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Tuesday, July 24th Whiner Line

Jul 24, 2012|

Sox make us all suffer, but at least the party starter is back.

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My views excuse views expressed and expressed. My life these -- like ET TE Chris Cox -- We -- this discretion advised. -- and now you want your line. I don't like her and then there's you know lightning. -- -- called the most critical design and now on our game is not somebody else's -- Game in his books and it's and that's coaching playing -- literally it's an takeovers that. To make it fair WEEI. Who -- airlines is infringing can't see it won't last -- beat -- now -- Throwing pitches that are moving in that zone so you can't see what are we ask -- They can't see it they're humans dial 6177793535. They get Jolley says sunny day I call that -- out on -- It's really cool they don't like that whiner line and then someone uses the most ridiculous. Words that I -- here. But we -- you back here and now on when I did Little League World Series. Those pretty little thing -- -- so I wanted to cry. Can't this whole. Straight -- it gives us exists outside of WEEI anything Christ and whiner line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Michael -- -- journalist since there was a Michael. About testing testing testing. -- it's researcher Carl Crawford you know where you got a lot of issues and what's going on anything listening mountainside mature no labor Libya belabor him. He's got these guys are so we can close together and this is now clinical proof. Focus on the ball on the outside part of the play maybe -- maybe that was is probably ground ball in left field tonight supports -- don't -- that matter I reckless and it just -- can keep. DOC. Those guys fixed so I don't know maybe they can. Do an association with afternoon I can work it out that's a great job of us can we get there was a credit your article my friend out of 6000. Dollars call right on your name. There's a line powered by AT&T bottling your your hair done an excellent. Job you know it was well now we're team but he sure it's me -- west. Three real bad bad guys I think if it gets if it gets a little bit Dicey. Yeah I think you would help me around. Rob I got what names that bush had it right there actually I should pass this -- -- tonight. Thousands -- and yeah alleged that day the pressure on line it's powered by -- DW I it's available at your iPod. Device. Brought to you via AT&T AT&T forgy LT TE speeds up -- times ten miles ME GAT and T rethink what with what you know in the world with school and everything you know haven't -- -- is ready for the polar bears and some analysts -- from twenty miles away forty miles that's totally miles -- this you should -- more so you don't use animals to figure out. He acts and I did it -- this program. It's my show that we could -- and I -- Put it. People can -- it. Probably a bit -- and punishment they can't punish omnipotent people. And that meant I heard you last night line up -- about issue well I -- supporters NCAA supposed to do. Well first of -- -- of its a criminal law matter more than anything else. Right not exactly are they jump in their program saying it duel that they do we stop all the children NCAA should ask just ignored a criminal matter of -- so. So it was almost criminal matter and who's Louie freeh. Louis -- former FBI director guy right FR EE HOK so I got the extra 167 pages you don't just -- out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll get -- -- Penn state of the big football every Saturday to get to recruit pick -- the he didn't. But Barack don't let that compete in the Big Ten championship -- Felt like that they have I got Notre Dame football. -- So that's -- Heidi. Klum from -- -- I. -- little tidbits. Submitted to what was that thing -- apparently -- He got to the best thing Lewis and ours he -- like I don't know -- initiative and our audience this is candidate down there this is why men are pigs Mikey. He supposedly cheated on right I think alone know they know. Cheated on because. That's hardly. Comic book you -- minimum bet com. Penn State -- -- -- -- and just mess that's not working for new offshore. Not at all into the grand -- Yankees. From. Everything and that's the pop Penn State for the rest of it. Because you don't have a thing to talk about. She tells -- -- packet about every dollar that I can do everyday of the and try to put it at times it's been eligible to her since four hours I. Would avoid the. I've been listening to under four hours we thought you should just not yesterday you screwed up and made a mistake. That's. She's called up without saying -- this time around as she was paid attention to show we did Red Sox for a general polar bear can smell her twenty. -- Hey Red -- made it. Dollars have. Have have. Not that cracked egg lady ever again but a red dot. That's -- bat and a ball and they Aaron Hill. And national membership support site that should result of the long term and you still we do in the division enough coverage -- -- -- you know tomorrow. Hey thank -- didn't talk adding. I -- And that message. It traded there will McQuistan they did yeah. Dark. -- Pick it up and red dot. Do our bit but -- I. Thought. That. Dot. -- think the sellout -- in danger. -- it ego he's not with -- that you passed away. To review the vendors. What does that -- we're Georgie Jefferson right now. They're selling them terribly politically Georgia for I'm not under a spread out his line just wait till we get the ones about it -- you -- -- -- -- It's not gonna get better at the other at a -- a lot I promise you -- I'm gonna get your Bennett did open it -- they -- -- back. And -- Coach. You know Chicago Chicago Cubs go I didn't Billy goat curse of the power train livestock for players how about this the guy went to -- Billy -- the park. I mean shouldn't he. Expect to be turned away -- don't wanna bring it to a baseball game right to think that peanuts when you don't make him Billy goat for at least -- Steve does not last place right now. That can pick we count -- I have the perfect on this exhibition is -- -- let's. Smooth it's. And yeah. It's. And tubular bells the theme from the X series just. Mike old fields of people are correcting you same Mikey it's Brett not Derek unfortunately they're wrong it's -- and -- good. Occurring you know run out of -- less accurate picture. Because collapsed but people. -- what was Hillary. -- Florida I thought they -- market. Expect and that sparkly -- feel they have tracked down every name is that what's his name the refuse and read reading better Roddick -- Redick -- run offs amount you. My and it doesn't lock and that -- -- Roger Clemens and watch them through that door we've added a lack of that door and it paid -- that this doesn't but it Daria I can turn around at least. If that be better right now they'd be old and gray and it sucks my high school reunion and it sticks. What opening day -- -- and I do this. I don't regret that was any doubt it very style bracket is well. And at that wow that's on tape. You'd be ready to get a phone Steve. -- Wonderful irony here we're red -- and my mom's basement. Start coming up with a ridiculous creating is when things didn't get rid of every piece of garbage got it sucks. I get another one of the the put into perspective. What message out that people get blown up they called up and said hey I got my but trade -- great -- my. And a second round pick it may be crypto that kind of probably involved neglect -- would -- that the people come on and do you -- -- betrayed them and I think Atlanta why don't. I think I don't panic that they've gotten you guys I've been mailed back and tank after the -- And I dead -- they go out by myself -- -- that the technically -- that we are ready for the -- up and I bet and it buried again. Julio -- for -- card we have a lot of people cards were there with us we get a -- six ordinances allow sixty when parents change over in Europe promotions department to remember -- deal of this it'll get answers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Six this is -- had 1986. But only college are what matter it's Tuesday morning hours Tuesday -- are -- so much go on. -- evidently. I've gotten to renounce. Future cross -- Connecticut home again. -- How and quote I'm going quite. The training camp. Cool -- my god they get up -- let them come back held back. And the message for Cody deserves it. And it gets into it or not. Should get up and out I don't want our help my apartment had -- And she is it they predicted -- feces -- urine and I can go to work for them it was to be our last call but that's okay let's go 16 you know. And. Dad George Cabot but guided by our third -- might get -- -- and -- Perish the thought would -- so you're never. She never hold. A big show. I got some of that goal right now because FaceBook. And it hit picture -- above twenty years ago prop. Up is about out of town. What -- wanna pass out. -- Angelo from average household having issues again messed up Hawaiian girl like the Bryant's did you -- -- outlet do it our way and audit. I've -- and it's just an island out between in my home is right now. A do you know why without them out -- I get back big in my I've read in the work out here and why but I gotta get that -- W I -- They hadn't done cleared out polio had like got to pay off that back oh. I guess that felt -- about -- I -- and -- diplomats say Iraq but beyond Iraq would quit. And have a good -- everybody out. And not the -- -- and then that these Barak. And you know they -- better accusation got to hear from -- -- from program that is why don't I just part by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible.

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