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Chris Price, WEEI.com, on the start of Patriots training camp

Jul 26, 2012|

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-- -- Yeah. -- -- I'll play again play again. Play it again but anyway yeah. Yeah Buick. You. Guy Mike Reese Bill Belichick will get hot tent down there at the opener and he wrapped it all went OK go go have fun out there that he assembled media and that includes Chris Pryce who does an awesome job -- in the patriots. And WEEI dot com he joins us on the ATP hotline. Go have fun out there today Chris. Now on the all that happened on -- -- that might as well have been a a press conference straight out in November you know what Thursday November with the titans or someone coming up it was you know we're back you're down and talked earlier in this space hero and here it is what it is and you know -- impact on the field but I. I erratic called fallen a press conference you'll get. You mean like you -- -- updated die. It didn't work out you wonder what's going on Brian Waters he's not here. I brought he's all right and -- -- the coach at throwing an article right. What I wanted it that you do -- interesting to hear him talk a little bit today about gronkowski in the -- hell. Social media social media now has support -- return a martyr and he joked about you know twenty years ago we didn't have MySpace. And that. It's still. You know that that's really one of the things that that the coach. Focus on now kind of going forward that that will these guys in the -- in their work on social media to the other and that was enters into us. It's just the fact that things have changed over the last couple years. When it comes -- can't you know that you'd usually we're used to it -- the -- about the question is so much as much earlier that. You weren't used to pull past the first -- that all changed blasters so we're training camp with a little bit different that it was you know for him. You for thirty plus years Belichick has been in the league and he didn't do one thing you know caught up yours. You've got to change a little bit input into the habit and kind of mixed but a little bit but really cute things that -- tight circle in the liberal press conference but but -- it would it was it would interest. Mid season form for Belichick -- was there a bit -- news there that maybe. You know he and Brian Waters Chris was an excused absence during that mini camp and Belichick said today. Status is not changed from mini -- seems that I think was his quote is that for us to believe that. You know waters the patriots have an agreement they can't say a public because they don't wanna offend other veterans against but waters is going to be here but it's an excused absence right now. -- that -- it look this is the guy who had a great. These electors this is certainly not a situation where duke players up there of the franchise over something that you articulate bright waters had but but I will say -- that there it would be great working relationship between suicide blaster. I wouldn't be surprised -- talking about this with -- earlier today. That you know what you've earned the right to work banker's hours you know this the -- -- in the middle -- -- political fifteen years they're guys who've done that across the -- they're well established -- you know Michael Strahan isn't the device immediately. Know -- didn't you know once they get to mid thirties they don't have to -- -- going into. Look at it -- waters are questioning his his credentials remember that the -- you -- last year and hit the ground running. So -- so that he played more offensive snaps. Been anyone on this team other than concrete so that the guy. Because you know the deployment which earned the right there if you skip a few days of training camp or do we keep the training camp right water. -- Chris kind of scary to think aboard the softens connection -- and -- really think about day one you're walking here you know you don't have. -- rookie wide receivers you don't have Chad Ochocinco trying to get this playbook down you have. The three guys you brought in -- Stallworth and Gaffney familiar with the system one reason or another. He sort of hit the ground running. Kind of scary thought we take a vote go -- opposing defense. Yet of the -- in team need to know that being. It is patently warmer world class secure I mean you're you look at Brady and you look at what he's been able to do without the -- like you set it there shouldn't be any sort of run up with these new wide receivers. In the spring yet Brandon Lloyd if don't anticipate any problem getting up to speed it up and from that little cut he would work to break any did not. He was ironic is that -- water has there been any problems at all there when you look at their background look at the work if they were put it typically would -- and what is fascinating guy for a couple of reasons -- -- -- which obviously you work with. But you know in the past you know is that. That repealing don't really it a lot of we respect the -- his career but also. The patriots have never had a wide receiver would bring in -- -- he's not only guy. Who use -- he. -- you not a speaker like Randy ball was in 2007. But either gonna go into football and you can like that it. You ought to convert those shall all better than anyone asking your New England so far other than small -- but also. He does something the more that mr. that you look at it career numbers. What a great job working underneath -- -- an intermediate and short -- are very well. I tote -- -- had ever had a wide receiver. We've -- kind of skill set to work with it could be interest -- secure pretty political about -- over the spring and that. You know he's he's a completely unique receiver and it's gonna -- -- creepy to trot imbued with pro day. There's people out there when the urge all situations. How deep that Maury can go and get it so poised for me it that is the guy really worth watching we know what -- -- into that stuff and it'll be double resource development. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're talking to Chris price WEEI dot com opening day patriots training camp a look at the wide receiver depth chart and you mentioned Gallic Brandon Lloyd yeah I think Wes Welker is they locked -- and after that some interesting names there and Chris is it. Is it fair to think that we're gonna come down to a spot or maybe -- Donte' Stallworth. And it Deion Branch. Are potentially battling for a final wide receiver spot of the fifth wide receiver spot out of the six the patriots are likely to carry heading into the year. Yes they've been great you know the at least as we sit here -- -- -- branch -- on his background is that knowledgeable. That it the global system and -- current record breaker not to -- slower but never really good working relationship -- treaty. But it being -- just offers you a little bit more. I don't think you with a coincident -- these stalwart for the first seven arts pictures we're working with special gamers over the stroke at the the guy who do everything here trying to stick the fifteen I think I agree with yet to pick on -- those -- -- and Julian -- is going to get an edge. Because of its special Olympic sprint and because frankly because he's shown something on defense but doctors are in English speaking but I think -- -- appropriate and -- I think if we sit here right now. Rain has to be considered the favorite part of what receiver. You were Joseph died being cut is interest in looked at the that the tight -- situation the running back situation possibly that -- situation Josh McDaniels does like you know -- doesn't BenJarvus eleven rushing touchdowns last year you get to that goal line. How do you see that see that whole thing unfolding is there no need for that tied it with the X I mean Tony for fullback with the extra tight ends and and that running back situation. What it could be keep one of those old fullbacks to really intriguing to me. Because lowered -- -- they are two -- -- on the roster -- if you matters large and at the position versatility there is actually pretty. Linebacker also NFL import figure they're gonna keep what are those guys it's going to be Larsen -- Because the -- that the position of versatility but if they -- -- -- I don't know how do you work of -- back into that mix of things that happen but it distinctive number eight bit. You know you're gonna have partnered to pull back on the field firm no for an extended period of time and that single you can be out there. -- Seeking I don't know you know how that works out that beat because usually eighteen is that an NBA team or pull back and you know -- it -- That the patriot -- warlord -- -- had a couple really good -- -- here including weapons but I think we -- -- -- -- We're seeing them all into orbit I didn't -- -- if you keep -- tight -- I think that's gonna preclude them you can report back but it beat you keep Opel and that is important because again. You don't have that the national versatility he got a special -- -- to a lot of different things not a political. Chris bigger question for you defensively. How they create pressure on the quarterback. -- Andre Carter at least for now I'm not here Mark Anderson a buffalo or the development Hubble was I would call inconsistent secondary last year. Yeah I think what beat you and I think at the break -- -- -- you -- really what -- people on the purpose out of ball particularly its troop increase in addition remaining truck. I I think Scott has the duke paperwork on spring of Scott has the potential to be. 2012 -- who work. Now we're sitting here vacant prediction in July it will all probably a good laugh about it and -- November December but it -- an -- Cooper's special to you but I also think. Jonathan -- offers them something that they happen instantly great partner. The -- and trigger -- -- I think he -- -- potential that when he was in Cincinnati went up the targeted him in free agency he wanted to meet the priorities in it and who was to go right. In addition to the the people out there actually a little bit dark right now I think -- could have an -- a little while outsource certain goal so. Myron Pryor has done very very well when he's been helping in the -- that these -- green and -- at the -- well when he's been helping the defense I think. All of that goes well Andre Carter and -- the -- support in Israel the opposite into the mix. There's a lot I think which we came on strong toward intellectual really became one of the most. You can valuable centers -- you're going to continue to seek structured to be extra report because he. You look at his numbers there -- only two defenders and their shall put all the bluster that at least two reception that set. Hello Doug Rabin and need to be a very important part -- because -- gonna continue to be important partner he's great he's going to be in the or those are going to be. That's pressure when it comes a lot of Kurt. Chris record to one estimate that secondary and no dumb according obviously last year big disappointment maybe there's some health issues. The shoulder was bought him Kyle Arrington looked good but they're got a guy like Ras I Dowling and if he can stay healthy a big difference can he make. You talk we we talk political support our guys that really interest -- -- Brandon Lloyd and one of them got -- and the -- -- as well as nurturing. On the defense that well because when you've been LP. Been few and far between over the course of his career electric power and an article he's been really good cornerback missed the cut it started out a rookie that people pro western they have been thought that highly of them in an interview. -- -- -- That's the beat provide political a lot and -- eat is healthy he could you really important part distinction you talk about according according interesting guy because I think the court. For me. -- what we have now according I think after his rookie year and be considered the -- who got shut down according here here being well it's our last season trying to beat him that your order. In I think. You really got exposed to a lot of ways and there was a crisis of confidence -- according. So I think he's somewhere in the middle there I think. He's going to be important part dispute of course or he's not gonna be you know -- junior what you gonna be a pretty good quarterback who's going to be an important part. But a lot of fun out there that. Applaud bill go have fun out there today Chris looked bored reading your reports that WEEI dot com and the port talk -- -- -- training camp in the season. Chris price joining us live vote for Gillette deal of fun out there are out of -- like ninety degrees. -- going in and out -- and thunderstorms this afternoon might kind of screw things up but. From the looks of some of the pictures people tweet now that is he'd jam packed first day training camp. I'm Greg Bedard -- wanna -- fans everywhere down there. Why wouldn't you be a Red Sox. Hundred games back patriots football star and take the kids of the training camp we'll get a break we go back kitchen update there has been a decision made in the city limits your. On a police officer who hurled a racial slur Carl Crawford in Manchester a couple of weeks ago -- had that for your next lot of fun out there and it. Going to be back in --

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