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The Red Sox will not be making the playoffs

Jul 23, 2012|

Pete Sheppard joins John and Dale, filling in for Gerry, to talk this past weekend’s sports news. The guys try to decide who had a worse weekend: Jon Lester, Adam Scott, or Bill O’Brien. They also discuss just how bad the Red Sox have been, why Beckett and Lester aren’t the real aces of the team, and why Bobby Valentine is not to be blamed for this team.

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I have a -- rather pointed to two part question for you as we commence on this Monday morning. Woke up at least sleep last night Jon Lester. Adam Scott. Or Penn State head football coach Billy O'Brien and the second part of that question is. Which one of those three gentlemen would you choose to trade places where this morning. -- wouldn't take any of the three to Agassi Pete -- to compliment somebody a lot of sleep last night. Out of the three got a lot of sleep last match I guess the one. If I had to trade places with one it would be Lester really. Because Google under the theory that you can fix this you can somehow was back again look like it got fixed. No I'm just saying theoretically. If your Adam Scott. Q4 holes. I guess is that Adam Scott would have finds himself in the position of a few times and he can rectify I have to go Adams got because I can guarantee you I would I can actually see myself. Bogeyed four holes. And and -- -- it was only right that I absolutely don't look at coach get the feeling when you left that he's he's he's -- -- -- he has lost slot is now Bart built a fake the fake DL injury better happen I hope today. Because the man needs arrest the couple weeks -- back in the starting rotation that's get this done I mean it was so bad that Andy Reid there there's appeasement herald today where. The manager in the other -- yeah yeah we used obvious pitching coach is on for as -- figured out duke. Probably does John -- said there's been a little bit more tendency for John to miss over the plate and miss up in the strike zone. The devastating cutter that he had for so long is not as sharp right now so it gains a little link in the break. I think our hitters are able to see a little bit earlier on its flight to home plate we laid off some tough pitches but we didn't miss many when they on the witness and of the -- -- was that the case. And opens as well I mean it's happening a lot to him. Then look you backed a Friday night and packets first and second inning implosion again. And and it it is a lost weekend -- about this they played ten games since the all star break and -- -- five. They are what they Mark Kirk and I talked about this on Saturday. Over the last calendar year and a two games under 500 right over the last two calendar years they're now two games over five not a small sample rate. 500. Win some lose some kind of team they -- not a championship contender and -- playoff contender they are. Kansas City -- this is why I said I don't see them playing in October because there are a number of playoff teams just in front of them but beyond that don't you get the sense that water to three -- gonna catch fire. And you get the sense the Red Sox -- the catch fire on the way of caught fire. Now that wonder what it's like sixteen or seventeen and two in the last ninety start with a sweep of the Red Sox they are on. -- -- the most disturbing numbers are brought these up yesterday. Let's talk to ten games over 535. And 25 what Lester and Beckett don't pitch as a team. Lester and Beckett the record is thirteen and 23 yeah that is so pathetic in the numbers in July for Lester and Beckett are pathetic. 36 innings pitched 52 hits 35 earned runs eighteen walks forty case a record of one and four. With -- eight point 75 ERA you flip flop the best -- elected numbers we're talking about contending with the Yankees for the division right now and their performance those two guys performance is worse than September mean -- the Red Sox lost. All the games in September right lost a lot more games that were played 500 ball but these performances are as bad as of September performances and at -- a longer period time to you. I mean while had a bad month right amber they had a bad -- starts in September. This thing just keeps going on and on and on and I don't quite know how you blame Bobby Valentine for this now. What's he supposed to do not pitch them not run -- aces out there. As -- can log in samples up Beckett is 24 and 21 over the last three years. With a 416 ERA. Mean they've been considering you'd be your race along. Long gone and if these -- guys you race at the moment and he's not great and -- -- the arrays to almost two full runs higher right now that was last year. Two full runs higher they're -- minorities yes. I've I don't know I fix this I guess you just keep running them out there I mean -- give enough rope to hang themselves yesterday you know yeah I -- out of the game at five doesn't -- into any good at Walter and worked through it do it Beckett didn't and and and knuckled down on the second and third and fourth inning and it just got released -- pep talk worked. Yeah between the first instead of the parties actually that a true if you explosion try to be supportive edited and slept with -- tomorrow go get a Motorola didn't work. Not so much. I don't know what you do I mean if your if your Red Sox fan and you're frustrated. -- in dead last place in the apparently. Or you are half game behind that team that just swept this week. And I don't see how this gets fixed penalty -- it's solved. -- I mean all okay the detector -- one Kansas City -- arch or stating it okay your 500. Kansas City is six games under 500 yeah boy I feel much better about myself now. You know you -- trade places with astronauts at Adams got. What is Billy O'Brien. Be thinking this morning I wonder if there's any clause in his contract if his age savvy enough. To have the foresight to say if this thing goes really badly maybe my ducking out of the -- not sit around here for 23 or four years of escalation as it work. -- -- -- Yet we feel very good about the decision you make all the credit the world and I didn't know why he seemed to wanna jump out at. As you wanna be the guy following Joseph Paterno and the support thing came out to be the guy following the guy who fall was Joseph Paterno right so it's a tough road hole anyway and now this. There's no way heat for saw of this and because you don't step in front of that bus if if this is what you -- down the road. If you saw the the upcoming NCAA sanctions today which. All the analysts Tellme is worse than the death penalty they tell me that. That loss of multiple scholarships for multiple year bowl games for multiple years and may -- -- TV -- well that's that's the key here yup and and Dan Jones wrote about this on on the up the newspaper rotten in Harrisburg who. That's the key if they ban them from television for a three year period just for the sake of throwing out an -- The visibility hurts the recruiting a loss of scholarships hurts the recruiting the -- bowl games. That's why they're saying this is worth worse than a death penalty if you shut the program doubt for a year but shut -- opportunities. And then you begin the third year just like you -- today same number of scholarships same opportunity to play -- ball games you can see rebuilding this fairly quickly there's nothing. Billy O'Brien can do to fix this there's nothing game we talked -- can't fix Lester and Beckett he can't fix what they're gonna -- to win today. And I understand that and assert certain circumstances removing bowl games or scholarships or maybe even a T -- and even the Mets since 1996. Hurts all those things you talked about but doesn't just the whole. Are rough that is Penn State already have all the destroyed I mean it can not having television make it any. Any more difficult for Billy O'Brien recruit it's impossible to recruit TV or not in my estimation yet those those two words -- the two words and state yeah. My and I'll I'll take it back to a personal example when my son was applying to grad school one of the schools he applied to was -- and he's probably happy went to -- anyway but particularly we were talking about it last week when he is home when he says thank I didn't go there yeah. So I wouldn't wanna have a degree -- and stay right now he's not alone. A lot of folks out there who don't wanna have a degree from Penn State right now and that and that -- we are Penn State drug rings a little -- now does not. -- They forgot successful honor to -- means it's just that you watch some of those kids yesterday and -- Morton some of the adults that your they had on which until Sanders was on. Juror number three -- just absolutely pathetic you combine that with the ESPN. Pathetic analysis of ex coach is coming on and just blather in and taken Joseph paternal side because of that fraternity that they'll be in noble never -- cracked. It's it's horrible put somebody like Jeremy shop on which some of these frauds and let him have it. That's my opinion I think ESPN has blown it big time. Several Penn State's do some clear thinking kid to. State college it appears that former president Graham Spaniard was not able to. You know. Make the best decision. If any decision. Fun you know everything that went down. Why should show the the line that's unbelievable. I'd be happy if I was paying. Them much but whatever amount was a year from that -- go to school might item yeah. He's learning I'd be so proud he is learning. It happens not a clock today the NCAA. Our president mark amber will make the announcement we will carry it for you live. Did you find it a little cloak and dagger -- The way they brought down the statue yesterday I guess it's gutless it's its power did this -- some sort of Mission Impossible kind of thing where to put the blue TARP up. They blocked the roads of the kids cannot -- the ball we're doing it they have the fence and actually you know no trespassing. All about. They did they were gutless cover up. Run errands in the president of Penn state university. -- and again I am not blaming him for what happened and -- Spaniards watch but he's the guy in charge now. I said yesterday I I give Penn State credit for doing the right thing but they did it make how wrong way -- Underhanded. Cover of darkness kind of way. In a so much for transparency at Penn State -- transparency means a stop we want you to say right we don't want to -- this there was that there's one still photo that I saw yesterday. They have the Bluetooth aren't sure what's up he could -- in the topples the statues head wrapped up wrapped up with the blue -- -- in the bubble wrap on this finger picking up in the air the wrong finger was sticking up in the air apparently atlas. It's -- I I think. Also the president Erickson is trying to play both sides against the middle by saying the name remains on the paternal library. Because that speaks to all the good that showed did but the statue was a divisive thing in our university community. And -- and tried to just broke a bone to all the people think Joseph pot is -- -- -- an iconic legendary figure I I use this example at out Roger Williams College in in Russia remembers the five years ago for camps they have a guy named Ralph the -- who would say -- head of the board of trustees for thirty years. Gave -- money for the law building his name was on the law built and in a board of trustees meeting he used the N word and not only did they booed off the board of trustees they took his name off the law building while they took his name off. Didn't matter how much he donated the battery and we don't want his name on that building more. Roger Williams did at the right way -- I did not stay Eriksson did not PRI NI eight. Based on the cloak and dagger way they did it you can tell that they were afraid of the reaction and response and the stillness and went out with a statement and said you know we have to take it down because to take sore point. In our university. On the other hand I want you all know that I recognize. The Joseph Paterno did a lot of good here and donate a lot of money and made this a higher education entities that people should be proud -- so we're gonna leave his name. On the library isn't that throwing a bone to these knuckle heads who think the Joseph Paterno was actually fine. -- is -- -- he said this yesterday he said his prediction is that Paterno and will be off the library with any. I would think -- -- and I don't think there's much doubt that an -- somebody please motive for the sake of of helping them help themselves. Stop printing and and and publicizing statements from the Paterno family or just -- please stop and and I I even understand the position families in. That Joseph Paterno as widow his -- I understand the position -- talk is that just kill themselves paring down the stat. -- Joseph Paterno -- -- statements this does not serve the victims of Jerry sandusky is horrible crimes or help heal Penn State community. You know I think it does picture and does. 67 sevenths I 0852038885250858. As I mentioned -- live coverage of the NCAA sanctions -- -- announcement that takes place at 9 o'clock. And the great Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! has done a terrific job covering -- story for -- disease will join -- before that announcement is made sometime around 81. Not a second timeout you were phone calls next.

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