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How are the Patriots looking heading in to camp? Answer, Pretty darn good.

Jul 25, 2012|

We talk some football, and how the Patriots really have improved themselves at a lot of positions in this off-season.

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I brought this up earlier I said. Who of the patriots laws that will prevent them from going to Super Bowl again an easy answer. Easy answer obviously is BenJarvus green Ellis right. What's the situation of the Andre Carter that's a guy that terrific season to record he was out. He was out of meaning -- -- -- last couple games and the -- -- last three games. And and play and air for the playoffs and what there in the Super Bowl but BenJarvus green knows it just goes. I think he's one of those guys. No matter how long place. It's just going to be people taken programs will be solid. You won't fumble he won't fumble I know yeah it gives Cincinnati. Four yards -- carry. Score in the red zone -- -- -- that the French as what your personality -- all right -- fine you. And sometimes they let the law find -- as well. Hillary would have to get involved in the final process. The law firm place for a better place for that. It was all about the law Abdullah but you know that is the question mark I don't know I don't know about Joseph died nobody I got a good running back a few years ago but. The last few years. He was used nearly as much about the passing team and and think about their running back roster connect you don't know about Ridley. Because that is because that is used than in the fumbling problems that we have last year. Don't know about angering you don't less of a change rabies -- lecture last year -- Joseph Addai. And it Danny wood and you know Danny -- he is what he has every down back now know. Question but I would say this. Week we -- -- where I. -- -- renewable. Based on what and the way they play. Back by committee works just fine. I know people do this all the time you know we keep talking about the running in the running game. Minutes that's football -- team you know seventy sixes and -- I mean what we're not talking about that anymore. It's it's a passing game and a lot of what patriots do right now. Com in their passing game is really part of their game when visa. Floated they throw out to other that a wide out that's really running game that's that's what is. All a lot of the what they do with rock right now is part of what you make up for lack of of a running game. The one thing I really would like to say. As a guy who can hounded when you get down to the -- actively. It's something that you you do -- well. Who's that guy I don't know it's it's an effect right that's right. That's the one thing I would say that the optimistic so if you're looking at any one player that if they could -- would be that gambit that was used. Every single. The story here in New York to visit visit visit -- Tebow story every single -- day in New York. They don't get it that -- just don't get it. I town people. Are -- I am jawbone but I'm not New York Daily News beat reporter minister met I think that's surprised you -- a right. I spoke with special teams coordinator Mike west -- Tuesday he likes to -- -- They gave a detailed description of -- but it -- responsibility suggesting. You'll be on the field for multiple situations but basically. He is going to place special teams and yet that's so that's going to be -- job and and Mark Sanchez. Goes and training camp as the number one quarterback although he's gonna lose -- job Tim Tebow. Very quick. People. Aren't really. I think in the next two to three years he'll be my best quarterbacks only. -- -- -- When haven't went to the patriots relief. They did that happen today Mike -- is reporting right now today just talking about federal government are saying I curse. Jewish just release them yeah. Are hard to go -- it didn't work out sorry but don't be surprised if a lot of these names that have command here. End up getting released because a lot of these guys. Have played a few years said that bringing -- -- and see what they've got little competition. Put on the first day. Heading up to the first day of camp here and they apparently released Joseph. -- might be surprised -- and I'm not gonna be surprised at any of these guys getting released the name. Lawyers that they brought a lot of reports and on Matt Light is in a big loss Matt Light is a big loss and I do that light is about as big loss and he's one of those guys as well. We'll never get the credit never got the credit that he deserved because. He was never. It's over the top you know what can think he's unbelievable he's the best left tackle in the league he's the best left tackle in the division it was just good. Was very good and and protected the blind side perfectly. Just the start I think shoulder for a decade so this going to be very good -- Asked him to do what Matt -- did right now do it every single Sunday. At that position playing against the most dangerous. On the you know the defensive side of the ball. Every single Sunday. Is a very difficult to say that it's a difficult assignment but I can go back this there's a reason the guy it was a first round pick her Hamas and all first round I don't -- my problem I'm not saying offer tropics and how to play. But. People who are who are a lot. More attuned to. Evaluating football players that I am we're telling me that. This guy is physical freak right -- his size unbelievable. And prioritize some of the things he can do at 68. So. Yes I think they do expect him to to devote to deliver the same level. That Matt Light did for many years so Sega but just haven't done. Aren't said the team never allowed him to new adaptive personality on a well they never allotted to -- find that apparently is why wouldn't let me being -- that's drugs could rally that's how blog with the team. And sure I jumped. Do all those. Good -- major. I could market bigger -- -- a other division this year. Are you saying that all -- -- papers I. The leader when a division you know Super Bowl bound I really hope however I bought -- second opinion article -- in the division. The the biggest carpet -- nobody. I think they're gonna comfortably witnessed I don't I think they're gonna comfortably when this division I think the bills probably. Will be better groups within raving about it he knows they're reading about Shawne Merriman coming back. You. I wonder what if he's doing things again but they're releasing yourself fully and currently -- I'm not sure at the jets are going to be that good. You know what I don't wish to strictly a come from of that division. -- competition John whether it's whether it's from Miami I don't see it being a Miami about it whether it's from buffalo. Or or the jet. I think the company the second place team. In the AFC's went about nine games that's that I think that's the ceiling -- -- -- so you're gonna when you're gonna win the division so what about a couple of games Italy comes. Yeah at least -- nearly 115 it if not better probably better. Can do what they -- personal as a morning about a seventh. I -- I'm a huge -- -- and you know right now but I just want to argue you really that he is going to it is in your -- -- -- now. Now has this bakeries I. -- Misunderstood right -- here's where I do agree with Michael -- is that you can't go winner with two quarterbacks if you two quarterbacks chances are you have -- now looks good on paper. Pages are counting -- breakdown that skill set of each individual play and you say okay Sanchez can move us from the twenty to the 21. And it would go in it will bring in Tebow because he always really is deceptive because of his running ability inside the red zone we can use him. And and you won't use him on special teams and in use stamina and a and a and a funky that in a wildcat role as well. You can't do all of that stuff once the football game starts. Being played out you're going to have to make a decision on which one of these two guys is -- guy the other guy's got to feel like. Got totally -- he's out of it and he's -- he won't out of it. I agree I think Tebow ends up becoming the starting quarterback. Of the a New York Jets but he's not well rounded enough he's not a good enough passer and right now there's the passing game you can't. Throw the ball at around 50% completion in the National Football League and win. -- Do you doubt I am doubting. I am down the get through its fuel from the stuff like this is what inspires him. Remotely. Or should -- take it away from any of yet you know that the that he he's competitive guy he wants to when he plays his ass off the place art. I'm slightly commercials -- Which which are sort commerce Spicer and I don't know now. And I'm not admit cardinal Michael about it but some fruit and told them not even getting into the religion and and Tebow or any others he's a limited time. -- quarterback if you look at it quarterbacks. In contemporary NFL right now that. That our success who fits the bill that's of one branch of the did so forty laster told me you'd rather have Tim -- again. -- did that was you. -- You want Bobby VH -- sickness. Why did you -- -- the crap you call audit every --

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