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Mitch Williams: The Sox have the talent but not the performance

Jul 25, 2012|

“Wild Thing” Mitch Williams joined D&C this morning to chat about the ups and downs of Lester and the latest MLB news. Williams answers the question of whether or not the Sox will be buyers or sellers, explains what is happening to Lester’s pitching, he reveals if it’s true that a catcher and pitching coach truly affect a pitcher, and shares his opinions on Carl Crawford.

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There is no doubt you know Mitch Williams from his eleven year notable Major League Baseball career and if not then certainly with his broadcasting career post playing days with Major League Baseball network now MLB network by the way will provide more than twenty hours. A live trade deadline covered from this Sunday to the trade deadline next Tuesday July 31 but Williams joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. With speeds up to ten times after the three -- go to John and Jerry in Boston again how aria. Our great Mario don't -- were doing fine -- question as you can imagine this has been the point of discussion promote much of this week and will continue to be until they either portrait or don't. -- the last place one game under 500 struggling Red Sox would be buyers or sellers between now and next Tuesday in your estimation Mitch Williams. I think -- you don't. Yeah I do I think it would visit with the end of wild card saying. Too -- there's -- much baseball left to do it -- on the season right now I really think it's gotten that. In certain I looked down in Miami and what they're doing. They're dismantling our already and you've got sixty so games last. That's just on your fan base your players. The proper -- you're given out. And there's there's there's a lot of walk -- our little lot of our top spot out there. But don't you have. A legitimate -- you have to look at the team and say whether -- make it on this determination of whether it's good enough. To win a playoff series whether it's good enough to win and all this team clearly here in Boston is not. I picked you name -- give up now or -- -- absolutely you do not performance why. I I think there's been some guys on that team that have not obviously performed up their capabilities. And one of the guys along the agreement. Specifically. Is Jon Lester Jon Lester to me is -- balding -- -- Czech lefthander. Bit I think. That one pitched it is becoming invoked. In the game baseball. Is hurt him dramatically and -- Carter. Gone away permit for -- -- all you brought 96 miles an hour. And gone to act -- that he doesn't commanders well. When you kick Amanda Carter injured becomes a piece I mean not breaking 91 mile an hour fastball. That's that's what that helps -- we don't understand. When a pitcher loses it I mean he's not hurt and he's not old and what what happens exactly is that it your mind that he goes to the cutter and it's not cutting. And if so why does the -- as we just abandon it. And that's the problem I ever not been able to figure out these absolutely all of it all of that pitch. And if I got 96 mile an hour in my arsenal and I know how to elevate it. And and the -- -- -- the -- there are -- guys in the game baseball right now. It broke -- -- -- -- And that is Mario -- spirit. And generally you have to and it's natural. That kept it sank to a parole or -- straight. It comes out of there and party. And it is cutting from the middle of the at least they're hand. These guys the cutter that most printers on today. Are just basically slider. -- -- Our speed fastballs that are moving may be two inches. So why does in the pitching coach say don't do that anymore John but why. It was may. Trust me I -- I would say take that router and put it away because you don't have an absolute Amanda but. You're going to get -- -- -- -- Jon Lester stop there is no way a cutter would be part of my arsenal. Our took aside can you speak to -- crisis of confidence and we see it in his eyes we see it when he is interviewed after the game but he -- look like he's. And a lost soul and -- -- when he's out there on the mound obviously there's a crisis of confidence there. How does that have any kind of direct effect on your ability to command Mitch. Well probably is that you're saying there's no question about. I mean you're certainly right when you're going bad. You expect no matter what you wrote here. And you have to go back and think about the game. All sit down say. How hard is it to hit around all around bad. It's hard hearted thing in all sports. And and understand that. And then go out there. And go to your strength. Jon -- strength has always been pitching all that great or seam fastball. And to me he's pitching opposite -- You can't do that. If you people out there are a lot of start. As I'm not on any other. Every -- our approach is going to be 95 and above and I'm all located. Then he could be back in business smarter pitcher in baseball. -- -- Is located fastball. It's that simple. Always will be not slider not a curve ball much. Knuckleball. Are located fastball is best pitch because -- hitter as the least amount of time to react to it. And it it's but a spot. This vote could be again. They they can't do it and what. The -- all. Well last two or three weeks the analysis of Jon Lester what's wrong with him and why he can't be the Jon Lester we know from the past. Two subjects keep coming up to the point of almost nauseating. Repetitive this and that would be John Ferrell and Jason Varitek in your estimation how much does -- pitching coach. And York catcher have to do with a -- success or are those just excuses if you use the. Well it bigger calendar I think coaching your character. He gets you to ballgame. You're looking in the wrong place. -- -- -- Make suggestions. I had managers that would tell me visual throw what -- put down. I got invited to leave a lot of places you do I would tell them the minute they start anger at W -- actually character name. Also what you want. Ultimately I'm wrong I want throw. And that are going to be viewed it intelligently and better. Did he get a Cadillac. And it can happen. A pitching coach bill aside look your trip. Not yet and you're backside simple stuff like that other than that a pitching coach you're not gonna tell you. Shouldn't have to tell you how -- -- wire -- It is up to the pitcher. I certainly. -- -- for sure attending every night the video room watching -- because I think fastball slider. I didn't mean go to pitchers meeting. Because I don't know president -- it it looked like an epic curve ball bring it can't throw want to look at. I watched hitters I wanted to know every hitters Nigeria's own and stay out of it because everybody in the ballpark. Including. Peanut vendors and allowed a passed ball. But it is nowhere. Are well and that -- pitcher obligation. When you got hit when you struggled what was the explanation. I. I don't like down in this owns that. Yes. I don't care you saw 158. Bit down it's -- And that's what I see today. With the picture now you -- pitchers don't get too are seeing more -- to all wrong. Base ship. This year that I think I ever have and it all comes to the pitch count. Because I think I have to put this in -- -- -- -- that just keep my pitch count -- You don't get out it strikes. You get and what strikes you get outlook balls. I don't see badgers. Being patient and they use that it's set up another one. And especially at a lesser case. When he gets ahead in evasive or Famer and elevate it in the middle quite. I'm talking about when I talk about elevate I don't mean. Just above the belt I'm talking about it catcher Matt in the middle of -- -- Is no way -- better analyze our partners always take its. It's good point you were down to Joseph Carter orchard. All in our state -- would -- up and all right. Pay you know was available out -- you know then the names and and some will be traded the next week. -- if you had a top prospect the guys sure fire major -- down and double -- Who's the one guy for home you would give that prospect that. Or is there one Gaza Dempster. I mean who who who intrigues you out there. I think damn sure right now at the auto Lola. Bit that I epic what you were ignored going to -- and Hamels siren glass -- last night. I don't think they're gonna keep both animal -- I think league. Is probably going to be traded. And it would be my guess. But. -- guys that I would go after. What does Ichiro do for the Yankees at Williams. He makes a much better defensively. And I think that they're looking at they're looking at that. Especially in and a plan will appeal -- -- yourself and what that does get better and able granderson. It should you -- a little bit more toward right center. The bigger happening that partners let's go to. Well when you year old Ibanez and your drones who -- -- that point her way up to speed up stop. You and you know well granderson about. Because Ichiro defensively is still a very good December. You're -- you're a fan I'm Josh Beckett. I liked Josh. But I wanna -- Josh angry. I wanna see a bit angry. Josh you're out there in Asia China. Cerebral. I don't look -- him to do very well. One I go out there actually it's an angry. At got Beckett I want to watch. -- solutions for Carl Crawford. -- and I think honestly. People that have not played on the East Coast I'm not talking about -- East Coast I'm talking about Billy in new York and Boston. Last year -- our proper was an absolute culture shock. Because. You go to West Coast and midwest. And you have. New York -- Austin and -- People involved until in New York mortgage their homes are seeking to. And they -- not it is not a social event. It is not something hey you wanna go to Iraq -- actually had an. Well it's why did you stop those -- appliance. And they expect. To win it's a way a light East Coast it is about social. I think Carl Crawford -- from Tampa. Where. One -- that laws -- so many years of the world or in a position back in 2008. Don't win a division I for the eight clinched it seventeen thousands and and I mean that just and our targets. Well thrust into a place like Bob and we're sold out. For years. Every night. And they expect. To win. It is itself a player has understand. Are always said that I played until it. If you wanna get cheered the news thank you don't go to Philly Boston and New York. So I always say they're not below and you. They're -- your performance. And that's what they've they've what I pay that money to get that part. It -- for the right to do. So if your player and you are sensitive to that kind of stuff. And you find yourself in Boston is it in environment is it a culture the you can learn to live with and learn to love. Or are you just wire to certain way and it's never going to happen. There's some guys can't learn it and some guys that will wilt under. I don't know long. It certainly any thing about me. When -- starts. I don't want hadn't said about myself before and not -- again. -- -- I wouldn't reunion of paper -- they aren't on the stand that I have Marty called myself well before. So. That was an I would who's hard on me are harder on myself and the fans of the media ever going to be. -- somebody's gonna give Josh Hamilton 200 million most likely in the offseason will is that a mistake will that be a mistake. You think you'll keep it together referral you know like eight years. Aria. Is spent a lot of time around judge. And Josh you're wearing these big. I think at the Texas Rangers don't sign him. It is absolutely marketing suicide on -- part. I play in Arlington my first three years. There -- -- baseball and state tech student did not exist. Essentially book or Josh Hamilton -- There were no world shooters. Demand -- eleven million all star votes. -- close until almost 45 million away. What does that tell you from a marketing standpoint. If I'm an owner. There's nowhere -- letting -- But a question for me Mitch. Daniel Bard has lost it lost his control lost his command. Very uneven performances this and I'm -- -- target still can't get it back. Is that just a psychological component because obviously the guy has the right arm. Who do the job psychologically is is that what's going on between his ears to -- -- -- the success they expected. Psychological than mechanical -- the -- I think mechanically. -- yet -- guy like him. And simplify it as much as you can. And then what I mean by that. Show -- Mariano Rivera. For seventeen years didn't show -- tape Mario post first game. And as you -- they're a bit quiet game. Is mechanics have not changed one bit there are identical. And they're there exactly. Oh what a pitcher he should do. But put his arm in a position to work all do you lower body. And once you can master that and -- you Maxtor that is to simplify it. Easy Yu Darvish -- out of the stretch. Bowl games. And that may I I have kids I will not let -- -- -- -- and because I want them to learn the basics. A wind up there's nothing -- -- stretch from step. I hate to slide step. I think that early in particular arms. -- doubt. So I don't like that I want guys -- exactly right. To put their arm and a position to let there are at work. You're given you're blessed -- -- Let you do it your lower body either allows them to work for children. These Mitch Williams you can check them out and MLB and by the way MLB network will provide more than twenty hours of live trade deadline -- from this Sunday to the trade deadline next Tuesday July 31 -- Williams -- the -- always -- to document friend would talk to -- wrote a the twins of Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T four GLP now we know. We're not you know what makes council notes yet you know but. Bail on the cutter to -- other the relying on the cutter which. Is the opposite of what they're able Bryant not Opentable Bryant's it was a work in either but he ought to cut too much he misses it doesn't cut its discount of 91 or 91. Mile promise located -- is located fastball or which if that's the case then. It explains the on. The success that haters are having I mean obviously. You know and -- -- -- walk and them he had just thrown Hannibal balls and in and you're getting away from your hard stuff which is -- forcing them. -- -- -- Lester I assume he's heard that from people that the congress is the world and pitching coach is mentioning too I hope one of the pitching coach what was touching -- has mentioned it to him does he take the -- -- and in new York and not throw cutters. It's like no don't dig into tears rolling on these golf analogy educated driver to pull out -- accept credit. You know you go on the -- in and -- didn't drive well it's 400 powerful well yes because in the Willis makes a difference -- topic what's different you -- we -- of again eight iron or hybrid hybrid what is the point if the cut it doesn't work. -- -- -- Picked up where your phone calls doesn't --

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