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Wednesday, July 25th Whiner Line

Jul 25, 2012|

Mikey Adams outwits the whiners.

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Music music music pressed and pressed the white -- these aren't buying these -- TE Chris -- This -- discretion music box. -- -- And now -- -- your time. The -- satisfying. That's the whole point man as we -- for the candidate stage means portable is normal and now -- please hold -- close games like these gave me the win. Even ten better than anyone the -- we'll get a decent -- game. Some good WEEI. Whiner line. Let me read this stuff like this then. -- -- -- -- -- -- There's debate is always dial 7793535. A better team than it showed tonight that -- What we gotta do -- every time we -- how we got to do all we can't keep talking about it from line your lives that we talk about the same note whenever we got to keep doing it and now obviously this little emotional for you. We're -- that is not right betting you know right but WE. -- If you bodily since he's going to be in that same interview he's going to be more of a distraction. Next year. This this coming season are going to -- I talked more than I find it's gonna cause problems because. That's when he plays. At his best work for. Us it's kind of the same and maybe ago. Fraud when you -- I do my very best work -- -- cause trouble visual whiner line Mikey it's powered by AT&T WEEI live it's available to -- -- android and Blackberry device brought to you by AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten. Fastest three GAT and T rethink -- jump the gun and it costs a lot of it. And elections to Europe. Yeah not only debate where pat pat and. And it won't block a strike or I am Bucs gonna hold it against you and tonight candy if he's on TV box on TV -- your body can hold a grudge to -- Don't work and even at a lot of water but I had racquet and buoyed by itself. It was in about what is I missed that -- of the object in. This term. Helping him and got to be making up and Astaro if it happened you don't wanna you know wanna start a -- I cannot leave them and ask you would attack Mikey Adams where that these aren't as -- -- Korean issue in my year it to Dave and -- and you can take us -- -- America must. If that's the place David -- -- clusters of Braintree yeah that's tomorrow -- Diego all live show. Six to ten bingo you're going to be alive. While you have a four hour show. Climb. We still the witnesses cancer symptoms and clawed. Its -- of the busters coming. But let me remind Maloney but yet now you know I noticed Bob but someone called -- on the Internet they're bad. When he gets on the idea but what about any or what and called open access their -- argument about what writer named -- yeah yeah. She's definitely -- -- -- -- to -- going to be extra try to connect product much -- another picture on the wall here. He's got another another photographs lining our hallway there's like ten -- pictures out there now. It's a -- -- and is that. The discount the second I think he's coming into his own mail but not stole that from Earl Holmes Bill Burton believes -- that'll we -- holder title says what's up all. -- -- -- So much and it is not out. It is I don't want you me -- I Clark after you know. Every two years let's. I have a picture -- of me and I guess that's the last two HO LLY Merry Christmas my mind and the company mr. Bell's mine able Michael identification. Yeah. I only and wanna -- is the company I work beyond eagle chip about it or since eighty shift alt disposable. That ink costs money could afford that second. -- -- -- The idea and a -- that -- why. And -- of authentic Carl Crawford -- for defensive purposes he just sat there and have bad went with another at bat right now that they've banned arm. Thank you get the guy -- got you don't want quiet block call. -- industrial Mikey that their people that will be a lot of people here Red Sox fans will be rooting. Against Josh Beckett here tonight. I'd like to do tax mountain. I don't cut off your nose despite etc. that's my feet and I buckles is the case now. Yes he has yet we get a text all -- -- was making fun of Mikey going with them to dinner and the casino. Yet he still bitches about no vacation. Going with them when they're gonna don't know where you're gonna -- mud -- to dinner somewhere. Now don't talk about me casino. -- went to Vegas in May so what this could be like sales have told you about grow and can you imagine that would be great for the contest winners. Mikey and much together at a casino. -- molecular. If you don't have to drink it. Did I predict that but I got back combo. Put them up front and US public to a pretty -- The Red Sox got a product climb back in the game and that cannot world order free food and pretty. Freedom or whatever they really flawed because you are expected and not not a bit of bird free and it. And the message that's been the pattern. Yeah but this problem. I expected the put that stuff. Grip and just. That. -- -- That. Oppose it and they're relaxed state. He's not -- -- And the and then -- -- act of Spain and we're back. But don't hit him but that. But why do you plan I'll -- -- did the last hope people are often much. Yeah. And our service out of existence and you know I think the guys drawing and upset that before according man is drawing right. Well you said Mott who was -- mortality Lamar -- now model at a special special talent has been around for a long time added that in grabbed me. Right there that it and getting quite good as -- -- grabbed me. Of the gonna be grabbed when he got -- got this stuff in the last week for promoting frank over him value basically saying he's got no shot. And winning the line of the week with that then you're nominated for that now they know exactly -- do better than that. And I've seen its catalog can do better than that images citizen was right there with Papelbon every step now. Do you -- him and Michael I was looking to the program. -- -- the bus. I don't. About both. So what. People involved in. Within them so -- Presentation. At. -- and -- And in depth musically with Johnny Damon. The it. What -- The real turning point for the talks to these. Because all of the strike could trade. I really haven't cremated. Every at bat had already been made there have only owned that red. Particular about who your being here. They won't have -- -- -- bowl with his right hand. I don't know when people like David every tool called -- office for barely Ferdinand. My eyes I don't know only moan about yet either. A break and -- In Russia balls scratch you she would have pitcher who can win fifteen games for you. The Major League believes that guess you know. Cole Hamels got six years 4400. And Oregon -- -- now was as most he's ever want fifteen wasn't an accident guy who called Kerry to binge Harrington -- -- -- So -- John Henry for us and that's where the fish and -- there. Just showing up but the soccer game tonight I got to be what it took him him and got to the front -- for a rather. Mikey and surprising coal Hamel mentions what that your typical Cole Hamels to us when and what analysts and yet. Sports the first hole -- yes used to smoke. -- Clark. You know and message. And get. You know why the guys who don't but that didn't -- that would. You know come or not. -- that -- that the bad guys don't want them that's enough but at I laughed off about a minute and those opportunities. And that. A few more today I think than -- normally they go to day it is our greatest dog alliance if Michael had dinner they should've got a hotel room together really warm out. Woman singer started watching the games that -- ball over on his watch Bobby during the games -- so. It's. Argue patriots and Beloit College has been preparing to six. You know people that got -- Probably put up with that you know I don't think. And -- message. Can happen. While the big go call dad John the bride. That's brought it brought. And business. Exactly three is officially Chad Johnson again yes. They vote on a great point that these so if I'm -- I think. About -- in Vietnam. Yeah and -- At the bit. I sort of pat yourself on the back so much hey what about the big thing here that it. You tomorrow that it probably still come out. It would sit there and -- about. Colin. Did it rape. And not bad at all monologue. Do I know you. Not at all. Actually -- that actually I should just the opposite that I gave him far too much credit. Last year I thought it was gonna have 35 catches up with fifty that I forgot the most obvious one out of yourself on the back about the Marconi. And can can you even our -- back but I. I get my car after work on that you -- 93 point seven land and by calling well it always -- You'll get stop on -- page that you'll have been side both on my. But now they're -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what do -- Georgia what you do to dance George is a great -- on a day where Ted Kennedy died. So every birthday buddy. Let's go somewhere and do that -- Sherman Helmsley era Hemsley Helmsley Hemsley OK because I thought it was a missed it is supposed Helmsley. Yeah I've got Janet -- that I can watch and that could he would go all -- -- earthquake. Period they now call -- -- that day. I want every quarter of -- can't be pouring back that I didn't -- not put enough that the more -- walk. Would you want Sean Gannon the -- and giving away. And -- to old form. -- What's a better. Yet -- battle -- on the blanket but by having a great job and I haven't I haven't garbage yet but the fact that Beijing. And Jordan I. -- job right. We just about -- -- And -- could -- the next line anyway it's just ended. With we start the wireline and no matter how are required are that. There's your ladder. Our I think anybody inside that order a he was the needs of the -- and as it needs you know -- want it's accepted then that stressed that nobody's gonna like you might keep them but what I do it'll be just writer and right. It doesn't like I -- like he's puts up with AT&T rethink possible. And after Mike Adams first fifteen minutes.

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