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Mark Madden: Penn State people are acting like the victims

Jul 24, 2012|

Pittsburgh radio personality Mark Madden joined John and Gerry to discuss how the football first mentality at Penn State got them into the position they are in, that this Penn State scandal isn’t close to going away, and the cult mentality at Happy Valley.

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Our friend mark Madden has been on our program by a handful of times over the years and never failed to leave an impression joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE it's mark Madden from WX DX FM in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania good morning mr. -- Jerry and -- again in Boston our new. -- -- -- I'm right here from -- moment they want them later today I could come -- that -- -- column tomorrow morning good up and make do now what's. All about it Boston bring you here welcome mark. -- Yeah island Obama. Wouldn't that the soccer that -- -- all -- the mound out of the complaint. Excellent -- of the mound that a market. -- -- believe amount that I probably should draw a flat ground would be healthier for the -- how Long Will their remain. Survivors and hold outs I guess is the better word on Paterno island in the state of Pennsylvania has god knows there remains a bunch of them there. Yeah and I can prove that they go on myself between three and 6 PM the a lot of people who just want to admit that you know they truly disgrace. Truly Paula I'd call. For the movie rewarded with good. Making football so I hope that's it was confident they in this mess in the first place. And I think people in general rule are acting like the victims. How did you take away the eligibility how day you take away our scholarships how did you take -- that statute when in fact. Yeah I just named. It's -- totally odd thing to do given what we don't know how. Aides -- help -- always some mark I don't get why Billy O'Brien went there he had to see this come and maybe not to this level. But he had to know it was going to be difficult to rebuild that program. I know it's nice to be a head coach and make a little more money but he would've had other opportunities do you think he just got snookered do you fix that someone there sold in the bill of goods as he -- -- himself now. I think he's probably -- the result now. What the buyer beware if so what did so in the Billy good that's on -- -- as much as anybody. But. No we saw that when you report. We didn't know for sure and obviously go to Brian had no access to that we really crooked job. The -- report which is the candidate. If I'd be. The -- of the Penn State that apocalypse. So hopefully. Everything that happened so closely. To the -- wouldn't doubt no doubt. No debate. The playing report came out I think that what that the dominant quality you have to -- NCAA disciplined. And you didn't expect like I do them to just get their asses kicked for the next 4567. Years open down the field by Ohio step by Wisconsin by Michigan. And we may all be old and dead and buried before that they really and truly rebuild. I hope that the question. They want control it -- for forty years but it couldn't eat at all. You don't want you don't want to all the scholarships anyway. I think a lot of them don't even -- now they. We couldn't get that college football. I don't wanna -- like that -- -- quite open about the -- but it may be too late repent they could transfer there are on campus now. Football in motion already. I think that -- could it ever period will. Total of 500 for the better part of a decade at least we put him I would ever -- is back well that we -- -- -- We can do -- -- hard for that guy that was because but -- big money still obviously. And you could have been the only real hero. At Penn State it can dig them out of it somehow. We know that -- -- -- greatly from the guys who could show potatoes yes. And maybe even get things back to the same level but he -- -- respectability well be quite the feather in his cap. Well this seems like an impossibility based on the cards stacked against him and I would say this usable as long as you recruit well I can't imagine a scenario -- 88 tacked. The Billy O'Brien continues what he can say to parents and blue chip prospects to make them what to come to Penn State if -- the best linebacker that's linebacker -- but best quarterback running back or what ever in the college. I have options and Penn State's one of them it wouldn't be one of them for me. You know like you got me. Up I can't think of any good reason to go there yeah it's gonna be under a microscope. All of -- part of my review what the content with the players with the administration with everyone involved at Penn State football is this scandal. You -- know it can't get close. The -- know what you're going away. And let me ask you guys. -- three questions about adding everybody. As regards to think the unresolved about the sandusky scandal number -- What did governor Corbett -- and what did -- know don't get with the DA. Although it was going right and all the people to keep delaying this kid asking investigation. So you would alienate and skateboarders. On his way to becoming governor are. Pennsylvania it happens second question. Why hadn't anyone -- early and got to go to the second model. I did a lot of unanswered questions there believe me some of which we discussed my previous video now look away. Why -- god there's our Larry Johnston blond bandit Lyndon. Still on the Penn State coaching staff -- -- be fired immediately. Knew that our ego. I'd say the fourth question would be is is there more bad news coming for the for the return -- family. Win the perjury trials get under way and these guys being put on the stands can't hurt themselves again will be asked. What is it Joseph Paterno did. Or said or wrote that made you change directions and go away from turning -- Jerry sandusky. That -- to letting Joseph Paterno handle that could be much worse for Joseph Paterno. Well no particular bad. He can't defend it I wish I wish I knew I would love that he's the guy squabble for all this really what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- help. About the record in that -- I'm look at the idea radio and public policy polling. Tweet. Joseph Paterno still has a favorability rating in Pennsylvania. 45 to 37 favorable unfavorable. That is remarkable to me 45%. Of your people mark view Joseph Paterno favorable apple culture is and how Jerry. They're not my people -- My people abandon you -- long ago. Second. You've got to delighted that cult. It's gotten better. It can -- it they're not gonna let him go well. -- And I don't realize that in an appointment -- because it pretty on the radio -- not -- and they did insist they. Don't like it all the time guys. And that's yeah. Okay build a grand jury in the criminal trial. And then -- 267. Page report compiled by the director. Of the FBI and then it is not in good shape but I know. Who says white was based -- Joseph -- has done so. Important I feel -- that had been trying to kind of crap but he's been a bit. The all looked actually Ed. In the family will uncover that we're gonna take -- government no one can say he's going to catch the real. -- -- Well you know it's not just the paternal family I'm sure you've heard the sound bite from board of trustee member Anthony LeBron who says I don't believe that the conclusions of the free report. How's this visit a week from a kid at Penn State. Hash tag Joseph pot Jonathan stack talk about a cult member. Here's the tweet mark is it really worth ruining the lives of so many people at Penn State. For the sake of just ten victims. Are you. And they did probably about more than ten pick -- let's put through are you kidding me it's unbelievable I -- -- -- -- something. If you could turn back time I don't want it that great video. If you could turn back I would say -- that they've put all types. Critics of your program back. To be exactly like a -- Dead. Will still be a hero. But governor cannot peace don't happen. At the cap. He couldn't be happier. And he's going to be winning the little kids. Most good good good -- sign me up put back. While local communities you know and that's why. That's why in my estimation mark the -- the most interesting sanctions. That ever brought down on Penn State was the vacating of the 111. Wins in the six bowl games in the two conference titles that was. In my estimation. A direct slap in the face a direct assault on Joseph paternal large nose because for the first time a significant figure in college athletics pointed an accusing finger at this so called I -- -- educator and humanitarian. Instead you -- morally corrupt fraud. Now I know the other things all the other sanctions have a lot more damage to do on the program itself but for me that was a symbolic feel good moment. Well and a necessary moment to tell what god and creation on my program. You helped eradicate Joseph Paterno. This program to move on. As long as the president loomed over Penn State. So that's what happens. And you're gonna wanna forget what happened. But you'll also want to get out what happened at best you can't -- play good statue down. Eradicate that record -- get -- -- he never existed because. As I believe god will instead picked up brutally days dropping it off I went. This guy with a bad person. And you got to drive that point all this and -- misunderstood because duke who made one mistake no this was a guy. Game plan for football games even you know one of the former that this was -- -- little kid this was a guy. Kept about it did it -- -- -- it did. I mean that's what you do with evil dead spots you know you. Eradicate. The recorders now all signs that they were there and they were ruling for all those decades what's. The next shoe to drop mark commit some news last time you. Joined us. I'd like to compliment the outcome that was what you guys I -- rumored bit the second our commitment that kids. To look at a power to make donations now I want to talk about that. I don't want instinctively because it -- rumor. But. It's remarkable that spot. And -- -- -- that put it this way. As a reason I keep demanding Big Dig deeper the second trial. I believe I think we need to know a bit. Well. There's more in the second round didn't need I even now. -- one impacts. They're great kids like baseball card. And jumping to conclusions here well this completely illogical conclusion that it went into Copenhagen -- -- certainly. People. I didn't mean to be good god like view the popular vote on the investigative reporter and the subject. -- by the kind of ironic that all these papers. In the media -- instead of Pennsylvania. That in itself again when it took. At -- -- dogged by carpet he did a great job. But. Always media outlets ignore this total. Oh yeah they know Obama and then ignore that. In the -- one guy and Harris are GeMS paper wrote the in the -- cult that -- are all these stories years ago could report them but couldn't report couldn't confirm them. You know what mark I think the next shooter drove. He is it's just other people who knew I mean it's it's simple as that Jay Paterno. Tom Bradley you know Larry Johnson -- and people who knew. And did not and mark to your point about second mile if indeed that is the case and we start to see these civil lawsuits coming due to fruition and money being mentioned. Don't you think you won't take a lot of hard court reporting that people start to stand up and say. I won and I want you to know what my experience was at second mile and it had nothing to do would Jerry sandusky had something to do with what you say open markets. Well I think that they did but. Because that Michael Jackson brought the bill that we know about yet. They never going to be historic event. No they just went to Michael Jackson got a dash I got twenty million dollars. Happen this time around too -- I know that they had no desire to take any of these people courts. So well I didn't go to settle. Generously out of court and quietly. Yes and try to make -- go and -- -- -- an institution I can't blame them but I I really do wanna know the story partly feel and we never really well. Mark Madden always a pleasure talk with a catcher catching up with the enjoy your stay in Boston. And not it's not a -- a bucket list all of this out this year now you know I I hope it pretty optimistic quick synopsis is Liverpool gonna win this game. I hope. Glad you're there and I would win this one. It's Liverpool against hope. -- And no I don't I owned by the happened businessman. Then again I'm glad I'm not -- way to Portland with John W. Henry -- Liverpool all once again that no one and you -- without any money. Thanks for the time mark badly doesn't cal am on the AT&T -- AT&T four GL TV.

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