiver masquerading as a state viewers a cornerback covering and -- I mean that's the issue of the guys we have back Beers and on the -- There's a tsunamis and Tom. Oh I know was up arm -- you guys don't get. Great -- on -- -- about 48. Call me and my question our -- are starting -- you go to vote for -- -- he -- -- About or you don't look like our daughter. And I don't like you all so early. Which are only pitching a fight these -- Right. What different -- that -- they aren't you see. Or read that sector are urged barter. Okay Tom if you had a team full of three starters. Out for number three starters. As a team full of threes. -- how would you feel about your team. Yeah no open how would you -- would you would you think that your championship team you've got a team if you don't have a guy that uses no. Is -- I don't have a short. On and I just Beckett. Well what Josh Beckett used to be what do you think what we think he should be if you don't have a CC sabathia did have a David Price. If you don't have a Cole Hamels Clayton Kershaw. That type of guy -- don't have one of those guys what do you think you're gonna do. They're all a little -- also. On it that we understand we understand their professional style but some professional pitchers are better than others that's why some professional pitchers. Can go out there and -- 1819 million dollars a year. Where others are making one million dollars a year. They're both professionals one is paid nineteen times with the guys paid Aziz that much better so if you have pictures that are capable of winning. You know fifteen to forty games those of the you're you're vintage -- pitchers top of the rotation guys. And the problem with the Red Sox right now is in September 1. Their top of the rotation guy number one and number two are seventeen. Games being low 500 that's their problem. But when you take out of the rotation. They only pitched fight he's. Right right OK it's not we're not talking about when they niche we're talking about how you rate them. So when you start the playoffs -- they and they Whittle it down to a three man rotation may -- orbit they try to get -- with three man rotation. For the playoffs you pitching the top guys in your rotation those are your best pitchers. So we talked not about top of the rotation the best pictures. For the Red Sox that's not in the case because that top of the rotation guys are seventeen games under 500 since the September 1. We're not even talk. On talk a lot like Mac because there at the content all on me out there are a lot of. On this Tierra yes he's had a lot of our major general. Just. The blueprint to act act on -- Right now all as one we are all blowout. I take an average richer I'd take -- I think Tom generally people are saying it -- numbers does an average for you wanna you wanna build your pitching staff. Around one of those guys you have one of those guys then you go from there it's much easier. It's much easier to conceptualize their entire they have a great a great starter a great eighties and a great closer. And it NSA. A residual effect. Because if you lose a few games in the -- combat that starting you could see the yankees those few games they throw CC sabathia out there and he pitches that GM goes deep into the game. The other thing you're starting usually do the top of the rotation guys look at the amount the number of innings. They're guys end up pitching to -- plus innings therefore you use the bullpen line. So you can rely more in the bullpen when your three your four and your fiber out there as a manager -- can pull that guy in the fourth in the fifth inning. You don't wanna be out there pulling. Your starter in a force in the fifth inning you know the Red Sox -- -- do far too much a lot of taxes -- -- asking why don't Obama. Remain try to be nice now. Recognize. Nice guy images that Thomas not a professional call a British working asking a question he's a number four Colorado may be notified trying to get to the top of the roads and does blow guys up like that. Gotta gotta gotta pick and choose packets I dug bullets out of the -- days since you female what's up of the rotation goes from former. Who hates everything he did it again hurt him last night -- Mikey. Last night and he's making that prediction that the Red Sox are gonna make this unbelievable. Are they gonna make the postseason and he. He always has been negative out of when he was negative -- the patriots and that is negative image of dialogue he's always they didn't damage he's always negative. About every team in the standard for some reason. Steve has picked this Red Sox team as the first team that he's gonna turn things around and become positive about. I don't know what US the case this play until the wrong -- yeah I just get that feeling. But leave it to Steve to do that I think you'll hear from bill ballot Jack. Am we have you heard dumped on the flash their audio tapes out there would Jerry sand dust eulogy here are some of those is William --

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