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Paul Flannery, WEEI.com, on the Celtics acquiring Courtney Lee

Jul 20, 2012|

Celtics beat writer Paul Flannery joins Lou and Kirk Minihane to discuss the Celtics sign and trade deal for Courtney Lee.

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-- not reloading -- Kirk many hand fill in for the mountain and typical long weekend. Talked a lot about the Red Sox early on this this program but we had to dive into the Courtney Lee acquisitions -- entry it sounds like that is official quarterly signing his deal. Them with that we bring in Paul Flannery WPI dot com Paul what you say about this colleges this deal rather was the Portland have to get involved. -- for this thing to go down a complex was. It's pretty complex and I'm kinda ticked at myself because in Las Vegas so we can let's let the fly back yesterday -- I couldn't had to play catch up -- like Linda what I got back into account. But yeah I think they need another team. I'm I'm pretty sure you want Johnson is not gonna wind up in Houston. I think he's gonna wind up somewhere else. So I you know we get -- moving parts here before we can really you know figure out exactly who's doing what who's going where it. Houston didn't want any of the things that the Celtics had to offer they'd -- one -- -- -- guaranteed contract -- won that second round pick. But it -- players back in this. So there had to be another team involved sort of you know. Picked it picked actual players and actual contracts back so I think that that's why this took so long yesterday. Now we have applauded the move and I read you yeah I've read this morning you agree. I just look at it makes too much sense for the -- to bring me and that's just the perfect fit. It's it's quite -- is the word I heard from every gala every executive. Every agent that I talked over the last few weeks down in you know in Orlando and lots -- And then you know whether I had casual conversations with with rockets people. It didn't seem that this is something that they would get a silly one that wanted Jimmy. It so let's be -- they may Courtney Lee and unrestricted free agent he was gonna go somewhere else so they can get anything that -- the deal it's a good thing but. You I didn't think it was going to be enough to make it working really and so I Yevgeny pulled it out battled us. There's a look at all the acquisitions this team has had what where always in the biannual one and a half million left where is this team. And although not luxury tax is again at mid level but where are the. How much -- the biannual going to be implied that it can't look at some of the contract and that they've visited the -- Greenland still as part they know it's not official official official so. I think bigamy bumping right up against that line -- and that may take the biannual I've played it. You know I mean look if you look at the markets for our first freeagent -- which is really the only thing they really need to do at this point another sort of have a full body. There really aren't that many guys you don't want it. Spend the mid level -- the -- -- you can get to the minimum not great guys but there's a lot of guys you can get so because the -- to be that big deal for them. Are the Celtics. We look at now what they've done -- -- better team than the team that walked off the form Miami after games have. Saw the absolutely no question about it you know it. Can talk today about whether or not just greens weren't the contract you can get but if you put Jeff Green on that team. That's that that's something that that immediate upgrade over what they have on the court it's in the last year in a when Avery Bradley comes back at an immediate upgrade over what they adding games that it. Now you -- in -- Salinger who can really -- back he can really play and that's an upgrade and now. Jason Terry give them something they did not have at all last year which is the most you can create points you know which by itself especially off the bench. And up Courtney Lee is really I'm gonna I'm I'm very excited to see this team because I think it can be a very interest thinking mixture. As -- -- perfect fit for what they need and I think people are gonna -- really like how he played. But nobody's -- -- lost four bodies there I know you get sellinger fab Melo knows where they gonna be claiming they're -- -- the latest. Not a good deal it probably will be -- and I think he will be gone and because the cap rules they can only they can't match what Minnesota can give and then now Minnesota's got a budget cap firms so. -- -- I'm pretty sure he's going to be gone which is -- well I mean he he emerged as a as a decent backup center last year but. Yeah I think they do need to have another another large human back directed -- play behind Garnett to give me a break. But they're gonna be a different team because they're not going to be a conventional team they've got guys to -- multiple positions. You're gonna see some really interesting lot of funky -- it up there again depending on the match -- and whatever they played it god like vitamin Howard there's going to be a problem they're not gonna have an upside but. The definitive connection that can really match up against against teams like saint maybe and can really cause. Cause problems for a -- -- they're gonna forcing the match up with that. Because Courtney Lee can play completely positions Jason Terry to play -- this is Jeff Green to put multiple positions that they're really agency roster that didn't put together. -- a start -- his restart music off the bench for the. I didn't just start and if he's comfortable ball -- But I think it just in terms of -- of the of that that the head of the team I think you make a lot more except he's not a guy. That that really need the ball in his -- to score in fact he doesn't really he's he's he's a great Connor to really get spot up shooters I think that works well with the starters and then. You bring Jason Perry off the bench where he is very good and then your rotation you know go from there so articulate that I read like a three guard. Three guard rotation back like you'll pistons teams. With Rondo very end and Courtney Lee until later Bradley comes back so the starter designation isn't that big -- deal I think they're -- gonna put starter minutes but in terms of how they're gonna look how they're gonna play the rotations and enter a forty minute game I think Cornelius is probably the star. And where he talked to anybody out there in Vegas or anywhere in Florida about this this Dwight Howard situation it's one of those things at wake me up when he does signs somewhere. You here first these he's bullish sign an extension at the lakers as -- just as you will not sign an extension he will be a free agent what where are we with Dwight Howard. We're no -- a little purple it's been no effective march I -- it's hilarious. You're backing you could -- you can see that you get good at running back report very it can't try to try to get the latest amid. He's not gonna -- an extension to the shouldn't sign an extension the way to the way to cap work. You accept the play out your last year then you can make a lot more money -- -- becoming a free -- so quite seemed like Houston that never really can. Burn themselves eliminate as an extension I think that's a window dressing honestly. I don't know he's he's he's got to get traded at stopping the rockets have a -- that they can they can move forum you know all. Does that Andrew Bynum is it's pretty good piece. They obviously see how this works but that I I'd. I don't think you've been at the particular opinion. Isn't that what is -- classic example Paul of the danger of 201290000. People on Twitter falling around especially with Howard everybody has to Wayne national and state. The hearing miss hearing that and I feel like -- dude nobody knows anything. Nobody really thought that you don't throw the first punch yet many young GM and rob. We've -- and Emerson grad by the -- You know we've got thrown into this really awful situation that he's gonna have to clean up. They had so many back contract that that he had stated that that's part of that they need only want to get expecting got a clear out these really terrible contracts they had an -- And inside the rockets are also doing like seventeen other different things what they always do so. It could get a ticket to provide this in as the stretch until August -- that. There Rajon Rondo earlier in the week I'm at a -- world baseball and basketball rather festival in Paris even interview. Where he once they -- matured my game is also absolutely. I think loop I've won the best playmakers in the league I would agree that he does that is I think I'm the best point guard in the league about Brady go there. What what do you make of these -- easy in your mind the best point generally. Now he's not but he that -- -- that all the time. The patent and that you have to let the cup that the number though the outlook the confidence and that but. I thought about -- currently Chris Paulus but. You know I've Rondo I feel like this year ticket here except that the playoffs where he put himself on a whole different level of the playoffs were to -- -- but. I feel like at the end of the year when he was racking up all the double digit assist games which. You know I think that's that's the kind of window dressing in the NBA -- -- -- -- people like to think they are but. I think that that that run yet the end of the year where. He deftly picked you know ticket pickup physical stepped back in terms -- he wasn't watching attacking the basket as much which you have to do to preserve himself to Gary for the playoffs. But he figured out a way to still be really good -- really engaged while he was not quite as you know aggressive with his -- offense I think that was a positive development. I think he made major strides this past year I think there's still room to -- especially the free throw line. So I'm looking for -- to really have to really put together. A big big big year especially because they have got -- got some people who can run with which he did not have a all last year. -- -- -- Eastern Conference here -- power rankings today right now are the Celtics a solid no question number two behind -- -- any closer to one and it would be safe to story. It's really tough because I think that in terms of the Eastern Conference I think they give Lamy the best match. And I think that's what they're thinking about -- -- how they kind of they've they've looked at their off he has who's who's the team we have to be how we get prepared him to beat them and let you know we're about the -- That's -- dead. I'm not sure they're gonna -- for the second best record in the Eastern Conference and you know that there's a lot -- to go into that mainly health. But you know -- I've sort of see where we're at where the bulls are in September and the pacers are increasing team that there -- very good team and Ellis -- Dwight Howard one before I can I consider Celtics are no question about the number two team in the power rankings but. That's bad. I think they have done a really good job of retooling this team and making. And picking up a legitimate -- -- -- a legitimate chances -- think all right to be in play in in the in the postseason itself. You know credit to that thought you know but. Right now they're fifty to 55 win team that probably didn't have to win -- win the division. And you know you take a kitten on the matchup in the injuries in the in the post season. But also a pretty busy summer so far hopefully things probably gonna slow down here so just enjoy yourself where you test it out. I hope so -- go to vacation tomorrow so I really -- nothing else that. The eagle perfect art ball 400 WB I dot com we appreciate about it -- thank you Paul aren't. We come back we wanted to continue that discussion you know the interview A interview that I got to get rid of first -- Ago the interview with -- Rajon Rondo out in France. Harris is the best point guard we'll talk about that -- and Lou coming up next.

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