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Bobby Valentine with the Big Show

Jul 25, 2012|

We speak to the Manager of the Red Sox for our weekly interview and get an update on the state of the team's pitching, Carl Crawford's up and down plate appearances, and the progress of David Ortiz.

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Time for our -- get together. With the skipper of the Red Sox Bobby Valentine has brought to you by far bell insurance your for your car. -- -- -- business here for a new englanders in here for good and -- Verizon. Wireless a network head bobbing on -- Could guys good and Michael -- -- and you did a computer so. Arlington Texas which in -- 98 human rights. 100. Robert driving took part and a 19798. Broke -- all the all the you know and it like it's miles per hour. Clearly they're different from ticket. You get the big -- last night more importantly at a time when you have men get a great pitching you've got it from block -- what is he doing right right now Bobby. Oh just everything you know I treat it you'll you're watching it then. Probably seeing that you know he's mixing his pitches he's pitching both sides have played videos that. A little -- when he needs to be treated. Through his velocity. He started off speed pitches going behind and throughout. You know that that's pitching him. To go -- and areas are good competitive spirit. Good looks in his side working quicker. And and making things out. You know on the flip side you would get dealer gives Jon Lester had two rough starts last week including. A really tough one on Sunday. What went into the decision to have him start on Saturday in New York I know there was some discussion about possibly skipping him what was that conversation like. Well I never had the discussion. About -- IMO. You know he's he's the guy -- -- -- -- that they and he's healthy and I believe and so why or when a pitcher. So there was never any to sort of very it was a bad outing but it was and bad performance surely stormed the ball really well -- just sit -- doing mark twice Stewart you're not -- chick you know and yet. When you throw ninety pitches in a -- about five breaking balls who you know you're you're just getting into a multiple. I and I think. We don't throw Bogota -- by your mentality and I think once. You know -- rebuke coast situation or let's go OJ didn't understand what he has to do. It's a simple -- does this sound quality pitcher out there route. You know executing getting quality results right now. I'm sure it was a very frustrating situation for everyone we know that he is a quality pitcher and at times. A superb pitcher. But how do you get a fixed and he is thrown out there every fifth day and we're seeing more of the same every single -- I didn't get this thing resolved. I don't know it you know every time you don't doubt just which -- paying paying name. Very -- there's always a good thing is they had a bad outing and then there's always the perspective that. You know you're you're never batted Penn Jillette when regarding -- so. You know it's serious shirt -- he worked and they did have the quality stuff but that's all it cheated Abby yeah. They ability to throw a breaking ball or changeup that -- the curve ball like he does sell out there that maybe he'll stay Nate you know it's. That's good jump for awhile and let certain and a minor league Gillette. Put him in the bullpen but that's that's not a case this is they had a quality Majorly true. You know what I need a Toyota got hit hard. Prior -- that they really weren't wearing about. -- everything he says after each one of these games it sounds to me like he's perplexed and then and very frustrated with a says he's working his ass -- he's doing everything he doesn't know. What's wrong now everybody seems to be Chiming in people from the outsider. Our -- throwing their reasons why he's not doing it what is the process internally. To try to get him back on track. Well just getting him to believe in himself you know and to pitch the way he compared chip. Sometimes they come to a 41 at bat from time to come where they -- Batting practice session like wherever they -- thank you go to the skull sessions of surgical repair theory here. Mechanical adjustments there's if there's one way and it. To make -- Serb. Right when they're not going great did you know week which is followed up didn't show it on the street corner but we're not able to do that in. We're doing everything possible and -- every player that I've ever -- where. You know I stick with them until they give up bottom and Shelton and I see none of that from -- Got to get -- -- I imagine that start on Sunday Bobby they jumped on him pretty early. What was her -- You know what they all -- Bennett Jack and I and -- I mean he had you know -- -- five here and then gets up -- nine and gives up eleven but what was what was your. What was your thinking of leaving him -- did you not want to. Tax the bullpen did you want him to straighten out his confidence if you turn around I mean he was in there for a while widely men. Are there was an eight old friend to be checked we didn't have. The inning. A trip to go from the third getting to the end of the game. That would have been. You know disaster that. He was healthy and he was throwing him and you know if what I talked about both corner and target John. After hitting true. We all felt it would be best to pitch more rather than not pitch for head that it you know he he got the third report Denny got very. Fruit -- there are the most Bennington many years -- -- -- left handed hitter. For a plus they're. It's just spinning who it already struck out twice started. Stated I was gonna be a great waited -- ended -- let them chase the guy bit but he had success where. Walk off the mound and -- successful have done it. You know going and go -- an extent has started at Baird thought the guys struck out plates can type about all of third at bat and helmet -- well so. -- and sometimes they had a plan that you think might be a good splintered into about what. Two moves last night with Carl Crawford you move him from the number two spot in the line up to downton numbers seventh is coming days after. He talked about that being an issue with him last season with a different manager. And then you took about four I would take a defensive purposes. In the seventh inning could you explain both of them. I mean at that I don't know if they're not self explanatory note don't start with Carl loved. He's had very few at -- simple attended pitching and you know I don't know -- so let's hear but he had no problem with. You know being in his 73 fixed their there you know and any in any place in the order that quite. You know balance lined -- doubt better. You know not having a method based. Are -- left him the pitcher might come out local fan. As far as taking another seven bearing Medicare and it. But it could very -- you know. Situation that we're trying to win a game and we understand that totally had. The last -- -- do aired at church that. Couple weeks in the particularly suit but the minute situation weren't going to be -- To make a territory -- -- Well there is the last about the seventh inning is it. It also was going to give them another at bat but is -- the throwing arm right now that that that concerns you. The total yellow eyes burn them at betting on the road so. You know it that bad at all I'm saying but the other thing that they get a lead we -- to hit two shots to go back. If you're concerned about his arm is is it the possibility of putting him in as a DH -- Ortiz is out for a while. Yeah I think there's a consideration better unit I think that it happened I don't know that it a necessity but. -- -- -- Other situation with with Carl the first couple games Bobby. And it's interesting you'd you'd think that it would take him awhile to rampant up you look like he has some great at bats. The last few days she seems to me struggling reaching a little bit. Is is that usual that kind of backwards. -- yeah you think it kind of backwards but. You know it sit -- and they're very -- going to be perfect. After so much spirit so little preparation. You know I don't think it's realistic in NL we sheet. Eight trillion dollar who has or under bets -- to really dictate to them. Through a period of American spirit so. I wouldn't get. Well I I'm not gonna tell people not to get too critical because. -- got the big spotlight on them them. You know when it's good it's pretty good -- what it's not it's very PM. It's going to be or opponent notice. We all know about the and written rules of baseball on the unwritten rules of baseball wonder that will come into effect tonight. From the Rangers. Who may take exception to -- getting hit by. Idea do you expect any kind of retaliation tonight. Well I mean I don't think so there and it's been errors so. Intent to hit and you want. Now that you have both Ellsbury and Crawford back do you change and obviously he's not the number two spot that I wasn't certainly last night. Pete do you change. The way you manage a little bit because you've got the speed on the base past now. And even with the series got -- on the -- changeup a little little way you manage. Well I I always try to use what whatever we got out. I don't try to put people in. Tradition that not capable of doing dumping him. I try to put him position that there are people succeeding so. But you know words. You know -- the green light is being green even -- No and no one's been going buried up that because you don't trust most feel like what. The green I would hysteria though it meg Crawford hit. Felt very great. Might do a total of just -- There's -- looked the same human as you look like he is he's back and always just been a few weeks by a couple weeks. But -- -- look like himself. Actually -- you know it -- I was getting used to. What Els -- like what he got hurt but it done I think you know it's better now curry looked. At the beginning of the season. -- -- -- Sport to execute more powerful and swing. Do you sense it in you've done this. Many times before getting up to the trading deadline do you sense a difference. In no way that certain guys approached that last week in. Dealing with uncertainty with specific guys. Well you know play anybody ever tell you heard that they have come to me during that time. He tried to say that being that. You know might make them feel better but because. I have done -- are trying to because the trade that. Might be me tomorrow. Might not even impeached sought out today when you talked to a player. And you have to do -- very protective order to what you say you know I mean like I'm hoping that every one of these players -- with -- Fairly true there this year and pretty years to come but it. It's in fact they say that they're definitely going to be here and the trade -- spend. So it you know and it's my eight reputation that the its soil spoke. They are here protected drew what you say and he had to go through and -- And then settled time. The same way you do every year because this is all part part spoke to two game Major League Baseball. Can you understand the situation in Texas the weather and you talk about a hundred degrees or whatever and for a long time people would site that is the reason that the Rangers fell apart. In the last couple months of the season isn't it a coincidence here. That the pitching has improved over the last three years they don't seem to fall apart the last couple months of the season apparently the weather has actually nothing to do that. Now. Yeah probably not I think it's think you know with. New new technology. And new ideas they think that they prepare for that -- the weather probably in a different way than they used to road. Whatever -- in fifteen years ago and and you know they might even have some pitchers on the mound -- You know we're a little a little better condition mentally and physically to get truly get through this spelt that. You gotta take if they have a you know that this won't September's some people -- -- points early media. Time now for Mohegan sun's dinner with the big show todays question for Bobby. Comes from Michael Jays from -- Massachusetts he wants to know how much input if any. Do you have as to whether or not the team will be buyers or sellers. As a Major League Baseball trade deadline approaches. -- I -- I've been Aspin and so late date police have my comment in there. You know what I what I believe is in there I don't know. I believe we're all on the same page so it's -- that's concerned. You don't you don't lobby for certain players or do -- go to the general manager and say look we really got to get this guy -- we really need another. Al righty in the bullpen or another look left handed specialist. Well period there have been times they've done that this this year hasn't been that -- -- -- Final question Josh Beckett going tonight he's had some struggles in the first inning disease. Changes approach at all going into this game. Well you know there -- discussion about personal change at all moment have a long like -- but. You know first sitting here playing here on the road. They'll have to be prepared to go let them from you know whatever they get SL here and done I think he's going to be ready I think. Again he's got to turn the page on that we have to turn the page and that the best way of doing it is so I'm you know following the leader Clay Buchholz and you know putting Rivera. Hard -- -- good luck tonight in net Texas we'll see you back you know.

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