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Will Bobby V be fired before next season?

Jul 26, 2012|

Mut and Merloni talk about Bobby V and his future in Boston.

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Here's the pitch. These Wednesday. Robert people who clearly I -- -- Right sides dropped. A game under 500 once again hit 401950s. And. 4950. For the year they are 77 and 85 dating back the last 160 Q. They are fifteen and 32 since September 1 when Lester and Beckett pitch and they are thirteen and 24 this year. When Lester and Beckett pitch that's where this team is right now. And -- talked about for the -- sort of a plan going into 2013. Body Valentine. As a two year contract he's under contract through the end of next year. Is there a chance that he's not part of their plan long term based on these first one game under 549. Of fifty to 99 games. Honest I don't see how we could be. I really don't Meehan. It last night and you know look at that game last night in and when he goes up that amount of thinking okay he's done -- to pull back. Underneath pitches. Any decides to leave him in there you know you know what the talked to the pitcher will what do they expect what do you expect the pitches today. Any left no I'm done Bowman -- the ball walk off the -- than ever done that. And listening to. Clear his wedding -- leave and when did. OK well great. He threw a 108 at that point up like we can't go to -- outside I I would get your point I have been here that -- ansari. This is your manager. Try to compare contrast the two pictures from night tonight -- to give it to me again. -- and it was really letting -- leave them. When did take a decision making process -- is sweating is my starting pitcher sweating and. -- -- -- -- That might -- on all you about -- pitching -- originate -- but it's what ever bring a service. The guy's an absolute mess when he walks in amounts that it's beautiful to differentiate it great for Google's even play -- -- to -- us to boggle the seed of doubt an entire game gazans are sliding. It's -- when he wakes up a czar Gil head this that the guys at a 108 pitches. It's 97 degrees. I am hanging. Since that that the DL stint at the shoulders yet to go -- past the sixth yet the pitch into the seventh. It was the most pitches you -- since then most it's you don't actually since April. -- and I mean listen to face a guy like Michael Young OK okay by Michael Young as four point four is -- off Josh Beckett in what 67. In his first they're ready to sing electors next Ekpe leadoff double who's already two over -- she can point to the stats are you one -- a given night Michael Young scene in pretty good yeah. I I don't understand differ from many many reasons. Mean you get thrown back out there. You sit at a 108 it's 97. Degrees he has a pitch is seven's come off the DL and you glow appeared because he's not sweating. Then he looks fine. You can't bring in a reliever to get one guy in a -- right to get one guy Michael Young. I I thought it was ridiculous and stay consistent with Carl Crawford last night which are still don't understand. One -- white tried to explain yesterday in the big show boats tied game if they score we gonna get a couple of pets that if he's gonna get up again. Just come out and say you don't want this guy hitting in that don't play him the DH him or do something else. At last night that was a big mistake leaving just beckon you go up -- talk to him because he's not sweating you leave and leave -- Josh and interests they don't -- is there in the first inning is. As for us and them. You know it could -- and and -- nobody under -- and them. And -- pitched it query go ahead and intrigue and couples singles and these. -- through occurred both in and where there's really only oppose. -- It's a good anchor -- tournament. Speaker. That goes into over and instead of data go out there yet there's two days I don't think it did the complete. It sounds like dead manager walking. That's what it sounds like now. The try to spin it about what -- -- two singles that didn't hit Andrews -- with two outs in the seventh -- so we hit a guy Bobby in the seventh inning nobody on our allowance he hit Elvis Sanders wasn't single single it was hit by pitch single first and third. Mound visit not sweating you stay in. Wild pitch in the other batter's box. From Josh Beckett that's what it was not single single while. It -- it's amazing how these this that's this pitching staff this rotation. Takes the ball. Makes such quality pitches night in night out continues to get hit and they just it was a good pitch in and hits by the way are never barrel rather always like these little. Leaders negated in the outfield. And everybody looks great and everybody had great stuff. Well yeah he went six innings gave up three runs he read a little hiccup there in the fourth. You -- he put up a zero for the first time on how many did days. It -- damn shame that you -- that you left them in there when he was done. That's the damn shame read and say okay six and two thirds nice out except in the build on will move on what try to get this close a sitting out. You know cardinal positive. Deductible posited the other day yesterday. And a big show Jon Lester. -- one that's why he left the may want to get some positive -- you to pull the guy in the seventh inning idiot. 97 degrees but he wasn't what mark -- that's the key. Outs -- a look for a pitcher as he -- the first Aggies what I'm Mike at some audio as the case. You already sound like he satellite but now I think about it Terry Francona Terry Francona was always gonna put a positive spin on some never gonna bury his guys. -- Bobby Valentine was any different. Last night tonight where he points out that -- the wild pitch and -- can't happen the key got to -- the situation and we can it was a game like that and instead it's a damn shame and he wasn't sweating so I kept them in the game. It ties into Bobby Valentine's future -- pop -- is poll question that and the program. Well Bobby Valentine be the manager for the Red Sox opening day 2013. Text your answer yes or note 85850. Right now I can also play to vote online. By visiting W we eEye dot com slash Mott and Maloney the my Bologna poll presented by -- -- -- skip the new crispy buffalo chicken pizza. It's like eating buffalo wings and pizza. At the same time present your rewards card towards free food call order on line -- pop that she -- dot com. Well Bobby Valentine be the manager for the Red Sox opening day 2013. Text or answer yes or no 85850. Right now why don't lead this season is by Valentine's fault. By had to vote right now I'm I'm with you I'll vote no no not putting the seasonal Bobby V. But just looking long term at this team in the the whispers what each year around baseball around the Boston Red Sox. It's not his fault but I would vote. Know any 5050. -- agree with merely talk promote positive right and and and it's a damn shame that Josh Beckett you know went out there and lost that game two while picked you to -- have good enough did you hear him. Yesterday in a big show up about the Jon Lester. Star the other day and why -- Michael Holley asked him why he left him in so long this is -- -- -- in a picture. Are there was an eight -- tend to be checked we didn't have. The inning. Trip to go from the third -- to -- the game. That would have been. -- no disasters then. He was healthy and he was throwing and then. We -- it what I talked about -- clarity target -- After -- true. We all felt it would be best to pitch more wherever -- not pitch -- had that candidates you know he he got the third report Denny got very. -- would -- there are the most spending too many industries left candidate senator. For it plus they're. It's just spinning who it already struck out twice but -- Stated I was gonna be a great waited to ended -- let them chased the guy that petty -- except where. Walk off the mound and chilling successful -- You know going and go until the next does started the nerds are the guys struck out plates can -- about all of third at bat and helmet up well so. Even sometimes they had a plan that you think might be a good splintered into about what. Yet he -- -- stuck with didn't inevitable and they won a taxable open occur in affected us so the Jon Lester. Was gonna go up their face one more hit of -- -- gonna get him out. -- -- And positive with a positive frame of mind the guy struck -- -- yet for a third nine earned runs. But now and -- chicks oh -- he's gonna feel real successful. For a third nine earned runs that was gonna change the whole frame of mind. That's it it's silver lining crap again Matt that's -- I mean Amy this but that is something that I'm sure -- would say that. But Francona. It was so. Adamant about defending his guys publicly try to put a positive spin not that the type answer Francona -- give up my ensure he would give that sort of answer. Bobby Valentine it was supposed to be different that's might. My biggest problem -- very. I'm not -- people want talk about him having the chance to be different everything else but boy. There have been opportunities here to talk about be starting pitchers and their struggles and he is. He defended him at every turn and yesterday trying to give that answer Beckett sweating on the mound. It's never their fault these guys make good pitches and they keep losing games somehow. -- city people. Can't separate this OK I understand that just can't you were talking with us last night went. You talked about Bobby Valentine as a manager what's the first thing you -- text her thoughts on his ball back it sucks. Yeah you're right I agree packet is awful Lester is awful gonzo underperformed. He's been hurt there's been injuries everywhere. Guys haven't performed let's put that team over here okay their awful okay that they'd deserve this record they RE 500 team. That's what this team as we -- talked about the team. Bobby about does that help Lester it better Beckett back that's all those guys performance but thank you we cold here -- we talk about the manager. I can we talk about him can we separate the two is that okay for some people. I don't think he's -- Diop are I don't think he's gonna be the managing your next year I don't think he was equipped for this. I really don't if you want to manage the young players brings all players in nickel managed Kansas City. The cable if you got a veteran group it's not the right guy are at it it's it's ridiculous. The whole thing with Bobby's just uncomfortable nursing is interviews after the game by the Virginia dealt I have to -- on how uncomfortable is that. It is a recent -- you interviewed Terry Francona of the manager. It wouldn't he at the end of Heidi watney actually talking in the IDS and questioned in the tiniest collector while Italy were a few notable world -- -- beating its okay. Would Bobby Jenny asked Bobby question looks right -- the camera. And it just freaked me out the keys against yes and collecting the camera in it -- just -- weird everything just sort of weird. Team in the car seem in the dugout weird postings weird as everything. Decision making -- isn't there. It just isn't new -- try to instill confidence in Josh Beckett. Is that why you left demand the show confidence in him. I mean your your your 54 months into the season you're about to be bounced out of the playoffs and actually -- -- the rest of the year in -- are trying to get to know this guy. -- -- this so many decisions that have been made with him I just don't think he's the right man for the job -- As a matter of fact if you fall even further. How would I wouldn't even mind if they gave interim tag of Tim Bogart. And you find -- what you got for years for a month and a half and you move forward with that. Not gonna do that you know who picked this -- the -- wrecked. They're looking -- cable that you think if you're -- -- -- -- quickest guys stomach everybody says what use of his excuse for Bobby V not been Bobby V and Larry the -- picked this guy we all agree that can run the Red Sox. But why is -- Bobby V. Maybe this -- him. That's the reality maybe this is him opened Jarrett -- -- -- it is -- power over -- Larry the -- doesn't mean the power. You gotta pick some wires that body be allowed to be Bobby. Or is this Bobby ballot that I think this is him so. We have two things for -- here to start the bold move. Is it getting -- Josh Beckett. And Bobby Valentine we asked the poll question do you think Bobby -- going to be the manager for the Red Sox opening day 2013. You can text your answer yes or -- 85850. Else go to FaceBook dot com slash WEEI. -- that would -- until we get a nice picture Bobby via the week is expand your thought to -- yes or no is not enough room for you be like mean you talked just a little bit too much okay. You wanna go to FaceBook dot com slash WEE I won't read -- your answers as to whether or not Bobby Valentine. The manager opening day next year IC job IC top I see all your phone calls we get to a next.

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