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Dan Wetzel: The NCAA is backwards

Jul 23, 2012|

Yahoo Sport’s Dan Wetzel joins the D&C show to talk about what Penn State should expect for sanctions from the NCAA. Wetzel discusses if NCAA president Mark Emmert is letting emotion determine his decision, how various penalties will affect the football program long and short term, why a T.V. ban isn’t likely, and in the end why business is the key influence.

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Dan -- been kind enough to join us saw on a handful of occasions as this that Jerry sandusky Penn State story is played itself out done -- -- work Wednesday called covering the story. A Dan joins us on the AT&T Allan good morning again it's Dylan John Boston again how are yeah. I'm -- well gentlemen are you. We're doing very very well I I found your -- your most recent piece about them. About mark -- very very interesting this this is this is his chance to shine today at 9 o'clock. And seize and control that he never thought he had in the NCAA is that fair to say. Yes definitely. You know the NCAA president is that I know that sounds really good generally had no power. It is not like being Roger Goodell. But -- -- or David Starr so most of the way and they operate is through this and much bureaucracy. Committee meetings. Board of directors executive management council's subcommittee you -- -- take it. Task force they just have meeting after meeting. And nothing gets done it's why the NCA -- so. I think if you just casually observed this organization says most bizarre thing in backwards in the way behind. He tried to get something. Relatively simple I think almost every hole would agree -- like. Giving it 2000 dollar a year stipend to college kids on scholarship because the scholarship doesn't copper. So many living living got caught eleven. And they couldn't get that. Because there's just too many voices and it it's almost like how if you oppose that well somebody dead and it never get yourself. You know you know these infractions cases take you know I think yet USC -- -- five years. Everything shall flow so what mark amber or did the president of NCAA. If you went to the board directors use this. You know outrageous case to be granted the power punished and they all by himself Roger Goodell like. And today that are now basically read the courier or like the rest of much. But apparently outraged like the rest of us we're not -- say you know what. I've got a bowl game and post he's taken that -- the other thing where every good and how it's about it is huge. Change of course but yeah yeah yeah and it'll probably want net -- -- -- power to clean cases. Like this where they are such huge internal investigation like fruit or -- talk about our. You -- very interestingly today that what we're gonna hear tonight -- not a today at 9 o'clock. Required no NCAA investigation no hearings no letter of inquiry no reports no chance for former response. No nothing a completely different way of doing business is there anger and emotion involved here. With though with mark -- Because when I heard him interviewed on PBS he sounded when he said nothing is coming off the table and now we've -- extraordinary. Extraordinary and unprecedented. Punishments handing down is their anger and emotion involved in this. It could be I think he weathered anger. As the president of the NCA saying you know how could this sort pocket and they operate this way. Is counter to everything you spoke to do in college athletics. You anger that. Guy you worked extremely close went through the year grant Spaniard president of Penn State was center in the middle of -- concealment. Or -- -- you know what my dad and -- guy and I just think you know I. I think everybody -- hurt and they saying let's say gee I wish I could be something. Well this guy can do. Now. You know limiting the ability to Penn State to win football games in the future really got -- -- Buy it in its purview and certainly in in the interest of many people are important stated. You know apps what he's gonna disrobe in their anger -- Despite you don't anchor of the geology go to Iraq right now that's what he's trying to kind of get through. Getting your opinion does the -- litany of things that we think hammered is gonna hand down today at 9 o'clock. Is that works for Penn State than that than the death penalty would be. Hard to say. It's hard to say I it and what it is with the death penalty is. The reason it really hurt SMU. Is because -- and you could only change it. Relationship with football because of the embarrassment of the death penalty. And it is it would it would crack at the only school aggregate debt LP it was forced to sit out one year he chose to sit out -- year. And edited yet besides football started saying you have to you know this -- your academic standards were not that that's why SMU urban get a if they simply sat out a year. They don't have the other issues. In football what -- recruiting back here -- on the back ever or register at bat. It basically sat out this fall and bill O'Brien was understaffed cedar creek and we're past that. I think and they would actually. Served by the -- pretty well and moved back into doing what they normally do I'm not sure they're going to be this year and it might only went -- So in that argument is a possibility that the outlook yet bat where you have. You know I scholarships eight or ten or fifteen year 25 plot. Or you're saying look you know what you're not total -- he can't compete for the Big Ten title or bowl -- treat for a year. Recruit -- a look at that power plays and that's what long term argue. Not just in the next three or four year but in the depth of your EU. When -- six or seven years down and your senior Utley hit and scholarship players and note -- seniors if you're seniors get but how about itself. In in a lot of ways it really speak aren't punishment which were expecting it could be worse than a death penalty the bank and state. He really didn't do anything wrong except for the war allies in the org -- ones that the other two we're going to trial once the back. You've used the term unprecedented others have as well concerning what -- gonna hand down at 9 o'clock today is part of the unprecedented nature of the punishment could it also beat. That they're gonna allow scholarship football players at Penn State to go elsewhere without penalty immediately if they choose. Well they may open that up to every kid on the team which I think they should. I think it's the right thing to do because you know you sign up for one thing at Penn State and as a totally different deal on each one accident. They look I don't wanna be part of -- anymore wanna go to Michigan. Or you know our Stater Boston College or wherever you go do that. I'll put that that's certainly a possibility. But they also it's not unprecedented. Like it big if you actually year bowl ban now anyone -- who who -- -- a junior or senior and leave without penalty. So some of that going to be an issue I. They could lose a lot player can make it a lot of the guys it is true -- kind of cult or deterrent to really hard -- Urbina I think. Most which they can't stop what are we curtailed thought you'd really have to scramble to find placed -- some really good players and they would be a view that. But the bulk of the game that -- would kind of struggled say okay we're gonna find a spot on the team. We're talking -- Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! Sports and Dan have you heard any kind of rumors or rumblings about vacating win news from Joseph Paterno record. -- that I was not relate to me yesterday. And I asked about that it's. You it'll be interesting city. You know again no competitive advantage -- ever reached because of that so -- you wanna say while Biden not. Like if you -- it -- these crime it would hurt recruiting. Just sort of kind of secondary. Argument itself. I've not heard that at all be it at the statue it down there's certainly some -- or maybe they did that part of what he has a lot to strike -- -- turn -- -- the Penn State. History books which is basically what ever be requiring their -- connect 61 year old alternate history. Did Rodney Erickson the president Penn State do you think have any. Hand in helping fashion what we're gonna hear 9 o'clock to -- not mean necessarily signing off on it it's sort of throwing himself on his own sort of saying we're willing to do this we already heard that they are not going to Iraq and -- they're not going to -- -- appeal anything we -- today at 9 o'clock. That suggests to me that he wants consult that I'm -- -- -- legal fashion I mean why would you give that up. -- that factor why would you say that helped. Me and you know he could talk about billion dollars or so. And a lot with have a -- -- -- -- billion dollars so I'm guessing that. He was consult a bit as much as it's kind of being painted at the toll -- act right. Our mark camera he'd do capital report directly -- it means that our cell. And act that was a bunch universe you tried it like an owners group in the NFL saying okay Iraq you can do their. Or maybe the -- -- on that group but you can hear about it from the other. Will ever be has attempt to impose a TV ban against Penn State because you're also -- penalizing the -- Penn State is playing if you do that. Yeah at almost impossible at this point with -- money in the contract they severely resist that you offer out. The Big Ten network means big Penn State as part owner of its own network. And so how do you view what you do there and Japan all discussion I'll tell you you know are out of that operate. About. The contract and and look it's still there's still business as an issue that the and yet he and it and and the Big Ten network -- networks' urge -- not want. And they -- -- deferred -- and they played Asia do very very good great. And certainly later in the season. You take and they are very capable are they are now you can't not happy so they're still corporate interest. I'd be I'd be surprised -- that. -- then beyond what we're getting here at 9 o'clock do you suspect they're anymore gigantic shoes to fall in this story going forward. -- You know. They'll probably trying more by the big and and I think going forward to the the big she will be the trial that Jim Curley and Gary show. Where it goes to whoever it may change. Mostly silent they did both testified grand jury but they kind of seemingly changed their story. We get here from that what degree in early control are the only one who were spoken to Joseph Paterno. About it you know -- that email yes where they've decided to turn and not yen. Tim Curley and I met which you know yesterday -- change my -- -- What. That's the big shield but for the most are lower I think we're winding down somewhat. Do you have and -- their final question for me do you have -- -- the year on the missing -- Story. Now does anybody. Here's the thing about the have been missing DA center count our Rick -- you OK there's a lot made about how they did not prosecute. Let the kid known as victim number -- yes our collectors -- on. I sat there for that trial in the -- evidence. Get -- get induct you on that case really wasn't that strong. Now he was convicted of Korea before house. This time put back in the totality of all the other allegations. Its market there they wanna be like out -- out -- outer should be currency. Is it not out of the question that day. That that area that -- acted -- EPA and that quote we're not gonna do it it's not a car drives at people want to make it. About it as we go forward should the folks in Syracuse be nervous about what's being said today by Emmerich is it possible that he'll look at the case in Syracuse. And surrounding Syracuse basketball and say we're looking at you next. You know all I I actually wouldn't. Because. They are never going to be a trial in that case the statue limitations -- passed. It's it's a much more on polluted. DL they were the only kids making allegations against you know whether assistant -- -- this came from a year. State attorney general state police investigation a grand jury any -- present the facts. Dan Penn State that this huge investigation finds that let that. There's been a trial of criminal trial saying don't -- at Syracuse -- -- I did their internal investigation cleared it would cleared cleared itself. -- It's different from the end PA. Adding that the a bunch of other entities are now audience today -- -- people ever get so that was here you sell I would be where you're. He's our friend from Yahoo! sports' Dan Wetzel terrific job as always to appreciate the time men abducted on the road. Our Arctic air -- -- to from Yahoo! Sports with Dennis Kelly on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL BD. Re back to your phone call the announcement comes at the top via.

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