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Chad Ochocinco blames 'the Patriot Way' for sucking last year

Jul 25, 2012|

Chad Johnson has finally opened his mouth about the Patriots... he's now claiming that the Patriot Way prevented him from "being himself" and thus, his production was way down. Sure, it wasn't the fact that you couldn't figure out what to do on option routes, it was the fact that you couldn't run your mouth. Moron.

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I gotta get to to Chad Johnson who -- Chad Ochocinco. Biggest fraud here by the way I've got -- -- to a from Johnson Ochocinco back to Johnson readily not to following him anymore on followed you followed. I'm -- or pass it on volatile but. Most people are going to do. And and why why why are you no longer follow because it in Salinas. His silliness before. Could have related to the patriots -- historical all the work and now this work related it could have been work related Salinas and around. It is silly lot of people -- no attachment right so I don't really affect us anymore is all about results. Social what's the result on the stupid it was I was always in most cases immature and yes I did find that funny some people -- knows where it's really funny every using Gary Roberts who wants a wife whatever -- doing them. The stuff that he was thrown out. I so anyway but really the -- the bathroom together that can. Open them tell you anything about relationships and really being close. Your spouse he was always about how violent you know he was always about bark hitting the boring and and the brand in this case involved news is -- it was never about football. He apparently never could understand and learn the plays and I don't get. Seem like a fairly bright guy and get you don't understand. After an entire year of football placed so as a football player. He was completely useless here in New England fifteen total catch is that the number for the good player. Practice guidelines stop it that's what they said. Well what do you think they really were saying. What is it they were really saying when the and the microphones or -- for them. From. A nice enough guy probably seems like a very personable guy and people like so he's not a New England right now. He gets a gig playing for Miami I truly believes that the only reason he's playing for the Miami Dolphins is part of the hard knocks series and they needed to -- an actor. So why not bring him in doctors apparently. You know Tom Cruise wasn't available to some tough times so they -- And they bring in check oh Joseph cinco Johnson whenever it's just what it tells the Miami Herald. -- yesterday schism going back to my normal way. He was doing a photo shoot. For veeco coconut water Disney's latest mobile marketing scheme -- A my normal ways when I was at my best when I got fine look at those for the production years usually. Don't go right would you try to change the way you do things back to normal. My personality. Was clinch role Blige year. He said he was at his best to win he was being fine. That correct -- is defined again. Mike we're gonna reproductive -- production of those years when he was fine when they take money. As well Padilla better numbers might personality. Was control -- here. You don't hear me at all YHQ zero zilch when my model is running. It forces meet their reform. -- When my model is running it forces next year by the New England patriot this guy is complete fraud. And people buy it -- how many followers. Three million something but he's finally if you -- now it's a fraud. This guy is a complete fraud in a lot of people here in New England blocked a blocked the crap that this fraud throughout. This. When my model is running it forces me to perform. It's never been in -- I never got anybody in trouble when I can be -- I am lose. Everything just flows for me. Here's the department whether it's the style of play a year ago the way. -- -- your orders in being being named short words right he's now saying that he couldn't pick up up he says he was in control because he was being controlled and it couldn't paint. Himself was stopped -- -- and get your playbook when a good learning environment for sure that's himself that's the actor. Chad Johnson Ochocinco that's bad news. That's the entertainer. Which is all he was here and -- so he's full of it because he did Ater seeing he was constantly tweeting here that's a bunch of bull. Well a lot of people he's a lot of people bought it last year and neither and so did the patriots the patriots bought it last year so now. And they let themselves pretty thin. In that position just in case he wasn't. Capable of doing the job or we had a bad training camp. They didn't really have options he did have a bad training camp last year but they kept there aren't -- And he was a he was a non factor most of the year and I'm not and and all of the old Darcy. He was never a factor there was a guy who worked with every Friday you get on predicting this is the wish is to break -- week -- network out of rehab program. But callers we had that incident perceiving them for the and -- -- out any chance I got this for the shoot it. But now it's the opposite. Look at the wide receiver position for the patriot. Our guys -- they've got guys on this team at receiver and other positions. Just kind of forgot about. Target is evidently that's right they don't have ultimate guide running back. Pick up Jabar Gaffney and we don't know about. I'm Brandon Lloyd union have Deion Branch and -- Wes Welker again Julian cattlemen in a lot of people. That day in and Dante stalwart. I think what you're. Art disappears multi million. Chris I know you think that the watch out so -- one of those guys let's say. Brandon Lloyd and they've pretty prohibitive they cut the Brandon -- is terrible and training camp and they just figure out you know I just can't play. At least they have some depth. On paper has some depth at the position. They're not really going to be stuck relying on one guy they're not relying on Brandon Lloyd to save them relying on. Donte' Stallworth to save them or Jabar Gaffney somebody's gonna step up a pretty good player a big name is going to be cut. At the end of training camp in Asia have pretty good wide receiver -- Why do you think people in -- more -- -- Briscoe and and others are Chiming in right now after he started at the sixteen and no prediction. What do you think it is that the schedule is it the name. Well but here's what they did and it's funny because the patriots have had great success without doing this in the past they brought a lot of guys. Who our main players who have had success. Elsewhere right. And so because of that people suddenly think they're all going to fit in to what they're what they're doing right now. Not sure that necessarily goes handed -- but effect if you look at it right now. Camille Little concerned about the offensive line. Is make it's gonna be ready for the start of the season you've got no like you've got Slater you've got. -- no light blue -- older. Correct okay -- in your first round pick last year he was he was drafted for this moment. He was drafted to be the replacement for Matt I can't exactly. -- are suddenly he's an every down left tackle that's lineup position I was brought and where is your possibility of a of a drop off there. You know I won't -- continues to have physical problems right now you know -- you got to work really hard. A foreign trying got to get over Oregon are some flaws with this I just think that. Until you they start playing we've done this before where you'd you'd you'd get a little people get a little crazy they did last year -- shows like. The euphoria over Ochocinco like he was ago I remember -- sitting here. And you can have for an awful lot of receptions on the -- Adam for 55 and I had a public 35 or something like that I put our lesson about in the united. But what chastising you -- only think he was gonna -- 55 also pledged they thought he was going to be a lot better why because he's got a name. And you know there's there's there's a history there with bringing him into this situation. At times this earlier or -- or other. Another reason for the excitement outside the obvious and the patriots are always in contention in the AFC east Dublin that strong. Outside of that was really getting some some folks. Here fired up and getting. National people officers fired up and then that the they're rooting for the patriots but he got their attention. The fact that they moved up in the draft to get pentagon yet but that doesn't necessarily translate I don't the first season it doesn't necessarily -- and they. But he got people fired up we spent so much time talking about the defense because it was our -- defense that was rated 31 31 last year. 31 now are they going to be better. I hope so and I do believe they'll be better. But it's not like suddenly this is going to be one of the top defenses in the league but that's what is I think it's the you know moving up to get Jones moving up to get -- -- Dowling coming back after only playing couple games last year and the patriots and patriots are always good and they actually were aggressive. As opposed to retreating on draft day they were going forward. They must be pretty good. Going to be good I don't know about sixteen and only -- -- thing but you expect them. Here you expect the patriots to win the division that so that's -- not really don't know we will. What they went -- nobody even said that nobody that you don't always when a division of course if you don't -- expectations now that expectations are winning Super -- exactly. Getting just a remote pocket and I -- knives and I've done that been there. And lost. -- fact right now. Every one of these other franchises as one since the last time that the get ambivalent or beat teams like Cleveland and Detroit. Would never bet it is super people would just be ecstatic. Just did this to appear just to get here. But the patriots in this. What we we we passed then it's probably. Been ten years expectation expectations 2001. Don't you like you were like that in 2001. Because it was so unexpected they were five and eleven the year before so when I get to the Super Bowl and no one even on the great stretch. -- in the regular season in the playoffs and we all know that magical things and the last -- when they got the super ball. Before you play the game is a little bit of happy to be here. Happy to be here can believe it patriots made and we we try to Kuwait we operative and a lot when I got when they want -- that changed everything from now appearing at a super ball doesn't get through that -- -- and at a border or pat on the head. Still is a national day. Region it couldn't be a productive football player last year's been going on page which would not allow. His personality. Flaw. Because of his personality -- It may yet find a few times during the season for doing some. Stupid silly -- thing like put mania. Hall of fame jacket on the sidelines. And twist and a scanner so you despise. This is for. And a lot of people by you know what he's brought fraud what does it kind of -- it was a club brought it right now saying that they wage any couldn't be a good football player and -- last year but he's a salesman. When victims and four. Any claim to be a salesman right. He's good salesman people buy some of that good -- he's he's like he's pretended to be somebody he's not he's the don't talk about him. People do about being gay Greek football like one credible and yes -- -- and then when you don't but you don't have Michael. There were teams that would not at all hold him. To carry on his personalities. That's important for him as you can find if you Sundays. Before you can really get the best that -- game. Self promotion he's the he's in the self promotion business. And it's pretty good look at -- compromise so Miami's gonna allow him to do it because that'll help -- out there and conduct all business anymore and it's a promotion business. Right weren't known and -- he says he's in the football business and I know I sort of -- I know he's coming out ain't claiming. Binges -- live view like a drunken and popcorn was murdered. And bad and -- is -- your library -- -- our producer slash week this. Better we get for the for the right for the -- that about. They are trying governor. All -- however overall it a little bit from her -- -- Good that it's gonna be gonna be like a typical Fenway Pitt fans show up about a half -- -- -- advocate guy is hardly brought me some soda or he doesn't bring me Jack not exist. It feels bad about their -- for the 86 -- it comes it's our minds tonight that I for the six frustrating -- Best part about it is the driver in the -- buses listening to it's a so we -- all the bluster art as conversation about today shell out skip his -- wait for you these days are currently. Tomorrow my -- genius gene. A driver. It Boston sports McNeal had won a little and wanted to give us a locker. -- I suspect my feeling on him he was always a fraud here and he's playing in the same game and people. People can write a bottom worship here obviously -- in the bottom of the quotes because that -- in that the patriots it was something that. That I predict it was easy prediction in the world you would never do it. Would Belichick was around or he was of the employment of the New England Patriots once he was out. That was going to be is excuse not to take responsibility. For not knowing the playbook. Or not going out performing well enough to practice where he could be used in the game. Not take responsibility at all it was somebody else's fault it's always somebody else's people nodded. It's RLL. Massive fraud he'll miss it here -- -- here this year if he is if he still has a little fire. For the game of football. If he -- if he makes the dolphins. He's gonna look at you delegate that organization and compared to the one that he left. And you wish that someone was controlling his thoughts and telling you what to say it when to say it allows when he leaves Miami to be the same crappy. -- -- Guys like him it's never their fault it's always somebody else it's not that he didn't put enough work in its not that instead of sitting in tweeting. Or or trying to get the next you know reality show he did spend more time to -- -- trying to figure it out extra time down there in Foxborough with a coaching staff. Now that's what he should be -- and that's what was the problem. Instead -- he's -- everybody. Telling you don't think the patriots -- Thursday meetings telling them to three more. You know over -- -- -- -- and I don't think -- repair business. Roger is a Rhode Island next appear to make sure that -- job. Without Roger. Great pick up speakerphone so we can hear you wanna have a good conversation. With -- everybody's speak for -- and if you noticed them. People who won this state funds already it now every ball so -- on speakerphone Rogers how much better it was for him. Are right that I'm glad it's a much better myself well. Listen guys out her first time longtime. -- the show let the station -- patriots and now want to look we animal on the chat -- aren't an issue and we'll think I was going to sit in the last subsequently not heed my call. But I think that. You have a situation where you've got a guy who's obviously it physically count it. Give it physically gifted player. I don't do qualified predict that academic -- -- I think that the the situation such awards with him communion. Everybody is well we're fact that. Belichick has a very complex system I think that's largely visual arts and successful. And it's a typical want to -- for. A lot of players including experience -- and I think Chet Edwards took two -- put that together and Leo Leo that's not the case then. That's gonna reduce property adoptions by quickly Parker's play. And that Belichick are and it reduces is his chances on by that touched by a -- -- the capsule. It's darker Roger. I got today I just laugh Rodham adds laughter I laughed. -- Ochocinco last year. -- -- -- get -- fry your predicted he was going to come out have a terrific have a break outs I left that -- at the at the off field stuff that tweets and all that. I can't give fired up about it he wasn't he was in contractor for the patriots last year. Yeah I don't think he's going to be much of a factor for the Miami don't what do you hear what it's not like it's like Ochocinco. -- the -- what is -- -- their losses and durable they've boosted addict ever -- him know it they lose because they have no it was almost like he was just. He would say he he was an observer. It was an observer along for the ride -- arguments -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I had a good money Michael they expected him to be a productive one and ask for them to war and end and they've made a major mistake I am desperate and don't worry about but hasn't as of as a fan you're looking at it. Your experience wasn't worsened by Chad Ochocinco I mean he was it was negligible. And he didn't perform but. Yeah I I can say that I you know I had nothing. I had I had some interest and and wanted to puke on appeal to see what he would do but it didn't miss them because it wasn't there. It was a -- is a fraud was a carnival barker along these Super Bowl that's exactly what -- it was audible barker he's just the total fraud that's what that's pretty and it's a shame to be Roger because I agree with you I think. He adds tremendous athletic ability. And he put his mind to it he can be one of the greats in the game he's more interested in being this cartoon character. That seems to to to interest of you know you can do both. A big rock issue only you can have a personality. You can be even outlandish which is to get Robert Robert craft show that just hit it. So you hit -- and you can do both thanks for biting. You're productive. You know you -- get semi awake you you know you're running a capable franchise where you can actually do whatever your. It your own free time so it -- radio program exactly great example but you -- if you're producing with him. Wasn't about four. Don't deeply. About football about football football football in Miami in about the about him. Being that it's that celebrity our personnel is bother you so much. Two minutes. A month like Iraq or to I don't -- about it we came out today. The story came out today that's why aren't -- fired up I'm not I'm not fight it seems like I trust him -- by a domestic. Nothing I didn't think it will. I did not if you remember but I thought he'd be more productive fifty catches and it was off -- 25 so I didn't think he would do something. And if you remember at the beginning of last season a lot of the calls and even non. Some co host yeah maybe one of the studio and I thought it going to be eight premier receiver premieres are now up for Irish. National football. Greg Bedard did what we are out today that Brian Waters did not. Report to the patriots according to -- league source -- start it. As a seasoned veterans a lot of times they yeah they'd rather skip the camp and -- -- -- the second win all the have to do is actually. What happened last year happened last year with the patriots Brian Waters. Got here a few days before the start the -- if -- -- it was the best and that's why does. He probably won't play that much of the first short will actually you'll start. They did pretty well and I 67077. Steroid that he -- for HH eight biopsy but 0850. Talking about the patriots that you as a pumped -- is as the national guys seem to -- Can't even attack the national guys trying to -- guys. Are they that this team is gonna be something special -- talk a little bit about the Red Sox. With the trading like coming up on Tuesday.

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