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Product endorsements and ads, coming soon to an NBA jersey near you

Jul 20, 2012|

We discuss the NBA's apparent approval of ads on their jerseys, and the pandora's box this opens when it comes to selling ad-space among professional sports franchises.

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Did you distinctly -- It's up -- okay keep it simple. Suitable hit the ball that's an. Big show broadcasting live from -- today here in Boston the back. A retina X studios Sheridan. But he's so others. -- -- we know about the the Celtics in court -- -- the NBA board of governors its quality time was -- Getting together maybe if you are -- you know few little monkeys and whatever. And they have made some changes some of them that very interest in with the video re like what it jumps out at me as something to do a -- It jumps out at me is that they are now going to allow. Advertising. On with logos. On the uniforms -- big game uniform. Like they do that -- Abolish it gets you have right here got a monster right if you're doing NASCAR -- the doctor you north soccer. That's got it started would -- and then suddenly now these guys you know. Nine difference to our sponsors our separate ways sort of know what exactly. They're going to allow them in the NBA but the go to war that one it's going to increase. Revenue for the individual teams because teams are going to be able to go get -- individuals -- If you wanna get Kevin going to sure you wanna purchase. You're going to get Kevin Garnett -- average I don't have a jiffy -- logo. I look at now maybe some will say that. When it -- -- -- to me you guys know me -- earth or lots earth where it says -- Don't want it the that they'll. -- -- -- You know or whoever their -- is going to be an -- Maybe if you have the right sponsor he won't like me I will never again and it'd fit and Hollister. Have -- yourself the jurors. About this. Actually have a whole line clothing. Has their name all over -- people gold quietly by a premium sport. So if you get -- right it's. Or your -- you heard. -- wanna see that made this about go to bed who who didn't go to -- that bulls -- -- by asserted it perfect -- Yep it'll go to -- equipment that would get -- again. He gets people. Arena to watch the go up and down before on the on the players the chance. Then you're going to get watching it on television and then the PO -- the -- This aliens will all be sitting there with their local warming or we're involved a little bit more immigrant -- -- -- -- So it doesn't have. Iraq we got up our response is there probably. Are not go to war agents will be tasteful little they won't work. They arrest mobsters of -- out of iron in my disaster. And -- Let's use mass of buyers which -- hero -- well. You know you -- not the country I mean I expect that to they just look at this. If you look at what you if you think MBA here. It's gonna have advertising. All over yourself during my Jersey I and he whatever team or whatever -- by -- -- did it now. You really wanna go to the NBA or wherever you go on line. At the Jersey. We're advertising on that -- -- -- maybe it's interesting you mention. Is David Stern said they want her here to do this to over 200. 2003 team. Team's season is this too much work it got to go out and get this monsters they've gotta change all of the uniform. What he's basically doing is Michael. They market right for one more year moderately less chance that this is it gives beauties before -- -- that you. Right well buys me doing that -- made these setting up a market for everybody -- for. Purposes of how are gonna -- you know we have somebody who's monsters danger yet somebody's monsters should answer that win makes first -- putting us mobsters name's. And attaching rights fees. Do you read -- people said this is -- Atlas you know. Doesn't even think about it now the biggest problem I have I don't know if you have the same problem iTunes to know virtually. Every single vineyard is out there right now is they changed the name. I know from three changes ago I don't know all of the different arena named them so much where they're getting. A lot of bang for their buck if you -- beautiful. And you see them for the entire season. I that'll be a little different you'll know exactly what that logo with. Will get our identity and how far would go with -- in -- Right now does that mean it's like one of those little. When you're trying to honors them Libya. And I ended may start with the move soccer and soccer is ignorant one now -- actually. -- your point of -- me be the sloppy ones you really only see the logo of the advertising company arsenal AIG all you see. Armitage had flight -- all you see if that -- not -- -- team name actors. So now it really is about the name of the front of computers in here. He soccer has an excuse is they don't have stuff Jim place in the run. Commercials. And they do a lot of stuff. -- an awful lot of break all the sports you know they they don't have any excuse. Me -- MBAs doing it I know you're a big fan of David Stern and all of the different innovations that you come up with them right here. Growing how how far behind. The sheriff Goodell did that's right. Hear -- -- it's not that's not what's a Bondsman things on the right would you ride things out right out Huntsman squads currently shares. -- would say.

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