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Ian Rapoport, NFL Network, on the start of training camps across the NFL

Jul 25, 2012|

Rap Sheet joins Mut and Merloni to discuss all things NFL including the Patriots and if they can be better than last year's team.

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Affect the Texas on the ATP text -- and a 5050. Made a mistake and Andre Carter's injury incorrectly remembered. There's a Denver game as regular season Denver as a playoff and it was her regular season bad job and -- a good job at a techsters. And tweeters and a 5850. -- WEEI. That happened during the regular season on Steve's point about you know look gore got them. Yeah I anchor team is always better when you get pressure on the quarterback -- in the stage of -- Chandler Jones in paperback Andre Carter. Often Nene in Cincinnati some of these guys can help you get pressure on the quarterback not the send blitz after blitz I it's a good thing. You know they ranked 31 in defense a year ago and got some pressure after the quarterback and a consistent pressure without having to send everyone. With a giant three will do during a successful runs form an affront to get after quarterbacks. And -- drop everyone back and feel confident that yeah will have somebody. When -- 101 battling get. Two opposing QBs. At the great thing in this day and age in the NFL and I are Honda gonna line it up to Bedard jokes about in terms of formations and sets in the depth charts and everything else now looking at. You know players here got to pick on a defense of line Chandler Jones Trevor Scott Jermaine coming Cunningham. Vince -- Ron Brace Kyle Love and a day. Rhetoric take packet couple callers are brought operating how good -- as a mix and match of all sorts of guys Belichick and -- while with Hewitt thank creates -- pressure and if you can do that. That's a good thing and I -- Andre Carter and Carter signs here you get those guys involved. Three fun to watch that part of it in camp deceive the on the go back to that 43 what type of guys they revel mix and match when. Four once camp starts officially around here tomorrow it's started to other places. The last couple days and joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Was speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible. The wind formally and Harold LC on the NFL network or -- in Rappaport. In -- Charlotte today what are they saying about right ankle wheels big prediction of a Super Bowl championship. Offer that up at their steam this year. You know what's what's crazy is clear the American team permission you know he he actually specifically made sure not to tell anyone but he was doing it because. Q1 and want to stop but you know usually these. Old guarantees. You know they can make PR directors heads explode. So I think he was nervous about it until -- want. But -- -- coming out talking Darby and after practice about the way natured ask about Vince Wilfork and how he's still in the Atlantic -- love each other. You know it was saying that you look you know he's had the attitude for a long time and obviously they haven't really done anything yet but. That you actually want here in -- Ron Rivera only the same thing that needs 53 guys. Who -- along the exact same until. This team. Is not exactly have the reputation of being an old crashed scene but it you know. You were talking about joke about a TP -- -- article predict the pats ago sixteen and no we actually broke down the score -- and every game. In Europe any what are the realistic. Expectations of this -- the patriots team with some of the additions. Well you know it will be it will be difficult to me it difficult for me a look at what they've done at the draft they had and say they're gonna be worse. You know I mean it's. Their defense they added two big parts. You know eight sources still unbelievably questioned what Chandler Jones but I think the defense will be a lot better. I think Robert Gallery -- corners is. Really really really gonna help provide at least a healthy I think he's he's really gonna be fantastic player and -- the better the offense to be what it is. So people where can they go. No maybe fourteen until maybe fifteen more election so it's still hard because sixteen in all you know I don't see that happening because. Know about the was ordered to supply if they really really really has seen. And you get the idea that you talked about the addition double side of the ball the other both can be important but in your mind Ian those defense of rookies offensively the different wide receivers. And tight ends they've mixed in which ends up being more important. To this team's success the offensive additions the defense -- -- I'll be honest I don't think it did defense and additions you know well those guys sitting in the front seven I have no idea and you know. It's going to be fun I think for a lot of these guys. To try to figure out where you want it to be QB I think one reason a lot hightower and outright circular covered in the Alabama. Smart guy loves football more than anyone you know typical -- -- I could see him playing. -- really three different linebacker rules if he can play inside you by outside and even -- and Alabama he -- to -- freshman and sophomore. He could be anywhere I can challenge until really really helped -- you know maybe they don't reach our country Karachi they will probably the end provide -- help people. You know they may not need to if it -- -- -- with what they want so I think this defense will look different. Our panel that you're gonna have the circuits in the back in the last year either. Autopilot that gonna change that what that back and a little bit I mean Patrick Chung. You figure is going to be there you bring in Steve Gregory. Leo -- McCord is a guided the -- try to figure out. What he isn't that safety position sort of revolving intermediate cut it Culver slash safety type of thing. DC McCoy state and at safety position as Gregory kind of popular jump him back the corner. Well I think it's -- Gregory gonna become a quarter corner but yeah I actually could see them. Is slightly similar roles especially in dime. You know navy and nickel I think Cody. You've really really actually can be a good corner -- -- -- -- last year by having play press man right at the beginning in your a couple of lips. You know Stevie Johnson really made him look bad in all of sudden he was in his own ideas like bogey on the golf course. You know what -- I would like to agency last year you're using of course he. As a corner on first and second down and then your safety on third down and you made -- good matchup against tie it and I'm lucky dog gallon starting. I'm obviously have you know Arrington. -- guy who actually can play at least two different positions back there. You know you're not of course sterling Moore to I forgot about him you know I -- -- you can actually not later in the secondary this year. You wrote about a couple days ago holiday source telling you that Rob Gronkowski is going to be good to go here when veterans report officially start their first practice is tomorrow we and so. Can you explain as to the -- -- Shiancoe addition and now it's seemingly is what for tight ends on this roster what the plan will be with this group. While I think you interpret -- her money back Belichick just wild card and pencil back. I think there's two things that really jump out -- me Warren is that. They didn't have they really only had one kind of soup the last journalist he struck out it's not insult I know we tried really hard. And you know little of the effort thirty years. But they just stopped covering him in the second half they really did. The patriots -- not in the position. Where their second most valuable offenses. Position is until they can't get the spot where grant doesn't play. That there's group you know I mean he's big and and sources body around. And he's going to get injured he's going to miss gained ninety. I think that's reality -- You'll look forward to doing is protecting -- I think guessing is. Hernandez is still going to be called a tried and even to literally receiver for 80% of apps last year I think you'll see more of that this year. When asked about Brandon -- because it just seems like it's just too perfect of a fit right following Josh McDaniels he knows the system. Of what kind of things you expect from him in this office -- Brady. A lot a real lot -- committee dishes. In -- Deion Branch. Five years ago you know like if you -- constrained since you're a young about. He's got a leg he can really run. You just can catch the ball police and the sound ridiculous article LO receive protection of all else catch that he is catchy so well. And you I think he's a guy I'm not sure what branch is gonna be on the team. But I think war lady is gonna be what is going to be branch like at the beginning you know I think he's gonna become. Tom Brady guy on the outside in. When we need get down on Welker and the lockout gronkowski the patriots haven't earned the back of the years they had no option. Brandon Lloyd really isn't an option. Ian Rapoport NFL network joining us may now you have not only -- these new offensive weapons but Josh McDaniels the end back in the full will fans be able to tell. The difference between a bill O'Brien offense and -- Josh McDaniels offense how different world outlook do you think. These are you know not that different. I think it'll change your a year I mean obviously and can -- was last year. The only thing I think maybe you'll see. Provided at the personnel Buick is to return to the screen game. You know -- marine is good athlete. -- he he can pick up singing in -- block. You know really is good enough athlete. I think they can you know catch got to catch the ball out of the backfield. Not think you're gonna see your return to the screen game. You know -- so much early in his career in -- the only difference in them. Yeah children and O'Brien in the book learn from the same guy and I think there's there. Very similar to think you're -- notice too much but -- UN look at this team is is the one weakness of the biggest question -- possibly the offensive line when you look at. I -- you know it's. I still think it did it to -- and it's really unproven. -- if spite should tell the Mayo which NATO's good -- you know what I tell that a linebacker group is really good but there are still question. I like to me it's it's really hard for any -- divine beauty editor Tom Brady. Aren't you -- and opened from enacting even starting job. Arm -- older it is. You know. Everything -- I was last year left tackle and everything what she cannot -- and. I'm pretty sure it also quick cheap but tomorrow and it's good position to succeed. And even if they're not crazy talented so potentially. Don't like Lyle. Your -- NFL under circle she make this camp trip Ian what is the feeling about the idea of a replacement NFL officials every day I kind of hope that the gonna get something done. -- -- making too much Saudi idea that the in the real NFL -- the current rafts might not be in the mix to start the year. I think we are probably making too much of -- you are not want to minimize it good like this is very serious but. You know when it comes down to it. I I would be. I would be surprised if -- as. The placing an official barely game once -- very much and appreciate and on and the going to be a small college there's going to be crazy. You know -- first thing that he would spend a lot of time worrying about it but -- wouldn't be our hope everything will be on. No repetitions officially named defense coordinating change. They're all demo or is he pretty much been that without the official name. Eat eat eat and that I'm -- maybe local change it's something that Bill Belichick has needed for the past couple years. -- overheated but actually welcomed guests. Is a guy who you talk vacuum so none of this is likely. You are mechanically how much is gonna change you -- know Patricia. I think it's going to be the next big -- patriots assistant coaching staff the situation is gonna have its say yet they blasters so that the defense. He really -- -- an excellent job with a bunch of bad players. Especially in the back and -- this year that you have Levy isn't -- had a chance to say no bill this is what we're doing. And it happens AI think its efficacy major group. It kicks off officially tomorrow here in New England -- Ian Rapoport seem on the NFL network in Twitter on his blog does a great job now covering. Across the National Football League Ian thank you so much enjoy this kick off at camp this week. And Ian joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible. While we get a Red Sox game tonight and we're Red Sox game with the potential added drama a little retaliation. The Texas Rangers I will talk about that next.

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