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Bobby Valentine with Dave O'Brien before the second game of the Blue Jays series

Jul 21, 2012|

Dave talked to the manager about the continued 1st-inning difficulties of the Sox pitchers, and about the "easing in" of returning players like Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford.

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John thank you very much Bobby obviously the problems that to play judge -- in the first inning continue to plague him again yesterday. Can you put your finger on exactly what's going on with Beckett in that opening frame. Well David I wish it was just the same thing over and over in and say oh well -- we won't have that happening -- actually you know yesterday it was different than others. Being real good pitching good effort tripled got -- he's had by a couple inches and again it. -- -- good pitching got a grounded to third to throw his home looked like I was out he was called safe so you know he gave up another run in the first inning and you know I I didn't I didn't see that is the same -- thirty through the ball real well on the person yesterday and still gave up two runs some ammonia but it doesn't give up many next time just because the odds are ready team ready to go with us. The play at the plate it's a tough play for an umpire to make a call on I guess but it looked like Kelly Shoppach and although replays. Had blocked him off the plate. I guess but again you know we like that human element and it was just typical for Sam see that one and you know you'd you'd hate to think that games -- in the first inning I never believe this. Right especially Fenway Park and I feel Jon Lester is also had first inning difficulties. Are those different the pattern of those from what you've seen from Josh. Yet you know Josh has -- you don't seems to have gotten hit a little more than John and you know John just struggles. -- his control I guess but they -- it's. And I can't define something that I IQ and put my finger on and it's it's just one of those things that. I hope goes away Ian and -- know Bob McClure is working on it. With pregame preparation and all that stuff but I don't think it has anything do with that it has a little more just to do with them things going our way in the first inning. Your line up at the very top Uga Daniel Nava and Emmys Jacoby Ellsbury is out tonight give the rest. Yeah. I guess it's a plan dressed. Coming back you know resigned at a place so many days and then make sure that. You know everything his -- is. In tip top shape people -- respect out there but. You know I talked with -- he he wants to be one of the horses and I'm -- is going to be. Do you have sort of a similar plan with Carl Crawford who's also recently off the disabled list as far as getting in my playing days at some point. From what I gather there is a plan day for him two and then we'll see we'll see how that develops. Final question our Mercedes-Benz question of the day for Bobby Valentine on Jared Saltalamacchia. -- what are some of the things in this time where you've been. Resting him at the lefties on the -- on the other side. And then he's been working on this sort of restored the swing we saw for a good chunk of the first half. -- I think it it's basically so. Election it which salty and do you know. Mean you know that that all comes to a -- constantly hitting the pitch when you get it. Enough falling off like he has been in taking the pitch that he's been swinging at lake in late in the count it's a cycle you see. You know just about every player goes through cities in. One of those cycles now that it'll be busts out of tonight and gets back to it was a meant. -- starter. All star fashion. -- -- the Bobby V I question the manager brought you by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers the Mercedes-Benz summer event is back. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealers -- limited time lease and financing offers on select models but I hurry because just like summer. These offers won't last John.

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