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Cory Giger, ESPN State College, on the Penn State football sanctions

Jul 23, 2012|

ESPN's Cory Giger joins Mut and Lou to discuss the NCAA's sanctions against Penn State and the impact the punishments will have on the football program.

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I would be really clear there there's nothing in this situation and when should feel good about. This is an awful. Place to be it is not it's not good for you you you look at. The situation of the victims and their families here and you always have to go back to that say what what predicament they find themselves in what. What circumstances. Did they have to suffer through you look at what's going on a bit at the university right now you look at the actions were imposing here today. But the right actions on our part and we feel. Compliment that we're doing the right thing but no one feels good about this no one feels like this is a positive. The situation any sense and and I'm sure that includes all the individuals involved are unlocked and -- comment on how I personally feel about about individuals here this is this is just. An unprecedented. Painful chapter in the history of intercollegiate athletics. Mark -- earlier today president the NCAA unprecedented sanctions handed down. Towards Penn State the Big Ten has come there was some of their own financially. And it takes a -- conference championship money away from Penn State thirteen million all the the next four years and now the reaction. Across college football landscape of sports in quarry Geiger -- a sportswriter for the Altoona -- also the host. A sports central on ESPN's state college and against the bars throughout the last year or so during this entire Penn State scandal and situation. And he joins us on the eighteenth the hot line and corps dug -- -- start with the get your take on the reaction locally there at Penn State to what the NCAA. Handed down today a couple of hours ago. Yeah it's -- on the mrs. This is just. All bad and tragic and starting in every way Nikko -- -- -- possibly. -- be here -- -- on the football -- right now the players. At a meeting with the coach at 10 o'clock it. They were all walking out of the last thirty minutes no one talking angry look on their faces now there aren't as bewildered. I think many people around the community it -- recommit -- -- eight. Are on the bewildered I mean this -- The worst or scandal and our country's history and man in game really really dropped an autistic. Many people feel bad. For the programming your mind is this worse than maybe if they get the death penalty. Yeah it's worse because looked into -- what SMU was seen an and you didn't reach sources in the tradition history to compete at. What -- gonna do it we're gonna kill. This program. -- competition in point partly to. Ten years we were talking when the next album and they have a winning season but it cannot picture and Akron this year because recruits are gonna lead. It aren't they it's -- to get -- in the death penalty but I would say it's still pretty close to what are especially with a sixty million dollar fine. And yelling that out and it -- ball is not gonna be able to compete at a very high level for a lot. I don't you said that it's it's it's awful you know outside of Penn State -- lot of people that tootsie good. Yeah I mean it's. So you -- understand what you're. While the pure thing no doubt about it because. Any punishment. Would fit the crime here when you're talking about little children being right I mean look. Don't it always keep that in mind no matter what happens within a football and money and all those things in the victims -- our way. The most important thing yours glad I believe -- get a threat to the rest of the country looks at this and says okay we'll make elevated terror. I'm certainly and you know what but the player on the the troubles that that the players and people around town people around the region they're -- at eight it's not bear all the ball goes. In a fight people and -- human or people who cover it up so obviously the reaction here a lot of people feel that they're being unjustly punished. Or something they had nothing to do. -- is there any early lead in terms of how many players bill O'Brien ended -- hasn't this team. Are gonna try to go some routes of the the NCAA and the big tanner gonna make it very easy for players to transfer what does it look like early on for the roster. What a great question and -- all the players left the other a strong immediate here trying to get information from the player you know one off. Many of the players rat that -- unique saying and eight. I don't know the answer right now I'd get -- and an uncle -- about it then you will lead to six weeks before the even -- okay. They really want to be like it's all that involved in the program -- they got are also college. And and -- -- -- our whole lives into of people because they're in summer school made up to go to another college almost think. Ultimately be some players leave no doubt that younger players might feel like well I'm -- richer this year maybe I'll go and bill. Weeks before even when he does that work. You know all all we're together all come together all together. I would not expect many of the of the main components of the -- -- because there and it probably try to. You know I together and say hey look -- dole out how to show the world. Why aren't -- -- not many of the top players. If there were to leave how does that work amongst other teams there any scholarships available hearing different reports. That neglect and I'm not so sure about how that the work you get and it went to another school and that cool RD at all the scholarship. You know allotment given out. I might get would be to -- eagle they would not be able to get a scholarship and let the schools -- able to work out something to get under their own let. We're just talking here and that got him. -- college football. Saying well in school can always cannot find a way to get a player to win. But it it it there was that a scholarship open up well maybe it got hurt you in the red shirt or or maybe you know he oversight would they do it yet to see it that bit -- I think anything's possible like -- Again it's a little too early to probably Nokia structure that. We're talking to -- Geiger ESPN's state college joining us live and in terms of the sanctions today did to me it was two separate things what was the football sanctions. The other was the shot -- out the door that's the vacating wins from 1998 to 2011. You think that that was a fair decision today Corey by the NCAA to take away a 111 wins from coach Joseph Paterno. Well not all there was a possibility they'll wind would be vacated but I thought it would go back to 2001. Maybe we're putting -- here a little bit in 1998 and that he was investigated. But not. A heart and -- I'm if there's any surprise at all and maybe a little surprise attack on. They're not the 8000. From 2001 all that's when they cover up -- But again I'd I think that. A key component here because obviously don't forward we don't know look at football team work and see. Those vacated wins people still hold Joseph Paterno is extremely high -- here. Think he knows -- the way into a major slap in the face and eight and that they'll love Paterno would still support him. In -- -- -- 298. Land and really. That's the last bit -- it's actually on appeal legacy that was remaining. Actually now gone now the record on in the winter ball and that it that's not in -- well -- many people here who still support. What was it like there yes there was a scene like -- that statue coming down. I did not actually come through this statute area yesterday it happened -- very early morn out -- working all day. From a different area much I talked to many many hundreds of people contacted the problem from there an ideal it's very sad very. Very somber. Lot of -- people didn't understand people angry and people understood you know they -- they pay -- in Tokyo at at. A bit suspect yet to come down -- -- joke has to pay its share of the blame but again the difference here from the rest the world where you got dark. It just sit there are still a lot of -- Joseph -- -- match. Even after today that's probably not gonna change -- many people. That's why go they they showed on ESPN. Just a scene of some of the Penn State students it appeared on campus quarry getting the news today and they're shaken their heads in their head is in their face like they're watching some sort of a tragic event on TV is they're just this. Faction of fans who are never going to buy into the free report never going to add to be so brought to the reality. That Joseph Paterno pretty clearly knew some stuff was going on -- care more about football that group of fans ever Smart not on that campus. -- They will not. -- -- there and let there's some major smoking gun about we not seeing that directly. One 1000000%. Implicate jail and we really haven't seen that he could not tell you -- was hard cover up we don't have any. You know evidence saying that. Specifically what he told early or what he told somebody else -- or something like that that indicates. You know that he would have been making so little people change their mind. Let me sort of people be able to go back in time and actually witnessed you know do something terribly wrong. In the entered your question is no -- people are are never going to -- that. The reality able they will be in denial. Actually bury them very strong. And the loyalty of action here for them. Gloria obviously bill O'Brien is well known -- these parts and we're talking about -- players able to leave yet the coach doesn't seem like. He has a possible -- all in his deal hot does he move for an Odyssey. Convinces players to stay out as he walked into a living room and recruit. Well -- know bill O'Brien you do that you would get hurt and. Actually help our complete and here I don't think -- so that -- -- -- -- a little while ago and aren't trying to get a fighter flight as he put out a little while ago saying that he committed to Penn State. A for the long haul he's a man of great leadership skills. And -- going to be put to the -- no question -- he's been meeting with the players here at this morning we were open to speak with him but that's probably not going to happen with the old. Hey bill O'Brien good -- good leader. Now he's going to have a very very difficult job selling kids who are here to stay and then telling -- bit -- to recruits. Telling all well. -- that it may be a decade or more before we -- and -- be competitive on the field cougar our level. It Corey last want freeh wrote about today and that the scholarships and how does is gonna affect this team and I'm just curious enough football standpoint talk about. Beat the fanatics there at Penn State when you jump on the radio today. And you start to react to this. -- your caller is going to be critical of the NCAA -- going to be the theme here that the NCAA overstepped their boundaries and were too harsh on Penn State based on. How these calls have been last couple weeks. Yet there there'll be some people like that doubt no doubt about it now. You've got you post or -- from the people who call and let another Monty generally agree with you more as so many people would agree. What what I'm saying you disagree with Ian PA but you know people who call into account the want to great. So -- may not hear much. Of the criticism of the NCAA or anything like added as there were actually indicate deterrent in the town. Sure there's no doubt about there'll be people here -- just very very angry. You're not accept it will -- -- to think that it is entirely unfair. -- and that we are talking about the last point. They're never going to under the terms of the realization. That that show didn't do anything wrong and not Apple's been -- and do you compete at a. I he is -- Geiger can check him out on Twitter at -- -- Geiger very easy to find it's been all over the story and he joined us I -- this morning on the eighteenth the hot like Corey thank you so much we'll get back to work. -- -- very busy guy on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GT TT rethink possible taxpayer. During the conversations that he can tell this is Corey is a Joseph Paterno supporter by the way he speaks a virtue. The code read his stuff on the Altoona Mary's been buried paternal. For 6810 months now you know I'm sure a lot of people on Penn State or that's what I want to get from -- like taking the temperature of that area. I don't think courses supported all I -- up. I think he's that it speaks on behalf of that that that that account arrow in the fans. -- a lot of them feel like they're innocent victims you know they had nothing to do -- Jerry sandusky they had nothing to do with -- anything else and -- -- -- a program away. Unfortunately they need to realize that you know to -- ran their program that and most important people that school allow this to happen we're gonna -- some your phone calls later on this hour we're gonna talk about the Boston Red Sox and what the hell happened this weekend with Lester and Beckett that's coming up keep it here.

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