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Bobby Valentine with Joe Castiglione before the final game of the Blue Jays series

Jul 22, 2012|

Joe talked to Bobby about Aaron Cook's performance last night, and about David Ortiz's recovery.

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About it last night it looked like Aaron Cook was into me. All right -- oh here's our pre game coming up for rests on day in 321. About it last night it looked like Aaron Cook was in command getting all those ground ball outs and then. A bases on balls started the downfall. Yeah and -- -- too weak ground balls back to the mound where he had his sinker going really well and and you know as you say look like he was gonna crews in the seventh then. -- -- -- -- walked in and home run games died in. You know he goes back out there and gives up another but I mean you know very perplexing to see home runs hit by right handers up there in -- He had the two great wins over the rights acts actually three of four and in two tough losses. Some fans have. Are of the opinion two steps forward two steps back can. There's still a lot of time noted right the ship. Oh absolutely I don't know if it's too Ford too bad but. You know again guys that you know Els is back in the lineup today and you know -- -- best baseball still ahead of us I'm looking forward to big streak it's gonna happen -- maybe he'll start today. Jon Lester goes to -- year he's been working on this side did. Was there anything that it was discovered mechanically. He's he done. Fiddled with his mechanics last time out didn't have great results. On the scoreboard but he felt better throwing the ball and I think you'll stick with what he was splitting whose work with last time and hey I really do expect him to pop through this whole thing -- them. Let's all breathe a sigh sigh of relief that he's in the saddle and will write them for awhile. He's also the first inning difficulties. Change in no warmup perhaps as was discussed -- Josh Beckett. -- -- And nobody above it talked about a number of things and you know it I think that the the new trick for the old dog doesn't usually work and I think they like to us stay in the company's comfort zone and that's fine with me as long as we're all comfortable after the game. The longer it goes course the more you missed Big Papi Toronto's without Jose Batista as well also. Sometimes. Those things can be a crutch but how is he progressing. That's good no cracks in his clubhouse you know we could square when he runs with them or low or without them and the good news is that he feels better and I think is his who become an Austin and will be taking batting practice and right around the corner -- back in line. My two realists. He's in the lineup today had that what you call turf so. They have little less situation yesterday that we want to get worse and that he feels better so he is back in the lineup and and hopefully. Everything the training ended to. Protect him from. You know increasing the pain. Will work during the game is is a scheduled day opera Carl Crawford. Yes it's basically. You know during his three. We cut the -- Ed Stewart a little shaky did that in the big leagues but he still in the process of making features that. He's a 100% when he's playing -- and that's gonna require these days off here in the air and today's one of them. How would you assess the -- he's throwing -- with the elbow issue both buying and they -- throws have been right on the market and you know even better than to realize here it's. Our question for the manager Mercedes-Benz question of the day about via a big trip up I mean going back to work. Texas where you managed for so many years in -- not that -- looking past today's game but there. That has to be as something for your first time I think you've been there as a manager. Yeah I guess -- opposing manager you know I've won more games there than anybody else and in their history so hopefully -- be able win some some more games. Wearing the Red Sox uniform wanna go back. All right our quest for the manager rocky by the Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers -- Mercedes-Benz summer event is back is that your local Mercedes-Benz dealers for a limited time lease and financing offers on select models on the web and MB usaid dot com -- Because just like -- these offers won't last elected about it. Let's go back to --

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