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Friday, July 20th Whiner Line

Jul 20, 2012|

Live from King's Bowling, it's the Big Show variety show on open mic night!

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My new -- these aren't buying -- -- TE Chris Cox. This -- discretion music box. -- And now I know you weren't your line. I have -- -- to be able bullet. Okay on the mile but big big difference bring you talking about smoker and made it before I went out to bid now. And Nadal -- now like a small bit that night bigger and go to beard got up -- -- -- the next day. WEEI. -- underlie and you're still smoking weed and occasionally doing cocaine well. Smoke -- yes I do love to do that now about where you -- pork. But now they're not bitter -- -- -- BC is high right now you guys go oh yeah. Dial 6177793535. I'll I'll put it like this right here when -- don't watch their. Then maybe you can actually get course. Weiner -- but that's just didn't want you could still pitch they just didn't want to. Call. It that way about it what you -- diplomatic and now because you're doing drugs. Maybe I'll go out and nobody called me we don't look. I didn't quite good -- HB LA go go -- WEEI. Nobody would when where and out lying -- alive but. They make their -- as a -- boy different from Gloucester. -- told -- about their part. As you know. You're on there and -- There. And watch you language you've done well to show. We don't MIT I was -- a steady -- that he's at his high school reunion. That's as 43 you for a Scalia port through your. And if you -- Mikey Mikey he's weird people -- -- every detail from high school -- -- -- names that because he's got -- -- and never allowed to high school analyzed what -- Oreo properties the same Dallas he wasn't in school. But it really does. Time mean Jim because let's be packing. Some Narragansett -- Childress or he is gonna have a great time he auction of the studio every night with -- -- dances as he watches it I guarantee walks into the high school reunion today and he -- record -- Studio. OK let me blackjack. You know what that's why he brought it does take a -- to the high school Ricky. Maybe like it's Doug do you decide the -- Wind of the week. Right now gonna play the best to want a list of that's these the best tool for the lastly I wonder who's nominated -- you know this I don't want the -- -- -- -- texting and your vote 858 of us. All I was saying is I'm trying to influence the vote like you do on a regular place I'm just telling you that -- wind usually socked. And this one this week was treatment. So as you nominate I don't know we'll find out here's your first nominee it's nominee any. Don't go talk to Michael Ali from bought -- It's called I -- I don't watch the game. -- -- -- -- -- in the big show it is. -- what you like and again. -- too much and again. Go nominee table. Hey. It's. -- And here our nominee is Melanie. And. -- 100. Would you want. What nobody. That is not one but the good thought on that have been obvious. Underdog. But I don't want that we've talked about it at all everybody -- and particularly in the put all of that didn't. You. Might have. I've ever heard of that and I just had to -- good bit about an apartment. And after that I don't want it may be -- them about it generate revenues. All politics and that type of -- My. I think almost good at it like this. But. -- we can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That government. I -- watch. -- -- -- I gotta -- I don't that was good. I don't know if he wrote an abused as rambling -- -- through government project. He's never seen a girl that pretty -- box or -- -- wasn't attached to a -- App. Already debunked or are you go watch and text -- -- 8285850. Devote more frank wants a date. Actual letter. 85850. Don't want influence you on this one. You haven't -- ended today's wonderland to Cuba at 85850 choose a repeat -- -- will receive 100 dollar American extras under all right. -- Fred Burton -- Stevens aka Steve splits. Us. Think about what's gonna download it. Given to a lap dance come off. Out of Coca gift packet of the Selig -- destroy that which includes a case of vita Coco coconut water. Dustin Pedroia autographed baseball. And a fifty dollar stop shop gift card or -- also eligible for the -- of the year grand prize that you don't want that would one year of AT&T service. One of the week is now part by AT&T. Four GLT eight with speeds up to note. There's times faster than three G-8 AT&T rethink possible about Coca. New Hagan hydrate naturally would write a cocoa coconut water it would Dustin Pedroia strikes in the -- The price had that with the chicken. And a variety let's go get them. So I'm not Catholic and at -- thought it yeah. I. Think -- that I know I'm -- Yeah. That's a finest ever ever in all the years she's culture for hours and never bit doubtful you'll source yes hot hot. Lap at. -- By the way. By the way they asked Malia. The -- -- I have seen party and ask them to come down or whatever and then yesterday's like comedy on you know -- now. I don't know that I've had bad and I had that problem I -- -- -- I -- you can't let up -- -- -- Yeah act out of bed and let it but it happens and. It. Jacoby Ellsbury the dirty dirty -- Goran. It's normal bet that he had no cop involved. In this -- did it. Work. Its will on the top of -- -- -- -- And it's not it's soup -- so over the biggest rotisserie chickens infant universe. Kratovil -- an outside agency only in fact he dominates so other -- it's chicken soup over. Article we get some of those on Monday to the football season what does he have credibility. Yeah this world absolutely I'm all right I'm believing him I believe absolutely a couple of Rex Ryan anymore -- in a vegetarian now. Respect those -- furniture yet. A lot of good stuff. He's got a new efforts which he has and who does. Technocrat de -- Bryant but he caught everybody by their birth date had been -- -- telling you about what our debate topic I did. It's not our opinion is they can't call the hero my role quite like a good product. And call might come pounds. What we call Adams -- Mikey. -- it is a school reunion and even Mikey Mike adams' in my. Yeah out of -- -- -- a lot about way. You -- -- bad golf and quite good OK okay what is. Finally did at the lap band surgeries and a 106. While I've been -- and -- -- decisively -- -- before -- What this surgery before and stop them from meeting Charlie Weis that's why every -- Charlie -- and got big. -- -- Like to congratulate. -- head coach Rick I believe and hundreds of sick. But I got it but the bigger ball and it. And message. Disclosed. That the suspect got there and it diet -- -- message. Good news -- Open Mike night on -- Job Bob -- thanks to the W Shiite power at night. First belt clip a bottle of its own way what in development hired -- would have entree. After Clinton's new comedy styling of like Adam. And if you don't that won't go. Now Michael -- -- coverage and. Great I let you listen to him today -- wasn't the -- brother of global. -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna start that up anybody Wednesday garageband which it draws distill it. Hey Michael. About my. -- it. Went I hope not birds. -- find a lot about. And work with them -- they -- around them. I don't know. No we'll tests and it. That one yeah -- -- And that. Showed that we don't want that what I've had a bit. -- will have that quality issue. And that it was just listen. Good job of that. The second -- we put more. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- -- out and we can't. Let them know what that problem and that god that. -- -- -- Well I've had -- benefit product of people thought that was a bit of -- Guys out. -- could. Hear it. -- can table it we don't have to worry about back to back winners include a. Okay here's a prayer that I was gonna put potent guys saw that there are expected back it would. Prop up what the Florida. Vote they can you know act -- -- that aren't bad drive because. And it. And I don't know about that. -- -- The twelve player trade it. About it and stated. But do the right thing is bound to that. But I hope that the they that they have put these ID. Not. I haven't said I would be very appropriate. That I want to dynamite up its act -- below him. And that. Is it bronze -- is a bronze statue that's a broad statute that that he you need more time. The good news is that I finally did today up. The bad -- is pretty old replaced him. And the -- he blamed on the air today many. That's -- CAA is trying to get out of this little -- you know I don't -- an -- putter all week. We. Look at -- us so she realizes she is like nine different jobs ultimately as part of economy in this region. Is the most important thing for this basketball game he's a seven footer he'd get -- separate any anti platelet all of these three -- like these three best always compete at all. -- do its best positioned himself -- The Who produced don't I was gonna let a shot off for the seventh put a shot blocker. Make that jumper an effort to block -- games over. Now I know whether he looked bad guys do it did not see it. They -- -- the barred -- from by the wide political supporters did. Budweiser the beer because it would go without food that is. Crashed his car and for the -- that -- the opening bell what Peter has evolved so that. If it isn't just me. Are noticing more do you -- in sports in the offseason than I've ever seen before this is just do reporting more of them or they just board did you watch. And -- NBA you know let Bob is that the guys on the charity. I don't wrapped it around with these ballots that. And one of the week for next week written. Hey guys. Not no surprise that involved weapons that would get more like -- and -- got a -- now. -- I totally agree brother about -- bought it every guy. Just like MTV I'm surprised to know that anybody over the gate to board. I and threatening I agree with you just like I read about Ellen DeGeneres -- the that the that I -- style. My finger in the polls. With what Ellen DeGeneres. She's seen the influx of tech support -- -- Good too little -- self esteem. Well today we got this and the no I didn't hear he did -- -- Florida and did. Not at all. Yeah. -- Paula. Hope and we are these all right I hope all those. Involved and called crown. -- -- -- -- -- And or should. I available. I -- don't want me yeah I went and but any -- -- so -- event. Well okay good. And general manager. And then. And I. If it doesn't. And I actually -- on the line all -- federal cartel fluency in our six point 9% for -- well. It yeah. Ever surprise you don't want to know what. You what is more clock is over eight years old is the greatest day of his life okay congratulations. Strippers to get tips and the -- -- -- -- have a vote right you want to -- 100 dollar American Express gift collide. From ATT -- -- but the Mike Adams and it's just the opposite way to right did Franco as the money to the now it's my my ability birthright right. -- -- what -- -- give back and afraid what does that do of that plus he's eligible for a little -- of the year grand prize to claim your prize well a -- -- There's quite a lot of brought you from AT&T -- LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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